Korver trade completed, will the Bulls use the trade exception?

The Chicago Bulls finally completed the trade of Kyle Korver to the Atlanta Hawks. Coming back for Chicago? Nothing. Absolutely nothing [technically, it can’t be nothing which means we got a conditional second rounder or the rights to some foreign player who’s 40]. However, sometimes, nothing isn’t bad. Nothing generates a trade exception that will allow the Bulls to get something for nothing later, much like the Hawks just did.

The original rumor had the Minnesota Timberwolves involved in the trade with a second rounder going to Chicago, but no other pieces in the puzzle. No one could quite make out their angle in the thing, and perhaps that’s why they weren’t in the final permutation that got done. My speculative guess is they were looking to dump some salary in order to free up cap room, but after amnestying Darko no longer needed to get that done [not sure if the timing is right on that, but seems like a reasonable guess if it is].

The Chicago Bulls will no longer get a second round pick, but they do get a 5.1 million dollar trade exception. They can trade for a player making 5.1 million or less up until July 16th next season without sending any salary out. Now a trade exception is valuable in theory. The Lakers used one to get Steve Nash, the Mavericks possibly used one to get O.J. Mayo late last night [no definitives on how much or how he was signed yet].

However, trade exceptions around five million aren’t nearly so valuable as those worth around eight or nine million, because it still leaves the Bulls fighting around the MLE. Could the Bulls put a trade exception to good use? Absolutely. They could use it to sign and trade for Courtney Lee or Brandon Rush. However, that requires an agreement with the player and the opposing team.

They could use it to take on salary in order to facilitate for another team while getting compensated with draft choices or picking up a player they want though this seems somewhat laughable given that the Bulls entire off-season so far has been bent towards saving money rather than trying to win.

A trade exception could have significant value for the Bulls, but only if you use it. Moving Korver was a good move for Chicago to meet their goals. I felt they weren’t going to keep him anyway, and they now have flexibility to do something later. Of course to complete this good move, the Bulls will need to use that flexibility later. Something that Jerry Reinsdorf may not allow.

So far, the Bulls have done thing to persuade me they aren’t going “ultra cheap” this off-season and looking to avoid the tax all together. The Bulls were in for an unpleasant surprise when the official books were calculated during the moratorium the max contract by nearly a million dollars bumping up Rose’s salary even more.

The Bulls salary situation now looks like this if they were to avoid the luxury tax.

Player 2012-13 Salary
Derrick Rose $16,402,500
Carlos Boozer $15,000,000
Luol Deng $13,365,000
Joakim Noah $11,300,000
Richard Hamilton $5,000,000
Kirk Hinrich $3,000,000
Taj Gibson $2,155,811
Jimmy Butler $1,066,920
Marquis Teague $1,020,960
vet min $854,389
vet min $473,604
vet min $473,604
Total $70,112,788

Can we do it? YES WE CAN!

It requires not matching on Asik, signing two rookie free agents instead of veteran free agents, and one vet minimum player of any length of experience, but if the Bulls do those things, they’ll manage to come in 200k shy of the luxury tax this season. Still enough room to add in some 10 day players down the line if they need to.

There’s been some thought that the Bulls could shed salary later on in the year or make a move to get under the tax. Looking at the roster, I find that somewhat difficult to believe. It’s possible Rip Hamilton would give them $1 million off on his contract to sign for the vet minimum elsewhere, but that money would be used up paying a vet minimum replacement.

Butler or Teague don’t make enough money to warrant dumping. Gibson could be let go, but that’d be a ridiculous way to save money later. If we could have found a taker for Boozer, he’d likely already be gone, and management likely wants to keep everyone else.

No, if the Bulls are to avoid the tax, they likely need to do it up front. If they do, they’ll send an inspiring signal to Bulls fans everywhere they they will not let their dynasty of profits fall without a fight. The business will not go quietly into that good night. Jerry Reinsdorf will not pass up on a left handed pitcher at the trade deadline because the Bulls made 60 million instead of 65.


Let Asik go
Patrick Beverly (rookie min)
Henry Sims (rookie min)
Leon Powe (vet min)

[Update] — Bulls can’t avoid the luxury tax this year, not in any easy fasion —

Dantown from realgm sent me a couple of corrections, in this CBA, if a free agent with less than two years experience signs at the minimum he counts as the two year experience minimum. As such, if the Bulls signed two rookies to the minimum, they would still count as 855k, and Chicago would be slightly over the luxury tax threshold regardless of what we do.

