Our Team

Drew Edstrom, Owner and Editor

I have a passion for the Bulls that is unlike anything else. Basketball is a sick obsession and that’s okay with me.

I enjoy fast paced offenses, running in the woods, craft beer, my car Kirk (named after Kirk Hinrich), sunflower seeds, working with kids, and my dog Noah (named after Joakim). As you can tell I like the Bulls.

I do not enjoy stagnant offenses, the city of St. Louis, and country music.

I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan but grew up and went to school in Chicago. I also co-host a Chicago sports podcast called Sosa’s Steam Room with my good friend Blake Van Poucke. If you want to be cool you can follow me on twitter @DNEDSTROM

Michael Walton II, Contributor

I consider myself a basketball scholar. I have been at it from a young age, devouring statistics and history in order to gain a greater understanding of the game of basketball. A die-hard Duke basketball fan who also loves Bill Self's high-low motion offense, I'm an old soul at heart and appreciate underrated legends such as Bob Dandridge and Norm Van Lier.

If I sound remotely interesting to you, follow my Twitter account: @zenmastermike. Also be sure to check out my radio program, "The Best Radio Show", which comes on Monday's 3-5 PM on Chicagolandsportsradio.com

And if you somehow need more of my commentary check out my radio team's website! And remember, take it easy on Fred Hoiberg.


Mike Bonomo, Contributor

When I was a kid, I thought I was going to be an NBA player when I grew up. Unfortunately, when I did finally grow up I had Steve Kerr’s height and Bill Wennington’s overall game. Shockingly, that playing career never panned out. Today I just talk about basketball a lot, including here at Bulls Confidential.

When I was in college at Mizzou I cohosted a basketball radio show, and am currently part of a college basketball podcast. Some of my favorite players include Jimmy Butler, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and J.R. Smith, while my least favorite players include anyone who went to Kansas.

I’m on Twitter @themikebonomo and my podcast can be found on ktgr.com, if you wanted to know more of my thoughts for whatever reason.


Daniel Boldt, Contributor

I am very happy to have joined BullsConf – Basketball essentially runs my life. I play in a men’s league on Sunday nights and I coach 7/8th graders Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights.

My sports allegiance lies with the Bulls, White Sox, Bears, Duke Basketball, and any 3 point shooter. Shoutout to Kyle Korver and Doug McDermott.

I am animal enthusiast, one of my dogs is named Benny the Bull. I absolutely hate referees waiting for a shot to miss to call a foul. A FOUL IS A FOUL!

Follow me on twitter @danielboldt if you like pictures of dogs and Chicago Bulls input.


Hunter Kuffel, Contributor

I've been a Bulls fan for my whole life, and I'm thrilled to be writing for Bulls Confidential. I hail from a small town near the Quad Cities, and when I'm not re-watching the Nate Robinson Game 4 against the Nets, I study English at the University of Notre Dame. I appreciate you visiting our site, but I won't apologize for my Nikola Mirotic hot takes. You can follow me on Twitter, and check out my other work over at Pippen Ain't Easy.