Draft Profile: Delon Wright, 6'5, PG, 180 lbs., Senior, Utah

Draft Profile: Delon Wright, 6'5, PG, 180 lbs., Senior, Utah


Wright is a lanky, tough-minded, unselfish, quick point guard prospect that presents nice height at 6’5. Wright is a very solid prospect in this draft that can be had late first-round due to not having an impactful offensive game despite not being a big-time liability either.

Athletic Ability

Athletically, Wright is elite with his speed and above average with his quickness. Vertically, Wright is above average. However, Wright has quick twitch or very fast hands and elite anticipation. His quick twitch and knowledge of the game will lead to many steals at any level.


At the point guard position, Wright height-wise is above average. While he is a little on the lean side, he is able to make up for it with wiry strength and toughness. Either way Wright is able to see over defenders offensively and make it difficult for offensive players due to his size advantage.

Basketball IQ

Wright possesses one of the best basketball IQ’s in this draft and quite honestly maybe in basketball. His skills set, play-setting, and IQ remind me quite frankly of a Rajon Rondo type. I am not saying Wright will be Rondo, but he has all the pieces. He sees the floor well, has great anticipation skills on both sides, and while he gets many assists, he also gets many hockey assists in which he sets up players to set up the next shooter. Wright sees the floor well, and is a true point guard.


Skill-wise, Delon Wright is a facilitator offensively and can set the tone defensively. Wright is elite at getting into the lane off pick-and-roll or by his quick first step. Wright also is elite at ball-handling and can dribble well with either hand in traffic. When going from the mid-range area and in, he can either pull up with a jumper or a floater or, his best attribute, finding teammates for scoring opportunities, whether as a kick out to a shooter or drop off to someone in the paint.

Defensively, Wright is an elite player with his anticipation skills and also baiting players into making bad or rushed decisions. In this regard, he is similar to a Jimmy Butler type or more likely at the point guard position, the aforementioned Rondo. Wright has very quick feet and does a good job shading his opponent to spots they don’t want to be.

Wright does have warts to his game though. Defensively, he can get caught with his “hands in the cookie jar” too much and it leads to fouls or players backdoor cutting him. Also, while Wright is tough, he can be screened easily and sometimes he can’t recover as quickly as needed. Offensively, Wright is elite at getting into the lane but at times can pull-up short with his floater or is not always aggressive enough as he can be overly unselfish.

Also, while his game resembles Rondo, unfortunately his 3-point jumper is also Rondo-ish. While he shot a solid 36% from three, he only attempted two attempts a game and it does not look pure. The bright side is that he is a low 80’s % type shooter from the free throw line so there might be some opportunity to improve his long ball. Also, while he is good at getting into the lane and mostly finishing, are some of his finishes going to work at the NBA level? Rondo has a fake backout pass to where he gets opponents juked when trying to set up his layups. Can Wright add more to his arsenal?


Overall, I believe Wright will be a contributor at the NBA level because of his size at 6’5 while being a point guard, elite IQ, quick, and unselfish teammate. The biggest concern for me with Wright is; will he ever be more than just solid? His brother, Dorrell Wright, came in as a high level athlete, but eventually became a 3-point shooter. Can Delon become just solid enough to be respectable? His shot can be the difference between being a very good point guard or someone that is just solid.

How does he fit with the Bulls?

To me, if Wright is available at the Bulls pick, I am very intrigued. He has NBA genes in that his older brother is a career journeyman, and he has great basketball IQ, and provides some youth at a position that we need some stability in case Rose gets injured. The Bulls seem to like high IQ basketball players with skill and Wright provides an abundance of that. My only real concerns with Wright is unfortunately he is not a great three point shooter and is that a staple for the Bulls team?

Coach Hoiberg seems intent on wanting playmakers and versatile two way players on his team. If we add Wright, we are adding a backup point guard that is not known for his shot to a point guard that is not a very good shooter. Everything else Wright possesses fits Hoiberg’s offense to a T and is a very good defender. Wright can set up players, can move the ball, can defend, and most importantly would add some unselfish grit to this team. I am all about taking the chance that he can add a 3-point shot with a shot doctor given his improvement, his mid-range and free throw shooting, and his genes with his brother improving to having a 3-point shot. Combine this with his height allows for versatility to pair with Rose at times or just add general length and athleticism to a team that needs some. He is one of my favorite prospects possibly available and I am all about taking him even though he is an older player in this draft at age 23.