Also, Patrick Beverly played for the Miami Heat in 2010 apparently (who knew), so he would count as having one year experience rather than being a rookie free agent [/UPDATE]

Now of course, the Bulls could end up matching Asik, something which has been most recently reported that they will do though not definitively. The Knicks were expected to match on Jeremy Lin just a few days ago and are now expected not to match. In terms of whether the Bulls should match Asik or not, it comes down to this:

If you are willing to go deep in the tax then you absolutely match Asik. If you are only willing to dip a toe into the tax here and there and aren’t willing to be a consistent payer then you have to let him go. Of course I want the Bulls to keep Asik, but if the reality is that we’re a small market budget then we have to say good bye to the Turkish Hammer.

What’s left out there?

The two names that I like still on the market are Houston’s Courtney Lee and Golden State’s Brandon Rush. Both are young shooting guard role players who could be quality fits for the next four seasons as they enter their primes. Neither are star players, either might possibly be obtainable with the Korver trade exception [the Bulls would need to add some incentive for Houston/GS to facilitate the deal as well as convince the player to sign for roughly the MLE].

Will the Bulls make such a move? I’d say unlikely. I don’t see them taking on that kind of salary without unloading Rip Hamilton, and Houston absolutely isn’t taking him back while Golden State seems unlikely to do so either [though a future 1st and/or some cash could potentially change their mind].

After those two guys are off the board, I think it’s safe to say the Bulls are just looking for minimum salaried players, and it might be safe to say they’re already doing that now and aren’t seriously pursuing either guy.


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  • The Bulls didn't get absolutely nothing. They got cash in the deal. Lets not forget the cash, the Bulls sure wont.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    'We definitely won out on this trade... Cash Money.'


  • You get the feeling the Bulls weren't that aggressively pursuing Mayo or Lee. They pretty much are playing the wait and see who takes our vet min offer game. I think the real targets are Jodie Meeks, Michael Redd, Carlos Delfino, Willie Green, Marco Bellinelli and see which one they can get on the cheap. Obviously it all boils down to Omer Asik situation, if they decline, they send the message to fans, we're all about mega profits and only winning as a side thing if we can do it on the cheap. The thing that bothers me is why they didn't bother to get a second round pick, saw Doron Lamb play yesterday, very skilled and has a sweet jumper. They can't even afford second rounders? or trade future second rounder for this deep draft. I'm not saying Doron Lamb would of solved all our problems but at least the fans would of had a prospect that could blossom next to Rose to look forward too. If your going to be cheap, be cheap the smart way at least. get the most bang for your buck for the love of the basketball gods.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    You said it yourself....

    'If your going to be cheap, be cheap the smart way at least.'

    Well, they are cheap, but they aren't smart...that's why they didn't do what any 'smart' person would do.

  • If the bulls aren't going to have a shot to win the title this year, then I'd rather they win the lottery. I don't think anybody is going to remember them for being the most talented 6th seed in Eastern conference history. Neither Courtney Lee or Brandon Rush strike me as anything more than journeymen, and certainly not guys who put them over the top in two years. I only wish they had more young guys who could get some burn.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Bulls can't even get into the lottery because the vets we have play too hard.

    Now if we could have traded Deng for TOR's 8th pick, and moved Noah for CHA's 2nd, WAS's 3rd, CLE's 4th, or SAC's 5th, we would have 2 young prospects to rebuild with....and they would get us to the lottery.

  • Is it me or are the Bulls a hot mess right now? I guess a Lee signing could somewhat win the fans back to a degree or at least a few months until they start the season 5-12 or something coming back from the circus trip beat down. I just have no faith in the front office.

    They are starting to look like the Tribune com. Cubs or the Jerry Angelo administration Bears.

    This front office has no creativity and really have have no track record. I hope Bulls fans come down hard on the team this season when they falter. I hope they don't take it easy on the team because Rose is out.

    I hope they boo loudly and those suits hear it.

    This limp dick front office.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    "This front office has no creativity and really have have no track record. "

    I beg to differ on that last part.

    When rumors swirled that the Bulls were looking to make a minor move up in the 2003 draft to get DWade, they were beaten to the punch by Riley.

    They traded away Tyson Chandler, and they got back JR Smith and PJ Brown. They waived JR Smith before he had time to buy a Bulls hat (arguably the best SG over 6'2" the Bulls have had on roster since MJ left), and when PJ Brown represented an 11 million dollar expiring contract (read: great opportunity for long-term upgrade), they just let it expire (no trade at deadline, no S&T, NADA)

    They traded LaMarcus Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas.

