Reggie Rose rips into the Bulls lack of movement

Reggie Rose decided the trade deadline was a nice time to vent about the Bulls lack of movement and changes. He vents the frustrations of the common fan claiming the Bulls haven’t put enough around Rose to win a championship.

From Nick Friedell:

“What have you pieced together? Have you made any moves? Have you made any trades to get better? You know all roads to the championship lead through Miami,” Reggie Rose told “What pieces have you put together for the physical playoffs?

“Joakim Noah is a great player. Luol Deng is a great player. But you need more than that. You have to put together pieces to your main piece. The players can only do so much. It’s up to the organization to make them better.”

“It’s frustrating to see my brother play his heart and soul out for the team and them not put anything around him,” Reggie Rose said.

“Everyone is expecting Derrick to come back,” Reggie Rose said. “If Derrick comes back, they’re going to sell more tickets. Is the reason for Derrick to come back to win a championship or make money? Right now, I don’t believe a championship. Everything in the NBA is financial.”

At the core, Rose is right about the Bulls not having enough. They don’t have enough to beat Miami and win a championship. However the biggest thing missing in that equation is the fact that Derrick Rose isn’t as good as LeBron James. When the Bulls played the Heat in the playoffs it was Rose who was trivially shut down while LeBron dominated.

Rose’s cast couldn’t help him, it didn’t do enough, it allowed the Heat to blitz Rose too much, but in the end, expecting the Bulls to put a cast around Rose that’s better than Wade, Bosh, and Allen is somewhat difficult to imagine. The Bulls have a nice cast. They may not have the best supporting cast in the NBA, but if you take away Rose, they have a team that looks like it can come near 50 wins.

That’s better than majority of the teams in the league with their best player. Only a small handful of teams would beat the Bulls if you remove their best player. Complain all you want, but Derrick Rose has a top five cast in the NBA. Yeah, we’d all like the Bulls cast to be better, but it’s not like Rose is surrounded by a bunch of complete scrubs here.

The complaint also seems ridiculously timed. What were the Bulls going to do at the deadline with no money under the cap, no superstars being traded, and not a lot to offer up? Especially as Reggie indicates, this is about Rose’s career and not this year. What long term moves would have made sense at the deadline? Not a whole lot most likely.

I’ve been frustrated at the Bulls taking the long view at times, but this seems like a poor time to complain about it. At this point, it’s difficult to see the Bulls winning a title with a minor tweak. A major tweak wasn’t available, and the Bulls are better off hanging onto their assets for next season.

In fact, critics of the Bulls spending, such as myself, are pleasantly surprised to see that Chicago didn’t dump assets in order to just get under the tax and save money. At least Chicago didn’t go for the blatant money grab which isn’t saying much is certainly better than the alternative, especially when all the rumored Bulls trades were about money rather than the team.

I don’t mind calling the Bulls out when they’re cheap, but this wasn’t one of those times. There were no quality moves to be had on the table. The hard cap prevented them from adding salary, and no significant players switched teams anyway. Reggie Rose is looking out for his brother, he’s venting the frustration we all feel about the team not having more, but he also appears to lack any understanding of the realities of working in the front office.


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  • Last year, weren't we hoping that Derrick Rose woul do this very thing? It seems Reggie is doing this for derrick. If this is planned, it's not a bad pr move.

    Also, I have no qualms about what he said nor when he said it. This team sucks compared to last year's team. Derrick rose isn't the difference between this year's team and last year's team.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    I agree. I don't have a problem with this whatsoever.

    Reggie is Derrick's older brother AND Manager. He's not only trying to protect Rose, but to look out for his best interest. How many times have we seen Agents being the mouthpiece for their clients in every sport?

    Reggie knows Derrick would never come out and criticize the Bulls or anybody (hence the press release), but being the older brother, he doesn't mind the bad PR hit HE GETS, if it means the Bulls finally start improving the team.

  • I think the obvious has to be stated, Rose loves Chicago and loves playing for the Chicago Bulls. I believe the frustration is not having a second dynamic scorer and therefore Rose has too much pressure and stress put on him to carry the team......somewhat similar to what Lebron had to face in Cleveland. Remember Rose and E. Gordon are good friends, perhaps Rose wants the Bulls to target Gordon or maybe he wanted the Bulls to make the move for Rudy Gay, who knows maybe even Ben Gordon would make Rose content. The lack of offensive firepower is not just frustrating to us but also to Rose, he can't do it alone. I do agree we have a good team but one of Deng or Boozer has to go and be replaced by a 20 point scoring wing, not easy to do but there are a few opportunities out there if the Bulls are willing to add money and get creative with trade. I don't want to hear excuses, our front office has no creativity or guts to pull off big trades.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Here's the problem with trying to add a Gordon or Gay...

    The Bulls set themselves a limit (of trying to stay out of the luxury failed for the first time this year). Since Boozer is on this team, there is NO WAY in hell they would add more salary.

