LaMarcus Aldridge and Thomas Robinson attached to the Bulls rumor mill

LaMarcus Aldridge wants to land in Chicago, and the Bulls covet Thomas Robinson. Chicago is also discussing an extension with Luol Deng, except that they’re not.

The Bulls are always popular in terms of draft day and trade deadline rumors for a couple reasons. First, they’ve been reasonably active in doing something during many of the trading periods, and second, a big market generates lots of page views when it’s team is involved in rumors.

The most interesting is LaMarcus Aldridge saying he wants out and wants to land in Chicago per Mike McGraw.

Word is, Aldridge wants to escape from Portland’s rebuilding project and has made it known that he’d like to land in Chicago.

Deng for Aldridge won’t get it done. The Blazers want Joakim Noah in return and the Bulls don’t want to give up the superior defensive big man.

Given that the Blazers just turned down #1 and #19 for Aldridge I don’t like our odds of getting this deal done. Personally, I love Joakim Noah to death, but I’d probably move him in this deal despite the fact it would jack up the roster by leaving us with no true center. Aldridge is the offensive big man the team could use. He’s like a Carlos Boozer who doesn’t completely suck when you iso him and cares on defense.

That alone might not convince me to move the needle, but you add in Noah’s persistent foot issues, and I’m awfully tempted. The problem, of course, is the Bulls are still left thin in the front court and now without a center with Boozer and Aldridge playing similar roles, but I’d make the trade first and figure that part out second.

Mark Stein and Chad Ford report that the Bulls covet Thomas Robinson and suggest that Chicago may land him with the #20 pick in the draft and their trade Exception from the Korver trade [the trade would then be made official after the salary structure resets on July 1st].

Sources say that the Bulls, meanwhile, also covet Robinson and are offering the 20th pick. Chicago doesn’t have cap space to absorb Robinson’s contract but does possess a trade exception that Robinson could slide into. If the Bulls do acquire Robinson, word is they intend to flip him to another team in a subsequent (or connected) deal.

It was hard for me to see this one going down as I don’t see the Bulls taking on that much additional salary just to get Thomas Robinson who was the #5 pick in last year’s weak draft but was already traded and looking to be dumped by his second team. However, if they have a second trade partner lined up then the deal makes a lot more sense. Of course the question becomes what’s the full deal?

Also, yahoo sports Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Bulls and Luol Deng have started contract extension negotiations only to have his agent flatly deny that’s true via Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago. Quite honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bulls blew up the 2014 plan and looked to extend Deng as they won’t get significant cap room in 2014 anyway.

Chicago should at least be trying to gauge the cost of an extension if for no other reason than to decide whether to keep him or trade him now. In that sense, I find it more likely than not that some numbers have been thrown around, but I don’t think a serious attempt has been made at negotiation yet.


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  • No way I trade Noah for Aldridge. Hell to the no. Get Jo a decent backup and get rid of those crappy French shoes and he should be fine.

    Would a 3 team trade work?

    Verajao or Okafor to POR
    Aldridge to CHI
    Deng to CLE/WAS

    Add in whatever filler/draft picks are necessary.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    No, that's not nearly enough.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Agreed. I know it will take more than that, but I see that as the "core" of the deal. I figure you need to move Deng's salary and get a big for Portland. CLE is interested in Deng has a Noah clone on their roster, so I'd use that as the framework to get something done.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    If they're dumping LMA it would be to rebuild.

    Unless a lot of top picks are included, they have no use for Varejao or Okafor

  • Doug that would be pretty tough. Noah for Aldridge. We lose our strength against Miami. Noah is the heart of the bulls. I would love to have aldrige though. I don't think I would be disappointed if the bulls made this trade. I wish boozer was involved in this. Jeez Kevin Garnett has more value than boozer!!

    Ok,say the bulls somehow keep Noah get rid of boozer and aquire aldrige. Do bulls resign deng???

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    I think keeping Deng will be a cost issue. They'll see what they get in the draft this year, and depending how that player work and Deng's price tag will determine what happens with him.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    That sounds like you think that the Bulls are going after a wing scorer in the draft and not a bigman.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    If you tell me we're getting Aldridge with Boozer, this is what will have to be included:

    CHA Pick
    20th Pick (or TRob)

    And even then We'd have to probably throw in an additional 1st.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I would try to keep hold of butler. Maybe they can get 3rd team involved. Reports are that blazers want 2 first round picks plus players. I just hope bulls can pull this off. If reports are true that LA wants to come here bulls have to go hard for him.

  • Well, Deng will walk for nothing next summer, so a trade now makes sense. If Cleveland likes him, I would consider their #19, #32, and next years 2nd rounder for Deng. Several of us have proposed this because it sheds salary, allowing the resigning of Nate or Belli, and it gives more rolls of the dice to get the needed second impact player in the draft.

    A couple of the Gs in this draft are going to be really good, but who are they? Make this trade, draft 2 or 3 of them, and get a big. BTW, this trade gives the Bulls the #s 19, 20, 32, and 50 this year. Gives the Bulls lots of possibilities.

