Miami Heat sign Michael Beasley to a camp contract

Michael Beasley has plenty of problems, but the Miami Heat invited him to camp and signed him to a prove up contract.

It’s your standard camp deal, non guaranteed. Low risk, high reward. Beasley had his only productive years with the Heat, a point which Pat Riley noted when discussing the Beasley signing.

It’s the type of move that you’d wish the Bulls would make. However, for Beasley the move to Miami was the obvious choice even if the Bulls wanted into the mix. He’s familiar with Riley, Wade, and the organization. He experienced success there.

I’m not upset the Bulls didn’t land Beasley, though I would have loved to see him in the Bulls camp as they could use the extra scoring punch. It’s the type of thing, similar to Oden, where the Heat had an inherent advantage in signing a player that would have been an interesting risk for Chicago.

Of course there’s still Tyrus Thomas available if they want to go with the high upside troubled player route. Tyrus wouldn’t give them what they really need even if he pans out though. He’s got tremendous defensive potential and can add athletic/hustle offense, but he can’t create shots or space.

In the end, I’m still riding the Drew Gooden train in terms of adding another player to roster. We’ll see what happens in camp.


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  • Now that's what pisses me off with this organization: where is the gamble? Low risk-high reward. They benefitted big time with Rodman back in the the 90's. Every damn thing has to be carefully placed. Robinson was afill in last and he perperformed the unexpected. I truly wonder if they even contemplated bringing troubled but talented here. One thing is certain though, Miami is milking this run for all its worth.

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    Personally, I like the Dexter Pittman pickup by the Bulls. He can fill the 3rd center spot behind Noah, and Mohammad.
    Since Omer Asik isn't walking thru the Bulls locker room any time soon, I see them with a complete roster entering the season.
    Now it's up to them to answer the questions we fans have been asking all summer long.
    * Can Derrick Rose reach MVP status again?
    * Will Jimmy Butler be the SG the Bulls have been looking for?
    * Is Mike Dunleavy the Ray Allen for the Bulls?
    * How good is Marquis Teague?
    * Will Tony Snell make us forget about the backup bigs the Bulls were rumored to target in the NBA draft?
    * Is Luol Deng worth resigning?
    * How healthy are Joakim Noah's feet?
    * Does a slim and trim Boozer equal quicker faster Boozer?
    * Will Kirk Hinrich last throughout the season without injuring himself?
    * Has Taj Gibson improved his offensive game?
    Let the games begin! Go Bulls.

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    Great points, Michael. I think that Pittman could be a fine #3 bigman. We are talking 12th man, a guy who we hope will never see the court in a close meaningful game. If one of the two bigs ahead of him goes down, the Bulls can also go small and he still may not see the court unless we are playing one of the very few teams with size at center.

    I like the idea of Tyrus Thomas because I think he will end up having a salvageable NBA career once he realizes that he's a knucklehead and that his NBA days could be numbered. Now, is that this year or next? Who knows, but it would not surprise me one bit if he were to stick around the league for many years and be a nice role player on the right team.

    But, the Bulls do need more size and it's "need" over "luxury" at this point. Thomas and Gibson are similar players and unless we considering trading Gibson, there is little reason to sign Thomas to a 1-year deal.

    I say bring 'em both into camp, but go with Pittman if it's close.

  • I am much more excited about adding Oden than Beasley. When it comes time to guaranteeing Beasley's contract, he'll be cut.

  • Typical conservative Bulls!!! Miami keeps getting stronger by taking risks and chances. I'm notgoing to even get in to this cause the first poster said it best....this is what pisses me off about the Bulls. In Miami tho, the rich keep getting richer and they are the perfect example of a championship team that will more tban likely 3 peat.

