Let's not call the Bulls cheap... yet

I went on a long twitter rant about finances, basketball decisions, and the luxury tax with the Bulls yesterday, but so far, nothing they’ve done shows whether they’re ready for significant financial commitment or not. The final two big money off-season decisions (Korver/Omer) will determine whether we’re playing as a big market or a small market team.

It’s an emotional topic for die hard Bulls fans with enough cap knowledge. The Bulls have never paid the luxury tax and while a valid reason can be stated for any individual year under the microscope, it difficult to justify the pattern of behavior that covers the past decade when most teams have paid it at least once.

It’s easy to rationalize that Hinrich upgrades Watson, Butler upgrades Brewer, and Teague upgrades Lucas. We can state Hinrich gives the Bulls better decision making, Brewer’s offense never came around, and Lucas was kind of a scrub while Teague has big upside. I won’t go into the individual merits of that discussion, since with the possible exception of Teague [which could go either way], I disagree. However, it’s easy to say Bulls management can legitimately feel that way.

What they can’t rationalize outside of saying “we’re cheap” is not matching Omer. They announced that locking him up was there number one off-season priority. They clearly like the guy. They clearly want him to stay long term. If he leaves then it’s clearly because they would lose out on profit. His high salary won’t be a hindrance to the team outside of that. If the Bulls were to go all in, his final year actually could ADD flexibility as a massive expiring deal to match salaries in a trade and give bird rights to the team receiving him as a quality player they could keep.

There’s also no way to justify losing Korver with no one to replace him with either. There’s no Korver replacement who is better out there for the Bulls to get. If they let him go, nor does dropping him help their flexibility in other areas. It significantly hurts their flexibility to make a trade later.

If the Bulls lose these two players, it will be 100% about the profits. The unbelievably large profits. The Chicago Bulls have a financial dynasty making the most money in the NBA the over the last 12 years [since Forbes started tracking data] and making the most in almost every season. The Lakers with vastly more revenue have passed them a couple of times and with their new TV Deal will likely stay ahead of them [and everyone else] for the foreseeable future.

The Bulls made more money in the last decade while advancing past the first round of the playoffs only twice, the second round only once, and making the playoffs at all only half the time. The additional playoff revenue is huge money, and the Bulls barely dipped into that pie and still out earned a Laker team in a larger market that won five titles over this stretch.

Stop and think about how sickly dedicated to the bottom line you have to be in order to pull that off? It’s truly an amazing feat, and the business side of the Bulls [in complete seriousness] has serious room to puff out their chests and proclaim themselves as complete bad asses. It’s truly a huge accomplishment to make that work. They’ve maintained the highest profit margin in all of US sports over that period of time [they keep the largest chunk of their revenue as profits of any sports team] and have out earned in net profit all but one NFL team despite working with half the revenue.

Through that lens, I tend to get a bit fidgety because while my financial side is legitimately awed and impressed by what the Bulls have done as a business, my fan side is ready to riot over their lack of commitment to spending. Due to that history, I may have gotten a bit judgmental early. I may have ranted before its time.

The Bulls haven’t failed to match Asik [yet] nor have they released Korver [yet]. Perhaps one of those moves happens, perhaps neither, or perhaps both. They certainly haven’t gone “all-in” this off-season though. The Bulls could have done some combination of moves that look like this:

Korver + Brewer + Watson + Hamilton for Joe Johnson
sign Hinrich for the MMLE
Match Omer

New team:

Team could then look to sign whomever the best wings it could find for the vet minimum and hope for the best. The team would be significantly upgraded from the previous year, adding another shot creator, quality shooter, and offensive option in Johnson while keeping the rest of the core together.

The problem with that squad? Craploads of luxury tax over the next four seasons. Joe Johnson’s probably on the worst contract in the NBA, and to take that on you would be assuring massive luxury tax payments until that contract is over. The Bulls would be down to the MMLE and draft choices to improve the team going forward, but the talent would have been significantly upgraded and specific Bulls weaknesses would have been addressed.

The Bulls also would remain profitable in that scenario, so while it sounds bad to take on bad contracts, Chicago has the financial resources to do it.

Another “all in” scenario:

Trade Watson/Korver/Brewer for bad salary plus draft picks. At a minimum, we know we could have gotten Gordon + a lotto protected pick from detroit that would be unprotected in 2014. There were likely plenty of other deals the Bulls could have made in order to get draft picks with bad salary back.

