Bulls sign Vladimir Radmanovic, finally set to get offersheet, and a look at their cap situation

The Bulls have signed Vladimir Radmanovic to a one year deal at the league minimum while expecting to get an offer sheet from Houston on Omer Asik Friday or Saturday which I presently don’t expect them to match, but they’ve been fairly tight lipped about. Rumor has it the Bulls are one of the few teams on Darko’s list, and a signing of Dark would likely signal that Asik is gone.

What to make of Radmanovic?

The Bulls have 3-4 vet min spots to fill on the roster depending on whether or not they keep Asik. Regardless of that number, Valdimir Radmanovic fits in pretty nicely as a minimum salary guy. He gives Chicago a stretch four who can knock down three pointers though it’s worth noting that he’s become a stretch four because he’s no longer athletic enough to defend the three more so than because he can actually play PF.

Either way, he’s effectively replacing the Scalabrine role on the team. With Rose out, the Bulls may need to go deep enough into their bench to use the whole thing. Radmanovic probably isn’t a stud, but I do believe he can contribute, and I do believe he fills a specific niche the Bulls need filled.

No one signed at this point at the league minimum is likely to excite us too much, and Radmanovic is no exception. That said, when you understand that even if the Bulls pursue someone else with their trade exception they’d still need to fill in a few vet min spots, I really like the signing of Radmanovic as a 5th big man / swing man / shooter. Let’s just hope the other signings fit more in with what we need.

Omer Asik signs offer sheet with Houston

The Rockets beat the Bulls up in summer league and then signed Omer Asik to an offer sheet on the same day. Apologies for not quoting the who, but someone tweeted me “The Bulls are stupid if they match and cheap if they don’t”. It’s hard to argue with that logic.

After letting go the rest of the bench mob in order to save money, it’s hard to see the logic in matching Asik and jacking up your hope of cap space in 2014. Yes, the Bulls could potentially trade his expiring contract that year, but they almost certainly can’t trade it without taking money back.

Expiring deals are only valuable when you want to ADD salary not when you want to subtract it immediately.

I’m not sure the Bulls will really pursue a cap space plan that season, but they have one by coincidence right now, and there’s no reason to ruin it just to keep Asik. Also, given how conservative the Bulls have been with salary has sent a clear signal that this team is scared of a hefty tax bill.

While I hate that, blame them for it, and will write my 3-4 articles a year proclaiming how Jerry Reinsdorf loves the Bulls like a work acquaintance while loving the White Sox like they were his twin brother, it is what it is. The Bulls will not derail the profit train in order to maximize wins. Tax will be paid when that tax seems likely to return more profit. Tax will not be paid when that tax incrementally improves the chances of winning but doesn’t create more revenue.

We all know it. We all hate it. We can’t change it. We might as well plan for it.

So given that the Bulls are taking that approach, Omer Asik simply isn’t worth the money to us. I said at the deadline last season that this was likely the case. The Bulls can’t pay Omer to be their back up center nearly as much as some other team could pay him to be their starting center.

My problem with Omer is that the Bulls had a real opportunity to get something of significant value for him last trade deadline while they should have known in advance they didn’t have the heart to match an 8 million per year offer on him [which really shouldn’t be viewed as exceptionally high], and now they’re stuck between a contract they really can’t afford and letting a player go for nothing.

While they’ve put themselves in that bad spot, given their finances, the lesser of the two evils is to let Omer walk and appear cheap rather than to pay him and watch Taj Gibson walk next season.

Clarification on the cap

I wrote up something the other day on the Bulls cap, and while I corrected it, I know many people don’t read the corrections. I had a number of errors, but in short the Bulls are paying the luxury tax this season unless they do something radical.

Derrick Rose $16,402,500
Carlos Boozer $15,000,000
Luol Deng $13,365,000
Joakim Noah $11,300,000
Richard Hamilton $5,000,000
Kirk Hinrich $3,000,000
Taj Gibson $2,155,811
Jimmy Butler $1,066,920
Marquis Teague $1,028,400
Vladimir Radmanovic $854,389
vet min $854,389
vet min $854,389
vet min $854,389
Total $71,736,187

There were several errors I had:
1: Roster minimum is 13

I read a section about active roster spots, but didn’t read a follow up section that also noted you are required to have at least one inactive roster spot for a minimum of 13 total spots. This adds an extra 854k to the cap total.

2: Vet minimum almost always counts as 854k.