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    Miami 3 peat? I don't think so! Remember if Manu, or Kawhi hit their freethrows The Heat would not have 2 peated. It was that close. The Heat are getting old, and Wade's knees are a big question mark. No Wade = No Way. The Oden pickup will be a bust because even when he had healthy knees he was not worth the 1st pick in the draft. He's slow and he runs the court like a Frankenstein monster. Plus he's been out of the pro game for so long it'll take him a full season to get used to playing the game again. Bust! Beasley won't see much playing time because he has to play behind LeBron. He's a headcase who can't play any defense either. Miami is like the Bulls when it comes to playing D. Either you play it or sit on the bench. imo

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    I hope you're right and they dont 3 peat. I wouldn't bet against them tho. But if Oden and Beasley manage to be a factor in any way at all together and barring any injury to the big 3 and especially Lebron, you can pretty much book their 3 peat.

  • This is why the Heat are the Champions and heavy favorites to be so yet again. Low risk high reward moves with stars that will demand he stay in line or he will get the boot. I have been really liking the moves Miami has made the past two offseasons. They will definately be the team to beat.

    As for the Bulls no surprise really. They seem to consistently undervalue scorers. They will be good as usual and will probably get everyones hopes up with a stellar regular season only to see them flounder in the playoffs. Don't say it won't happen it is the same MO every year. They are a regular season team a paper tiger and they are content with it. We are like the Steve Nash Suns only the defensive version. Suns always dominated the regular season but everyone knew they were a pathetic playoff team with basically no chance of winning a championship. That is how I view the Bulls.

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    The Heat are champs because they have LeBron, Wade and Bosh, 3 of the best players in the NBA. Tell me which risks they took.

  • I don't mind us not signing Beasley, he's not even that good of a scorer. The guy is a career 50.37% TS% scorer, for comparison - Luol Deng who's been labeled as "a glue guy who can't create on offense" has shot 50.49% TS% for the past 2 seasons which, excluding his rookie season, were his worst in terms of shooting efficiency. So basically, Beasley is another "scoring punch" in the mold of John Lucas the turd which is nothing to get excited about. Moreover, we are stacked in both forward positions so I don't know where he would find the playing time anyway.

    About Gooden, we can sign him but in my opinion he'll just take Murphy's rotation spot as our new VladRad, I don't think he beats Nazr in the rotation. Supposedly he can provide offense but during the past 3 seasons the Bucks had better offense with him on the floor only once and even then they got absolutely destroyed on defense (DRTG with Gooden - 112.3, DRTG without Gooden - 98.8). Not only that but he's another big man with horrible efficiency (49.6% TS% for the past 3 years). And lets not forget that the guy is easily one of the worst defenders in the league, he makes Carlos look good on that end of the floor. Basically the only good thing gooden provides is rebounding which is nice I guess.
    I just don't think that's enough of a reason for Thibs to play him (ahead of Nazr) considering how awful he is defensively, especially taking into account the fact that he'll need to learn the system from scratch. He's like a bad version of Carlos but unlike Carlos, there really is no penalty for not playing him.

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    Yes, maybe that's why are talking about him as our 12th man... And, why he's still available and at risk of falling out of the league.

    Probably hard to find a legit 12th man.

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    You almost had there, until you said that Gooden makes the Hole look good on defense, there are only 2 things that will ever make that happen, amnesty and death.

  • I don't think Beasley will contribute much but considering his offensive potential, and considering how badly the Bulls need offense, this is a move I wish they would have made. Seeing him go the Heat just rubs salt in the wound.

    Oh no, typical Bulls! They never take risks! Total horseshit by the "Bulls FO can do no right" crowd.

    They took a risk on Nate Robinson and it worked out. They took a risk on Tyrus Thomas and it didn't -- and no one here will let them off the hook for it. They take risks but I agree I'd like to see them take more. You have to roll the dice to get to the championship level, the way the Pistons did with Rasheed Wallace is a good example.

    Taking risks isn't why Miami succeeds but rather, when you're a champion, Rodman-type and Beasley-type risks are far more likely to work out for your team than for others. It's a case of the rich getting richer.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Agreed on both points, don't like much about Beasely the human being, but he does have talent as a scorer, something that we generally lack. But, as Doug said, Miami had the inside track even if we were interested.

    To your second point, Miami is now like the Jordan Bulls, especially the second 3 peat team, with pick ups like Bison Dele(ne Brian Williams) and even guys collecting social security, like the Chief(Robert Parish). As long as they have Lebron, the world is their oyster.

