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Taj Gibson has plantar fasciitis misses summer league game 3

Things have gone from bad to worse for Taj Gibson as he misses summer league game 3 with plantar fasciitis as reported on the summer league web broadcast.   This is somewhat discouraging since it’s often a chronic injury for players, and one which has a slow recovery. This early in the season it probably doesn’t... Read more »

Bulls work out Sean May

According to K.C. Johnson the Bulls have worked out Sean May.  May has also canceled his workout with the Clippers after getting a commitment from a team (not necessarily the Bulls, but possibly the Bulls).   With most of the league fixated on Utah matching Portland’s offer sheet to Paul Millsap, thus making Carlos Boozer... Read more »

More thoughts from summer league chatter

I’m back from Vegas amazed at how fast the two days went by, but on the plane ride home I remembered a few more nuggets in my discussions with Gar Forman as well as other summer league chatter. When talking about the Salmons / Nocioni swap he made the comment (rough quote) “Anytime you get... Read more »

Bulls want more than Boozer if they include Tyrus?

According to a John Hollinger chat Jim (Cambridge)What’s holding up Hinrich-Thomas-Boozer-Blazers? Seems like a win-win-win, and gives the Bulls even more cap space in 2010… John Hollinger (3:57 PM)Bulls want something extra from Portland if they’re going to include Tyrus Thomas, but Blazers don’t want to part with their prospects This is the trade that... Read more »

Vinny Del Negro Interview after Summer League Game 2

I caught up with Bulls head coach Vinny Del Negro shortly after the second Summer League game.   For those not aware, Vinny isn’t coaching the Summer League team, rather he’s watching from the sidelines which is a common practice for most head coaches. Vinny was friendly and accommodating in my discussions with him, but he... Read more »

Bulls vs Bucks Summer League game 2 analysis

James Johnson wasn’t able to follow up his outstanding first summer league game with a similar caliber second game.   He struggled with his perimeter shot missing quite a few jumpers including all four of his three point attempts.    He did make up for his poor shooting night by getting to the foul line repeatedly, but... Read more »

Bulls vs Warriors (Summer League Game 1) thoughts

James Johnson looked really good to me, and let me tell you the Bulls are very high on this guy.   It will be interesting to see what type of role he’s able to fill for them this year.   Judging by this game he’s clearly playing with a SF skill set.  On offense he... Read more »

James Johnson interview

James Johnson had a strong debut with 21 points on 9 of 13 from the field along with eight boards, a block, a steal, four turnovers, and five fouls in 37 and a half minutes.   Beyond the statistics Johnson flashed all the things you wanted to see from him. He showed tremendous ball handling... Read more »

A long discussion with Gar Forman

I sat down with Gar Forman during the NBA Summer League and had a long conversation on various topics.   The recorder was off, so the following is a paraphrase of our conversation.   We talked significantly about the salary cap, and how the Bulls work with it.   He couldn’t tell me how much money the... Read more »

Boozer on Waddle and Silvy says Jazz are trading him

Carlos did an interview with Waddle and Silvy, there is a realgm.com thread about it.  Some impressions from the interview which I won’t get to listen to until it comes out as a podcast later today are: Carlos Boozer says the Jazz have told him they will trade him, and thinks it will happen soon.He... Read more »