I thought the Bulls could lower the vet min deals by signing rookie free agents, however, rookie free agents at the minimum still count as the two year salary on the cap unless you draft them. Any rookie free agents the Bulls sign would be free agent rookies, since they had no second rounders. As such, no matter who the Bulls sign at the minimum it will be a cap hit of 854k.

3: I said Patrick Beverly would be a rookie, he actually would count as a sophomore as he was on the Heat roster in 2010. (who knew!) This doesn’t really change the cap, but I wanted to make sure the correction was noted again in case any of Beverly’s family was reading the blog and really offended.

Bulls lowering tax bill, likely don’t need to worry about repeater tax

I’ve seen a sentiment among fans that the Bulls need to get under the tax this off-season in order to avoid the repeater tax. Once they cut all this salary, there’s little reason to pay any tax this season.

As noted above, it will be awfully difficult to avoid the tax. The Bulls have two potential solutions to this problem that I can think of.

First, they can try to trade Hamilton for a 3.5 million dollar contract. Perhaps some team out there has a guy they don’t want at 3.5 million for a couple years, and the Bulls make that swap and take the hit next year to avoid the tax this year. I’m not sure that’s a good move though, because they could be pushed deeper into the tax next year.

The second option is to not sign Hinrich or try and convince him to sign for three years start at 1.5-6 million instead of two years starting at three million. Either of those moves would destroy what little credibility they have left as an organization with free agents, but I suppose if you want to get sketchy enough, they could promise him a front office job later.

Option #1 is highly unlikely. Option #2 has an infinitesimal chance of happening.

In other words, the Bulls are paying the tax.

Next, the fear of the repeater tax is overstated. In order to pay repeater tax, your team must pay the luxury tax in three of any four seasons. The Bulls did not pay last season, so they are in the clear there. They’ll likely pay this season and next season, but the following season they’ll be more than max contract room under the cap if they amnesty Boozer.

That means it’s impossible for them to pay the tax that season since once under the cap, they won’t be able to exceed it. Since they’ll end up with a salary that year around the salary cap [likely up to 62 million or so at this point with the luxury tax likely sitting around 75 million], they’d need to add about 13 million in salary the following year in order to pay the tax in year four.

The only player looking for an extension at that point will be Jimmy Butler and otherwise, Chicago will only add salary via raises given out to existing players [capped at 7.5%], and their use or non use of the MLE / BAE. Even keeping Butler and using the MLE probably wouldn’t push the Bulls over the cap threshold that season, and the Bulls could trivially just restrict their use of the MLE or not sign Butler if they needed to avoid it.

In other words, no need to worry about a repeater offense given the Bulls present structure.


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  • whew. for a second there i was really worried the bulls would have to pay the repeater tax, but i feel like youve talked me through it and hopefully we're in the clear. thanks, doug!

  • In reply to Gavolt:

    The real reason they wont pay the repeater tax is because they wont pay the tax this year. They'll find a way. Remember Doug also believed that the Bulls would match on Asik and keep CJ, he underestimates the Bulls ability. ;)

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Trade Rip at the deadline for a smaller contract and send some cash to cover the difference and it's a done deal.

  • Yes, thanks for clarifying that the Bulls FO can plan well enough to avoid the repeater tax while also pointing out that cannot plan well enough to keep their talent or to make use of assets. I'm so glad I invest my energies in an organization that is such a wonderful combination of financially savvy and apathetic about winning.

  • The Bulls are cheap anyways, & stupid if they let Asik go for nothing. I would match, then look to deal him within the next year if they want cap room in 2014.He would be a good fit with Miami, just to name one team off the top of my head. Now that might not be a great idea, but there are teams who would be willing to give up picks for a shut down the paint type big man, on a 5 mil a year deal for 1- 1/12 years. Finding one that wouldn't mind the 3rd year so much is obviously the key.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I think you really over-estimate how easy it would be to move this contract. I think it'd be very difficult to move it and get something worthwhile back.

  • "Radmanovic probably isn't a stud" ... that's the understatement of the century. He once was a decent players, but that was years ago. He's bounced around all over the league, not a good sign. I don't see Thibs playing this guy much.

    The optimist in me will see Thibs working his magic and getting Rad to play the best D in his life, like he did with Korver. But he'll remain a huge liability.

    The ONLY way he won't be as much a liability?? If Asik stays on the team and Rad only plays when the Turkish Hammer is on the floor.

    I pray they match on Asik, but I have a feeling it's going to be Darko ...

