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Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers 6:30pm on Comcast Sportsnet

The Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers put their perfect seasons on the line in Cleveland tonight where the winner will stake their claim for the central division lead. Two will enter undefeated, one will remain in this battle for divisional supremacy. [look it's not easy hyping a game against the Cavs on a Friday night.]...

Bulls at Cavaliers 6:30 on CSN+ Irving out sick...

Okay, I know it's the Cavs, but seriously, how do the Bulls keep getting pushed to CSN+ for the Blackhawks? The Bulls miss out on a second dose of Rookie of the Year front runner, Kyrie Irving due to an illness. The game now looks like a blowout win for Chicago...

Bulls win second straight laugher with Rose out

C.J. Watson's playing some pretty solid PG in relief of Derrick, John Lucas is stepping up and doing a solid job off the bench as well. However, the biggest difference in the past two games has been the play of Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah...

Bulls at Cavaliers 6:30pm on CSN - Rose a gametime decision

Derrick Rose will travel with the team, but he's a game time decision for tonight's tilt against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs, expected to be one of the worst teams in the NBA, have surprised NBA fans with a solid 6-7 start while playing only four games at home...

Eastern Conference preview

Eastern Conference preview
With a compressed 0ff-season almost completed, it's time to break down the Eastern Conference...

Cavaliers win their superbowl, down goes Miami

The Chicago Bulls cushion to win the #1 seed in the East just grew a whole lot more comfortable with a Miami loss tonight.   The Heat were going back to Cleveland in what we’d expected to be another easy Miami victory.  The Cleveland caught fire. Caught up in the emotion of the crowd, Miami choked... Read more »

Why the hell would the Bulls want Anthony Parker?

Why the hell would the Bulls want Anthony Parker?
Look, the Bulls could use an upgrade at SG.  We all agree with that.   Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah?   All all-star caliber players if healthy.    Luol Deng, playing at an above average level.    That’s four of your five starters.   Tough to upgrade those positions isn’t it?     However, the Bulls best SG is Ronnie Brewer.  ... Read more »

Bulls vs Cavaliers at 7pm on WGN

This game is about as straight forward as a win as you could possibly ask for: 1) The Cavaliers have lost 15 straight and are simply terrible.2) It’s a home game.3) It’s a back to back for the Cavs, but the Bulls have a day of rest4) The Bulls should have Carlos Boozer back for... Read more »

Bulls @ Cavaliers 6pm on CSN

Will Joakim Noah rip on Cleveland again, or have they suffered enough?   It seems almost cruel to mock the city now.    The Cavaliers have fallen off a cliff after getting blown out in their superbowl when Miami came in and crushed them.   They’re also coming off a back to back, having lost at Philadelphia last... Read more »

Is it enough on LeBron already?

LeBron’s “rehabilitate” the image ad has been open to mocking by many.   Perhaps he started off on the path a bit too soon, when people were a bit to upset, but seriously, I have to ask:  Is it enough with the LeBron hate already? Yeah, the guy announced his decision on national TV, and yeah,... Read more »