New team:
Bad salary guy somewhere on the team
2 extra 1st rounders

That team is also better on the court than the present squad and has two additional first rounders they can use to sweeten trades or make things happen. They’d also pay significant luxury tax in order to do that though less than the Johnson scenario above and for fewer years.

Now in both of these cases while the Bulls would pay significant luxury tax, they wouldn’t run at a loss, or break even, or such a number that would drop their profits out of the top five of the NBA. They just wouldn’t be running at the record setting profit margin levels they’ve had recently. They’d be running at levels of a very good business instead of an elite business.

The Bulls are clearly not going with the “all-in” plan because they’ve let go several of their expirings and can no longer bring back as much salary as they once could. However, they aren’t necessarily going with the cheap plan either. If they keep Korver and match Asik, they’ll have put significant resources into keeping the team on par with last years squad while also maintaining some serious flexibility to make something happen at the trade deadline with Korver/Rip’s expiring deals.

I like to ask, “How many teams in the NBA do you think would refuse to run at break even levels when they have an legitimate opportunity to win a title?” So far, it’s my opinion that the Bulls are the only team on that list, and while the ownership groups aren’t exactly the same, you know darn well the White Sox aren’t. Reinsdorf isn’t cheap, he’s just passionate about baseball and would like the Bulls to win.

This is the guy who once said he’d trade all six of his Bulls championships for one baseball championship. There’s nothing wrong with that. If I owned both teams I’d feel the exact opposite with no apologies. People have different passions in life and one isn’t better than the next. In a week we’ll see the writing on the wall. We’ll know the true financial commitment this team is making to winning. It’s already not the most it could be, but it’s not at comically bad levels. Yet.


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  • Good excuse for them Doug, I get that you don't want the fans to turn on the Bulls and most probably won't, but its not at a comical level cause I can easily find comedy elsewhere, but it is at at being PISSED and DISAPPOINTED level cause its as clear as day what's going on with this team financially. They're pinching pennies while just about every descent in the league are making some kind of big move. I'm at a point that I will keep up with what's going on, but I won't look for anything positive from this team til Rose gets back and maybe he will have a change of attitude when he gets back after he see that his team is falling behind in talent and in wins, he'd better get ready to be part of a mediocre team.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    This team is definitely moving in the wrong direction waiting some euro guy that won't be with the team for another 4 or 5 yrs. cause he's in no hurry to get to Chicago. Every time I think about the Bulls and their management and owner I really get insulted for we the fans cause its been too many years since the Bulls last challenged for a championship and how the fans have still been there... and now this B.S. Never thought I would say I miss Krause!!! DAMN!!!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I think Chicago needs a 2nd professional basketball team.

    When an owner has a monopoly on the basketball mecca (that's right...see the talent that comes out of CHI compared to NY), of course he'll run it the way he wants...to make profits.

    But if there was a competitor, all of a sudden, that puts pressure on Reinsdorf to actually try to win.

    I'm all for MJ moving his Bobcats team to CHI, put it in Downtown, or even on the Northside, and watch Reinsdorf all of a sudden start to pay money to win.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:


  • Good article Doug. I still have a little hope that they'll spend, but history tells me otherwise. Just have a bad feeling we're going to see Michael Redd in Korver's spot because Reinsdorf wants to save a few million.

    You mentioned Ben Gordon and I think not going after him is inexcusable. Not only could he have been gotten for our non-guaranteed contracts, but a 1st round pick in return is a nice asset to stash away in the event a star becomes available for trade.

    While he has had his struggles, I think a change of scenery would do him well. Plus he's almost exactly what the Bulls need, particularly out of the 2nd unit. I'd much rather him be the designated chucker than CJ or JL3. And he wasn't a long term commitment either. His contract would not have cost us any cap room and would have simply come down to luxury tax.

    So I'll stay a little optimistic that they'll spend more. But even if they do, it still doesn't push them into big market territory. Look where the Lakers, Heat, and Knicks are at. Where the Nets are going. There is a reason big name free agents don't want to play here. It's not the weather, the nightlife, or Jordan's shadow, it's that these other teams have owners who care more about winning than they do about their bottom line. As much as it pains me to say it, Lebron made the right choice. Arison is all-in on his team, Reinsdorf is looking to limit costs.