  • What scares me is if the Bulls decide to fill out the rest of the roster with washed up vets like the one they just got. I hope they bring in a young player like Malcolm Thomas or Jon Leuer who just got released by Houston. These young guys can play and could free up one of our bigs for a trade if anything good opens up during the trade deadline. I'm only ok about not matching Asik IF they extend Taj, if we end up losing both, this organization truly doesn't care about winning and only about maximizing mega profits. It's getting really depressing to be a Bulls fan when every other team regardless of cap situation are making moves to get better and we are getting much worse. I guess we are headed to the lottery or worse, the 8th seed.

  • Isn't it disingenuous to say that you have a problem with not trading Asik at the last trade deadline for "something of value" when the bulls were working on the best record in the league and Asik was a key component of that? The bulls were shoe-ins for the ECF at that point. Who dumps key pieces at that point?

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    I have been pretty rough on Bulls management, but I have to agree, you can't ding them for this non-decision. Asik, as part of depth and front line, was one of the few advantages the Bulls would have had against the Heat.

    What you ding them for is doing nothing on draft night, when they did have a good idea that they were going into the tank this coming year. It is pretty obvious that Deng will not be part of a Chicago title team...why not flip him for some young assets if those rumors were true?

    Same with Watson and Brewer. Letting expiring contracts simply expire seems foolish.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    The pieces that they could have possibly traded for were like Courtney Lee or O.J. Mayo, a shooting guard which everyone conceded the Bulls needed.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    That's fair, but I think it's also fair to suggest that you need to know your spending limits in advance and plan for them.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I think it is also fair to say that if Rose doesn't blow out his knee and the bulls at least make the ECF, then they probably match on Asik and pick up the options on at least Korver, if not Watson and Brewer.

  • Doug, does it look to you like the Bulls are going for it in 2014? I think an article on what that plan could look like would be a good idea. I'm guessing they would retool around Rose & Noah after letting boozer & Deng go, bring over Mirotic, make a deal with the Charlotte pick, & bring in a FA. I wish they would have moved Deng now while he has good value, and they are going to regret not going after Harrison Barnes if they indeed could have.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Here is an article from Nick Friedel, ESPN Chicago that sums up the Bulls path for the next 3 years. It really is, just as he says, the cold hard reality where we are.


    Basically, tread water for 2 years until Deng and Bozo(amnesty) are off the cap, enter the summer of 2014 with only Rose, Noah, Gibson, Butler, Teague, and the next 2 #1 picks and a payroll of no more than $45 million. Pursue a max free agent, and then coax Mirotic to come over, either that summer or next.

    This plan won't be much fun for the fans for the next 2 seasons, but short of a blockbuster trade, it does appear to be the only way to get a second superstar to play with Rose. By 2014 or 15 I could see Mirotic being good enough to be the third leg of a big 3, maybe even second.

  • The Tribune is reporting that Houston is allowed to split Asik's contract equally over 3 years, while the Bulls cannot. Anyone know if this is true or the reasoning behind it if it is true.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Whatever the reason, that is complete BS. The new CBA was supposed to make it easier to retain your own players.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    It's a loophole in the Gilbert Arenas rule.

    The rule was made to help teams keep their players for at least the next 2 years (with a MAX amount of $5mil for those two 1st years)....but the NBA can't force 2ndRounders to only be able to make $5mil per for their next big contract...so that's why the 'poison pill' of 3rd and 4th years is that high.

    Now in regards to Bulls keeping Asik for $5, $5, $15 and Rockets being allowed to stretch the salary cap hit to $8, $8, $8...is because the Gilbert Arenas rule was made to help the CURRENT TEAM keep their player (with the max at $5mil) but the NEW team has to pay him the amount they are putting in.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to 4zen:

    Yes, that is true.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jay Patt:

    Reply fail. This was supposed to be to 4zen above.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Houston still has to pay Asik 5/5/15 million in cash each year, but for cap purposes they get to average the total dollars over 3 years. The bulls cash and cap hits are identical in each year of the deal.

    My guess is that they thought this would benefit the team with the rights to the FA by requiring the team attempting to steal the free agent to have more cap space in year one.

    Clearly, someone miscalculated the effects of this clause.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    This is true.

  • Why the F didn't they trade Asik last year if they knew they couldn't/wouldn't match! It is absurd to piss away assets that you could have moved for draft picks or prospects but didn't because you were to incompetent to plan ahead. Paxson did the exact same thing with Ben Gordon. Like him or not he was scoring 20 ppg and was considered a stud 6th man around the league. Paxson in all his wisdom didn't trade him knowing he was likely to land a big offer from someone and shocker he did. Instead of draft picks or prospects we got nothing. There is a long history of stupid surrounding the GarPax FO.