    So as long as nobody is willing to take Boozer off our hands, we'll be stuck with him, and I've said this before and I'll continue to say it. Boozer will NEVER be amnestied. Reinsdorf would rather trade him for a lesser 'bad contract' (i.e. Bargnani) or eventually trade him with a Draft Pick or Prospect to move him.

  • Derri#*#... I mean Reggie Rose has every right to complain about the conservative Bulls FO not making any moves. This team is going nowhere this year or next why not complain??? Rose is paying close attention to what's going on with the Bulls organization and anyone that even thinks for one moment that this is coming from Reggie Rose better wake up. This is step one for D Rose in putting ppressure on the Bulls owner to either put up and make this team a legitimate contender, or it could be time to trade D rose to a team that actually wants to win. Time for Bulls fans to stop making excuses for the FO cause moves could've been made this past summer but wasn't. Its not even about some of the all star players in the league now, its about bringing in the type of players that can be built around Rose, young players from the draft or good young players already in the league. So some of you homer Bulls fans and the Chicago media need to stop kissing the Bulls FO ass cause Rose and his camp is absolutely correct to start complaining. The Bulls are not the Cubs in the old saying wait til next year and I for one hope D Rose keep on complaining cause the city of Chicago and Rose deserves better.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Again, its not about the money that the Bulls FO are or aren't spending, its about trying to build towards the future and with the players that were brought in, its clearly money saving moves. So again Rose and his camp is right to complain cause moves couldvs been made this past summer. Some of you Bulls fans need to stop making excuses for the owner and FO, that goes for the media too.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    That's not fair. The Bulls were pursuing lebron and wade and bosh in 2010 and they chose Miami. The Bulls had to spend the Money left over and did the best they could. In year 1 with 7 new players they got to the final 4. Last year could have been the Bulls getting over the hump but D tore his ACL. The organization had to turnover the roster in order to get flexibility for 2014 when major players get on the market. I dare anyone to orchastrate a better plan than what's in place now. I think Reggie is looking out for his little brother and fears Derrick going through what he went through when he tore his ACL in college. It ended his career. Pure emotional statement.

  • In reply to argie2333:

    Look, R-squared(Reggie Rose) said it himself. After Rose and Noah, the Bulls cast is not good enough. The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one. The Bulls haven't gotten there yet.

    When Brick, Bozo and Deng are all gone and replaced with better parts then they will have done everything that they could have. Deng should have been moved last offseason, but he should definately go this coming one, and if not then at next years trade deadline.

    We all know that Brick is gone this summer, Bozo will be traded if at all possible, if not then amnestitized in the summer of 2014. Until they trade Deng, they are just not serious about winning the championship.

    By the way another brilliant game by the Lebron stopper, 6 points, 6 rebounds while James did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Totally agree about Deng, has to be one of the worst All-Star ever. He may not even qualified to be All-Star of the CBA, He should be traded like century ago. Such a pain to see him play. Slow, awkward, can't handle the ball, and bad things happen when he touches the ball. Very bad offense, and very overrated defense. When Butler replaced him in the starting line up, Butler plays way better than Deng. Even Korver outplay him earlier in the season, and he can't even guard Korver. BTW, what is his blocks, steals, forced turnovers, stops stats anyway? has to be below avg per min. So angry and frustrated seeing him on the court.

  • In reply to argie2333:

    Here's a better plan...

    Instead of Rip Hamilton, trade for Jamal Crawford.

    Instead of bringing back Rip 2.0/retread Hinrich, sign Mayo.

    Oh, and keep Korver and match Asik (don't give me that BS about his poison pill year. in that 3rd year, Deng expires and we were suppose to Amnesty Boozer...making plenty of room for Asik's poison pill).

    'What could have been...'

    C. Noah (Asik)
    PF. Boozer (Taj)
    SF. Deng (Korver)
    SG. Mayo (Butler)
    PG. Rose (Crawford, Teague)

  • Say the Bulls did have cap room what move could they have possibly done to make them the favorite over the Heat. Love, Gay, ya right. Say they traded joakim and Luol for Dwight last year and he didnt commit and left than what. The only move that may have been a big difference would have been trading for James harden but who envisioned him being this good.

  • In reply to argie2333:

    Again... it's not about Howard Wade or Lebron, the Bulls could've brought in younger players through last years deep in talent draft but they didn't. Like Reggie said, De.g and Noah are great players but that won't be enough to get past Miami. You guys better start noticing that tbe NBA players today are getting more athletic and the type of players the Bulls have now is fine for the regular season but come playoff time teams have to be able to score with some athletic ability to go along with good defense.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And im quite sure D rose or his "brother" decided to say something now because the Rose camp im sure has had the time to watch everything going on around the NBA and is tired of the B.S. the Bulls organization is feeding everyone. Lets all remember this is the very reason Lebron left his home town team. Not saying D Rose would do the same...but I'm just saying...

