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Seriously, do these guys want to look like douchebags?

I posted a couple days ago about Dwyane Wade continuing to raise his level of douchebaggery.  I mean seriously, how dumb do you have to be as Wade to say the stuff he said here?   You’ve got LeBron James keeping mental notes about all the people who pointed out he’s a douchebag.  Hey LeBron,... Read more »

Broussard source: Bosh and Wade to Miami

Per Chris Broussard: Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are teaming up together on the Miami Heat, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. Whether LeBron James, the kingpin of this summer’s celebrated free agent class, will join them remains to be seen. James will announce his decision Thursday night at 9 ET during... Read more »

Big 3 having conference to decide their fates

Per Wojo: LeBron James(notes), Dwyane Wade(notes) and Chris Bosh(notes) are expected to share a conference call on Wednesday to discuss free agency and try to move closer to finalizing their decisions, a league source with knowledge of the plan told Yahoo! Sports. The three players are motivated to reach resolutions and make their choices public... Read more »

Does Boozer guarantee LeBron or Wade? If so, can we sign him today?

With this huge wheel of free agents spinning, one things strikes me.  Neither Wade or LeBron want to be left on a team that can’t win a title.   The ideal situation is for the Bulls to land Chris Bosh, however, it doesn’t seem likely that Bosh is coming here to force the issue.  If he... Read more »

Grand slam or strike out? - Where does everyone go

I’ve been a strong proponent of the theory that LeBron will leave the Cavaliers even if he doesn’t go to Chicago.   However, with the information that LeBron will take a few days to decide, I have to think that he’s returning to Cleveland now. In general, I’ll give LeBron some credit for not becoming... Read more »

Your morning FA update and Radio reminder

First, be sure to tune in to WGN Radio (720am) 9:00am – 9:30am today (Saturday) to listen to me discuss the Bulls. Podcast is now linked, download it here. Next, here’s the rough FA summary: 1: Amare is leaning towards the Knicks max contract offer.  It doesn’t look like anyone else is too interested in... Read more »

A changing era - the latest 2010 free agency news

I know you logged on here to find out the latest on Bulls free agency news, but before that I’d like to leave you an important message.   This blog is changing ownership from myself to Mark Deeks (otherwise known as Sham from Shamsports.com).   Those who know me, know I’ve been running myself ragged... Read more »

Bulls meeting with Bosh first, Wade Thursday, Johnson like to sign with Hawks

Via a bunch of links I don’t have immediately at my disposal: The Bulls are scheduled to meet with Bosh at 12:01 tonight, the first team to meet with him.  They’ll look to give him a hard recruiting push to bring him in right away. They’re meeting with Dwyane Wade tomorrow afternoon even though it’s... Read more »

LeBetard backtracks on Bosh to Miami is done

Edit — LeBetard apparently completely backtracked, said that “someone just told him this” and went from “reporting” to “it makes sense” on his radio show. I still believe it’s what’s going to happen, but the done deal part, not so much yet. Per Dan LeBetard’s twitter: # agree in principle…process plays out…pat riley got scorched... Read more »

$56,472,740 is the magic number

According to my calculations, this is the salary cap number the Bulls need released to offer Chris Bosh a full max contract if a S&T with Toronto is agreed upon that sends James Johnson and Taj Gibson out for Chris Bosh and basically allows us to get two FAs. I think I have cleared up... Read more »