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Bulls told not to bother pursuing Anthony

Sam Smith chimes in with what really makes the most sense: The Bulls, by the way, remain interested in Anthony and have been all season. They have been in contact with the Nuggets and Anthony’s representatives regularly. They have mostly been told not to bother, though you never know. But as we know it’s never... Read more »

Bulls internally considering whether to enter the Melo sweepstakes

Per Mike McGraw: It is widely believed Denver has insisted center Joakim Noah be included in any Anthony deal, which the Bulls are reluctant to do. It would be more difficult to trade Noah now that he’s signed a long-term extension. But the Bulls have gone 12-6 with Noah on the sideline with a thumb... Read more »

World Wide Wes pushing Chicago to bid on Anthony

Per Yahoo sports: As trade discussions with the New Jersey Nets stall, the representatives for Carmelo Anthony(notes) are engaging the Chicago Bulls with hopes of pushing them into becoming a serious bidder for the Denver Nuggets star, a league source told Yahoo! Sports. Anthony has long been enthusiastic about a possible trade to the Bulls,... Read more »

Want a new SG for Christmas? Here are some options

Bulls fans have clamored for a new shooting guard for the past several months as the Bulls frequently fail to get adequate production out of our starting two guard.   Derrick Rose has to do extra work without a second creator, and Keith Bogans isn’t spacing the floor any either.   Here’s some thoughts on guys the... Read more »

Bulls in discussions for J.R. Smith?

Per ESPN New York: A league source told ESPN.com that Denver also is in discussions with Chicago regarding a J.R. Smith trade J.R. Smith fits interestingly with the Bulls.  On the one hand, he provides the shooting, athleticism, and size to make an ideal shooting guard next to Derrick Rose.  On the other hand, those... Read more »

Watson's good, but Carmelo hits a walk off to win it for the Nuggets

I said in the pre-game thread that this was the type of game C.J. Could step up and play well in.  When he is called on to score, will get big minutes, and can dominate the ball, he’s a different player.  He came through and proved it tonight, but it wasn’t enough.  The Bulls lost... Read more »

Bulls vs Nuggets 8:00 on CSN - Rose OUT

The Bulls roll into Denver where they’re likely to see Carmelo Anthony for the last time this season.   The Bulls beat the Nuggets at home earlier in the year, and are looking for another win tonight which would lock in their first winning circus trip since the Jordan era. Unfortunately for the Bulls, Derrick... Read more »

Bulls vs Nuggets 7pm on CSN

So the Denver Nuggets stroll into town, and Carmelo Anthony continues to wear the Nuggets uniform.  Fears of him pulling a Vince Carter to get out the door appear unwarranted as his season numbers so far would add up to his best season to date.  The Nuggets as a team are launching a ton of... Read more »

Bill Simmons: Denver wants Noah + Deng + 2 1sts for Melo

Bill Simmons doesn’t break much news, but he tweeted this: Hearing that Team Melo + Denver stonewalled NJ deal for same reason: both sides waiting for Chicago to suck it up (Deng, Noah, 2 No. 1’s). I’ve said in the past that I’d give up Noah for Melo, and I still think I’d have to... Read more »

Anthony lists teams he'll play for, sort of.

So it’s Chicago or New York, unless it’s NJ or Houston? Carmelo Anthony’s wish list starts with the New York Knicks, but that’s not the only trade destination he’s targeting. Sources briefed on the state of Anthony’s ongoing push to be dealt by the Denver Nuggets told ESPN.com on Tuesday that the Chicago Bulls are... Read more »