    Also with their inability/incomptence when it comes to adding a scorer and gutting of the bech shooters I wouldn't be surprised if the Bulls were among the worst offensive teams next year. Its going to be a rough year. My hope is D Rose gets pissed and flips out on the FO demanding improvement.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Couldn't agree more. It's a depressing time to be a Bulls fan.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I have a question about the rules for extending the contract of 2nd round picks in contrast to extending 1st round picks.

    With Noah and Rose (and very soon Taj, imo) Bulls extended their contracts before their final season began. This ensured they would never become RFAs. Bulls tried to do the same with Gordon and Deng, but those players refused to extend and played out their last contract year to become RFAs. That didn’t work out very well as Bulls lost Gordon for nothing and overpaid Deng. Obviously, its better for Bulls to extend early and not let their draft picks become RFAs, if at all possible imo.

    .Since Asik was a 2nd round pick on a 2-year contract, could Bulls have extended Asik after his first season? In other words, immediately after the lockout ended, could Bulls have offered Asik a multi-year extension and gotten him resigned and not let Asik go to RFA?

    I ask because I heard nothing in the media about Bulls offering Asik a contract extension before last season began. Did Bulls simply gamble that Asik wouldn’t get a lucrative offersheet, perhaps hoping he wouldn’t even get an MLE ($5mil) type offer, and lose that gamble?

  • In reply to Edward:

    That's a great question and I hope Doug or someone else with cap knowledge can answer. I Know the Bucks signed second round pick Doron Lamb(btw who is 10 times better than Teague but that's another topic) Anyway, they signed him to a multi-year deal right after drafting him. They signed him to a 3 year deal to lock him up for cheap. If the Bulls could of done the same after Asik's rookie year, they blundered big time. Alot of us were warning that Asik would get big offers for desperate teams like Houston and others wanting to make the playoffs, I thought they could of traded him at the draft but that wasn't possible.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Well, Omer was drafted in 2008, stayed overseas for 2 years before coming over to the NBA.

    I guess when you draft a player you get his rights for 4 years, before their rights are renounced.

    He came over, played under the 'cheap contract' for 2 years, played well and now is up for a payraise.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Contracts are only eligible for extensions if they were for four years or longer, and then only after the third season. Omer was not eligible for an extension.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Thank you for answering, Doug.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Go cry a river of tears Chad. Management knew people like you are not interested in the welfare of the team. You are probably Turkish or brought your hate for Noah from his college years at Florida, when he won two national titles, to his tenure with the Bulls and are not interested in the fortunes of the team.
    Monsters like you and Edward got your just reward. What people like you don't know, is that Reinsdorf always loved Noah and I'm sure that the decision to pass on the Olympics, though a tough one, was something he did for Reinsdorf and Paxson, two people who love him. I'm sure Kareem was in on it.

    Noah will be fantastic in the upcoming season. I think when he gets going, Rose will speed up his recovery and the Bulls be a force to reckon with.

    By the way I was on that other Bulls blog, and Sports2 was fantastic. He destroyed Juiceboxjerry, a noted Noah hater. Juiceboxjerry was, as usual, trying to trade Noah.
    To quote Sports2, "Fucking fuck that. Noah is a star, he's our second best player, he's kiss ass, and fucking Judge Reinhold has stone hands, isn't fast enough to keep up in a lot of cases, and makes Ben Wallace look like George Gervin.
    "Let's not even go in the direction of Asik somehow mitigating some of the damage of losing Noah. No he doesn't."

    Juiceboxjerry came back by explaining he was using Noah in a trade to get another superstar. Sports2 came back, bang, with a hammer...Noah, he explained, "already is a star. Trading him for another star is a lateral move."
    Couldn't have said it better!
    After that explosion, the blog went silent. Check it out. It happened on July 13 on the other Bulls blog.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Because when you trade someone you generally have to take back salary. When you let them walk you don't.

  • I think the Bulls front office believed that every team would be tight with the dollars this offseason. Even the Knicks doubted that Lin would get a better offer and dared him to test the waters. Both teams made it clear that they intended to match any offer and thought that nobody would call their bluff and tie up their cap space for several weeks, missing out on other opportunities.

  • Well it's becoming pretty obvious it's business as usual with both the Bulls and the Chicago "media"(again, not referring to Doug).