    I see Kevin has Green as the 2nd player on his steal list. I would even take him at #13. And there are about 10 more who could turn out to be a Michael Redd or Gilbert Arenas! Dieng has injury concerns, and the Bulls have enough of those.

    If Teams want the Bulls to take back a contract in a Deng trade, then the picks will have to be much better.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    As I mentioned a while ago, one of the ESPN insiders proposed the Bulls sending Deng to Cleveland for Varajao, the 19th and the 32nd picks. I think that they included Teague in the deal, making it less of a deal for the Bulls.

    Although Varajao is not a super long term answer(due to injuries) having Varajao might make the Aldrich deal for Noah doable.

    I would still hate the thought of giving away Noah, though.

  • I would assume that bulls interest in t Robinson is used as an piece to offer blazers in deal for Aldridge.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    That would seem to be the main, if not only reason to go after him. That presumes that Portland has somehow indicated that they would prefer Robinson to the 20th pick.

    From the Bulls perspective is Robinson better than Dieng. Heck, is Robinson better than Tyrus Thomas. I didn't like the comments/attitude coming from Robinson in the predraft period last year. But getting the 4rth pick in the draft is always intriguing.

  • LA would be a nice fit next to Rose and Noah but this is the Blazers we're talking about, they will ask for everything from the moon, stars and the whole solar system. They wanted the charlotte pick for Rudy Fernandez, thats how greedy they are. It's going to be nearly impossible dealing with them. Maybe next year when he only has a year left but even then they will be hard to deal with.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Oh so they're the greedy ones.

    Here I thought Boozer+20th Pick was a fair deal for Aldrich.

  • Well, trading Noah for Aldridge would be an awesome deal if of course we had simply matched Asik's contract.

    Exactly as I stated at the time, keep Asik worry about his 3rd year in the 3rd year, who knows you might even decide to trade Noah for offensive talent and start Asik.

    Aldridge has always been in my top 3 power forwards for the Bulls, along with Al Horford and Kevin Love. With Aldrich and Asik, maybe you do re-up Deng(at the right price).

    Just Aldrich and no Noah doesn't do that much for me. Aldrich needs to play with a defense and rebounding stud at center to be at his best.

    The Bulls should definitely go after Thomas Robinson. Houston is trying to get as much cap space as possible this summer, so offer one of our own future #1's and the trade exception for Robinson.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I agree that Noah for Aldridge with Asik in your back pocket would look a hell of a lot better right now than where we're at.

    That said, the Bulls are deep in the tax now, there's no way they'd support having another 5 million on the payroll IMO as it'd cost them 15 more in cash.

    Of course, we probably would have just not signed Hinrich then and that would solve most of the problem, but then Aldridge makes a bit more than Noah, so you're still in the financial hole.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Well, if you had Asik, and then make the Noah for Aldrich deal, you amnesty Bozo this summer. Getting rid of the tax payments might finally justify getting rid of him, Your right we probably don't sign Hinrich last year if we kept Asik, but gritty as he is, who really gives a shit.

    Rose, Butler, Deng, Asik and Aldrich that team would sure give Miami a hell of a run for its money.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The Bulls will never amnesty Boozer. Until they prove me wrong, I have no reason to believe they will.

    I think KC Johnson stated as such in a recent article as well.

  • Noah & Taj for Aldridge and Leonard after July 1st. Draft Dieng at #20, puts the Bulls at $76.5M in salary for the coming season (see below). It also keeps the 2014 plan in place. You can move Booz to the Bench to provide some punch on the second unit. I wish there was some way to get him without trading Noah, like maybe Taj, RIP, #20, 2015 #1 pick, Charlotte Pick and cash.

    Player 2013/2014
    Derrick Rose $17,632,688
    Carlos Boozer $15,300,000
    Luol Deng $14,215,000
    LaMarcus Aldridge $14,628,000
    Richard Hamilton $1,000,000 (Buyout)
    Kirk Hinrich $4,059,000
    Meyers Leonard $2,222,160
    Marco Belinelli (MMLE) $3,000,000
    Jimmy Butler $1,112,880
    Marquis Teague $1,074,720
    Malcom Thomas $884,293
    #20 Pick (120% of Scale) $1,409,040
    Total $76,537,781

  • I agree, Asik makes this work out much easier but the Bulls have the assets to get LA if they want him.

    If we were to do a deal for LA, Mirotic would be included I would think. There is no reason for him not to be unless you are going to flip him for a SG. He and LA play the same position and they probably couldn't be on the floor at the same time.

    I would think Deng, Robinson, Mirotic, Charlotte Pick for LA and 10th pick would probably work. I would do this if I were the Blazers because you get 3 really good young assets and a good Vet that can hold things together.

    As a Bulls fan, would you be ok with that trade?

  • In reply to do53:

    I suspect you would think wrong. Deng has no value whatsoever to Portland given they just extended Batum. Robinson has almost no value in the NBA. So you're doing Mirotic (who may nto come over for Portland) and teh Bobcats pick for Aldridge and the #10 from Portland's perspective.