    To add one other thing, the CBA will bring in even more profits for the Bulls. They also raised ticket prices for this upcoming season. We'll see where all that new revenue ends up.

  • In reply to srt1:

    Interesting points especially the last two paragraphs. The MegaTax hitting repeat offenders hard brings in that much more revenue to "small market teams"... like the Bulls. Who in reality already make the biggest "big market" profits of them all. Talk about corporate greed run amuck.

    Fleecing thy name is Chicago Bulls ownership. Reinsdorf really is out of control. With enabling corporate tickets and yuppie fans filling up the U.C it's hard to see the wilfull profit taking stopping. Not to mention submissive Gar/Pax appear to be going nowhere. Die hard Bulls fans who want to be rewarded for paying for massive profilts with some compensatorty spending teams with stars gunning for championships, dream on.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    It's not just the tax dollars the Bulls will get from big market teams, but the overall revenue split favors owners much more. Bulls could pull close to $75+ million in profits next year if they make the playoffs.

  • In reply to srt1:

    Another thing...Micky Arison has publicly stated (and the journalists down there have reiterated the same thing)...that Micky Arison has not made profit on his team ever since he's owned it, except for 1 year.

    Even this past year, he's lost profit on the team...and throughout the Lockout, unlike Cuban, he was one of the Owners on the Players side (maybe because he had Lebron-Wade-Bosh)...but even this year, he's spending MORE money (Ray+Lewis), and will continue to not make profits...in order to win.

    Like Doug said, Reinsdorf has made the most profits in the past 12 years of owning the team (Forbes didn't keep record, but I can't believe he wasn't #1 throughout the MJ years as well).

    Is it so hard to throw the fans a bone after the past 20+ years of loyalty and instead of being #1 in profit-margin, that they're #4 or 5?

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Micky Arison is everything you want in a sports owner. He hires a great General Manager, doesn’t interfere in personnel decisions, places a premium on winning, and cuts the checks with no questions asked. He is everything Reinsdorf is not. Of course, it helps that Arison’s net worth is about 10 times that of Reinsdorf’s.

  • fb_avatar

    So these are the basketball decisions that Forman was saying the front office would be making this summer? This is a fucking joke. these dickheads trying to take the back route and win a championship on the cheap is unacceptable.

    No other big city market runs their organization like this. Reinsdork could give a fuck about the Bulls winning a title as long as he stays at the top of the list of profitable teams. This dude makes damn near $60 million a year, and is still bitching about going into the luxury tax.We have an obvious need of a wing player that can put points up, and the front office address’ this by drafting Teague, and signing Hinrich? Fuck outta here. This shit makes no sense. I guess next year we’ll be talking about the same shit, trying to secure a scorer to get us past the host of teams thats gotten better than us. Apparently Reinsdork leard nothing being cheap with Jordan, and is about to try and pull that same shit with Derrick. I wouldn’t be suprised or mad if he plays out this contract then jump ship. Why give your best efforts to bring in a title, when your front office is nowhere near as passionate about winning as you are. Fuckin Pathetic

  • Asik and Destroy!!!! (Our salary cap) Someone tweeted on hoopshype that the Bulls are expected to match. I hope so. I love it when Omer embarrassingly blocks Kevin Love. We shall see...

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    I only want them to match so they can trade him next year for something...instead of letting him walk for nothing.

  • I still have to disagree. You keep bringing up the BG thing and we keep shooting it down. If the bulls wanted to, they could just buy a mid-to-late first round pick for $3 mil or less. And replacing Watson/Brewer/Korver with BG does not make the team better. Say it with me: ADDING BG DOES NOT MAKE THE TEAM BETTER. IT MAKES THE TEAM WORSE AND COSTS A LOT MORE.

    As for Asik and Korver, I am still not sure. Asik is absolutely getting killed on the radio as a guy may not ever be able to catch a ball in the post. That's not somebody you pay that kind of money. And Korver, while a good 3pt shooter, should never play more than 15 minutes in any game for the bulls because he can't guard my grandmother, no matter how hard he tries or wants to.

