Kevin States' 2013 Draft Review

Well Bulls fans, it has been fun covering another draft.  I am much more pleased with Tony Snell this year than Teague of last year.  Second round pick I did not care for at all.

1st Round Pick

Tony Snell – Snell at 6’7 with a 6’11 wing-span, one of the best shooters in the draft, can pull-up off the dribble, pass, and defend.  Snell is a smooth athlete and has surprising handles.  My concerns with him are does he play tough enough and can he rebound?  I do think his handles are very under-rated and at worst we have a shooter from all-over that can play defense.   While other players such as Dieng and Hardaway Jr. would provide more stability all-around, Snell has much more upside.  I am excited they took a chance on this kid and he can be a Paul George light if he lives up to his potential.  Snell also possesses a solid understanding of the game.  Very intrigued by this pick and I think he will surprise some folks.

2nd Round Pick

Erik Murphy (PF – Florida) –  At 6’10, decent bulk at the Power Foward Spot, and shoot a 3, he can make the roster.  While many second rounders don’t make the roster, he has a chance.  Murphy also is a very smart player that has a few low-post moves.  Stating this and nothing against Murphy, but I don’t care for the pick.  While you might not get many second rounders that will make a squad, Murphy is very methodical and is a very slow player.  I felt there were other players such as Jackie Carmichael, Brandon Paul, DeShaun Thomas, and some stash players available to draft.  Hope I am wrong.

Best steal in the draft

Trey Burke (Utah) – Love this kid and feel he is very under-rated.  Utah has a nice young nucleus with Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, and Enes Kanter.  Add this with Trey Burke whom I think has some Tony Parker in his game and some cap space, and they have a very good young team.  Utah just needs a shooting guard and they will be loaded.

Isaiah Canaan (Rockets) – Dynamic point guard that can score off the bench.  Canaan should make this team and has some Mo Williams to him.

Wow Moment

New Orleans getting Jrue Holiday.  I know Philly is rebuilding and next year’s draft is loaded (one of the best in a while) and I don’t blame Philly.  However, New Orleans is getting to become dangerous with their young talent.  Davis will develop, Vasquez is a very nice player, Holiday can score, and Anderson can shoot.  If they can get Gordon to play and play well, they are intriguing young team!

Best Draft

Trailblazers – C.J. McCollum, (Trade for Allen Crabbe), and Jeff Withey – While Portland has Lillard, McCollum is more of a scorer that can play point.  He is one of the better talents in this draft and you can at least build his stock up.  Crabbe is a shooter for them that can pair with Lillard or McCollum, and Withey in the 2nd round can be a nice option at the center position to block shots.


Overall, I am very satisfied with the pick of Snell.  In a draft not having much superstar talent, Bulls probably got one of the most talented players in the draft.  While I have concerns if he will reach that fully, I do think he will be a nice athletic three point shooter that can defend multiple positions with the possibility of being much more.  I hope the Bulls are seriously considering trading Deng or Taj as we need some more offense, but we will see (Bulls FO usually lacks creativity).

Thank you Bulls Fans!

Kevin States


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  • I understand why Snell was picked over Crabbe (better defender) and Bullock (higher upside, more versatile). I am still wondering if he is a better all around pick than Hardaway Jr. Please convince me. Thanks.

  • In reply to boogernights:

    I can't convince anyone. The way I look at it is at least you have a very good shooter, defender, and some athleticism. On top of this you have a good passer, solid understanding of the game, and some handles. So in this aspect, Hardaway Jr. might be more consistent and tougher. Snell has much better all around game but must develop and use it more often (example - ball handling - he can handle just needs to add it). Stating this he does play hard - he just needs to be more aggressive.

  • We do not really know, nor will we for a few months (or even a couple of years -- think Butler in his second season).

    However, when they took Gibson at, what, #26, he later was rated as the #4 pick of the draft. So, if this turns out as good ... we'll take it. Unfortunately, rather than continuing to improve, Gibson has fallen off lately! So little is certain in this game (or this world!).

    I wanted Green, but Snell may turn out better. If he is coached up to a great defender, plus he can already shoot and dribble, then he may star. BTW, he moves well and is tall and quick, so the potential is there.

    Hardaway, Green, and some others all seemed close in talent. It's a throw of the dice. The Bulls have rolled better than usual the last several years. That, BTW, is why they should have gotten more 2nd round picks to play with!

  • Did anyone see Marc Stein's latest tweet? Looks like John Lucas III may be making his triumphant return to the CHI.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    Can't see how he fits now.

  • As a gator fan I've seen every game of Murphy's college career. I'm also a bulls fan so maybe I can offer some perspective on how he could fit in with this squad.