    Honestly, I could handle it if was just Reinsdorf who was the die hard(fans who actually care about winning and pay attention) Bulls fan's enemy. But with the local sports channel Comcast SportsnetChicago partly onwed by Jerry Reinsdorf and also partly owned by the Chicago Tribune it's all in the family on controlling the local media, and quelling any scrutiny let alone outrage over the Bulls gutting the team not to mention poorly mismanaging it.

    If you ever watch Chicago Tribune Live which hosts the supposed luminaries David Haugh, K.C. Johnson, Kuc(Hawks beat), Dan Pompei(Bears), and host David Kaplan, you basically are looking at a pro-business, young Republicans club. That's not a knock on Republicans per se(though personally they suck, as do Democrats as corruption as at an all time high rivaling the late 19th and early 20th centuries), but simply an acknowledgement that it's no coincidence with a monolithic controlled source of news is staffed with like minded "reporters."

    Without a voice for real Bulls fans anywhere(with the exception of Doug who runs a fine bog and personally I greatly appreciate), and apathy(aka defecating on fans who have made them ultra-rich) from ownership, I to put it bluntly, just am not going to invest in this shit anymore.

    I watched the Bulls starting right before they got Jordan as Sportsvision, later sportschannel later, Comcast Sportsnet. With so little on TV to suddenly see NBA games with NBA athletes was a revelation. Then all through the crushing struggles with Michael, and on to six titles. Though I didn't see much of the last two as I was busy with college, work, and survival.

    When Gordon and Deng came I started watching again, but only came back to die hard status on May whatever it was when the Bulls hit the jackpot with Derrick Rose. Now, the party is over. I honestly wish Derrick wouldn't have resigned here as he doesn't appear to have the ability or fortitude to call out management in any way, shape, or form. Now he's chained to an apathetic franchise devoid of a comittment to winning.

    Simply communicating dissapointment with the disintegration of the team while others load up is not "whiny bitching" as some idiot suggested. Derrick is not Dwight Howard. It is showing some balls in the face of a bullshit regime leeching off of loyal fans aka dupes. Rose would be sticking up for US as much as himself by getting the vibe out there that this shit is not cool. Especially not after all this time when you now have a superstar on board. Though that message sludges through a controlled, biased media filter with an agenda.

    And so, I'm tuning out of this abortion. I mean not even getting anything for Asik, doing nothing to get cheap available talent through this loaded draft, I mean please?! As much as I can't afford it, I'm going to cut costs elsewhere, and get NBA league pass. There I will be watching the young talent I so wished the Bulls would have competitively availed themselves of on any level. Damian Lillard, Darius Johnson-Odom, Andrew Nicholson along with Doron Lamb, Arnett Moultrie, Moe Harkless, Terrence Ross, Meyers Leonard and others.

    Butler's a nice player, but IMO he will not be an offensive wellspring as in 17-18ppg. Teague is so far away offensively I don't know that he ever gets there. Honestly, Joakim should demand a trade and Taj should absolutely not resign as a winner he should detest what Reinsdorf and Gar/Pax have done.

    Maybe if some people stand up, grow some balls(which I admit is not an easy thing to do when the league seems to be gaining greater control over players who are not named LeBron James or Derrick Rose) things will eventually change. Mean time, I'll be checking in come October, and if Noah regains his all-star(IMO) form or Butler comes on like gangbusters offensively then yes I'll watch some games.

    However, think about this Bulls fans wanting to enjoy your team, the head coach, who is very demonstrative as in demeanding and yes grating, has just been big time sandbagged by Gar/Pax/Dorf. Big time. If the interface between Thibs and the team implodes, as well it could, then things will get truly, truly, ugly. Karma's a bitch Jerry, Not that you give a good god damn. And if things go down like they could, nobody and I mean nobody will want to be involved with the Chicago Bulls.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    What you, and a lot of us diehard basketball fans really want is a 2nd Pro Basketball team in Chicago.

    1) A new team would give us basketball fans another team to watch.
    2) A new team would challenge the Bulls
    3) A new team ends Reinsdorf's monopoly on Pro-Ball here
    3) A new team forces Reinsdorf to actually try and make the Bulls team the best he can, instead of sitting on his piles of money

    For us basketball fans, it's a win-win. If JR doesn't want to spend money, the new team/owner will...if he wants to battle the Bulls. If this makes JR spend money...even better for us.

