Derrick Rose tweaks shot, vows to be more aggressive

Derrick Rose tweaks shot, vows to be more aggressive

Derrick Rose was reportedly in sensational spirits in yesterday’s interviews after practice. He reportedly made a tweak to his jumper and is rolling in confidence and was telling the media “you’ll see”. I hope we do see, because now, Derrick Rose is going to be trying.

Now, we’re finally going to see if he was just being a good teammate or was simply struggling. One additional game still won’t prove anything either way, but Rose has been a train wreck in the World Cup so far, and while he genuinely doesn’t seem to see what the big deal is, a big game would be a nice achievement for him and relax fans who are on edge.

Derrick Rose via K.C. Johnson’s twitter

DRose: “Tomorrow is going to be a different game. I think I found it now. Just changed one little thing.” What? “You’ll see tomorrow.”

DRose: “Everybody is getting mad because I’m not shooting the ball more. That’s strange. This role doesn’t affect my role with the Bulls.”

DRose: “When I came back the first time, I didn’t look right forcing anything. It was the same thing, like, ‘Why aren’t you making shots?’”

DRose: “Teams are going under (screens) on me. In the NBA, I would shoot every time. Here, I have to give the ball up and give guys touches”

DRose quotes may make him sound defensive, but he’s actually amused by the passive talk. Said goals are conditioning, defense, floor game.

D Rose info via Mark Stein via Twitter:

Says one team source: DRose wasn’t jumping as high on his jumper today as he had been and his shot looked a LOT more like it usually does

More Derrick Rose via Sam Smith Twitter:

Rose bemused concern for offense: “Everybody is getting mad because I’m not shooting the ball more. That’s strange. I’m not forcing shots.”

Shoot more? Rose: “When you come in you’re up 15 or 20, everybody’s open. Tomorrow, I’m going to try to shoot more, but play my normal role”

Rose’s thinking: “When I came back last year, I was shooting shots to get in condition. I was missing because I wasn’t in condition.”

Rose on 6th man:”As a starter, you dictate the game. Now when I come in, you see what the game needs. Like, we’re not passing to the post.”

Coach K via Sam Smith via Twitter:

K on Rose: “He’s trying to get everyone involved; looks for his stuff not just 5th, but 6th or 7th. We need him to look like he’s 1 or 2.”

Krzyzewski on Rose: “He’s trying to be a good teammate, looking to make plays for people. But try to make plays for yourself, too.”

K on Rose: “We need him to be Derrick, the player. His focus isn’t offensively. I don’t think he became the great player having that mindset

So that’s a lot to digest overall. Let’s start with the Derrick Rose stuff.

First, Derrick Rose adjusting his shot by jumping not as high? Eh…. Hard to buy that he’s going to be awesome all of a sudden due to that adjustment.

On top of that, so many of his misses have been at the rim, that him tweaking his jumper doesn’t seem all that likely to make a big impact, but we’ll hope for the best.

Rose noting that he’s going to look to shoot more tomorrow seems like a sign that Bulls fans will hopefully get to see Derrick being Derrick more. I wonder if with more looks he’ll find his rhythm. It certainly feels like Derrick is “due” for a big game, and I’m hoping with some focus that he’s able to get one.

It wouldn’t mean so much if he did, just like the poor efforts have been depressing to watch but don’t mean much either.

An interesting admission is that he says he was missing shots due to conditioning last time around. I assume this was more rust than actual conditioning, or by conditioning he means game conditioning. That said, I have somewhat of a hard time buying conditioning as an excuse. I think he was trying to find a way to fully trust his knees again.

I get that he wasn’t in game shape, but he was going through Thibodeau practices for a couple months prior to the season ending. Then he had a full off-season to work on conditioning. Then he had a full training camp. Every player who comes into the regular season just went through the off-season.

No one’s conditioning lasts over the off-season unless they workout over the summer, so Derrick shouldn’t have come in with a huge conditioning deficit, but we have seen enough guys returning from injury to know that there is something about playing games which tangibly makes you better in playing games. I’ll assume that’s what he meant.

At any rate, I’ve given up taking Derrick’s words too seriously, because he seems to tell people what he thinks they want to hear but often isn’t too good at figuring out what that is.

One big positive is that he notes his role with FIBA won’t impact his role with the Bulls at all which is a good reassurance (even if obvious) for a guy who previously sounded like he felt forced into being a scorer in the NBA.

All in all, Rose was a little more interesting than usual at the microphone.

Now for what’s really interesting…

The best quotes though are the ones from Coach K. For everyone saying Rose is simply doing what the coaches are asking for, it doesn’t appear that’s the case. Coach K appears to be urging Rose to play like Rose not like some passive guy who doesn’t look for his shot.

He wants Rose to become a scorer. He wants Rose to look for his shot first or second rather than 5th, 6th, or 7th.

He wants to see superstar Rose out there.

Coach K didn’t throw Rose under the bus directly, but he certainly made it clear that he’s looking for the superstar version of Derrick Rose, not the dump the ball to James Harden and stand in the corner version.

With Coach K urging Rose to play aggressively, Derrick noting that he fixed his shot and will look to be more aggressive, the table is stacked to actually see Derrick Rose play in a game where he’s looking to score. Hopefully it leads to a big day. Wonder if Goran Dragic had any memo’s delivered by his hotel last night.

Team USA takes on Slovenia, Tuesday at 2pm.

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  • All he has been doing for two years is shooting jump shots, and now his shot needs to be tweaked. As Scooby Doo would say, Ruh-Roh.

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  • The coaching has been quite poor for team USA, did they not practice any plays in training camp. Far too much isolation for a team with this much talent, although that is kind of contradictory. Has Rose gotten any easy looks that he didn't have to create himself. USA are 8th in 3pt% and 4th in 2pt%, if it wasn't for their defense some of these games would have been closer than would have liked.

  • Sounds to me like we're being set up for a huge disappointment, which we will then have to talk ourselves into believing doesn't matter.

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