Mike Brown fired, Phil Jackson returning? and other loose thoughts

The big news around the NBA was the firing of coach Mike Brown after just five games. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but like any divorce, the blame is pointless. Sure Kobe wanted the Princeton offense which is now being blamed for the poor start (despite very high offensive efficiency implying the offense is working). Sure Brown’s a completely pedestrian coach who probably didn’t deserve the job in the first place.

There’s plenty of crap to sling around both ways when a 100 million dollar payroll team isn’t winning basketball games. That said, the only important thing is this. It wasn’t going to work anymore. That seems clear to everyone right? You can’t dump the players, so the only move left is to dump Brown. For that reason, it was a good move. There’s no reason to let this thing play out when Brown had lost the team.

Phil Jackson is the first, second, and third choice for the Lakers. Maybe it costs 15 million to get Phil to come out of retirement, but they’ll do it right? Why wouldn’t they? When they’re set to pay an ungodly sum in luxury tax anyway, whatever Phil would want is a drop in the bucket.

Adrian Wojnarowski threw down one of his hatchet job pieces about why things won’t work out with Phil, but i think the perspective is all wrong. If the Lakers get Jackson they’re still underdogs to win the whole thing.

They were underdogs before the season started. Anyone who thinks they’re favorites against the Heat is simply fooling themselves. The Heat still have the two best players on the floor. LeBron and Wade are both better than anyone on the Lakers. When your role players are Chris Bosh and Ray Allen, you’re doing pretty well.

The point that Jackson may fail to win a ring this year with LA thus making his pursuit foolish ignores all reason. Jackson gives you the best chance to win a ring. Who’s going to do better? Who else has any hope of reigning in Kobe? Mike D’Antoni? Please. Dwight Howard bristled under Stan Van Gundy, how’s he going to work under Jerry Sloan?

Jackson’s the only guy that makes sense. He’s the only guy who can salvage this season, command the respect in the locker room, and give the team any chance to win a title against competition that is simply better than they are. He probably won’t, but no one else has a prayer, so you pay Jackson his money and hope for the best.

Better late than never…

Sorry some work emergencies prevented me from writing my typical post game wrap up of the OKC loss. By now, Bulls fans have probably digested the game fairly well, and I have the following loose thoughts…

The Bulls played hard, they played better than expected, and they had a shot. Against an OKC team that has them massively outgunned that’s about as much as you can expect. That said, these type of moral victories ring hollow after one or two games. At the end, the Bulls fell victim to a fairly typical script.

Team keeps it close, gets to the end, and then kills them with their superstar. The Bulls themselves won with that script many times over the past few seasons. The Bulls were without their superstar (duh) and the Thunder weren’t. Even with the Bulls up five-six points for most of the game I never felt they could hold on and win. I was just waiting for the inevitable and it happened.

Luol Deng impressed me during the game, he did a nice job creating some offense for the Bulls which isn’t his strength, but I like that he took it on himself to do so and showed some success. Why the Bulls went away from him as he lit up Kevin Martin on a couple plays in a row was strange to watch.

One eyeball gauging play had Chicago fall into a two man game with Hinrich and Hamilton working against Sefolosha and Westbroook rather than taking advantage of Deng on the Thunder’s worst defender whom he had just torched twice. Craziness.

Still, it wouldn’t have mattered, the Bulls didn’t have the firepower to get the job done, and against the best teams in the NBA we’re going to see that as a repeated problem until Derrick returns and is at full strength.


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  • I've watched 1 game of the Bulls so far this year, I wonder how long before the team loses its focus because this will not be a good year for this team. Even when Rose returns, without some significant moves being made to fix the offensive problems this year or next, this team is going nowhere. Even the Knicks are playing good ball while playing defense. At least my sentimental favorite team the Lakers are trying to fix their problems as usual. I knew Mike Brown wasn't the right coach for the Lakers and it was only a matter of time before he was gone. I'd rather see the Lakers win another championship and Kobe tie Jordan in championships than see the Heat destroy the league winning title after title cause at this point no one will stop them in the east or west which is very depressing and boring for the NBA.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Too bad the Bulls aren't about winning championships cause if they were they would've signed some young offensive talent like Etwaun Moore whose playing very well after being waived by Houston and now playing for the Magic. Oh well... there always big moves being made for the White Sox tho. Good luck Lakers, hope Phil comes back to finish winning championships.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Come on, they're not trying to win championships because they didn't sign Etwaun Moore? He's a championship level player that all teams trying to win championships went after right?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I'm just saying Doug the Bulls need some sort of offensive spark and if the Bulls front office would have considered signing Moore that would've at least showed that they are trying considering their cap situation. Moore could've been signed for next to nothing just like Nate Robinson who's a savior for the Bulls thus far with his energy, scoring, and athletic ability. Overall this team is just disappointing to me but its all F O and ownership.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Of course Moore is not a championship resolution but he could've definitely helped this offensively challenged Bulls team. Even a player lol Barabosa would've been a nice pick up but the Bulls FO decided to sign a player like Radmonovic who they knew would be no help and they won't have to resign him. Players like Moore and Barbosa that would've contributed would more than likely cost the Bulls owner more money and dip even more into the dreaded tax and we all know he can't have that. All I van say is CHEAP!!! And watching the Bulls now in the 4th and Boozer is on the bench again and has done nothing again... WHAT A WASTE!!!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    If nowhere means "not winning a title" then I agree. However, I think the Bulls can make it to the ECF this year if Rose is healthy and they aren't on the same side of the bracket as Miami.

