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Bulls dominate Pistons while Scalabrine love continues to unnerve me

Well I didn't think this game would take a whole lot of analysis. The Pistons are one of the many terrible teams in the NBA. Has the NBA become more top heavy or does it feel that way because we're at the top now...

Bulls vs Pistons 7pm on CSN and some final Atlanta thoughts

Bulls vs Pistons 7pm on CSN and some final Atlanta thoughts
Will Rip Hamilton fight through a sore groin to get revenge on his former team again? Let's hope not. At least not unless he's fully healthy, because aggravating a groin injury in an attempt to punish the Pistons for not starting him last season isn't all that helpful for the Bulls long term...

Bulls at Pistons 6:30pm on CSN

Will the Chicago Bulls take Ben Gordon in the post? I kind of doubt we'll see that more than once or twice. However, assuming Richard Hamilton plays, the Bulls will have the tall side of the Rip vs Gordon matchup for the first time...

Eastern Conference preview

Eastern Conference preview
With a compressed 0ff-season almost completed, it's time to break down the Eastern Conference...

Bulls and Pistons part two, go get Charlie Villanueva

I wrote yesterday about how the Bulls could potentially take on some extra salary in a deal that improves their team considerably.   The Bulls are close enough to a title at this point that they should actively be looking to add large amounts of salary that also adds talent in an effort to improve... Read more »

Don't throw out that Ben Gordon jersey

So the Detroit Pistons are looking to dump Richard Hamilton and are rumored  considering dumping the 8th overall pick to save 20 million or so in cash.   The Bulls don’t have a trade exception to save all that money for Detroit, so they can’t get in on that deal. However, they might be able to... Read more »

Bulls @ Pistons 6:30 on CSN+ plus Boston, Miami, SA, and LA play

As always, CSN+ is channel 666 or you directv users.  The Bulls go on to face the Detroit Pistons tonight, in a game which doesn’t project to be all that difficult.  The Pistons are generally undersized, have the worst front court in the league, and don’t really have an advantage at any position on the... Read more »

Bulls leading candidate to land Hamilton and other trade rumors

Quick side note, those looking for the normal Sunday edition of the Bulls Beat, I’m putting it off until Tuesday when K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune will be a guest on the show.   We’re not going to record until the late evening, so it will probably not be out until 11pm or so Tuesday... Read more »

Bulls vs Pistons 7pm on CSN

The Detroit Pistons look to come to the United Center and tie their longest win streak of the season, two. (ba-dump-bump).   The Bulls have taken the first two meetings against the Pistons, but they struggled in each.   They required a furious second half comeback the first time around and overtime the second. As... Read more »

Bulls skate by on the road again

The Bulls haven’t lost any road games to crappy teams, but they sure have made a few of them interesting.   The Bulls had opportunities to put this game away, they started the fourth quarter with an 11 point lead, and you figured the game was over, but then Tracy McGrady happened. I wasn’t a... Read more »