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Gordon's official contract numbers

I’ve found out Gordon’s official contract numbers, and they’re on the high end of what we’ve heard throughout the media. 09-10 $10,000,00010-11 $10,800,00011-12 $11,600,00012-13 $12,400,00013-14 $13,200,000 (Player Option)5 Years for $58,000,000. He also has a clause for incentives which are considered unlikely (meaning he didn’t reach them last season), but I don’t specifically know what... Read more »

[retraction] McGraw speculates the Bulls wanted to pay Gordon 6-7 million per year

My bad, I pulled the quote off a forum, and didn’t see McGraw’s full context where he was clearly speculating what the Bulls might try to do and not what they actually were considering doing. In this case, I disagree with McGraw’s speculation. I don’t think the Bulls would have tried to lowball Gordon to... Read more »

Bulls Beat #125 - Gordon's gone

A discussion of Ben Gordon leaving the Bulls, the money involved, and the future direction of the franchise without him. Subscribe Via Itunes to the Bullsbeat Bulls Beat #125 

Can Iverson deliver Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade to the Bulls?

Allen Iverson’s reputation has taken a large hit over the past few years as the team’s around him have struggled.   Watching the Nuggets improve tremendously when Chauncy Billups replaced him and then seeing Detroit fall to pieces nailed shut the coffin on his reputation. The Bulls have at least considered bringing him in though it... Read more »

Interesting notes from "Ask Sam"

Sam Smith’s blog and mailbag are always must reads, so check out the full link.  However, here are a few of the notes I found most interesting. But you’d have to deal Kirk into someone’s cap space, and that was proving unlikely with Portland and Minnesota no longer that interested. Ben deserves our praise and... Read more »

Bulls should continue dialogue with Gordon

No.   He’s gone.  Don’t get me wrong.    However, the Bulls should be in the ear of his agent saying they want to do a sign and trade with the Pistons to get Gordon a sixth year on his deal.   This would obviously appeal to Gordon to get an extra guaranteed year, and after the... Read more »

Bulls roll the eyes at Gordon;I roll eyes at Bulls

From yahoo sports: Ben Gordon’s insistence that the Bulls never made him an offer before he took a $55 million deal from Detroit – that the Bulls no longer wanted him – was met with a roll of the eyes from his old franchise, league sources said. Gordon turned down offers of $50 and $54... Read more »

Ben Gordon on his departure

Some quotes from the Daily Herald: “To the fans, I generally had a great time being here,” Gordon said in a phone interview. “For my true fans, I feel bad for them. The longtime fans of the Chicago Bulls – I just felt like they’re being cheated.“Not with me, but just things that happened in... Read more »

Did the Bulls fail to capitalize on Ben Gordon?

Ben Gordon stakes out his claim as the first player in the history of the NBA to take the qualifying offer and benefit.   What does this say about the acrimonious contract negotiations over the past two years?    How did the Bulls fail to capitalize on him as an asset within the organization? First, let’s start... Read more »

Ben Gordon meeting with Detroit Pistons

Yahoo sports reports that Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva are meeting with the Detroit Pistons today and that a deal may be consumated quickly. Chicago Bulls guard Ben Gordon and Milwaukee Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva flew to Detroit on Wednesday morning for a mid-day meeting with team president Joe Dumars and indications are both are... Read more »