2015 NBA Draft - Suggestions

Below is a ranking of players I would draft based on whom I feel will be available at our pick. I am all about drafting the best player available. Our most important need is point guard, backup big man, and overall athleticism. Fortunately, it is most likely that a point guard or an athletic swingman will be available. Below is my list in order. It is most likely that Jerian Grant and Bobby Portis will be just out of our range (two players that I really like that could fill our needs). It is also likely that players such as Tyus Jones will just be out of our reach in which he is probably the most polarizing player in this draft.

1) Delon Wright (PG, Utah) – While I don’t think he will be a superstar, I think he can be a very good player at this level. Some people compare him to Shaun Livingston because of his size and lack of 3 point jumper, I think he has some Rajon Rondo in him defensively too. I do think he has a chance to add some shooting. Obviously, there is some concern as to whether he would be a good fit for Coach Hoiberg given our lack of 3 point shooting at the point guard position and our current best player in Jimmy Butler at the shooting guard position. However, Wright is a very good back-up point with versatility to allow Rose to play point or shooting guard.

2) Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (SF, Arizona) – I doubt the Bulls draft him because of his lack of 3 point shot. Purely from the basketball standpoint, he is a better player than many that will be drafted ahead of him. He is a freak athlete that has a good understanding of the game, is tough, and plays tremendous D. To me, he is a taller Tony Allen with at least a mid-range game. I think he is way more athletic than Ronnie Brewer too. I do wonder about the fit, but there could be times you could do small-ball damage with Jefferson by having him at the 4, McDermott at the 3, Niko or Pau at the 5, Butler at the 2, and Rose at the point. I know defense would be a concern at the center position, but you would wear down teams quick.

3) Rashad Vaughn (SG, UNLV) – I know he would be a risk, but I do think he can be a scorer at this level with the potential to be a good defender. Coach Hoiberg is a fan as he recruited him heavily and is supposedly an advocate for him now. Would provide scoring versatility with solid size at the shooting guard position.

4) Terry Rozier (PG, Louisville) – To me, he is a bit of a wildcard. At this point, if it is he, Justin Anderson, Montrezl Harrell, Joe Young, and Richaun Holmes, I am probably trading down even though I think all these players can contribute at some point. Rozier is only selected because I feel his potential to be a better player than he showed at college. He is tenacious, will at least be a good defender, and has the opportunity to be an explosive scoring point guard. I like the other players, but I just think you can trade down at this point and get one of them to contribute will possibly picking up another asset.

If it was up to me, I am interested in trying to trade up to get Cameron Murray (likely out of our range), Jerian Grant, or Bobby Portis. I just don’t know what we can give up to get those. At this point, I really hope Delon Wright falls to us. Overall, unless the Bulls pull some shocker, I really like the possibilities of getting some contributor on this team.

Overall, I think there is some talent that will be taken later lottery that will be better than some of the players taken after pick 4. For example, I think Frank Kaminsky and Cameron Payne are going to be really good players. Even before the foot injury discovery, I was not a fan of Willie Caulie-Stein as I think he is horrific offensively and while he has the talent defensively, I question if he can play at the next level due to him being moved off the block with his light frame.

Please share thoughts on who you would like or what you would do.

Thank you again for your time!

Kevin States


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  • Thanks again for all the reviews. It seems like everybody likes Cameron Payne. I wish we could get him, but I really don't see the Bulls pulling off getting him. Likewise Bobby Portis.

    Trading down sounds like an interesting option sometimes, but you just don't see it happen that often as you do in the NFL draft for example. Plus then with all the young guys we already have you have to find playing time for two more guys. Though I'm not necessarily against it if we could get say Joseph Young and one of Terry Rozier, Jordan Mickey, R,J, Hunter, or Delon Wright.

    I wish I had seen Rashad Vaughn, but now NBADraft.net has him vaulting up to No.17. Bottom line if we get Young, Rozier, Grant, Wright, R.J. Hunter, Jordan Mickey, or Vaughn I'd be alright with any of these guys. Just please no 7ppg one year wonder Justin Anderson. And for those who like RHJ he's a possible steal, and I understand the appeal of outstanding athleticism and defense. We'll see. Good luck to everybody on draft night on getting your pick. Unless it's Justin Anderson(kidding).

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Agree with you on Anderson(that's why I slotted him 10th). Also liked Bobby Portis from day one, but he is out of reach without a trade up. Also like the upside potential of RHJ as the best wing defender in the draft. Nothing wrong with a taller version of Tony Allen especially if he were to learn to shoot.

  • I basically echo what roadwarrior says. I love draft time! The irrational thinking that the guy taken in the 30's will be the key to a championship! But it's all good fun and this year seems to be one of the best. So much uncertainty and varying opinions, no one really knows what to expect. I like to study up on prospects that the Bulls could take, but a few years ago when they picked Snell, I said, "Who?". I never considered him. As fans, we just never know what is really going on behind those doors. I would give almost anything to be in that room with Bulls management tonight!

    Thanks, Kevin, for all your work and insight. I look forward to it every year.

  • Thanks as always Kevin! 'Til next year!

  • As always, thanks again for all the thought and effort that you put into your write ups.

    For whatever it is worth (since I am not a college fan), my top 2 choices among guys that are likely to be available are the same as yours. I would probably add Harrell also even though he plays a position that is not considered a need for the Bulls right now. Although it could very well be year from now, and certainly will be 2 years from now. So if you go by the BPA, he might actually be that at 22.

    I've mostly zeroed in on Wright early on in the process based on need and availability at 22. I really like his size(6'4.25") at the point guard position which allows him to fill the 3rd guard/combo guard position that we've been tortured at by Hangdog. The available small forwards are all undersized(under 6'6") and will likely end up as shooting guards in the NBA.

    I'd wouldn't be all that unhappy with your 3rd and 4rth choices also, even if I might reverse the order, and put Harrell ahead of them.

    It does look like most Bulls fans are onboard with Wright even if some of them would prefer Grant who doesn't look like he makes it to 22.

  • Kevin, thanks for your analysis and hard work as well. I hope the Bulls get a good back-up point guard and prevent Cleveland from getting a better one. So I hope the Bulls don't use this pick for a wing like Rondae-Hollis Jefferson. I have Grant, Rozier or Wright as my preferences. Whoever we get, it is not going to be someone who will be a key player for the Bulls next year. I just hope the person develops like Butler or Taj.

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