  • I have just one very simple question- why wouldn't the Heat even offer Beasley a guaranteed contract? If he's such a great risk, a reasonable person would expect the Heat to guarantee the $884,293 Beasley would be making if he makes the Opening Night roster.

    Greg Oden hasn't played in four years and has had 3 different microfracture surgeries, but the Heat didn't have any problem giving him a guaranteed contract for this season, PLUS a player option for next season.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I think you answered your question - "because he's such a great risk."

    We're not talking about just a Knucklehead teammate who is a slacker, but a Knucklehead with a drug problem and shady past.

    Beasley is low risk, medium reward.
    Odem is high risk (due to his guaranteed contract) and high reward (should he be 80% of his old self he will start and improve the team a lot.)

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Gee, let me count the ways.

    Maybe you've heard of a little something called the progressive luxury tax, which means that guaranteeing Beasley would have cost them $2.5 to as much as $5 million vs. nothing but training camp money now. Maybe you have that kind of money hanging around to waste on a Pot Head, but apparently Mickey Arison(a billionaire) doesn't.

    As for Oden, while he is a huge risk, he is a legit 7 footer at Miami's only legitimate need position, who doesn't have to do much more than be able to play 20-25 minutes a game on the defensive end of the floor to virtually make Miami unbeatable. Obviously, Pat Riley(even in Paducah they must be aware of his track record) thought that was a better bet than Beasley.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    They are going to have to pay him if he plays this season, you do realize that, right?

    If Beasley isn't even worthy of a guaranteed contract, why are the MBB complaining so much that the Bulls didn't sign him? Again, if the genius Riley actually thought Beasley could play, there wouldn't be any risk in guaranteeing his minimum salary.

    Greg Oden hasn't played in 4 years because he can't stay healthy, and he's a much safer bet than Beasley? That should tell you how much the MBB are just looking for a reason to bitch and moan about the front office.


    1. Amnesty Boozer
    2. Let Deng go, unless he can be had for cheap
    3. Bring over Mirotic, who can be 6th man

    Chicago is perfect destination for Gasol.
    1. Championship aspirations
    2. He can play the 4, but will be our #2 scoring option. Noah does not command the ball on the low block so he will get plenty of touches, something that he did not get in LA the last two years while feeding Bynam and Howard. D'Antoni does not believe in bigs.
    3. He can play the 5 when Noah sits and Mirotic is at the 4. (Can you imagine the shooting and scoring punch with that lineup??? Rose can actually start playing D since he does not have to score every point!)

    Here's what ESPN Insider says about Gasol, given it's 12 months old... again, seems like a perfect fit IF GASOL CAN STAY HEALTHY!

    Scouting report
    + Long, highly skilled post scorer with excellent dexterity and 18-foot range.
    + Smart player, sees floor well. Can make jump hook with either hand.
    + Blocks shots but lacks strength and can be bullied on blocks. Good rebounder.

    The impression was that the Lakers forgot about Gasol last season as they sought to feed Andrew Bynum, but his usage rate hardly budged. What really happened is Gasol was forced to search out shots from the perimeter since Bynum was in his preferred perch on the left block.

    Gasol took more than six long 2s a game and fewer shots inside 10 feet; he even dabbled with the corner 3, compiling 28 tries. To his credit, Gasol hit 44.2 percent of his long 2s -- a stellar percentage -- but the toll of all those J's on his overall shooting percentage was inevitable. He also earned a career-low four free throw attempts per game.

    Gasol is a great high-low passer, though, who ranked fourth among power forwards in pure point rating, and Bynum allowed him to show off those skills repeatedly. One can only imagine what he might do with Dwight Howard in those sets. Nonetheless, this is a suboptimal usage of Gasol's talents and was one of the reasons most Laker trade speculation centered on him.

    Gasol's less recognized talent is that he's always on the floor. Only one power forward had a lower foul rate, and Gasol has good stamina. As a result, he played more than 37 minutes a game for a fourth straight season -- vital considering how paper-thin L.A.'s frontcourt depth was a year ago. In four full seasons as a Laker, he's missed just 19 games.

