Spurs lose every battle except field goal percentage in blow out win

Fewer turnovers, more offensive rebounds, more assists, and despite Danny Green’s magic, the Heat even hit more threes at a higher percentage. The Spurs aren’t supposed to overcome a game where Miami gets 16 extra shots up and shoots 47.8% from the three point line, but they did by simply being unstoppable on offense.

The game wasn’t even close which is more eye opening. The Spurs shot a blistering 62% from the field, And Danny Green’s 8/15 was the worst percentage of the starters though we’ll cut him some slack given that he hit six threes and broke the record for most threes ever in an NBA finals series and did it in just five games.

Manu Ginobili gave the Spurs what everyone’s been asking

Gregg Popovich adjusted to the adjustment, matching the Heat in going small and inserting Ginobili into the starting linuep. The result? Manu has his first big game of the series scoring an efficient 24 on 14 shots while handing out 10 assists.

The Spurs starters outscored the Heat’s team 107-104 and Manu’s playmaking complemented a more skilled offensive cast far more than when playing with the reserves.

This game summed up much of LeBron’s failures

LeBron has had a ton of success in the NBA, and he still has a chance to go home with a ring this year. A really good one. In fact, I’m still putting my money on the Heat to win this thing and LeBron to get his second ring and second finals MVP.

That said, this game sums up his failures when he fails. You look at the box score and think he had a good game. Maybe not an all time great LeBron game, but a good game. 25 points, eight assists, six boards, and four steals. However, after scoring four points in the first 90 seconds of the second half, LeBron went 1/7 the rest of the way and scored just four points and had multiple turnovers.

LeBron’s defenders will go back and say he wasn’t the reason they lost, and maybe it’s putting too much onus on LeBron to say he was. However, this team is built around LeBron being the best player in the NBA and in critical situations he frequently isn’t. He took the blame after three games and put it on himself to score and be the man, but after finding success one game, the Spurs found ways to stop him the next day when it mattered.

Irony coming?

I still think Miami wins this series, but if they don’t will Erik Spoelstra survive the off season?

Spoelstra went off on other organizations for firing their head coaches, including those that made the playoffs or even had some pretty decent playoff success. However, Spoelstra could easily become the biggest example of this if he makes it to the finals and is fired.

I don’t think Spoelstra is Vinny Del Negro bad, and maybe the players are really the fall guys in this situation, but I don’t think Spoelstra’s a strength for this team, and the Heat would go down as a failure under his reign if they fail to win this season.

Seems like a good guy, but I think this situation ends with as much irony as Wade announcing the Bulls had no loyalty to former players before learning they’d hired 16 former players to the Heat’s three, and that the Bulls especially showed loyalty to players who really needed the work/money but were willing to put in the effort to do a job for the team.

If this were a five game series…

Would Danny Green be the Finals MVP?

Green would have to go down as the most unlikeliest Finals MVP in the history of the NBA if he were to win that honor. If there was a vegas prop bet on Finals MVP, there probably wouldn’t even be odds on Green established.

That said, he’s leading the Spurs in scoring presently, and has done so with incredible efficiency due to averaging five threes a game.

I know Bulls fans will start thinking we need to get a Danny Green on this team, but let’s not forget that Danny Green could probably not even pull a Danny Green again in his career. He’s shot a blistering three point percentage for the series (up around 70%) and has defended LeBron/Wade well at the same time.

Sure if we can find a guy who can do that sign him up, but good luck with that. I just hope Danny Green can pull it off for one more game.


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  • It would really be nice to see the spurs top the the heat. Small market team with players who are all likable. Spurs will have to cut the turnovers down and have similar offensive game as last night. Hopefully they can get a little help from their bench. They will need all the help they can get considering they will be in Miami and calls will go even more in their favor. No game 6 blowout spurs win with last second shot from one of their big three.

  • Hey Doug what's up with your Bulls Tweet feed? It doesn't show up on any browser I use, or on my phone.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    The one on this site? I'm not sure, I know they changed the widget. It works for me in general, but I don't know if it's simply not mobile friendly.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yeah, the one on this site doesn't work anymore on my laptop whether I use IE, Firefox, or Chrome. It also used to work on my phone, but it doesn't anymore.

  • I dont think it's about the Bulls trying to get Danny Green, its about the Bulls getting good perimeter scoring period. This would open up the middle for Rose to get to the basket without getting mugged. And as much asi hate to admit and hopefully it doesn't happen this way, but the Heat more than likely win the last 2 games in Miami. I still believe the Spurs lost this series when they lost game 4. And back to the Bulls, they need scoring so if the big man Dieng is gone at pick 20 in next weeks draft, a sg with size need to be chosen with the 20th pick. And on a off note...Danny Green sure does remind me of Nate Robinson when he gets hot and who would be stupid enough to let a player like that leave...hmmm...I wonder what team would???

  • Doug calls out Wade for his statement as being nonsense but the haterz on this site have actually backed Wade's statement up as being the reason stars avoid Chicago. It's hard to take people seriously when they back up nonsensical statements from a guy who never intended to leave Miami and made the statement he did to sabotage a rival.