    They drafted James Johnson.

    They came away with the Booz Cruise, Brewer and Korver when they were going after Bosh, Wade and LBJ.

    Everything that has happened since the end of the 2011-2012 season.

    So, yeah, I would say the current Bulls FO has a pretty consistent track record.

  • In reply to Salvamini:

    Regarding that non-move up in the 2003 draft to get Wade...

    I was listening to Waddle&Silvy and Silvy (big Bulls fan, reporter at the time) was ranting about how he was tired of the Bulls not being aggressive and making any bold moves.

    He brought up the one time they did try a bold move was...moving up in the draft to get Wade, but the Raptors wanted Donyell Marshall and Paxson didn't want to give up Marshall...

    ...so that's how we ended up with Hinrich and NOT Wade.

  • In reply to Salvamini:

    They built a team that had the most wins in the regular season, they must be god awful.

    I think it's silly to cherry pick bad moves, no team would hold up to that level of scrutiny.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Doug, I love your articles, but I think your comment -

    "They built a team that had the most wins in the regular season, they must be god awful."

    was unworthy of you. Regular season wins mean nothing. More regular season wins means you draft AFTER teams like Philly and Miami who advanced past you in the playoffs - that is ALL that they mean.

    Smart management builds legitimate championship contenders, which this team has yet to do. And no, the Bulls were not champion material even if healthy.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Cherry picking bad moves would apply to an organization like the Spurs (good greatly outweighs the bad). Bulls have, at best, tread water since GarPax took over the management.

    To put another way, all things considered, the Los Angeles Clippers would probably be seen as a more desirable location for a free agent than the Chicago Bulls. That is with an owner that is worse in every way possible than Reinsdorf (say what you will from a money perspective, but Reinsdorf scores very high on the social side of the ledger...where Sterling has a questionable, at best, track record).

    To put yet another way, here are the winning percentages of a random sampling of various NBA franchises since GarPax took reign:

    Spurs: 70%
    Lakers: 63%
    Celtics: 57%
    Heat: 56%
    Jazz: 54%
    Bulls: 54%
    Thunder: 48%
    Knicks: 40%

    From both statistical and title-winning perspectives, the Bulls have been closer to the NY Knicks (generally regarded as a laughingstock over that time) than they have been to the Spurs (modern model of excellence). With next season looking like a lost cause before the first tip-off, and so much uncertainty beyond that, I am not expecting that to change anytime in the near future.

    If everyone is happy living the lives of Utah Jazz fans, that's great. As for me, I look at teams that actually position themselves to win titles with a great deal of envy.

  • At times, it's really, really hard to be a bulls fan.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    Only the Bulls...

    Only the Bulls...

    Only the one and only...CHICAGO BULLS!

  • Bad combo when your owner is cheap and your FO has no foresight. I can't believe that they never came up with senario's for Asik leaving? I mean if your threshold to resign him was say 5 million the odds he gets an offer above that are really strong so you should trade him and get some value. Not just lose him for nothing. They did the same thing with Ben Gordon. He had lots of value and they pissed that asset away too. It is a consistent lack of awareness from GarPax.

    You know the cap its not hard to estimate where a guys value range is and you have to assume the high side is likely to be the offer he will receive. I don't understand why they let it get to this point consistantly. I mean three years ago we gave up 3 future second rounders and (current second round pick)Sonny Weems to get Asik. Now he is easily worth at least a couple late firsts but instead of getting something last year they held him and will recieve nothing in return. I don't know about you but a couple of extra first rounders would be preferable to nothing.

    I still maintain Bulls will never win a championship with GarPax at the helm. Trigger shy and ultra safe never win big. They play scared. Although I guess there remains the possibility they screw us over so bad again we could luck into another number 1 pick.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I've been saying it for a while now....

    They 'Manage Generally' not to lose, as opposed to 'Manage Generally' to win.

  • 1) Defense-Rebound13 wrote: "saw Doron Lamb play yesterday, very skilled and has a sweet jumper. They can't even afford second rounders? or trade future second rounder for this deep draft."

    You are absolutely right. They could have bought 2 #2s for about $1 million to develop.

    2) Bullshooter wrote: "If the bulls aren't going to have a shot to win the title this year, then I'd rather they win the lottery."