    Defensively, Gasol isn't quite a natural at either frontcourt spot but is more comfortable at the 4. The exception is when he has to guard face-up 4s who can handle the ball; guys like Al Harrington just kill him. His large on-court vs. off-court differential isn't surprising given the wasteland L.A. had behind him, but he also had a strong Synergy rating and opponent data on Subjectively, his length is more of a plus and his lack of strength less of an issue at the 4, and against most opponents he has the dexterity to play the position.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Gasol just turned 33 in July. Seems like Chicago could sign him with a 2-year $8-12 mil/year deal. Still much less than Deng and Boozer and Butler does not have to be really paid until after that deal would expire.

    I'd consider trading for him now, but can Hinrich play the 2 and Butler the 3? (If healthy, yes) Can Teague play the #3 guard spot? (Yikes...) Can Snell step up as a rookie? (probably not)

  • In reply to Granby:

    Hinrich as a starting 2 scares me.

  • But, if we trade for him, I am not giving up anything but Deng. Keeping all draft picks and Mirotic. May as well roll as constructed and sign Gasol next year.

  • In reply to Granby:

    While, I would be interested in that move, to me it would not be my first move. I would need to find out exactly how much money we have to spend on a free agent next summer and which younger player(ling term fit) we might be able to get for that money.

    Will Gasol even be available for what he Bulls have to offer $10-13 million, I doubt it. That might make trading for him a better idea, but it would cause problems with this years team, i.e. either Hinrich or Dunleavy has to start.

    It will be interesting to see who get more money as a free agent next season, a 34 year old Gasol or a 29 year old Deng.

  • I'm starting to wonder if Carlos Boozer is the administrator for this site, because posting here is getting to be as difficult as is watching the BozoHole play.

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  • In reply to Roman F:

    Yeah, it must suck to not be able to just say "Deng and Boozer suck" and having someone disagree with you. And it must suck to not be able to just make up anything you want without pointing out that what you're writing is either complete fiction or completely contradictory to something you just wrote earlier in the same blog.

    Of course, I'm guessing that neither of those suck as much as being too stupid to realize that you are under no obligation to read anyone's posts if you don't like them.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Chill out, the general negativity at this blog is making you paint everyone with the same brush, you don't want to do that.

    I think BigWay is referring to the fact that the stupid site doesn't just let you post without "waiting for an administrator".

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Thanks for the advice, but even though I don't post here very often, I've been visiting and reading and sometimes posting for 2 or 3 years now. I'm not painting everyone with the same brush- but there are four people here who constantly:

    Criticize the front office, no matter what they do. It's mostly the same 2 things over and over- the Bulls are too conservative, and Rein$dorf is too cheap and always makes financial decisions, not basketball decisions. And you know that if you point out the non-conservative moves that the Bulls have made, and the risks that they have taken, they act like 12-year-old and start calling you a "homer" or an "ass-kisser".

    Or they claim something as fact and say "don't believe me, go check it out", and then when you do check it out and see that they were pretty wrong and point it out, the personal attacks are soon to follow.

    Of course, my personal favorite was just rehashed today- the Front Office is horribly cheap, yet we can never trade our players because they are overpaid. Yes, we have a cheap front office that constantly overpays players. Now how funny is that?

    Or Reinsdorf didn't do a trade because he was cheap and didn't want to spend the money, but in the same friggin' paragraph it's pointed out that he would have lost money the first two years but saved money the next 2 years.

    You've been there recently- quoting a person and using their exact words to point out the inconsistency of their statements means you are making some kind of strawman argument.

    And when you call them on their "facts" that aren't true, or point out facts that show their opinion to be completely wrong and baseless, they never have a response, there's no conversation- they just start with the name-calling.

    The problem is that some people think they are experts, and they get all pissed off when the Front Office doesn't do exactly what they think they should do. So there must be an excuse for it, right? There is no way they are wrong, so the front office is either cheap or too conservative or incompetent or................