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  • Whos better wright or grant?

  • Whos better for the bulls grant or wright

  • In reply to rjm43:

    Grant but he will not be available...

  • If the Bulls stink because they can't beat the Cavs without Love and with Kyrie hurting, what does that make the Warriors? What about the West being so much better than the East???

    The lousy Bulls FO is the sole reason we're not winning the multiple championships we're entitled to as fans and TV viewers. It has nothing to do with LeBron being the best basketball player on the planet, it's all GarPaxDorf's fault.

  • This kid is a nice complement to Derrick, but I think his athleticism is being over-rated quite a bit and his overall negatives under-rated a little bit.
    He is an intuitive passer and defender passing when you look at the video and the statistics say he is consistent in those areas. Derrick is not an intuitive passer or defender. His length and above average lateral quickness all him to guard the 1-2 positions effectively on the perimeter. His anticipation and feel for the game will explain his rebound and steals which I think will translate to the NBA.
    However, he does not possess elite speed or quickness and has average verticality. He has trouble finishing or even getting to the rim at the college level and this will always be a problem at the NBA level no matter how crafty he is. This coupled with his below average pull-up and 3pt game make him a liability at the offensive in spite of his passing ability.
    There is a lot to like about Delon Wright, but the Bulls already have a lot of below average speed and verticality on the team. I think the positive is that he is very intelligent and has a feel for the game; therefore if he were to be successful as a back-up point guard it would happen right away, he isn’t a ‘project’ and that fits the Bulls current situation, but it would be nice to add a pure athlete to this vertically challenged roster.

  • In reply to MPC24:

    your points are well taken IMO. You've obviously watched this kid

  • In reply to MPC24:

    You mean like Zack LaVine or Elfrid Payton last year instead of McDNP. Not sure that any of those type of guys will be available at 22 this year.

    Since it appears that you have seen this guy play, as asked above how does he compare to Jerian Grant from Notre Dame, who would seem to be the other PG that has a chance to be available at 22.

  • In reply to MPC24:

    I don't know a player better than Wright at 22 that is that athlete

  • Good review. The draft especially after say No.10ish is always going to be somewhat of a gamble. That said, I'd be willing to roll the dice on Delon Wright.

    I don't see Wright as a starter, and I am worried that he will not be a real scorer and his three point shooting is also a question mark. Also at 6'5 his 180 pounds is light as in he definitely needs to add weight. On top of that Wright to me his leaping ability and athleticism in that respect is nothing to write(sorry no pun intended) home about.

    I know that sounds like a lot of negatives, but with guys drafted in the 15-25 range their always are a lot of questions and concerns. The thing is, Wright has a lot of potential. His wingspan, ability to defend, excellent steals, rebounds, and assists are all hallmarks of a guy who can make it in the NBA. And as far as I know while he is streaky, there are not really fundamental concerns about his shooting. With his high free throw percentage there's no reason to believe that a guy his size with some coaching can't improve as a three point shooter where he has already shown some viability.

    Finally, his production shows he's a worker and speaks well for him as a professional Plus his team was a winner. He has a good attitude, and drafting him would be a samrt pick IMO.

  • Any pick at #22 will be a roll of the dice, so the FO should look for high potential. That way, if they do hit, he will be valuable.

  • There were many reasons why the Bulls could not beat the Cavs, but if I had to pick one it would be the almost complete ineffectiveness of the bench. And if I had to pick the one reason the bench was so ineffective it would be the awful play of Aaron Brooks. Not only could he not score and distribute but he was atrocious on perimeter defense. Thank heavens Thibs had Kirk Hinrich to lean on when he realized what a total liability Brooks was. (That's a joke for those of you who have not had their morning coffee yet.)

    IMO, the Bulls need a big guard who can distribute and play aggressive defense. Wright fits that need perfectly. He will score enough. The league is evolving where athletic backcourt players with great handles are now much taller. Someone needs to defend these guys. And get this, Wright had a PER of 29.5 last year while being a terrific defender.

