Bulls Beat #324 - Spurs win!

Bulls Beat #324 - Spurs win!

I discuss the Spurs NBA Finals victory and how it will reshape the off-season of the NBA as well as set a new bar for the Bulls.

Bulls Beat #324 – Spurs win!


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  • Commentators love to praise the Heat for making it out of the East four years in a row. There are a handful, literally a handful of teams in the West that would have done the same thing if you transplanted them into the East. The East has been mostly atrocious since the Celtics Big Three got old. I don't consider this much of an accomplishment. The Heat are 2-2 in the Finals in the Big Three era with one of those wins being gifted to them. I think the jury's back on this Heat team and it is NOT an all-time great team.

    This series should open our eyes to how far the Bulls are from a championship. There's a huge offensive talent gap on this team and the kind of team that wins a championship. Championship teams have versatile offensive players, guys who can drive and hit the three and create. The Bulls need more offensive talent almost everywhere on the floor. And this team isn't getting any younger.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Soft competition or not you've still got to win the games. Winning the East 4 years in a row is still an accomplishment.

    That said, I agree they're just short of an all time great team. I don't think the Heat have been able to get around the fact that when you have LeBron you want to give him the ball and build a defend + shoot team around him. They've done that with their role players, but the problem is of their big 3 Wade can't shoot and Bosh can't defend. In fact the two are actually related problems - because Wade can't shoot they end up playing small ball to get another shooter out there pushing Bosh to center where his lack of defense is really exposed. They're just fundamentally poor fits that mean the whole will always be less than the sum of its parts.

  • Re Wade: No way in hell he opts out unless Miami give him a handshake agreement to give him his money over more years like you suggest. The over-36 rule complicates this though: a hypothetical 5th year for Wade falls foul of it and counts against the cap like a 4 year contract anyway. Given he's owed 42 million over 2, they'd have to give him what, 50+ over 4 for him to consider it? Only really gives them flexibility if Bosh and James agree to the same deal, but that's one hell of a pay cut for the other two over what they might get on the open market.

    Re Bosh: His numbers are worse than Boozer's pre-Bulls, and he's older than Boozer was when he signed the contract. Be afraid, be very afraid, if you're going to sign him. If he opts out and doesn't just give Miami a discount then someone is going to take a punt on him that'll drive the cost up to well over what he's worth.

    Not sure why you didn't spend more time on LeBron with the other two - he's the one that would really make it an interesting off season. Opting out for him wouldn't be a pay cut, and he could land where ever he likes. If he opts out the Bulls have to at least kick the tires, it's insanity to go after Melo when LeBron might be available. A 1% chance at LeBron is better than the 25% chance (or where ever you want to peg the Bulls odds) at Melo.

  • I know it is very fashionable to sing the praises of the Spurs, but how can one not do so? When Kawhi Leonard was named the MVP his teammates seemed to genuinely be ecstatic at his selection. That was pretty cool to see, in this era of jaded professional athletes.

  • The Bulls could be closer than we think. Consider:
    1) Bleacher Report in their new mock draft has the Bulls landing Harris at #16 and Ennis at #19! That might not happen, but if it does, those are two very nice young players, part of the foundation of a championship team.
    Harris might start this autumn, and Ennis would be a strong backup PG and could start in the future. In fact, if I knew the Bulls would get these two guys, I might not trade the two picks even for Saric.
    2) Mirotic would be top three if he were in the draft this year.
    3) If Melo wants a legacy, and the Bulls have a good draft, he probably comes to Chicago.
    4) It is possible to get Love on top of all this.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Actually, if he is still there, Nurkic at #19 has more potential than Ennis. Stash him in Europe for another year or two, saving the cap space for Melo/Love.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Eurostashing makes sense this year, since we have cap space. Assuming that we max it out this year we won't have it next season and maybe not in 16 either.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Come on rusty, I know that you are a glass half full guy, but no one drafted at 16 & 19 can be counted on to be foundational pieces(before the draft) of a champion. Even with perfect 20/20 hindsight you might get lucky and one of them turn out to be that, but not both. Kawhi Leonard doesn't happen every year, in fact it doesn't happen most of the time.

    Just not sure how excited I can get over drafting 2 midgets. I've asked this before but nobody came up with any examples, how many great 6'2.5" shooting guards have there ever been

  • You still read Bleacher Report?

  • In reply to Roscoe63:

    Yep! All of this draft and FA stuff is just a huge guessing game anyway, and BR does have some interesting ideas.

    So, Roscoe, would you draft Nurkic if the Bulls don't trade up? Worked OK with Mirotic, and it's a good way to get lottery quality on the cheap if the FO is willing to wait a couple of years.

  • We are all wondering just how aggressive will be the Bull FO this off-season. Here's a Chicago Sun Times article suggesting Bulls will be very aggressive.


  • In reply to Edward:

    I read that the other day too, Edward. I like the commitment to get more talent!

    I do not, however, like the idea of doing so "at any cost"! That was what the article called the FO's attitude. That could be really stupid now. Why? Because they might mortgage a potentially bright future for one elite player.

    See my post above. Some GMs feel Mirotic would be a top three pick in the draft this year, and one even said he'd go #1. So, adding just Rose and Mirotic to a playoff #4 seed should get the Bulls to the #2 seed.

    If they get a good SG in the draft, like Harris, they could challenge Miami. Then, naturally, if they land Melo or Love, they should take Miami. If they get both, they are the favorites for the title next season.

    But the FO MUST NOT overpay for anyone. Throw this "at any cost" garbage out the window! Be smart!!

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I think at any cost means that they know that they have a window this summer and no shot next summer or in 2016 unless they decide to blow up the team for max cap space in the summer of 2016. They see the need to make big moves this summer rather than just continuing to go along with an incremental building program. Rose in entering his absolute prime years(health willing) Noah and Taj are actually exiting their primes, so it is more or less now or rebuild.

  • As for Melo to the Rockets, I totally agree with you that if I were Melo that's where I'm going. So if that is the case why wouldn't the Knicks take back Asik and Lynn on expiring contracts in a sign and trade for Melo. They have nothing to lose but some extra cash. Phil has always loved having a lot of big men. I could see him loving Asik going forward as a building block, something that can't be said about Tyson Chandler. Lynn is a huge fan favorite and could help tame the lynch mobs for one season at least.

    Unless Melo hates the very thought of being in Houston, I bet that's where he ends up, the pieces are all in place to make it happen.

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