    All this combined with the fact that the bulls are still probably 12 months from Rose being able to play at a high level and I am not going to call them cheap for not spending in a year where they clearly are only a long shot to even compete for a championship, face an increasing penalty for being over the cap multiple years, and need flexibility down the road. Now if they had a shot at somebody with talent like OJ Mayo and didn't want to spend a couple million more than the mle, that would be cheap.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Asik is worth 8 mil a year as an elite defensive center. Is he worth it to the Bulls whom only play him 17 mpg is another question. Although I say yes because lets assume we can make the playoffs Noah hasn't been a factor in two straight postseasons now. Do you really want some vet min scrub backing him up?

    Korver D is not that bad you are really blowing it way out of proportion. He is no Ben Gordon. He is average although his foot speed makes it a little tough if he gets iso'd. He is easily worth his contract and could be a starter on many teams.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Korver is just as bad, but he has Asik and Gibson behind him. That's why he doesn't look as bad. Read this to understand why the bulls don't want to be over the luxury tax in a year where they can't really call themselves contenders: http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/8154239/nba-how-new-cba-affects-big-3-star-system

  • In reply to Chad:

    Hey Chad, you MAN-WHORE, how about coming off Noah's nuts for a change!

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    I am sorry if facts cause you pain. Feel free to remain in your fantasy world I could care less. Just tell Joakim on your next date that I mean no disrespect.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Aren't you the guy who a few months ago advised me to go and get laid, and then when I asked when last you got laid, you waited until the next day to report to me that you got laid by some unsuspecting child the very night I asked when last you did? The timing was too hard to believe.

    You are the quintessential fake and liar. You shamelessly lie on players and women. I knew there was a reason why women shy away from you.
    Keep lying on Noah, it won't help you get women!

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    Wasn't me but I am sure it is really tough for you to keep all the people that think you are a dousch straight. At this point it is probably just a blur of faces and names.

  • In reply to bullshooter:


    When costs is your argument, what you are really saying is, Reinsdorf is not willing to spend into the luxury tax and that's a given.

    Your argument about BG not being better than Watson/Brewer/Korver is incorrect, because the Bulls would have still added Hinrich.

    So is Hinrcih+Butler+BG better than Brewer+Korver+Watson? The answer is yes. And the MOST IMPORTANT piece of that BG trade would have been the Bulls get an UNPROTECTED lottery pick from DET in 2014.

    2) 'That's (Asik) not somebody you pay that kind of money.'

    This statement just continues to show you're already resigned to the fact that Reinsdorf cares more about profits than paying to win (or 'basketball reasons'), and that's the only thing Doug is saying.

    3) 'I am not going to call them cheap for not spending in a year where they clearly are only a long shot...'

    Will you call them cheap for the previous era where they didn't want to pay by breaking up the MJ+Pip+Jax dynasty? How about them not wanting to pay Thibs now? How about them not adding anything of significance (Rip vs. Crawford or JRich...because the latter 2 costs more) the past 2 years and their trade deadlines when they WERE title contenders?

    4) 'Face an increasing penalty for being over the cap multiple years, and need flexibility down the road...'

    Sorta like what Prohkorov is stressing about too huh?

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I believe it was top 8 protected in 2014 and top 1 protected in 2015. And if the Pistons don't draft out of the top 10 in the next three years, I'll be shocked.

    Also, the bulls didn't break up the dynasty because the didn't want to pay, dumbass. They broke it up because PJax and Pippen got tired of dealing with Krause. It had nothing to do with money. Reinsdorf offered PJax something like $8-10 mil to stay but PJax was just ready to move on.

  • Thanks for the article I had no idea they ranked that high in earnings among sports teams and its extra impressive because what has been on the court hasn't been impressive for most of the last decade.

    When it comes to basketball talent evalutions at the NBA level they suck plain and simple. This team will not contend for the forseable future if Dwight lands with the Nets. The Bulls are clearly not commited to winning and even if they were I doubt the have the ability to do so given their track record of signings. After signing Captain Klank they have to resign Omer because not doing so and wasting a chance at a solid player like OJ Mayo or Jerryd Bayless (whom they could have got with the mmle btw) would be complete lunacy. Letting Omer walk and pissing away your exception is the equivalent of taking a steaming dump on your fan base.

  • In reply to Chad:

    The past 12 years are when Forbes started to keep track.

    You KNOW they were #1 when they had MJ...so let's just say they were #1 for the past 20+ years.