    I'd also rather see the Lakers win, but they aren't going to. The Heat are much better IMO. The only thing stopping Miami is injury or meltdown, and I think after getting over the hump last year that meltdown is unlikely.

  • You have to give the Bulls credit, they battled and I thought they played a good game(except the lazy eyed boozer of course). One positive is Deng starting to connect on his 3s which will be crucial for this team. Another thing which is kind of disappointing me is the rebounding hasn't been great and thibodeau is quick to pull Nazr out of the game after a minute or two. I hope the Bulls don't do their typical dance in waiting until the last minute when an injury arrives and getting garbage. There's some nice young bigs that could help our depth. This was a good game in which Hamilton and our perimeter players produced(even hinbrick) but our bigs didn't score well. Taj is got to start coming alive more, he just seems to be flat on his feet and we know he can play better on the offensive side. Tough loss, on to the next one and they should be able to take care of the wolves.

  • Boozer is a cancer to this team. They really need to get rid of him because he's only in the way. I don't care what anyone says about his production, his contract cripples the teams ability to make quality roster moves, and he's a role player at best. I've been very disappointed with the Bulls for the last few years. I don't know what's worse: Letting Asik walk for nothing, letting CJ walk in order to bring Hinrich back, signing Boozer to a max contract, and don't get me started on the bench mob which was our greatest strength last season.

    Even before we got Derrick Rose the Bulls FO has been making ridiculous decisions: Signing Ben Wallace to a max contract, Letting Gordon walk after he agreed to resign for 50mil, trading Lamarcus Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas, trading Tyson Chandler for nothing, etc. I'm really getting sick to my stomach watching the Bulls botch up all these wasted opportunities. If you ask me the entire front office needs to be replace including Paxson, Foreman, and I know Reinsdorf owns the team but he needs to go because he cares nothing for the franchise. He should just sell the damn team to someone who cares about winning. Given all the opportunities and chances they've blown, the Bulls are supposed to be in much better shape by now competing for the title with or without Rose.

  • Don't really disagree with any of your thoughts Doug, except I I would take Howard and Kobe before Wade. I also think the Lakers will win the Championship if they get a good coach, for example, a Phil Jackson type. (A Phil Jackson type? Do you mean Red Auerbach?) The only thing that might prevent that, is if Lebron just absolutely dominates in the finales, which is, of course, quite possible.

  • You seem to be dismissive of Wajnoroski's article. I don't think it is that harsh at all, in fact I think that he is spot on.

    Despite never wanting Kobe to get to 6 titles, part of me wanted Phil to get his 2nd repeat 3peat.

    In Jackson's last season in LA the team seemed to have gotten tired of and given up on both Kobe and Phil. Phil seemed like he just didn't care anymore, and his team played like it. It really surpirsed me since I really thought that he wanted to retire in with a fourth 3 peat making his Chicago and LA careers mirror images of each other.

    Not sure that I want him to come back again, because I still don't want Kobe getting that 6th ring

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I'm dismissive of the article because Woj just decided unilaterally what Jackson thinks. It's ridiculous for Woj to just decide Jackson's too tired or doesn't want to do it or is just in it for the money or whatever other BS he spewed.

    Woj is famous for throwing people under the bus for little reason. He distorts more facts than any other major media member out there, and it's funny how rarely he's called out about it.

  • Wade isnt better than kobe.... & wade is my fav.... Smh

  • In reply to rlmj24:

    By what measure is he not?

    He's better statistically, and I don't remember the last time we ever had to bitch about Wade not playing team basketball and being unwilling to share the ball unlike Kobe whom we have this discussion about on a daily basis.

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