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Bulls beat Hornets behind great team play

The Bulls dominated the glass, knocked down free throws, knocked down threes, had excellent ball movement, and played suffocating defense in the fourth quarter.   It was one of the better team efforts we’ve seen this season from the team in playing well in almost all facets of the game (a few sloppy turnovers stopped... Read more »

The Bulls trade Aaron Gray for Devin Brown

The Bulls are the middle of acquiring New Orleans Hornets shooting guard Devin Brown for seldom-used center Aaron Gray. Brown had a strong outing at the United Center earlier in the season and is a capable three-point shooter. Gray was drafted by the Bulls in the second round back in 2007, and has spent two... Read more »

The end of the bench and other roster woes

The Bulls depth is in for a severe test as the team prepares to play without Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas.  Going into the season, Kirk and Tyrus would probably have been considered no more than the 4th/5th best players on the team, and quite possibly not that high.   A team that loses guys... Read more »

Aaron Gray hospitalized with cellulitis

Per ESPN Chicago: Chicago Bulls center Aaron Gray is hospitalized with cellulitis, which is inflammation of the cells of skin or connective tissue, and he won’t be with the team during the early part of its road trip. Wow, Aaron Gray is having a rough year so far.    Get well Aaron.

Aaron Gray out 6-8 weeks with a stress fracture

Got this from the official Bulls press release email list I’m on: Aaron Gray developed lower leg pain over the last two days.  He was examined by team physician Dr. Brian Cole of Midwest Orthopedics at Rush University Medical Center and it was determined that he has a stress fracture of his left fibula.  The... Read more »

Aaron Gray wants a two year deal

From Mike McGraw’s recap of the Bulls charity golf outing: The only other bit of news I found was center Aaron Gray still hasn’t signed his one-year qualifying offer. His agent might be thinking there’s still a chance for a two-year guarantee out there somewhere. Either way, the team expects Gray to be the 13th... Read more »

Some tame John Salmons and Aaron Gray rumors

Sources close to me have said that the present plan is for John Salmons to start as the shooting guard this season with Hinrich coming off the bench.   Also, John Salmons recently commented that he plans to opt out of his contract.   Bare in mind, the person who told me this also told me that... Read more »

For better or worse, your 2009/10 Chicago Bulls

With Andre Miller officially signing with the trailblazers and Aaron Gray’s qualifying offer now guaranteed, it appears the Chicago Bulls are done for the summer with roster moves. Miller’s signing ends the Blazers possible pursuit of Kirk Hinrich which ends our ability to save Utah significant money in a Boozer trade. Aaron gray will be... Read more »

Aaron Gray or anyone else?

Today is the last opportunity for the Bulls to pull the qualifying offer on Aaron Gray and sign any other player.    If they do not pull the qualifying offer then Aaron will most likely accept it as there’s little money around the league and the odds of him getting more than the minimum or... Read more »

Will the Bulls retract the QO on Aaron Gray?

The Bulls have up until July 23rd to retract the qualifying offer for Aaron Gray.   After that point, Gray would need to agree to such a move which he’s unlikely to do.   $1 million is more than Gray is likely to make on the open market otherwise in this economy.   However, looking at... Read more »