Bulls shouldn't pursue Nate Robinson or Tayshaun Prince

Bulls shouldn't pursue Nate Robinson or Tayshaun Prince

Nate Robinson and Tayshaun Prince seem likely to hit the open market soon as waiver candidates after trades. Despite Robinson’s one year heroics here, the Bulls shouldn’t go back. If Rip Hamilton and Ben Wallace taught us anything it’s be wary of former Pistons.

I love Nate Robinson, but he won’t help

Nate Robinson was perhaps the only thing that made the 2012-13 NBA basketball season tolerable for Bulls fans. He was dynamic, hilarious, high energy, and played great for the Bulls.

While he doesn’t have much of a team game, his ball handling, shooting, and scoring could take over games in stretches for the Bulls. However, the reality is despite Brooks’ slump, he’s a better player than Nate right now.

Nate Robinson in 12/13? Maybe, maybe not. They were similar in many ways, and I probably would take that Robinson back over Brooks. Probably. However, this Nate Robinson is over 30 and is recovering from an ACL tear. His performance has never quite been the same since.

Given that Nate relies a heck of a lot on his freak athleticism and quickness to compensate for his lack of height there’s little doubt that the ACL and age have more or less called it a career for him. Maybe some team picks him up next year at the minimum, but his upside is all but gone at this point.

You could argue to bring in Nate to make Brooks expendable in a trade, but I don’t see Brooks having enough trade value for this idea to hold water, nor do I think the Bulls would trust Nate to truly replace Brooks.

I’ll always appreciate those Robinson memories, but there’s not much value in signing up for round two.

Tayshaun Prince is more iffy, but still a no

12.8, 47%
11.5, 48.6%
8.2, 43.8%
10.2, 48.4%

Those are Prince’s PERs and TS%s over the past four seasons.

That’s the mark of a truly crappy offensive player. Especially when he’s likely the fourth or fifth option on offense for many of his minutes and isn’t getting the opposing team’s worst wing defender and being the guy teams cheat off of.

However, the question is can Prince bring enough with his defense to make an impact as a potential wing defender. Chicago could use a little more perimeter defense and that was Prince’s calling card for much of his career.

I can’t sit here and tell you that I’ve watched enough Grizzlies games to know whether or not he still has anything left in the tank, but if the Bulls evaluate that he’s still an asset on that side of the ball it’s worth thinking about.

Does he give you more defense than Tony Snell? That’s really the question you have to answer.

However, after thinking about it for 10-20 seconds I’d say Prince should also be avoided. He’s a guy that Thibs could easily fall in love with and over play to death because he “plays the right way” while destroying your offense.

I suspect his defense isn’t that big of an asset and he lowers the overall athletic profile of the team. Snell, for what it’s worth, has made a bunch of good hustle/athletic plays recently that I don’t really foresee Prince making.

On top of that, with McDermott coming back soon, you know that he’d be completely buried if the Bulls added Prince to the roster which likely is worse for the team than getting him some playing time. At almost 35 years of age, I think Prince is just done.

LeBron pushes Blatt in return, Cavs lose

The box score looked pretty sweet for LeBron who filled up the stat sheet, but the Cavs lose and the most notable event of the game will be that LeBron pushed David Blatt.

The word after the game was that James was trying to keep Blatt from getting a technical. I agree this could very well be the case, but this isn’t the “hold him back” kind of push that you’d normally see in that situation. He just shoves Blatt away from the ref.

Whether he’s simply trying to prevent the technical or not, that’s not the kind of shove that denotes any respect.

Cleveland is now below .500 on the season at 19-20. Besides rooting for LeBron to fail, each loss helps Chicago gain just a little edge more in value on that pick swap they have with the Cavs this season.

Presently that pick swap gains them five positions in the draft, but Chicago easily has potential to pass another four or five teams in record by the end of the season as they’re clumped up with a bunch of teams right now. That pick swap option could easily end up being worth eight spots by the end of the season.

Not an amazing haul by any stretch but not awful either.

