Draft Profile: Rashad Vaughn, 6'5, SG, 200 lbs., Freshman, UNLV

Draft Profile: Rashad Vaughn, 6'5, SG, 200 lbs., Freshman, UNLV


Vaughn is a shooting guard with nice size at 6’5 and 200 lbs. While raw, Vaughn has many elite scoring skills in that he can slash a little, shoot, is confident, and an above average athlete. He will most likely be near available around our pick.

Athletic Ability

Athletically, while Vaughn is not a burner, he is not a slouch either. He’s quick laterally, and has average hops as well as straight-line speed.


While not built like crazy, Vaughn is a solid build at 6’5, 200 lbs. He is wiry strong and has the frame to add more weight. He is of average height and build at the shooting guard position. At 6’5, his wing-span is a little short at 6’7 (almost T-Rex).

Basketball IQ

Basketball IQ wise, Vaughn leaves a little to be desired. While not a basketball dummy, he can be a ball stopper offensively and does not always put in the best effort defensively although he has the talent to do so.


Offensively, Vaughn has some of the best scoring skills in this draft. Vaughn is best known for his perimeter shooting, but can do straight-line dribble, some ISO, and shots off the curl. He can also occasionally get shots off of a post-up against smaller defenders.

Defensively, Vaughn has the size and average athletic ability to be a solid defender. The concern is does he consistently put in the effort?

Overall, Vaughn is a tantalizing offensive talent, but can be a black-hole offensively and does not consistently put in effort defensively. Is that because he was the go-to scorer as a freshman and adjusting to the heavy load of carrying a team? He is also a young 18 years old. Is he mature enough to handle the NBA already?


Overall, Vaughn is a possible great pick offensively that is projected to go in the 20’s in this draft. His offensive talent might be too much to pass up for many teams, but several teams are going to have to be patient and wonder if he is a team player.

How does he fit with the Bulls?

Bulls quite frankly need playmakers and more scorers. Vaughn has that talent and will most likely be available at our pick. I wonder if he is a volume scorer who will produce for our team. Coach Hoiberg heavily recruited him at Iowa State and might be intrigued by his scoring versatility off the bench, and he would add solid wing-size to the rotation.

My biggest concern for Vaughn: Is he going to be ready to play for a serious contender in the Eastern Conference? Will he sacrifice and accept his role, or will it take him multiple teams to get him to play team ball? Is he a poor man’s Vince Carter (not as athletic), or a J.R. Smith (which can win and lose you games – not as crazy)?


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  • Rashad McCants 2.0.

    Wouldn't be a bad pick if looking for a shooter. Yesterday I read an interview that Bleacher Report had with KC Johnson. When asked what the Bulls' biggest need was he said a point guard with height who can guard both ones and twos. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we talking about Delon Wright here?

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Jerian Grant fits the bill pretty well as well I'd say. I've been tossing up between these two guys for the past month, it's really hard to decide, but I definitely have them 1 and 2 unless someone slides.

  • In reply to GimmeDat:

    I'd say most Bulls fans are zeroing in on those 2 guys because we all appear to agree with KC about the Bulls biggest need, a tall PG/combo guard that can actually contribute at both ends of the court. You could argue for a starting caliber SF, but we won't find that at 22. We will have to look to address that need in other ways, trades or free agency if the Bulls decide to participate which they might not if Butler pushes them into the tax.

    Grant looks to be more seasoned against tougher competition and more physical with less downside, while Wright looks to be a little bigger and more athletic, perhaps with more upside than Grant.

    Tough call, however, both of those guys could easily go in the half dozen picks right before us.

  • Thanks for all the write ups, Kevin, I've been reading them all but only now have got around to commenting on one.

    Vaugn is 'meh' to me, a good prospect but nothing tantalizing, and with a a whole bunch of guys with really intriguing skill-sets available around our range, Vaughn has nothing that really stands out to me.

    He's a good scorer, good shooter, has some versatility to his offense, but has no elite skills, unimpressive athleticism and questionable intangibles.

  • In reply to GimmeDat:

    Carlos, is that you?

  • Good catch on the Hoiberg connection. Would make drafting him alot easier. However, will he be ready to play and how soon. HE is very young and that can be good or bad. Who knows. But if he is the BPA then I have no problem with it.

  • Vaughn suffered a torn meniscus out of the gate which is always a concern. Also most times guys this young take a few years to come to fruition. Still, shooting such high percentages with prolific scoring as a freshman/18 year old he easily could end up being a scorer i.e a guy who makes it in the NBA. It really would depend somewhat on his motor and attitude/personality of which I know nothing about. If the Bulls drafted such a young player I'd be surprised, but at least they'd be betting on a guy with some very good credentials.

  • I wouldn't go with Vaughn just for the fact that I would like us to give Snell another look. I know at this point many fans have given up on him but people need to understand that Snell was very raw when we drafted him and he's still quite raw even still. I would like to see what happens with Snell playing with quality minutes under a more offensive oriented scheme as Butlers primary backup. Snell comes across to me as one of those players that people hate right now but once he's on another team and starts to tap into his potential you wish you held on just a little longer. James Johnson and Thabo Sefolosha comes to mind.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Right about now James Johnson could start for us, and Thabo would be the perfect backup for Butler.

  • Ik that he's far outside of our range, but I'm highly intrigued by Willie Cauley-Stein instead of everyone else (except for Jerian Grant) because of how bad our bigs were defensively this year

    He's gotta nice developing jumper that i was unaware of too https://youtu.be/i89E4DyhVU0

    Anyways, I was wondering what package would it would possibly take to acquire him?

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