    I agree. Most of us agree. The problem is, they still have a very good front line - Noah, Deng, Boozer, Taj. Even with Rose out, it's hard to see them not making the playoffs.

    It really is a stretch, but if Butler and Teague develop well, if Hinrich and Hamilton play well, and if Rose and Deng return to form, then the Bulls may well do a trade later and make a run this season. They might even decide to rent Howard for a few months and pick up someone like C Lee with the trade exception, but I doubt they do it unless everyone else is looking strong. That is a lot of ifs!

    3) SoulEater7 said just now, "This front office has no creativity and really have have no track record."

    Unfortunately, they are good enough to hang on to their jobs, as least for a little while longer, but not good enough to put the Bulls into the NBA finals! Noah, Deng, and Taj are all pretty good, and they did take Rose over Beasley. But they never got the SG that might have won the title.

    Are they setting up for later this season or next? Only time will tell.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    1) But that would mean Reinsdorf would have to pay money to get a 2nd Round pick, when he could just draft somebody off the street without having to pay that extra surcharge for a 2ndRounder.

    2) You're right, those ARE a lot of ifs.

    3) GarPax are going to keep their jobs because they will continue to not add anybody of stardom into this team, but rather, continue to get role players for cheap and making tons of profits.

  • hey Doug, small point, but I have Teague's salary at 1,028,400. Got it from a few RealGMers who calculated 120% of the rookie scale of the #29 pick.... unless of course I thought I copied down the number but really didn't.

  • In reply to HINrichPolice:

    The real problem I've seen over the years is that the really great players don't want to play for Chicago for one reason or another. It's not like the Front Office hasn't made attempts at signing Star Calibur players. They just never want to come here. ( Garnett, Howard, Kobe, James, Bosh, and Wade just to name a few. ) Then we're we're stuck filling out the roster and over-paying for sloppy seconds. ( Ben Wallace and Boozer for example ) If you take a realistic look into managements thinking it appears to me that their wising up.

    There's more to it than just pleasing the fans. The Knicks are a prime example in this, overpaying for star level players that just didnt pan out over the years left the team in a financial mess. The end result being they became the laughing stock of the NBA.

    Which brings me to the current situation for the Bulls. We're starring the luxury tax right in the face and even with a healthy derrick rose and retaining Asik our chances of winning the title are slim. The biggest problem we have is Boozers' contract. At this point management knows full well that was a bad signing. On top of that Deng is still over paid even though he's really good player which makes his contract easier to shoulder. Boozer is another case entirely because he does nothing the compliment the team and plays like a role player but getting superstar money. That puts the teams finances in a bind. Of course you really can't blame Boozer for this, management should have been able to detect the red flags on boozer just by looking at his history with his previous teams.

  • In reply to SuperBoss:

    "Management is wising up?" You're so right SuperEnabler. Management is wising up as in they can rake in the biggest profits in the league while never reinvesting in fans for a winner, and they can get away with it. "If you build it(U.C.), they(Chicago saps) will come."

    There is more then just pleasing the fans. That's why the Bulls are known around the NBA as being notoriously cheap right? Then for some mysterious reason no one wants to play here hmm? While they've raked in some of the highest profits yet never dented that huge profit margin to go into the luxuty tax as Miami, Boston, Dallas, Orlando etc. have done over the years? You're right. There is more then just pleasing fans as in screwing them over royally. We'll take all your money, and then never reinvest in winning. Wake up.

  • In the recent past(few years), we have seen Doug repeatedly defend John Paxson from criticism at least IMO. Yes he has drafted character guys and found late round value in Taj and Omer(as he's had to) - though regarding Jimmy Butler as a 'hit' as K.C. Johnson did seems premature offensively(thanks to Thibs). And Doug's support has continued through the Gar/Pax years.

    That would seem to leave the blame squarely on the shoulders of owner Jerry Reinsdorf. The same Jerry Reinsdorf who went out of his way to personally insult potentially expensive coaching hire Mike D'Antoni by abruptly telling him 'if you're expecting anything to get done this weekend you can forget it.' The same Jerry Reinsdorf who superceded Pax to take over contract talks and hefty payment to Luol Deng.

    OK so lets get this straight. You won't pay the tax, you won't pay for established coaches, you bully your beholden execs who have been with you for life and have been promoted for acquiescence as much as anything else, and you then hamstring those same execs by taking over payroll negotiations with overpays while holding them to a frugal line in the sand as in staying under the tax? And all while hauling in league leading profits, good god!