Speaking of picks, the Bulls are presently barely hanging on to that Kings pick. The Kings are better than three teams out West and all seven non playoff teams in the East right now. That puts the pick at exactly 11 which is the absolute best case for Chicago.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we lose this one by season’s end, but hopefully the Kings can hold it together just enough to finish 11th overall.

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  • Two things you never count on: 1) "Hey, maybe the guy will take less money." 2) The Sacramento Kings will not let us down.

    The latest from what I can gather from reports out there is that the Kings will not patch Tyrone Corbin over the rest of the season as a band aid in the hopes that Chris Mullin will sign in the off season. More likely they will make a hire be it George Karl or an outside the box move. New ownership wants immediate results and thus likely an established or "sexy" name. This from Yahoo and SB Nation for whatever that's worth.

    If they hire George Karl there's no guarantee he and "Boogie Nights" Cousins will see eye to eye. And Rudy Gay isn't exactly known for his leadership either. Bottom line: have to hope and pray Kings somehow right the ship enough to tread water to that No.11 spot. Not holding my breath.

    Side note: Quote of the day, "He's a guy[Prince] that Thibs could easily fall in love with and over play to death because he "plays the right way" while destroying your offense." This may well be the epitaph of Tom Thibodeau's career with the Chicago Bulls. Maybe they can commission a joint bronze of he and Klank somewhere in the U.C. concourse that reads "Winning Be Damned: Klank you Play the Right Way and Do Your Job(whatever the fuck that means).

  • I'm not having as much fun rooting against Lebron this year. Those Miami Heat teams were the perfect villain for the league. Lebron seems to have lost an edge and Kyrie and Love are on their way to being "good stats, can't win" type guys.

    Of course, all this bodes well for the Bulls. Although the east is still competitive near the top. The Hawks, Wiz, and Raptors all look like legit contenders to come out of the east. And the Bulls need to get out of their funk defensively. It still seems to me that Jo and Pau are having chemistry issues. It just doesn't seem to pass the eye test for me. Pau can be a bit slow on his rotations to seal off the lane and Jo is getting blown by when he switches on the perimeter.

    I don't think the Bulls should make any moves though. This is by far the best team in the Thibs era and I think continuity will help given the new pieces added in the offseason. Look at the Wiz, Raps, ATL, Portland, Dubs, Spurs...All have stood pat with their lineups...

  • Why is Thibs playing Snell more these days? Need and potential? Or to beef him up for a probable trade? Could be both. Glad to see it either way.

    The Bulls do not need guys like Prince and Nate. They need a guy like Afflalo to upgrade the squad.

    Plus a healthy, effective McDermott could really help.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Well, with Dunleavy out, Thibs doesn't have a ton of options. He doesn't appear to like Mirotic at SF so basically, it's down to Snell and Hinrich to fill up those minutes. It really is too bad McDermott is injured, this would be a great opportunity for him.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Yea, as much as I haven't seen from McPillsbury, the Dunleavy injury would have been a great chance to let him start for a couple of weeks and find out what he can or cannot do. Additionally, it would have kept the POSdog out of the starting lineup, which would have made all of our lives just a little less painful.

  • Lebron shoves his coach. Blatt sits Kevin Love for the entire 4th quarter. If I were cleveland, I would trade love at the deadline for a couple of nice pieces. He is being wasted in cleveland and i can't see him wanting to return when the knicks and the lakers come calling. it feels a lot like the dwight howard Lakers team that imploded before he left.

  • I dont think Prince would be a waste. Mcdermout is a rookie and was struggling. If we want to make a championship run this year I think Prince would be an excellence candidate to shore up the bench.

    He would have to know he wouldnt play much. Probably take Snell and McD minutes but they still have time. We need veterans who have won rings to make sure we make the right plays and have the right mindset. Pau helps that, Prince can help that as well. No one else on the team has won anything.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    If Memphis the ultimate grit and grind team is dumping Prince for Jeff Green, that pretty much sums it up for the Bulls. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • fb_avatar

    I like Afflalo, but how do the Bulls match salary to get him? I can't get the numbers to work, unless we're talking Taj Gibson.