    The Bulls are only getting Aldridge (IMO) if they give up Noah or possibly something centered around Gibson + Butler + Hamilton + pick(s), but then the Bulls are taking on so much additional salary and losing a ton of talent that they might flinch.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Butler is where I'm getting hung up, He is the legit LeBron slower downer, not Deng. I think the two picks (#20 and CHA pick) plus Taj, $2MM and Hamilton is more than fair value for Aldridge. Aldridge needs to pull a Carmelo/Howard and force his way out of town.

    On a side note: I'd also Amnesty Boozer this year and offer Ray Allen the full MLE for 2 years (because he could start here), we'd still be below the tax the next two years to avoid the repeater penalties that will be headed our way eventually. Noah, LMA, Deng, Allen, Rose plus Jimmy and Hinrich to anchor the 2nd unit. That's a Championship right there.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    That's the ONLY way we get LMA with that offer, but even then we won't because he's under contract for a couple more years.

    Taj+CHA Pick+20th+Mirotic would seem about fair, but that would mean the Bulls are adding about $7mil in salary and that's not happening on our end.

  • Blah Blah Blah...the Bulls aren't going to do nothing but extend Deng and keep their 2 draft picks. All rumors just like last year so they can say to the fans...we tried to make some moves. So again Blah Blah Blah...I wont believe the Bulls do anything til they actually do something. Damn shame fans feel this way about the Bulls non creative FO.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And this should let the Bulls management know that they have players that no one wants and everyone is available except Rose Butler and Noah. In order for the Bulls to get Aldridge they may have to give up Noah which they shouldn't. Deng, Taj, Rip, 1st pick this year and 1st round pick in 2015 should be enough to get this deal done if they cant land Thomas Robinson.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Agree. Besides Paxson couldn't swing a trade like one for LA even if he had the green light. He is the ultimate whiff machine... It's all just smoke to make it look like they are really doing something.

  • For a championship frontline, Bulls need PF Aldridge AND a good center, not instead of a good center. Either Noah or Asik would have been perfect, so the loss of Asik for nothing looms large. Major waste of an asset.

    Glad it appears GarPaxDorf are actually attempting to accomplish something with the roster this off-season. Sadly, they are waking up one season too late as they added absolutely nothing to the roster last off-season. (Two backup PGs, four 1-year vet minimums, and the loss of Asik for nothing). A wasted season.... No progress...

    News Flash to all Bulls apologists - it is not illegal to pay Luxury Tax! If it was illegal, Miami would forfeit it's last two rings.

    It is comical how all Bulls media from KC Johnson on down immediately nix any and all trade ideas/rumors that would add salary to Bulls. Guess What? Adding Talent Costs Money! Bulls have more money than most teams in NBA so what is the problem? Bulls can exit tax territory soon enough when Deng and Boozer are off the books. Until then, Rein$dorf must endure paying tax and more of it if Bulls are going to improve. The only alternative is another off-season or two like 2012 which accomplished nothing.

    I'm hoping the gridlock breaks and a deal or two is made by Bulls tomorrow. I've got my fingers crossed....

  • In reply to Edward:

    All they do is piss away assets or overpay them like they will once again with Deng. They could have kept Asik and passed on overpaying Captain Klank but then we would have missed out on his 37% FG...

  • In reply to Edward:

    You know what is sad? we've paid the tax this year, we'll pay the tax next year.

    and then In 2014-15 and 2015-15, they won't spend into the tax using the repeater tax (3 in 4 years) as an excuse not to spend.

  • fb_avatar

    As long as Reinsdufus owns the team , you can absolutely forget about them paying any luxury tax. He has already said so!!!!

  • In reply to Sportsgod:

    Rein$Sdorf is patiently waiting for the HardCap which will arrive in the 2017 CBA.

  • I hope it pushes through, and include the Charlotte pick for irony. A roundabout way of getting the player that's should've been here in the first place.

  • It's all well and good to say you'd sort the center position out later, but who and how? Teams aren't exactly giving decent centers away (except the Bulls because it would cost luxury tax EL OH EL kill me now). No way should the Bulls trade Noah for Aldridge unless they have a deal already lined up for a center.

    So I mean if Aldridge for Noah is your deal, what's your proposed follow up? I have a hard time seeing how the Bulls get a decent center without giving up Jimmy Butler, so now they have a problem at the wing position ... I guess they sort that out later too ... really to evaluate the idea of Noah for Aldridge you need to go down the wormhole and construct a realistic roster after you finish dealing.

    Fact is it's hard to construct a series of deals where the Bulls end up better than they started with, so I don't expect anything major. Maybe something to move up or down a few places in the draft, sign some rotation free agents to replace the rotation free agents leaving, that's pretty much the off season for most teams, no matter how many silly rumours journalists make up and credit to "sources".

    As far as Deng goes I'm sure they are exploring the possibility of trading him and the possibility of extending him, but I doubt either gets done. Can't see either happening though. He'll hit free agency and then we'll see which team loses their mind and thinks "33 year old Luol Deng at 15 million a year, that's a problem we'll worry about in 4 years time, spend now now now". Hopefully the Bulls being cheap is their saving grace in that one.

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