Time to Transition..

Time to Transition..

Happy Tuesday.

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits.

This isn’t a usual post, and really has nothing to do with any news regarding the Bulls. However, this post does have something to do with the future and a plan. We are looking to get younger and more athletic, and our team at Bulls Confidential believe it’s best to move to a new platform. Starting today you can find us on BullsConf.com We feel like that this is a logical next step for us, and ultimately a move towards greater things.

This blog has quite the history. There have been many passionate writers that will always be apart of Bulls Conf, and without them this move wouldn’t be possible. The ChicagoNow community has been nothing but spectacular. It’s a tight knit bunch that loves to blog, and I really appreciate all of their support. They are fantastic.

With any kind of transition comes some bumps in the road. This is a hard move, but we ultimately feel like this is what’s best. We hope you come along for the journey, and we appreciate you so much.

Thank you,



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  • This site is not good enough for you all, so why did you waist our time together here if you were not commited anyway?

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Im sorry that you feel that way. This blog has been around a long time, and we are very thankful for our time with ChicagoNow. This was not a waste of time by any means. Thank you for reading.

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