  • It's going to be nearly impossible but I'm rooting for the Spurs to get one game in miami. As an organization, they do everything the right way, draft and develop players with excellent coaching and getting young players like Danny Green a chance to show his talents. They are indeed the gold standard of what the NBA should be all about not that fake superteam garbage everyone now is trying to copy around the league. GO SPURSSS

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I don't think Stern allows a Spurs victory. I don't typically believe sports are rigged but Stern's NBA is an exception. I used to be incredulous as to some of the calls and non-calls that the MJ Bulls would get. Everything about Stern says that this guy is a control freak with a massive ego and Napoleon complex. There's evidence:


    I don't think Stern rigs every outcome but I do think he steps in when he thinks the future of the league depends upon his intervention. I think this is a case where Stern thinks the best thing for the NBA is to crown LeBron champion and I think he makes it happen.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I don't think the NBA is fixed. If it was, you'd see tons of different outcomes. The money doesn't follow a "fix" theory.

    Also, the NBA is probably MOST interesting with a Heat loss. The Heat drive ratings, but they've already got ratings now, the loss will help them drive ratings and interest more than a win in the future.

  • Doug if heat don't win title what do you think will happen with big three. Do they stay together intil all can opt out of contracts in 2014? Or do you think bosh is traded for more inside presence? I would assume they don't have money to get a big man. What does this all mean for the bulls? the east I would assume my get a little tougher if Knicks, Indiana and possibly nets and celtics get better. Although I think celtics may be rebuilding.

    I'm hoping the bulls organization start this summer with making moves to better the team. I know they don't have money but the need to find a way. If joe Johnson can be traded bulls can get creative and trade boozer. Move up in the draft, trade player exception they received for korver if they re not planning on using it. Just hope they do something besides banking on 2014 coming to Chicago.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    I think it will be a test of their resolve if they don't win the title.

    The smart move, IMO, is to dump Spoelstra and bring in a better coach and come back with the same group. I don't think you'll be able to trade Wade/Bosh and improve your team.

    Your failing so far has been scheme IMO. If you could find a good deal then you could take it of course, but I just don't see that happening. My guess is that Bosh has negative trade value around the league given the potential he might not opt out of his contract and is owed about 40 million for a guy who's not playing anywhere near that level.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    You may have seen this and I don't know how credible he is anymore, but Magic says they're breaking up win or lose.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I thought magic said if they lose to spurs it's the end of big three not if they win though.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Sounds more realistic, I think they should probably keep the team together either way though.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Doug -- really? I think they'd be better off unloading Bosh and allocating that salary to other players. Don't tell the haterz but I heard a Miami beat-writer on the Score say "Aronson won't pay the tax."

    Magic did say they would break up regardless, "I think that things will change, no matter what happens."


    Again, I don't know what Magic knows these days other than Larry Bird is slow (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaUiLpTL4fY).

  • I'm sure Rein$dorf will be all-over signing better talent for the 2013-14 season - by offering these coveted and talented players 1-year minimum contracts!

  • Anyone hearing the rumor about once rivers leaves celtics for clippers that Boston wants Thibs to come back to Boston to be head coach?!

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Thibs is under contract, so it's sort of irrelevant. Plus if you were Thibs why the hell would you want to go back to a rebuilding Boston.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Cause Boston has the balls to make bold moves. They have entertained trading Rondo, Ray Allen, and now altho a little late they are trying to part ways with Garnett, Pierce, and even Doc Rivers. An organization has to bewilling to take chances and not be so conservative in order to be serious contenders. Why wouldn't Thibs be intrigued with that and going back to Boston. Probably is a good thing he's under contract with the Bulls for a few more years or i wouldn't doubt he wouldn't try to go to a team thats serious about winning in the next few years. The Bulls are holding on to worthless players, injury plagued players, and players that don't step up come playoff time. Imo the Pacers have pass the Bulls in winning the central division and stepping up come playoff time. Sorry but it is what it is.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Not to mention a bogus 2014 plan and trying to sell fans on a European player as being a prized player in a building piece to a title contending team. He may not even be able to play for Thibs and his coaching style.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Who's worthless that the bulls are holding on to? I wouldn't go,that far to say the players are worthless. Deng and boozer overpaid. Not worthless. I think we will see thibs next season manage deng and Noah's minutes better and of course rose. Management just don't have creativity to get what they need via,trades to make team better.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Lets see...Deng worthless should've traded him last year, his value in a trade would be low. Boozer, don't nobody want his sorry butt as far as atrade goes because of his awful contract that the Bulls FO gave him cause they were desperate from being fooled by Wade Bosh and Lebron. And to go along with Deng and Boozer as far as being worthless is Heinrich with all of his medical issues. Someone else mentioned, if Joe Johnson can be traded with his contract which is worst than Boozers, Bozo can certainly be traded. Problem is...the Bulls wait for players to fall into their laps...( Derrick Rose), instead of making bold moves. Incompetent if u ask me of the Bulls FO.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I mentioned that if joe Johnson can be traded boozer can. Once again I don't think these guys are worthless but overpaid. Its not the players fault if organization pays them way more thanwhat they are worth. Bulls record with hinrich when he s actually did play was well above five hundred. I think that he will be an excellent backup to rose next your. Being backup he will stay healthy. Once again not worthless. You and bigway continue to say trade boozer and deng but if they are so WORTHLESS why would anyone trade for them?!!! I think with deng its not about how much money he makes its more of he is an expiring contract so trade value is low in that sense. I will,admit that I have changed my stance on boozer and would like to see him gone because he will not help us win championship.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    The BozoHole is the very definition of useless, irregardless of his contract. He uses up starters minutes, contributes absolutely zero to winning, and is the single biggest contributor to the Bulls losing efforts, never mind his moronic antics and behavior that having nothing to do with playing the game of basketball.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Lol you are funny. He is overpaid and don't step up when needed most. I would like to see boozer traded but not garbage.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Oh I guess Boozer is a Hall of Famer in your eyes.