  • I would be happy if the Bulls got Wright. My one hesitation would be, what about Etwan Moore? Is he any better than who they already have as a backup? Moore isn't that old, is a good defender, has size, and is an ok shooter. I would like to see what he can do in a larger role. If Moore is not part of the future plans, then I'd be very happy with Wright.

  • As someone who does not watch college ball, I can only go by what I read and the smattering of video highlights that are posted on each guy. So far of the players who even have a chance of being available at 22 I like Wright the best for the Bulls. To me it comes down to Wright vs Jerian Grant, both or neither might be there at 22. Wright seems a bit longer and more athletic while Grant might be the more physical of the 2. In the clips that I watched I saw a little bit of Derrick Harper in both of them, probably moreso with Grant.

    Other than a starting SF(or wing) the Bulls biggest need is a bigger/taller backup PG/combo guard who can play both ways and become a solid 3rd guard behind Rose and Butler as well as being capable of stepping in for Rose if he goes down. These 2 guys seem to be the best options for filling that need. Anybody have any other suggestions?

    I brought this up yesterday, but if Sam Decker dropped to 22 would that change the choice at this pick. Personally, I'm not sure about any of the Wisconsin guys. Although, I suppose that Kaminsky will at least be a role player(stretch 4) in the NBA with his ability to shoot.

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    A lot of mock drafts have Wright going to the Bulls, and the Bulls could use another playmaker in their backcourt. I'm kind of hoping Jerian Grant falls to #22, but based on this piece Delon Wright would be a good backup to Derrick Rose, and in a couple of years could be a special player.

    I like PF Richaun Holmes from Bowling Green. A Chicagoland guy who is currently listed to go in the 2nd rd. He's going to be an impact player @ the next level, and he's currently tearing up the Portsmouth pre draft camps.

    Holmes has good size 6'10" 243 lbs, and is a shot blocking, rebounding defensive player who can avg 20 ppg offensively with good shooting range, a good 1st step, and great footwork. He also plays with power so he won't sit on the bench too long in the NBA trying to build up his body. He also has shown steady improvement over his time at Bowling Green which is a testiment of hard work ethic, and good basketball IQ. I would pick him @ # 22. He's the next Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Jimmy Butler. A late discovery who'll have teams scratching their heads wondering why they passed up on this guy.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    You're right, Holmes is a sleeper and I like him a lot. Trade idea: trade a real sleeper, Tony Snell, for one of the three Philly second round picks and nab Holmes. Philly has enough big men.

    For you younger guys, Bowling Green is not much of a basketball power but in the early 60's they were dynamite with both Nate Thurmond and Butch Komives playing for them. In 63-64, Komives averaged 36.7 points a game as a point guard. And that was before the three-point line existed.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    Sounds great, but if he is all that(exp 20ppg), he should be a lottery if not top 5 pick. However, ESPN and Bowling Green list him at 6'8" 232, which could mean that he was that size as an incoming freshman and he's grown, or it could mean that he is really 6'6" and a very undersized PF. You know that I love physical bigmen. If he's not really 6'10" 243 then wouldn't you prefer Montrezl Harrell, who people compare to Kenneth Faried, but we would have to take with our first round pick, if he was still on the board.

  • Holmes could be a late developer but talented...

  • The Wright/Grant dilemma is making my brain implode.

    Grant appears to me like a world's better shooter with solid slashing and playmaking ability and very solid defense, but Wright has elite defensive potential and is an extremely good slasher/playmaker.

    I guess it comes down to... how well do we think Wright can improve his shot? The technique isn't great, though he comes from a talented shooting family, and he's clearly a hard worker. A lot of the appeal of a big point is that you can play them alongside Derrick as well, and without great shooting it will really hurt the effectiveness of that lineup.

    Delon has more upside and I think I'm slightly leaning towards him as the pick. I have no doubt he'll be an excellent player, and Jimmy/Snell and possible another FA wing will be enough to lock down all the minutes at SG, but Grant does feel like a winner and an NBA-ready piece to plug in with some upside to boot.

    Decisions, decisions! Let's just hope one of them falls to #22.

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