    Obviously he can shoot the 3, he's deadly from long range. One of the best 3 point shooters I've ever seen at Florida. Not only can he stroke it he also shows great awareness of his spacing and the teams overall offensive concept. He consistently made the correct read after screening for the ball handler either popping out for a 3 or rolling to the basket when defenders over played him on the perimeter.

    His senior year he showed a much improved game. His body matured to the point where he could defend post players well and also post up effectively on offense. He showed a hook shot with either hand and an occasional fade away from the post, he couldn't do either of these his first three years. He's not Olajuwon but he's not a stiff either. He can even put the ball on the floor once or twice on his way to the rim. He's not a great athlete though so he will have trouble getting his shot off from the posts the NBA.

    His shooting will definitley translate to the pros. Because his father played in the NBA and he spent 4 years at a big time program learning from a very good coach he has a high BBALL IQ. He has ok size and gives very good effort all the time. Combine his size, effort, and IQ and he won't be a disaster on D.

    The best comp I can come up with is a more athletic and more skilled matt bonner or a less mobile less skilled chandler parsons but with a better shot. I think he makes the team even if its only in Radmanovic's role.

  • In reply to senrad:

    Thanks, I knew nothing about this guy. However, I was sort of hoping the Bulls might get that stretch 4 guy from Duke, Ryan Kelly, who went to the Lakers one pick before us.

    They seem to be similar players, reputation wise. If you are familiar with Kelly, give us your opinion on who you prefer. My sense is that Kelly might be a better athlete and Murphy might have a bit more size(bulk) despite being categorized as a stretch 4

  • In reply to senrad:

    Thanks, Senrad. We appreciate your insights. Size, effort, IQ, and he improved last year. All positives.

  • Bottom line: draft scouts, execs, NBA analysts etc. hugely regard production as in player stats. Simply, Tony Snells numbers... they stink. I mean suck donkey crack. A 6'7 wing coming up with a measly 2 rebounds and change a game? With 12ppg as in non-prolific scoring with .5 steals?

    In his DraftExpress interview when asked about his shortcomings on rebounds etc. he repeatedly blames it on "the system" taking no accountability. I just think he appears(while he's probably a nice kid), but as a competitor in an elite profession he comes off as a bit of a drip.

    Well, he can shoot threes, he has a 7' wingspan, uh, he does nothing on the court. He's not a competitor. IMO this pick sucks. Period.

    Make no mistake while starless perhaps this was not a weak draft. In fact one of the more impressive in overall talent and quality people I've seen recently.

    Two centers probably will be productive impact players. Several of these guards will be good shooters and scorers. Dieng as highly regarded by virtually everyone)and a National Champion's key component, Larkin(perish the thought of any kind of effort at a trade up) will be a good NBA player, Isiah Canaan highly highly regarded with actual NUMBERS to back it up. These guys aren't big question marks like a Darius Johnson Odom etc. These guys have all the tools.

    Again, I never heard one exec quoted or NBA analyst mention the name Tony Snell. Period. And I follow the draft closely and have for years. This pick sucks. You just have to hope as in deny the entire premise of life that somebody whose shown to be unmotivated his entire career will become suddenly the reverse and somebody you can count on. Good luck. His talent will rewrite all the shoddy evidence of a three year resume/career of relative nothingness. Yes sir!

    Gar/Pax/Dorf you suck. Without your Derrick Rose luckout what are you?? And now we're dumping Nate and Beli and bringing back John Lucas! Yah-hoo!! It's great to a Bulls fan. Another year where I will have to look elsewhere for NBA entertainment. Yahoo..

    By the way, I like the Murphy pick at that spot. He could be a functional rotation player who can flat out shoot and has effort and a solid history of reliability in his resume. Rebounds not a strength but he's a hard worker by all accounts and actually not a stiff as a post defender will very possibly be a contributor at least for a few years on the NBA level IMO. From a winning program doesn't hurt. Good pick at that spot. Congrats.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Snell was mentioned by several analysts because I read them on various sites. But analysts are about on a par with stock pickers and the predictions of politicians! However, the scouts for the Bulls think they saw something, so do not panic yet.

    A lot of fans were down on the Gibson and Butler picks. For that matter, some were convinced the Bulls should take Beasley over Rose! Give it a year.

    I still hope they swing a trade for Deng to free up cap space and for a pick or two next year.

    However, I admit that if these two picks develop fast, and Butler and Teague continue to improve, keeping Deng and getting a decent backup C might be enough to challenge the Heat -- provided the Bulls can all stay healthy!

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Well, what do you really think. I absolutely abhor guys who lack effort and passion, if Snell is that guy then he will join the BozoHole on my all time hated list. I hope that you are wrong.

    I think that you were a Hardaway guy, so other than the Bulls not drafting him, the worst thing that could have happened did, he was drafted by the Knicks, so now I really have to root against him.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I have concerns with our FO too, but drafting later is not one (except Teague last year). Dieng and Hardaway Jr. are safer picks that are more consistent. Snell at minimum will provide D/shooting. If he maximizes his potential (big if) than he is going to be better than Dieng/Hardaway Jr.