    Their talent evaluation can only be described as 1 thing...safe. They will pick 'good character guys', 'solid role players', and 'energy guys that hustle'...aka...choir boys who don't have a high ceiling.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Chad, why are you the only one crazy about Omer? You're getting me worried!

  • Clear as Day,

    You said:

    "Reinsdorf isn't cheap, he's just passionate about baseball and would like the Bulls to win...This is the guy who once said he'd trade all six of his Bulls championships for one baseball championship."

    That pretty much says it all. Fairly and accurately.

    Two birthdays ago my daughter purchased an Asik jersey for me. I've been waiting for Asik since he played in Turkey. By Saturday I'll know whether or not I need a Houston Asik jersey.

    And by Saturday, Bulls fans and their players will know how serious Reinsdorf is about winning a championship in the near future.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    In fact, I would go as far as to say, Reinsdorf makes his profits so he can spend it on his White Sox team.

    Regarding buying jerseys...that's why I ONLY buy 'star players' or players with a long term contract on the team...because they have the least chances of moving and me wasting $50-100.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Wherever Asik goes...

    I'll keep his jersey, no worries.

    My daughter gave it to me on my 60th birthday.

  • Hollinger just tweeted that the Hawks are interested in Korver but he's likely to be traded to Minnesota today. For whom?

  • In reply to kukoc4cocopuffs:

    At this point, ANYTHING is better than just letting him walk.

    I would say at best, a protected 1st, but MINN is not giving that up...

    So with Roy there as well, it comes down to Ellington or a Trade Exception. Since the Trade Exception doesn't have a salary, I'm going to say that's what the Bulls are trading Korver for...to save money.

  • In reply to kukoc4cocopuffs:

    likely a trade exception or a second round pick based on they were shopping him to Atlanta too both teams have cap space meaning likely its a salary dump in disguise. Bulls = cheap as hell.

    Doug, I think we can officially start the calling the Bulls are Cheap. Moving Korver for little to nothing is the same as cutting him. I am going to be so pissed if they let Asik walk after blowing the mmle on Klank. I hope Paxson feels the same fan rage after all the blunders he had leading up to lucking into Rose. Dude is straight up incompetent. Scared little small minded idiot.

  • In reply to Chad:

    It just hit me! Chad, are you from Turkey? That would explain it all.

  • "Joe Johnson's probably on the worst contract in the NBA"
    I disagree. I think the worst contract in the NBA is Carlos Boozer's. How did I come up to this conclusion?

    Because Joe Johnson just got traded, and nobody will take Boozer.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I know fans are planning on a Boozer Amnesty next year or the following, but I hate to break it to you guys...Fans will have to wait to the final year of Boozer's contract, and then he will be traded because Reinsdorf will never pay Boozer millions to not play for him.

  • If the Bulls are going to be working with a self imposed hard cap, they have to make better decisions and that starts with free agency, giving a quarter of the cap to a flawed carlos boozer was disasterous and if they match Asik, they better move quickly to trade him so he doesn't lose value and become another boozer-like bad contract nobody wants to touch. Deng's next pay day is coming up soon and i'm sure he wants 4/40 at the minimum like wallace got, they have to make a quick decision on him and not waffle around during next year's draft/offseason. They have to start retooling this team. Plus losing Taj Gibson is going to be horrible, he's our best defender, tough as nails, plays hurt. Taj Gibson is Chicago Bulls basketball. They need to resign him and amnesty Boozer instead of waiting 2 years. The Bulls risk losing Derrick Rose if they continue to gut this team out because they want to win on the cheap...that can't work if your trying to compete against the miamis, brooklyns, ny, dallas, la. etc.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Knowing that Deng would want a big payday like the 4yrs $40mil Wallace got, I thought it was best if the Bulls traded Deng to TOR for Calderon and their 9th pick.

    Even after TOR drafting Ross, that meant DeRozan was expendable right? They could have gotten Calderon+DeRozan (before they pulled Bayless' QO).

    Even a couple days ago (before Bulls signed Hinrich), wouldn't you guess they could do something like...

    DeRozan+Calderon ...for... Deng+Teague?

