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Joakim Noah on his contract

Per KC Johnson: “It’s unbelievable, right?” Noah said. “I definitely worked very hard in the last three years. I feel in my time in Chicago I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs. It’s on me to keep improving every year.” Noah, 25, talked with his typically refreshing candor about how the current collective bargaining... Read more »

Noah holding out for 70 million?

Per Hoopsworld’s twitter: Sources tell HOOPSWORLD Joakim Noah has 5-year $60 million extension offer from Chicago, is holding out for bigger deal $70-$75 million First, I caution you with Hoopsworld.   I don’t think Hoopsworld makes things up, but I do think they print anything regardless of how weakly sourced it is.  So while acknowledging this... Read more »

Bulls schedule leaking and Carlos Boozer's strange contract

Bulls schedule leaking and Carlos Boozer's strange contract
A few scheduling notes have leaked out. Per KC Johnson’s twitter, the Bulls appear to be opening against the Thunder.   Tough game, especially on the road, to open the season.   If they win, you’ll have to feel real good, but tough game to win. The Bulls also get a Christmas team squaring off against the... Read more »

What to do with Luol Deng?

Fans don’t love or hate players.   They love and hate teams.   They love and hate performances.   Michael Jordan was the greatest to ever play the game, but once he was a Wizard, the majority of his fans probably weren’t looking to tune in every game to watch him struggle through knee injuries.  ... Read more »

Gordon's official contract numbers

I’ve found out Gordon’s official contract numbers, and they’re on the high end of what we’ve heard throughout the media. 09-10 $10,000,00010-11 $10,800,00011-12 $11,600,00012-13 $12,400,00013-14 $13,200,000 (Player Option)5 Years for $58,000,000. He also has a clause for incentives which are considered unlikely (meaning he didn’t reach them last season), but I don’t specifically know what... Read more »

Reinsdorf discusses Gordon's contract talks

Jerry Reinsdorf appeared on the Waddle and Silvy show with Chuck Swirsky today (Swirsk was filling in for the guys) and had this to say about Ben Gordon. “He was prepared to sign last year at the end, but after he turned down our offer, we thought about it and thought about it and decided... Read more »