    What about Gerald Greed though? He has an expiring deal and he seems to have fallen back in the rotation in Phoenix due to other players, despite seemingly having a pretty good season. He's a good athlete, can shoot, length, has history in Thibs' system. Seems like a good fit. And his salary would match with just Snell plus a spare part (Moore, Bairstow, Mohammed, something like that).

  • In reply to Jeff Gottlieb:

    I can't see the Suns taking on three or four garbage guys just to get rid of Green. Would love to have him though.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    likely have to throw in a draft pick, maybe you can get away with a second if Green is an outright free agent this summer, otherwise a late first. Is that worth it, I don't have any sense of what type of player Green would be for the Bulls.

  • I've always loved Prince and always wanted him on the Bulls, but his time is past. I wouldn't hate the move, but don't think it is the best move. The guy that I would go after is Jae Crowder. He only makes about the same as Brooks so he can be had for cheap, maybe a draft pick, and only for one year. He is good enough to fill in for Dunleavy or Butler and give the team what they are missing... defense. Snell wouldn't have to play again and if McDermott isn't ready then he doesn't have to play. Crowder makes the most sense of any player that I've heard mentioned. I know he isn't great on offense, but is good enough. The team needs to fix it's defense more than the offense anyway.

  • Gerald Green could be had from the Suns - Maybe Snell and a 2nd round pick. Or, Bairstow, Nazr, the Bulls 1st round pick, getting Green and a 2nd round pick in return.

    Afflalo or Wilson Chandler could be had from Denver - the question is, cost? I would like Taj and the Kings pick for Afflalo and Nurkic, but that won't happen.

    Bulls need to add a quality wing, but they have over 4 weeks to do it.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I'd trade any of our bigmen(at least 3 of them) for Nurkic straight up, but he is their future at center, so that is a pipedream.

  • Based on the last blog that I simply sat back and read (cause I think I would get jumped on for being a positive outsider, lol), do most people here think that with no changes the Bulls are likely to be finished in the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs? I honestly want to know if that is how bad ya'll think it is?

    I do think most of the points made were valid, and I understand everyone's concerns with Thibs to a point, as well as the defense, or other things with Noah, Gasol and concerns about basically every player on this team....besides Niko, who everyone thinks is the rescuer even when he has looked mediocre at best the past few games....with that being said, I think Thibs still does so much more good than bad and the players have time to get fully healthy and find their rhythm....

    Listen, I agree to a point, but some people seem to be acting like its all gloom and doom, and they have a complaint about almost each player and the head coach!!! It's astounding to sit back and read, and I hope the rest of the year will calm some fans down. I hope the skeptics are not right, because I do think there is time to fix things and end up in the ECF and even the Finals....maybe I'm crazy

    BTW, I love the passion that this blog brings from Bulls fans, I will never tell anyone to not let their emotions get too into this team, because I think it's okay to let that happen, just a part of the fun, and it would be silly to tell someone to not be so passionate about something. I just think some people freak out at the first sign of a serious struggle, and that's when we need to remember how much time there is left in the season.

  • In reply to Keep:

    If the Bulls finish in the 4-5 hole with Cleveland, then a first round loss is quite likely, as they've never beat a Lebron team in the playoffs.

    Right now, I don't like them against the Hawks, Wiz or Raptors so a second round out is also quite likely.

    Yes, it is that bad.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    ok, thanks for the reply, hope your'e wrong, but understand where you coming from.

  • Off subject but does anyone else think the Bulls are headed for another beat down by Washington tonight? I have a real bad feeling. Bulls are playing dead and we all know Thibs will not make any adjustment.

    OK, now I just got myself in a lather. How come whenever the Bulls lose it's always because of effort? Thibs thinks he has the perfect formula for winning, so if the Bulls don't win it's only because they aren't trying hard enough. Couldn't possibly be the coaching or player management. No, it must be effort for he is never wrong.

  • Regarding the 2015 draft, Sactown beat Cleveland last week, which was huge.

    Yes, the pick swap be 6-9 picks difference for the Bulls.