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I think they will regret not making a move at the draft but Deng is Thibodeau's main man. Just prepare to watch Deng and soon to be favorite Hinrich play 45 minutes. Maybe we can watch Teague carry the gatorade and towels to the players while he wears down his vets.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Ever since Toronto drafted Ross(a shooting guard), and signed Landry Fields(a shooting guard) I've been thinking that DeRozan(a shooting guard) should be available, and that Toronto still has a gaping hole at small forward.

    However, Derozan is another shooting guard that does not shoot very well. He is more of a scorer(out of control) than a shooter.

    As a non Deng fan, I would be receptive to a Deng for Derozan and Calderon type deal. I would not however, give up any additional long term assets(like Teague), I would have used the expiring assests(Brewer, Watson, or Korver).

    Calderon would have been a one year rental(expensive), so the deal is essentially Deng for Derozan, who will be a restricted free agent next summer.

    My sense is that the Bulls have no great interest in trading Deng, while the rest of the league has no great interest in trading for Deng.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Not only that but they gave him an extra year via a sign and trade which was stupid just solely based on his age. GarPax are incompetent.

  • seems Howard to nets is dead for the time being... somebody has to step up and take the plunge instead.... Bulls anyone?

  • "COME ONE, COME ALL.. to the Jerry Show. Jerry Reinsdorf of course. And his corporate controlled, media owned arena of modern professonal sports. With acronyms like NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and all but one televised and broadbanded locally by a single, conglomerated TV outlett he partly owns. Which conveniently doubles as thee "insider(uh-hem, Monopoly)" sports NEWS channel.(Long dead journalists laugh ad infinitum).

    When did it happen Chicago sports fans? Charles Comiskey(the iconic sports mogul of his day) hardly owned a single or two headed newspaper apparatus that exists today. Nor Thee one sports TV broadbandcaster if you will of nearly all major local professional sports franchises?

    No, while being an overzealous, unethical profit barron in his own right, in that time there were hundreds if not thousands of diverse news publications making a slim profit or more accurately eeking out a living for the civic well being of a challenging, scrutinizing voice to check "the powerrs that be" in big business and big government. A sort of watchdog of communications to empower the people. In the end, assuring a better quality of life.

    No stars, No TV and radio cameos for ego patting and pocket patting profit. They were crusaders. Forward to circa 2012. Cars, radio, TV, internet, texting, Twitter and on and on. People are the stars in their own worlds. They could give a damn about whether Jerry Reinsdorf owns their local sports teams, and the TV broadcaster and news, and indirectly their newspaper undergoing osmosis into the internet. In other words Everything.

    They haven't noticed that ESPN owns the product and promotes the product. Nobody with that incentive for profit is going to be an honest news scource. Nobody.

    Jerry Reinsdorf, the modern Comiskey if you will, pays millions to athletes yes. However, he also makes the largest profits in sports off of voiceless fans who are no longer respresented by truth crusaders. In it's place you have three or four mega companies who share the wealth in presenting huge conglomerated professional sports entities while they promote said product and pretend they are in the business of reporting the news. In essence, telling the truth in a critical voice that evidences the wrongs that will always exist in a free, capitalistic society or for that matter in any society.

    So with that said, you have a story suppressing K.C. Johnson(Pax V.P. having physical altercation with Bulls coach Vinny) with virtually no criticism of the most profitable business in sports short changing their fans.

    Well, K.C. Johnson is not an editorialist! He's not being paid to give his opinion. No? Then why does he go on shows like Chicago Tribune Live.. to give his opinion? His common refrain to skepticism over Bulls spending and moves like settling for Kirk Hinrich, "Well, what do you expect them to do?" He delivers reliably time and again in an unapologetic, sneering stance.

    Well, K.C., what we expect is that the local sports media outlett Chicago Comcast Sportsnet which Jerry Reinsdorf is an owner of the team "news" that you as reporter will note on ocassion the good, the questionable, and the bad dealings of said profit motivated mega enterprise. Yes K.C., that what we expect. Oh but wait, the Tribune which you work for owns a stake in Jerry's comcast enterprise. Hmm, I guess that pretty much precludes you from impartiality doesn't it?

    Instead, we get an enabling pseudo "reporter" who not once in all this draft process or post CBA big market arms race has called the disintegrating Bulls to account. Instead K.C. says on Jerry's station and show Chicago Tribune Live, "The Bulls are doing what they should do which is set themselves up for 2014 free agency."