    And people wonder why free agents won't come here? Doug has just referred to Jerry Reinsdorf for the umpteenth time as being "ultra cheap" as has every other die hard fan and national NBA media member. Chicago is on a par with leoprosy to FA's.

    And the "watchdog," if you will, aka enabling local Chicago media daily spout their praise for Jerry's frugalness on a TV outlett that Reinsdorf is a part owner of! And he is a co-owner with the same "unbiased" local newspaper the Chicago Tribune.

    Could this situation get any more incestuous? I mean everybody is in bed with everybody from the media to management. I guarantee you Jerry Reinsdorf would never hire such asskissers for his real sports professional team winning agenda being the Chicago White Sox. Kenny Williams and the former Ozzie Guillen(before he went off the deep end with Napoleon Bonaparte syndrome) have absolute resolute balls and personal autonomy of a Phil, Pop, Ditka etc. etc.

    Once you get a star like Derrick Rose, who really has played like a superstar and ultra competitor, then you, even as a cheap, small market operating greedy bastard owner foisting insulting spending on a big market which hands you the highest profits in the league, even you are then obliged to reinvest both in the loyal fans but also said golden calf in superstar D-Rose.

    The fact is Chicago fans keep buying tickets and remain silent on this injustice really in enabling assessments that justify continued rip off small market spending from said greedy profit baron owner in J.R. This along with an absolutely beholden anti-media, so bascially as a sports town at least in basketball, legitimate fans who want to root for their local team are essentially fucked. Yes, in this era, Chicago Bulls fans you are fucked. And partly to balme honestly. That's why I won't be attending any games nor watching very many games unless - Reinsdorf spends as in paying the tax in a sustained(next two to three years at $75 to $80 Mil), meaningful way..

    When I see Paxson and Forman I more times then not see the countenance of two deer in the headlights as in psuedo men who are tied to one of the most infamous profit baron owners in the history of professional sports. Grow some balls and tell him where he can stick it, as in resign. And speaking of balls, Derrick Rose, grow a pair and tell your sycophant leech brother to get out of your life, and get off the witness protection list, grant some interviews, and mention your dissapointment over your dismantled G.D. team.

  • 'The Andre Iguodala dream can just about die. The source said the Wolves have done a ton of homework on him, and the feedback didn't all register positively. Because of that, they are reluctant to give up assets and pay him $30 million over the next two years. His contract has a player option for 2013-14, which he is expected to opt into.'

    Think the Bulls have the balls to call up Kahn to make this move? I would trade Deng for any Derrick Williams straight up, three 1stRounders straight up, or any permutation in between.

  • Re: Brandon Rush, He worked out for the Lakers yesterday and a reporter who was watching him said he didn't miss shot.

  • 1) Quite a bit here about JR being cheap, but I think this is on Gar/Pax. Here's why. JR would have paid for LeBron and company. JR did pay big for Ben Wallace, must have been based on Pax recommendation. JR did pay big for Boozer, must have been on Gar/Pax recommendation.

    Why should he listen to those guys again? Would you pay big again on a Gar/Pax recommendation? Of course, why should he keep them in the FO?

    Maybe because of some decent drafting, maybe because of a plan. Who knows.

    2) YouBlewwIt wrote: " I would trade Deng for any Derrick Williams straight up, three 1stRounders straight up"

    Deng for three #1s? Yeah, we would do that one. Still, if Deng gets healthy and returns to form, they can get value for him later this season, if they decide to do it.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    1) Of course Reinsdorf would have paid for Lebron and company. Lebron and company, you can argue is UNDERPAID with the max restrictions on salaries.

    I think the general point is, the Bulls have been the most profitable team in the NBA for the past 20+ years. Are we suppose to believe after 20+ years of being 1-2 in profits, Reinsdorf can't take some of those profits and putting it towards the luxury tax?

    So instead of being 1-2 in profits, he'll be #5. Instead of making $75mil in profits, he'll make $50mil in profits.

    Is tha really too much to ask for our loyal fanbase? We're just asking for him to throw us a bone.

    2) I listed Derrick Williams or the 2-3 1stRounders because that was being reported as to what MINN was offering up for Batum. And then the subsequent post I quoted saying MINN tried to go after Iggy, but PHI looks like they're going to keep him.