    Just playing around. Haterz gonna hate. Just by trying to be balanced you get called a blind sheep homer. There's no reasoning with them.

    I don't like Boozer either (does anyone?) but they don't beat the Nets with say, Andrea Bargnani in his place. Boozer contributed a lot to winning that playoff series, yet he still "contributes zero to winning" to some no matter what he does.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Do we know for a fact that Thibs actually SIGNED the contract Bulls gave him? It's been a couple/several months now, but there were some reports that he was sitting on the contract and while Bulls had signed it, Thibs had not yet actually signed it.
    But maybe this is old news...

  • Mirotic is a prized player. He is just a kid, 21 or 22, yet he has won a number of awards in a top European league. What is his upside? We won't know for a while, but he is 6'11", scores in the paint and hits threes. Why would he not at least be a solid piece for the Bulls? A bargain at $5.5 million/yr. Compare that with Boozer, or even with Gibson at $7 million/yr.

    The Bulls need to find and draft the next Michael Redd or Gilbert Arenas. Who is he? Maybe Eric Green, Hardaway, Ledo, Rivers, Snell. That pick alone gets them to the ECF. Go for the potential elite player.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    The European guy that was drafted second in the same draft as Wade Lebron Melo and Bosh was a prized player too and where is he now?...out of the league. I cant even remember his name. My point is not many European players are all stars and make that big of a difference in the NBA. Popovich of the Spurs knows European talent tho. I still hope that Mitotic is being hyped up to trade him.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    But I bet you remember Nowitski, Kukoc, Ginobili, etc. Few players from anywhere, including the USA, make the NBA, much less become elite.

    The Bulls do not need Mirotic to become elite, altho that would certainly be nice. They just need him to be a solid starter.

    If they draft well this year and next, they will have 7 starters, 2 of them coming off the bench. If one of those is an All-star, or if two are borderline All-stars, that could do it!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Don't forget about the Gasol brothers, Tony Parker, and Asik. Many people hated management for wasting a pick on Omer. I remember someone called him a big stiff who would never play. Now most people hate management for letting him go. Just because you don't know who he is doesn't mean he's not any good. People who are highly praised like Beasley turn into busts just like the one's who are mystery men. Mirotic is playing at a higher level than anyone at the college level and he is excelling at it. There is no reason to believe that anyone like Noel, Len, Zeller, Burke are any better than he is.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    The consistent thing here is that people rip Bulls management no matter what they do.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Besides that find a way to get Mirotic's cousin Dario Saric(i.e. Deng for a top 10 pick) even if Saric wants to stay in Europe for another year.

    That would potentially give us a great, mostly young core(Noah, Taj, Bulter, Mirotic, Saric and hopefully Dieng @20) to build a champion around Rose.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Good thinking. These guys will also be cap friendly because they cost less on 3- or 4-yr contracts.

    The same principle applies to drafting guys with high potential, even elite potential. Hit on one of those and the Bulls go to the Finals!

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Unfortunately, there are reports Dario Saric is withdrawing from the 2013 NBA draft.


  • Funny thing is, even before you pointed out that the Heat basically won every statistical category last night, and despite the fact that the Spurs lead virtually the entire game and by as many as 20 points I still never felt like Miami isn't the favorite in the series and is going to win the series.

    Maybe it is just Bulls fan paranoia, but the Spurs don't really feel like the better team. It feels more like they are just getting some "lucky" unsustainable good shooting.

    Hopefully, they can get it for one more game, although role players usually don't perform all that well on the road and in the playoffs especially.

    It would sure make this boring(nearly useless) NBA summer about to unfold much more easy to enjoy with the Heat losers of 2 of the last 3 finals, and Lebron a loser in 3 of his 4 finals appearances.

    Unfortunately, I like you expect them to win the last 2 games and dash our hopes.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I also feel like the Spurs are just delaying the inevitable but they definitely have the better coach, and by a good margin. That just might be enough.

  • Do we know for a fact that Thibs actually SIGNED the contract Bulls gave him? It's been a couple/several months now, but there were some reports that he was sitting on the contract and while Bulls had signed it, Thibs had not yet actually signed it. But maybe this is old news...

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