    Yes, set themsleves up for 2010 FA, err 2014 FA. Wallace begets Boozer begets...? And his other comment to crtitcs on said Jerry owned TV station: "Look Derrick's going to be out next season so why pay for a team that can't win?" If this is not the most propogandistic conventioanl wisdom talking pointitis I'd like to know what is?

    Of course because Rose is missing next season for the most part there is no prohibition on making moves now with opportunities present to better your ball club. The whole premise of Derrick being out so we will wait until 2014 to do anything about improving the team??!! Nonsense that K.C. Johnson knows himself is ludicrous. Yet this is his puppted co-owned newspaper and broadcaster response. With fellow Tribune crony David Haugh echoing the buttkissing illogical mantra every step of the way. Not once pointing to the obscene profits relative to the non-reinvestment in the team and thus - THE FANS. Newsmen? Hardly.

    Talk about your modern corporate media whores. Johnson and Haugh are penthouse suite bedroom ready suppine, lubed, and eager for action.

    Meanwhile, Doug Thonus, a true fan freind who will tell it like it is, has characterized himself as being on a Twitter "Rant." Holding himself accountable as a moderate and self critical commentator, while at the same time he takes a stand and sticks with it yes with a passionate zeal. Now, that's a reporter, in essence yes he is, you want in your corner.

    Finally, a note on the "R" word. More and more I've heard the use of the term "rant(s)" as a way of negatively categorizing any well thought out, expounded upon theme. This is of course a complete misuse of the word's true meaning.

    Rant: to speak or declaim extravagantly or violently; talk in a wild or vehement way; rave: The demagogue ranted for hours.

    While rants do exist and are somewhat common on die hard sports fan blogs, such as Bulls Confidential, a Rant is not any beyond two paragraph critical analysis or complaint. A cliche ridden, conventional wisdom catch phrases abused as points of fact load of bombast as in personally unfair attacks, that is a Rant. A well thought out complaint with concrete examples is something large corporations like the Tribune and Comcast locally don't want fans to do.

    Stay isolated and repressed. Anti intellectual is what serves the interestst of those who want to take obscene amounts of your money while giving you nothing back. Yes, keep up with your "rants" you working class rabble. We pretty much know what the Reinsdorf and his Bulls will do which is continue to haul in huge profits and even possibly benefit from legit big market teams who go into the tax by staying small market and taking not only your money, but their competitors money as well. What could be more ethical then this? K.C. will never tell.

  • Glad to see that you've pulled back from the financial rant cliff for at least one day. Excellent, level headed analysis of the reality of the Bulls situation this offseason. Hopefully, we will know which way they are going by Sunday, as Asik hasn't officially signed his offer sheet yet.

    I haven't really ripped Reiny yet, because I totally agree with you that you cannot really do so until the results are in on Asik and Korver.

    While you can quibble with the Bulls moves so far at the margins, they are all what I would call defensible and prudent. Like you I would have just kept Watson rather than use the MMLE on Hinrich. The vast majority of us are fine with elevating Butler and cutting Brewer. Teague for Lucas is a no brainer.

    The Bulls under Reiny are never going to be the Knicks under Dolan, the Mavs under Cuban or even the Lakers under Buss. Expecting bold or even crazy moves from the Bulls is just not a reflection of the reality of ownership under Reiny. They are a conservative organization.

    If they retain both Asik and Korver, the payroll will be about $80 million, plus an additional tax of $10, for a total expenditure of $90 million, which would put them in the top 5 league wide for a team not likely to contend for a title this season. Can we really ask for more outside of a blockbuster trade, which is always very difficult to pull off in real life.

    Now, if they don't match on Asik and just let Korver walk, then all hell should break lose among Bulls fans.

    Since you brought it up, I am curious as to what the reaction would have been had the Bulls traded for Joe Johnson in the way that the Nets did. Personally, I think that it would have been a horrible move, unless it was followed by a Howard trade.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Personally, I was calling for the bulls to trade for JJ last year....and I wanted to offer Boozer, so I don't know if it would have worked.

    I figured 'bad contract' for 'bad contract', but at least the Bulls would get somebody they needed (2-way SG who can get his own shot).

    I think I may have throw in Asik as well, and justified Boozer going to ATL with, Hawks would then move Josh Smith for something.

    I tweeted Doug this offer, and rightfully so...he shot it down citing Reinsdorf will not pay that much money.