    So if you take into consideration Deng's injury, I would think Dwill OR the 1stRounders (which would be not be lottery as I believe MINN will start making the playoffs next year...especially with Deng)...would be good for me.

    Dwill is a young 'potential' guy and the draft picks would be cheap players we don't have to worry about going over the cap for.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I do blame Gar and Pax the most. But the only reason those bufoons are in power is because of Reinsdorf so ultimately the buck stops there both figuratively and literally. Reinsdorf would spend on Dwight if GarPax weren't too cowardly or incompetent to pull it off. Dwight would give them a legit contender status with a health Rose. Big moves are needed and we have a pair of small minds in the FO.

    I mean why rush to sign Captain Klank over guys like Jerryd Bayless, Aaron Brooks and Gerald Green all whom signed for the mmle. Seriously stupid. Brooks and Bayless are both able to create their own shots and fit the Bulls PG role very well. Kirk doesn't at all. Basically he is now just a short SG that doesn't score (6.6ppg).

  • In reply to rustyw:

    JR didn't pay big for Ben Wallace. He dumped Tyson Chandler's contract the second he signed Wallace which directly offset nearly 100% of the cost.

  • fb_avatar

    What annoys me about this whole thing is not necessarily the Bulls front office, but the front office of other teams who, if you look close enough, can see a little bit of "we're gonna stick it to the money makers" face. Before the offseason, most of us were highly convinced that the likes of Lin and Asik weren't going anywhere else other than who they were already playing with! Then the Rockets pull a ridiculous contract offer out of their ass that literally makes it harder for the Knicks or Bulls to retain all of their talent in a few years. So now, the Bulls are left with a logjam of decisions to make in regards to who they should keep. Add on the fact that Rose is out for half of the season at least, and Deng not knowing if he'll miss any time at all.

    We can call the Bulls cheap all we want, but if you look at all of the non-superstar free agents signed in the past few years, how many actually are making a difference on their team? Jason Richardson? No. David Lee? No. Jamal Crawford? No. Amar'e? No. So what's the excitement of free agency really about? How could you allow yourself to be fooled by flashiness and flair of these so-called "great acquisitions" which only look good on paper right now?

    I'm a Bulls fan and I support my team. But until tipoff happens, I'm going to just enjoy the summer and look forward to rooting for my team come October. So just relax.

  • In reply to Jahbari Townsend:

    I think you're missing the point, some of these non all stars if put in the right situation could've helped this Bulls team, but we will never know now will we? That's because the cheap owner that you support isn't even trying to retool this team while Rose is out so he can have some help when he does return. Bulls fans need to wake up and try to show their disappointment with the owner and not attend games cause if the fans really want a championship team, this will be the only way it will happen. DON'T ATTEND BULLS GAMES AT THE UC.... This will definitely get someone's attention.

  • Re your update: "Chicago would be slightly over the luxury tax threshold regardless of what we do."

    Untrue about the "regardless of what we do" bit. The Kirk deal hasn't gone through yet, so we have no idea whether the numbers being reported are accurate (maybe that's why it's taking so long, they're trying to find a way to pay him less). Also the Bulls are apparently trying to dump Rip Hamilton. They'll find a way to get under the tax.

  • Again, Bulls fans that care about this Bulls team, show your disapproval to the owner on how this team is being handled and for not caring about the fanbase.... DO NOT ATTEND BULLS GAMES TIL THIS OWNER SHOWS THAT HE WANTS TO BE A LEGITIMATELY CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER!!! I know I'm wasting my time typing this but its worth a shot cause I for one do care about this Bulls team. I just don't support the owner who clearly and abrubtly is showing that he only cares for his baseball team and doesn't care what the Bulls fans want.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Reinsdorf could give 2 shits about us hardcore fans.

    Because he knows casual will fans will continue to show up in droves and sell out every game.

    If the Bulls fans really want to show their disapproval, they should voice their displeasure to David Stern and Michael Jordan.

    Why them two? Because basketball-crazed Chicago needs a 2nd professional basketball team here. The ONLY candidate I can see being successful is the team run by MJ...who, let's be honest, fans became Bulls fans because of.

    Why Stern? Because MJ can't move his team here without Stern's support. And since he and Reinsdorf go back decades, Stern doesn't want to cross him. But with him retiring soon, maybe Stern does it.

    This is the ONLY way Reinsdorf starts to care about us fans. There needs to be competition...otherwise, Reinsdorf will continue to run his team like the Pittsburgh Pirates, monopolizing all the profits.

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