  • In reply to argie2333:

    Well, I did at one point last season suggest that OKC would be better off(especially in the playoffs) with Asik instead of Harden. Too bad nobody thought that way at last years trade deadline.

  • In reply to argie2333:

    How about Amnestying Boozer LAST offseason? The Bulls would have had about $13mil in cap space then.

    But oh no, you can't give up on Boozer, look at how great he played this year...except the Bulls were exposed for trying to dump salary (Boozer+Nate...for... Barg+JL3).

    And then they 'leak' a fake trade rumor of them trying to go after Redick to cause the misdirection of being caught red handed.

  • Maybe Reggie should have pushed his brother to actually recruit a player or two when we had the chance, rather than piss and moan about it now.

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    So you WANT Rose to do GarPax's job too right?

    And just so we're clear, you didn't kill Lebron/Dwight when they were running CLE/ORL and calling all the shots right?

    They weren't 'prima donnas' in your eyes right?

    Rose goes the complete opposite by letting the FO do their job and I'm pretty damn sure you praise Rose as humble and great, but now you want him to be like Lebron/

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Who still "lol"s?! Wade recruited LeBron and Bosh. My point to Reggie is that if Rose wants to play with a star...he needs to do his part. Right or wrong...that's how things get accomplished in today's NBA. If you're not part of the're part of the problem.

  • Doug, you are right all around. As evidenced by the lack of any significant trades today, the tax implications of the new CBA are really starting to drive all transactions, in particular the repeater tax.

    The clock on the repeater started this season. So with the Bulls now guaranteed to be a tax payer this season and next, they will have to stay below the tax in both 2014-15 and 2015-16 to avoid paying the repeater in 2016.

    The only way that we can improve the team is by smart cap management and making smart trades of the few assets that we have, starting with Deng as soon as possible. Baring trades, we only have our draft choice and the mini MLE this coming off season. We will have to use the mini MLE just to keep Belli or Nate, it probably isn't enough to keep them both.

    I still like my Gortat and Dudley for Deng deal, revisit in June maybe. Wouldn't mind dumping Bozo the Bamboozler on Charlotte if we can get Byron Mullens as part of the deal for taking back Ben Gordon.

    So, if R-squared is pissed now, he might just have to tell Derrick to skip next season too.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Since Reinsdorf is going to pay the tax this year, you better believe Deng or Taj will be traded in the offseason to MAKE SURE he doesn't pay it again.

    And you aren't getting 'assets' back. They'll trade them as a salary dump (expiring contracts, lesser contracts, unguaranteed contracts they can waive).

    I really don't know why PHO would make that deal for Deng. They wanted a 'star' (went after Gordon, Gay, and Josh Smith), not a hard working glue guy.

    And I don't see why in the offseason, CHA would give up an additional asset (Mullens) to get rid of an expiring contract (Gordon), just to take on 2 years of Boozer. At the very least, WE'D have to give up a draft pick.

  • A post game note from the always full of shit Bozo the Bamboozler.

    “I’m ready for the next one already,” Carlos Boozer said, even before taking any questions from reporters after the Bulls’ disappointing 86-67 loss Thursday night to the Heat at the United Center.

    What a phony piece of shit. Maybe he should have tried being ready for tonight, oh yea, for him that was being ready.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The dude is a politician. He's had great media training by answering questions without saying anything.

    I stopped listening to him after the first season.

  • I like the Rose camp putting a little fire under management finally. Albeit the timing is odd as it would have made more sense during the offseason but I will take it. Maybe with the added pressure from their star they actually I don't know say improve the roster this season? I know its a crazy idea right.

    I disagree Doug Bulls do have a fifty win team minus Rose which may make them a top 5 team in the regular season but they would have a ZERO chance of winning a championship minus Rose. They are defensive grinders a tried a failed playoff build. The Skiles Bulls were the same way its a Paxson staple. Other top 5 teams all have legit shots at the championship Bulls would struggle to get out of the first round minus Rose. I think the Bull are doing good without Rose arguement takes away from the fact that they are not close to being contenders and have probably regressed with the loss of Asik.

  • Boycott the hopeless Bulls:

    Rose needs to go, he is the problem, not the solution, because he is so overpaid, and over rated, and not putting the team's interest before his self ego or self interest. He may be the main reason LJ is not coming to Chicago, and for that matter, all other superstar players too. People thinks he is humble because he is quiet, but he is just anti-social (just look at him being silly when LJ and Wade is having fun when introduced in last yr's All Star game) and always talk about the Bulls being his team.

  • Boycott the hopeless Bulls:

    need I say more?

    who is this jerk wearing the mask? He can't be an NBA player, can he?

    how about the fake 2 time All-star? so disgusting and useless

    then there is Boozer the loser, nothing but failure since day 1

    the list goes on and on...

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