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Noah holding out for 70 million?

Per Hoopsworld’s twitter: Sources tell HOOPSWORLD Joakim Noah has 5-year $60 million extension offer from Chicago, is holding out for bigger deal $70-$75 million First, I caution you with Hoopsworld.   I don’t think Hoopsworld makes things up, but I do think they print anything regardless of how weakly sourced it is.  So while acknowledging this... Read more »

Bulls and Noah making progress on extension

Click the link, because Stein’s got a great piece up covering the Melo / Noah thing.   For the most part I agree with what he’s written, but here’s an interesting bit about Noah’s contract talk with the  Bulls. 1. Before you expend too much brain power trying to figure out whether the Bulls would really... Read more »

Bulls offered Noah 60 million?

Per Alex Kennedy’s twitter: The Chicago Bulls offered Joakim Noah a five-year, $60 million extension two weeks ago. Hard to believe that they’re ready to move him now. Well that’s a sobering thought for anyone who thought Noah would come cheaply.  That’s more than I’d offer this season, it could be the max contract next... Read more »

The player vs the contract, stop trying to dump Luol Deng

Remember the good old days, when a player was simply either good or bad?    The contract never really mattered, but the salary cap era has changed all that.   Now, we turn around and say “_____ is overpaid” to describe 90% of the league.   We often dismiss what a player is good at simply because his... Read more »

Is Carmelo worth 20 million per season?

With the new collective bargaining agreement around the corner, an agreement most experts feel will have the players absolutely crushed at the end, there comes a fairly big risk in trading for Carmelo Anthony even if the details are worked out and he signs an extension. Anthony will be paid roughly 5 years 100 million... Read more »

Updated Bulls salary cap [post Brewer / Watson]

With the Bulls cap number remaining sourced to me at 11.8 million after the Redick signing, I’ve calculated the Korver/Boozer contracts as flat as it makes the numbers work out nearly exactly. That may not be the case as either could be off by some amount, but for our cap space this year, it works... Read more »

Updated Bulls salary cap

I’ve been told by someone I trust that the Bulls have 11.8 million left in cap room if J.J. Redick is matched which is widely expected. This was told to me as fact and not a guess. Trying to fill in the pieces of how we got there, the most logical solution is that Boozer... Read more »

Bulls present salary cap situation

I’m sure someone has a better list compiled, but I haven’t seen it yet, so until I do, here’s some rough cap numbers on the flexibility the Bulls have left and what they might do with it. If the Bulls want to use the rest of their cap space this off-season, their present salary information... Read more »

Will the Bulls really go all in?

After signing Carlos Boozer, the Bulls look to be on the fast track to becoming one of the best teams in the conference.   The Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and Atlanta Hawks are the other four teams in the conference with whom the Bulls will need to contend.    Of those teams, the Bulls... Read more »

$56,472,740 is the magic number

According to my calculations, this is the salary cap number the Bulls need released to offer Chris Bosh a full max contract if a S&T with Toronto is agreed upon that sends James Johnson and Taj Gibson out for Chris Bosh and basically allows us to get two FAs. I think I have cleared up... Read more »