  • not an expert on college hoops so i'm going to reserve judgment on Snell. He does have all the tools to be a good rotation player..speed, athleticism and length and his greatest knocks seem to be aggressiveness/effort, rebounding and strength. But many who don't like the pick aren't mentioning his high assist rate for a wing(3 dimes a game) so to me it shows he has a very solid basketball IQ and he looks pretty good coming off screens. I think he can be a poor man's richard hamilton with defense and 3pt shooting. After the James Johnson fiasco, basketball IQ should be a crucial factor and he has a pretty good one. Murphy looks like a high effort guy who can space the floor, I just hope fans don't treat him as the substitute Brian Scalabrine and start singing his name at the end of blowouts.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I don't think he lacks effort - he just is sometimes passive.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    passiveness sometimes is a reflection of basketball IQ or lack of it

  • In reply to boogernights:

    Disagree with you on this particular player. He is passive, but shows a pretty good understanding of the game - not elite, but good!

  • I am in the same camp as you on this pick. Although, I would have preferred a bigman (i.e. Dieng), if we were going to go for the wing scorer, I wasn't that excited about the name brand guys, and I think going for the boom or bust, high upside guy was the way to go.

    I like his size and athleticism. You and others keep talking about his shooting, and the few clips that I have seen he looks like a good shooter. However, as a junior in college, playing in a non power conference, he shot a Luol Deng like 42% from the field.

    So even though he hit 39% from the college 3, he sounds a bit like a shooter who cannot shoot that well.

    That concerns me, and I basically don't go for guys who's effort or motor is questionable. Hopefully, Thibs and the Bulls culture can fix that part of the problem.

    Like you, I like the pick much better than I liked the Teague pick last year, even though I am massively disappointed that Karasev was stolen from us by Cleveland @19 and Dieng went the pick after us to Utah @21 and the ended up in Minny for Trey Burke.

    those were 2 of my 3 guys with Saric being the other. Hopefully we got another Jimmy Butler, maybe the better offensive(shooting) version

    Lets start working on getting Saric next year.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Please don't shoot the messenger, but Carlos Boozer's younger brother will join the Bulls summer league team.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Kyle Korver is a career 43% from the field. Guys who mostly attempt jump shots and can't finish at the rim (and from the stats Snell is unfortunately Hinrichesque at it, serially terrible even against college competition) end up with crappy FG% even though they're great shooters.

    It's not the shooting that's the worry, it's whether his inability to do anything else prevents him from being able to use his shooting. Especially since he doesn't rebound, steal or block shots to give you some other reason to have him on the floor. If he's not taking jump shots he's a non-entity.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    He can play defense and he has handles - he just needs to be more aggressive with his handles. He is also a much better athlete than Hinrich/Korver/Bellinelli!

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    He's a guy who shot up the board based on private workouts which is always a red flag IMO. If he has all these skills why didn't he use them in college? Are they actually skills he's capable of using consistently in a game situation?

    I agree he seems like he has "potential" based on his athleticism, but "potential" is really just a code word for "doesn't do it yet". There's a good chance he doesn't do much more than his current displayed skill set - play solid but not disruptive defense and shoot threes. That's Keith Bogans. Which might not be such a bad thing - the Bulls went 41-10 after the new year in 2011 when Bogans actually started making his threes. A healthy Rose + Noah and a bunch of guys who can defend and hit threes is a contender.

  • gives the Bulls an A- grade for the draft. They say he is a knock-down shooter and that his athleticism and ball handling get overlooked. They might just be saying that because they had him going to Chicago in the first place, but I think those who are down on him are going to be surprised. I've heard a few people refer to Leonard in San Antonio when describing his personality, so the perceived lack of effort may not be a concern. I can't wait for the summer league to start so we can actually see these guys.

  • I found this youtube game with erik murphy. He's got nice shooting form and sets decent screens. He could be interesting in the pick and pop game with derrick. He's not a total stiff, moves pretty well and seems to give effort on defense. for anyone interested.

  • I think Snell will be a pretty good player as mentioned by others, at minimum a guy who can defend with his mentality the determining factor on how successful he will eventually be.
    That being said, I think his shooting is a bit overrated, read that he doesn't fare well on contested shots, though his shooting stroke is smooth, seems like he releases the ball on his way down and not much lift on his shots though his wingspan makes up for it.
    All in all, not too worried about his defensive potential but more of his offensive potential, could be a solid player if he puts in the work.

  • What to make of Gar Forman firing Ron Adams, Bulls lead assistant coach and close friend of Tom Thibodeau? I don't see how this makes the Bulls a better team. Ron Adams is one of the most highly regarded assistant coaches in the NBA.

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