    And, the Kings could easily finish where they are. Maybe they pass Denver in the West. I would think that they stay ahead of Utah. But, they should finish better than Charlotte, Indiana and the other non-playoff teams in the East.

    Right now, Bulls would have pick #11 and pick #17. Pretty good. Makes me feel better about the McDermott deal b/c that would be 4 rookie/2nd year guys on next year's team. 3 would be fine and be great for the cap.

    And, with those two picks, and perhaps even other assets, Bulls could trade up again and get into the high-mid lotto.

  • Where has the famous Thibodeau defense gone? Thats what is preventing the Bulls from being a true contender, well that and a legit small forward. Do the turbo twins, Garpax have any plans? any creativity to help this team for a title run this year?

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Gasol in the middle not quite what Noah was last year.

    Noah at the PF not at all like Noah at the C position defensively.

    I think that's what it comes down to.

  • In reply to Granby:

    That is certainly the crux of the matter, although Gasol instead of Noah at center is a lot more than not quite Noah, it more like a 7 ft version of boozer.

  • ESPN ran an article on Rose that makes me feel more optimistic. Apparently, he's at his best in the 4th quarter because he's attacking the rim more at the end of games. He's shooting less long-range shots. More efficient.

    So, there is hope that when it counts that Rose will "turn it on". Not like he's going to be the 2010-11 MVP Rose, but he could be better.

    His 2pt FG% is about where it was in 2010-11, for what it's worth. As we've said all along here, it's the crummy 3 pt shooting that has been killing him.

    I think the laid back approach is counter to his 2010-11 MVP style where he had something to prove. Now, the bar is lower and he just wants a playoff run with this team. This may account for his stupid turnovers and bad defense.

    I would like Thibs to tell Rose to shoot zero 3 pointers and long-range 2s for a game or two and see how efficient he can be. Attack, attack and focus on setting up teammates on drives and kick-outs and getting the ball to Gasol in the post.

  • In reply to Granby:

    He's not getting the fouls he was in 2010-11 though, so the 2 point FG% is not really a fair comparison. Back when he was drawing fouls at around this rate in 2009-10, he was shooting 50% from inside the arc.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Rose's issues are not exclusively at the offensive end, even though that is all that everybody focuses on.

  • fb_avatar

    That's why I like reading your blog Doug... You always have some little interesting tidbits to add. Thanks, for updating the draft situation.

    Hopefully Sacramento will fall a few slots by the end of the season. I don't see that team being built for the long haul, and in a tough Western Conf might lose a few games and help the Bulls draft situation.... Cleveland is still Cleveland whether LeBron is on the team or not. I tried to tell them how the Cavs was a dysfunctional team, but they kept the faith that it would be the Cavs or Bulls winning the Eastern Conf. So far it's not looking too good for either team.

    The Bulls should make a major trade before the trade deadline. They have to shakeup this lineup and get serious about winning it all this year. The team is on the old side and they don't have too much time to waste.

    Before the season started, I stated how Niko and Dougie Fresh are the keys for the Bulls winning it all, and I still stand by Niko, but asking McDermott to make a contribution is out of the question. That's why the team needs to get younger and more athletic immediately via the trade route imo.

  • I hope Derrick doesn't repeat the process of getting a rest and then playing reasonably well before reverting back to lazy 25% shooting post-injury Derrick. Buck the trend. And the threes were a fluke. I'm surprised he never really got hot from three in game(s) sooner given his volume. Speaks to how bad a long-range shooter he really is right now and for his whole career pretty much.

    Hinrich shouldn't even be sniffing the floor. The end of the bench should have his name engraved on it.

    Pau can't score on big physical defenders and can't stay on the floor defensively against mobile stretch the floor bigs. If you're a big man in the NBA and you're not big and physical or mobile with the ability to stretch the floor, you must be a scrub. Pau the bumslayer.

    This team will be in the playoffs because the Eastern Conference is horrific of course. They'll play better ball than they have lately, but the flaws are so deep. I'd like to see the team get back to a point where it isn't embarrassing itself nightly.

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