    So thanks again for the advice, I mean that and I know you were being just as sincere with the advice as I am with my thanks.

    I think I'm going to put together a blog post of just how ridiculous and hypocritical and ignorant and immature the MBB are, it would make hilarious reading to simply use their own words.

    One of them said to me "I wish I could meet up with you in a boxing ring"- if that doesn't just scream "I'm an immature little boy with no life who lives in my mom's basement but I'm a tough guy on the internet", then I don't know what does.

    And I apologize from the bottom of my heart if I offended any little boys with that comparison.

    As for the administrator thing, personally I rarely have a post that pops up with "you'll have to wait for an admin" or whatever it ready. It happens occasionally, though. But I can't take a comment seriously when it can't be made without "BozoHole" comments. When someone posts like a 12-year-old, I'm going to assume that they aren't making a serious, mature comment.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Hey Don, with all due respect, you are starting to annoy even me and I'm hoping that you either leave this site or just stop piling on fellow bloggers. Your rant came from nowhere. Bigway makes a Carlos Boozer crack and you take so much offense that you write 10 paragraphs about it? Really? Just stop already!


  • In reply to Granby:

    I didn't take offense to one Boozer crack, but it gets old reading it in each and every post.

    And if anything I wrote is factually incorrect, point it out to me and I'll gladly apologize.

    And believe me, if the MBB's wouldn't be rude to people who don't share their opinion, I'd gladly show the same respect. Like I said, I never disrespect you or Roman F or the other posters here who treat people with respect, even when they don't share the same opinion, and vice versa.

    "Whatever one sows, that will he also reap"- Galatians 6:7

    I'd issue a challenge right now that I'll agree to respect the MBB's if they want to agree to the same thing. They started it, but I'm more than willing to be the man and put an end to it right here.

    We'll find out if they are man enough to do the same thing.

    I don't know how long you've been posting here, but do you think they will really start respecting people?

    Really, what do you expect me to do when someone claims "XXXXX is a fact, AND IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, LOOK IT UP", only to insult you when you do actually look it up and find out it's not true?

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    You really are an imaginative genius, I don't think that anybody in the history of the internet has ever used the little boy with no life living in his mom's basement as a putdown. However did you come up with something so intelligent, no brilliant all on your own.

    Just so your brilliant little mind can comprehend. When one behaves like a clown on the court by screaming and gesticulating like some kind of a primate, he earns the Bozo moniker. and when one refuses to give any effort on over 50% of the game as a professional athlete paid millions of dollars to play a game, he earns the moniker of asshole. Combine the 2 and you get BozoHole. a perfectly apt moniker for the player in question, even for someone like you who would never be hypocritical enough to resort to name calling.

    When one continues to be the most obnoxious poster in the history of this blog, he earns the moniker Baby BozoHole as you shall hence forth be referred to.

    and as usual, you left out have the facts to suit your needs, I first suggested that I would love to get you on a basketball court at the Y where I doubt that you would be yapping for very long. You shouldn't really have much to fear from a 12 year old little boy, should you.

    Keep on snorting/shooting the OXY down there in Paducahville, it does wonders for your personality, as everyone on this site can tell.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Obviously, I also get annoyed that when people make general statements slamming the FO and I ask them to provide facts, they resort to name calling. One guy even referred to me as part of the "remedial crowd" even though he struggles mightily with spelling and punctuation.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    You know what really must suck, being a humorless, classless schmuck.

    The internet must be the best thing that ever happened to you, since now you get to be the complete AHole that you've always been without getting the shit kicked out of you on a daily basis.

    I imagine that you keep calling everyone who doesn't like your act a 12 year old, is that the mental trauma that you suffered at that age hasn't allowed you to advance beyond it. I am sure that there is mental health help available to people like you, even in Paducahville.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I for one have never said that Deng sucks, I have sought to factually proved that he is average or mediocre for an NBA player.

    As for the Hole, I have never been so simplistic as to say that he sucks either, I usually go into much greater detail with regard to his specific failings which some people seem to dislike almost as much they do you.

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