Chicago Bulls: The All-2000's Team

Chicago Bulls: The All-2000's Team
Alyssa Pointer / Chicago Tribune Bulls forward Jimmy Butler looks to pass against the Boston Celtics during the second half.

It is All-Star Weekend Bulls fans — Here’s a list of an ALL-CENTURY Bulls Roster. Compiled of Bulls stars from the year 2000-present day.

The 15 man squad…


PG – 10-11 MVP Derrick Rose. 25 PPG 7.7 assists

SG – 16-17 Jimmy Butler 25.2 PPG

SF – 10-11 Luol Deng 17.4 PPG

PF – 00-01 Elton Brand  20.1 PPG, 10.1 rebounds.

C- 13-14 Joakim Noah 12.6 PPG 11.3 Rebounds


03-04 Jamal Crawford – 17.3 PPG

06-07 Kirk Hinrich. 16.7 PPG 41% 3 from 3

06-07 Ben Gordon. 21.4 PPG 41% from 3

11-12 Kyle Korver. 8.1 PPG shooting 43% from 3

06-07 Andres Nocioni 14.1 PPG 38 % from 3

02-03 Jalen Rose. 22.1 PPG

01-02 Brad Miller- 12.7 PPG

13-14 Taj Gibson. 13.0 PPG

04-05 Tyson Chandler 8 PPG  9.7 rebounds

04-05 Eddy Curry 16.1 PPG

At 22 years of age, Chicago’s own Derrick Rose will still have his break out MVP season with a higher level of talent surrounding him. While Rose will not score 25 PPG, his assists totals will skyrocket as his workload will decrease.

27 year old Jimmy Butler will still “Get Buckets”. Jimmy’s game would not elevate to the level that he is currently at in 2017, however the hard working All Star still would “get his” even on an All Star Roster. Like Rose, Butler’s scoring will decrease, but his rebounds, assists, steals and blocks will all go up as he will not be burning all energy on offense.

Twenty-five year old Luol Deng is the glue that holds this squad together. Deng’s scoring will likely drop below double figures per game, but his defensive abilities will be in full swing. Deng will still have the ability to knock down the three ball, but will not be needed much on offense.

Twenty-one year old Elton Brand will dominate the low post on both offense and defense. Brand, who grabbed 10 rebounds in 2000-2001 will likely see this total increase to around 12 while his scoring will deep to 15 points per game.

Twenty-seven year old Joakim Noah will do just about everything on this squad. Noah’s ability to facilitate the ball will be huge against opposing defenses. Jo will average 11 points a night, but will have 6 assists a game and will swat away 2-3 shots per contest.

With the depth on this squad, it brings “Bench Mob” to a whole new level.

With a plethora of 3 point shooting; Kyle Korver (43%), Kirk Hinrich ( 41%), Ben Gordon (41%) Nocioni (38%) floor spacing will be no issue and Derrick Rose will have many options to kick out to on drives.

Jamal Crawford and Ben Gordon will run the second unit providing plenty of scoring for the back court, while Jalen Rose backs up Luol Deng who will have his main focus be defense at the Small Forward position.

First off the bench to give Elton Brand a breather is Taj Gibson. Gibson provides a strong defensive presence in the paint, as well as the ability to back down defenders and create his own shot at the rim.

Backing up Joakim Noah is Center Tyson Chandler. While Curry would provide the ability to score, Tyson Chandler grabbed 9.7 rebounds per game– the scoring will come from other players off of Chandler’s ability to get rebounds on the offensive end.

Three inactive players will be Eddy Curry, Brad Miller, and Andrés Nocioni. While Nocioni provides defense and shooting, Korver, Hinrich, and Gordon will pitch in enough 3 point shooting, while Luol Deng defends and Jalen Rose provides scoring.

Feel free to leave a comment with who you would include and who was snubbed!

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  • My Bulls All-2000s Team:

    PG: Marquis Teague
    SG: Ron Mercer
    C: Dalibor Bagaric
    PF: Viktor Khryapa
    SF: Eddie Robinson


    Dragan Tarlac
    Marcus Fizer
    Mike Sweetney
    Keith Bogans
    Tyrus Thomas
    Brian Scalabrine
    Nazr Mohammed
    Jimmer Fredette
    Carmeron Bairstow
    Tony Snell

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    Hey now, Dalibor was cold! Hahahaha

  • I would include the 90s and pick up Jordan, Pippen, Grant, Kuckoc, and Rodman!

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