  • Hi Doug and other guys - long time reader, first time blogger from down under. Lot of great suggestions and 'resentment' for Jerry over the last week or so!
    Found this article this morning and thought it summed up your thoughts perfectly Doug - even more so coming off the Orlando website. Check it out nd see what you all think??
    Cohen: Hey Chicago & NY, Where Are You? - It's a letter addressed to Gar Forman. I think it's a cracker!

  • One other name that doesn't get thrown out much but Jarrett Jack. New Orleans gave him up for nothing. The Bulls could have used the non-guaranteed contracts of Brewer and Watson to bring him in from New Orleans. He's not going to completely change the team, but he's a solid PG who can guard SGs well. Perfect guy to replace Derrick for half the season and be a solid contributor off the bench. Gives the team the 2nd ballhandler they've been looking for and it's an expiring deal.

  • In reply to srt1:

    Maybe before Hinrich, but Bulls weren't going to pick Jack over Hinrich.

    And honestly, Dorrell Wright (also in that same trade) as well. GSW gave him up for nothing, only took back Jack once the deal was opened up to 3 teams (initial deal was Wright to PHI for the draft rights to some Euro...who ended up going to NOH for Jack now).

    Wright is just almost as good as Korver with the 3pt shooting, but he's way more athletic.

    We could go on and on about players that were available and could have been had, but the Bulls just aren't interested in making the team better, despite their propaganda about doing so.

  • LOOKS like Gerald Green to the Pacers. I think everyone is monitoring the Bulls rumors and jumping right in on their potential targets cause they know the Bulls aren't going to do anything.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    what bulls rumors? i havent seen any.... these guys are totally sleeping on the job, its embarrasing

  • Tweet from Marc Stein points out the slim possibility of Scola getting amnestized. What would folks say to amnestying Boozer and going after Scola? Would we be technically under the cap and thus able to make a bid? Even though Boozer's PER is higher than Scola's, we all know how much Boozer pads his stats.

    ESPNSteinLine Marc Stein
    RT @EricPincus: Very interesting wrinkle - possibility of Scola amnesty to facilitate getting Howard to Rockets, per @Jonathan_Feigen

    Otherwise, I agree with BigWay's levelheadedness above. As long as we match on Asik and get something for Korver--looks like it'll be just a Minny 2nd rounder, sadly--I'm not furious. I have no interest in Jack or Dorrell Wright. We didn't need Dahntey Jones or Collison, even though they are nice pickups for the Mavs. And I'm neutral on Gerald Green. I still think it would've been smart to pursue Mayo, but that probably wasn't a game-changer.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    No way these clowns are going to amnesty Boozer any time soon. They are way too prideful. I think it won't happen till maybe at the earliest his last year on his contract. Amnesty would mean public admission of screwing up the biggest FA summer in years and that's not happening with GarPax. That and why is Reiny going to pay someone not to play when he is clearly only in it for the money?

  • i think its unfortunate that as Bulls Fans we have sat back and watched team after team win championships. When a long time ago it was us winning rings. Lets be honest since the late 90's the bulls ownership hasn't put any effort to put together a champion calliber team, this year is just another reminder of what the Bulls organization does to entice Bulls fans to making us believe we have a chance to succeed. Every year we sit back and hope that the bulls make noise in the free agent market and every year we get the same result. I frankly am sick of feeling like Cubs fans, I stopped dreaming and woke up< I;m just glad I'm going back to Cali. GO LAKERS.

  • A thought that hit me today, What if the bulls are not cheap but very smart? I may be completely wrong on this, but what if the Bulls are just taking Howard at his word? He says he will not resign with anyone but the Nets. If he is traded to another team and becomes a free agent next summer, the Bulls could be ready to sign. Hamilton comes off the books, Boozer sent packing, maybe trade Noah for cash like they did Hinrich, and they are set to sign Howard. Instead of trading away all the draft picks and players now, they could get Howard and play him with Rose, Deng, Taj, Mirotic soon, the Charlette pick. That would be much better than Howard, Rose and scrubs. I may be giving ownership more credit than they deserve, but it was just a thought. I think Bynum will be available too. He may actually be the better option for the Bulls. I think his career path is going higher than Howard's. He's got the mind of a four year old, but he is good.

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