    P.S. I only see MJ being successful here.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I think a second pro team would be interesting, I'd probably cover them, especially if they played at the all-state arena which is closer to me.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I couldn't agree with you more RW, my Bulls basketball watching will be nowhere near what it use to be. I mean I even watched the Bulls after the Jordan years which had to be the worst basketball games I've ever witnessed. It's just what's going on now with the Bulls FO and owner once again stripping this team to nothing is unacceptable and Bulls fans should not support what's going on with this team. But the yuppie fans of the Bulls will still be there looking clueless as usual.

  • Bulls are goign to go deep into the tap 3 seasons from now to show Derrick Rose that we will spend the tax to keep him.

  • If Radmonovic means no more human victory cigar, I'm all for it. If he is the replacement for Asik, I'll start to look ahead to the 2013 NBA Draft, to see what players may be available in the 7-15 range.

  • I wonder if they signed Radmonovic because of that one game last season where he absolutely torched the Bulls. The FO should know, he won't be playing against Boozers every night.

  • Cmon...Bulls need to resign the White Mamba, and the sign Darko and Jon Leuer.

    This way, we can field the NEW 5-White-Man Bench Mob, and we'll rename it...'The Bench Hooligans'.

    C. Darko
    PF. White Mamba
    SF. Radmonovich
    SG. Leuer
    PG. Hinrich

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I heard that Adam Morrison is available...maybe he would join this group!

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I love it ... just swap Gibson and Boozer (who plays like a slow white guy) at the PF in case we lose the White Mamba ...

  • "In other words, no need to worry about a repeater offense given the Bulls present structure."

    Doug, so what you are really saying is...because this year's luxury tax will still be $1 for $1 (last year that happens before it gets bumped up to $1.5, $1.75, etc)...

    If us Bulls fans thought they were being cheap this year, WATCH OUT for next year because that's when they will REALLY cut salaries. They will let Rip expire, not resign Taj, and then sign all rookie Vet-Min deals ...all so they can stay under the luxury tax.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    But those will be basketball decisions and not financial decisions.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    DOUG, Can you research this question?
    Since Asik was a 2nd round pick on a 2-year contract, could Bulls have extended Asik after his first season? In other words, immediately after the lockout ended, could Bulls have offered Asik a multi-year extension and gotten him resigned and not let Asik go to RFA?

    I ask because I heard nothing in the media about Bulls offering Asik a contract extension before last season began. Did Bulls simply gamble that Asik wouldn’t get a lucrative offersheet, perhaps hoping he wouldn’t even get an MLE ($5mil) type offer, and lose that gamble?

  • In reply to Edward:

    I don't know the exact answer to that...but I know the Bulls could have offered him a contract this past year before he reached FA.

    I only 'know' this because people have been talking about the Lin situation and how the Knicks didn't make him an offer and instead allowed him to go to FA.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Incorrect, see below. The Bulls had no way of offering him a contract before he reached free agency. Once both Asik and Lin reached free agency both got offers from Houston for larger than MLE deals, so why would either team offer them the MLE? That's why the Bulls and Knicks didn't bother to make an offer.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I've done a bit more digging since you first asked this, and the answer is no.

    I found the bit in the CBA FAQ that deals with this:

    Section 58: "Contracts for fewer than four seasons may not be extended."

    So the Bulls had to wait until this off-season to re-sign Asik, they couldn't extend him. Only first round picks can get an extension to their rookie deal, second rounders have to go to free agency.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    There you go.

    Thanks for the answer.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Thanks for researching that, Shakes.

    That means it would have been better for the Bulls to sign him for 3 years initially. Or, better yet, 2 years with a team option for year 3.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Thanks for researching this question.

  • In reply to Edward:

    They could not offer him an extension. His original contract wasn't long enough.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Did Bulls have ANY other options beside signing Asik to a 2-year contract, knowing full well they could not extend such a 2-year contact?

  • Why can't we have a Darryl Morey kind of GM?? The dude just drafted FOUR studs at PF, SF, SG and PG!! In one damn draft ... seriously, White, Jones, Lamb and Machado are going to be contributing players right away ... we got turnover-prone PG who will never see the court when Derrick comes back.

    Meanwhile, Morey also got his Euro project (the stud center Montiejunas) in 2011 to show up in 2012!!! Meanwhile, Mirotic will show up ... in 2016?!??!

  • In reply to Curious E:

    GarPax could definitely be a little more creative with what they're given but despite their deficiencies, I think them being handcuffed by the owner might be the bigger problem. I'm definitely not defending them because they have missed out on some opportunities. From what I've read, Morey was given the green light to be ultra aggressive in making moves, so it's not a totally fair comparison. It would be nice to see what GarPax would do if given that much freedom to work. They would either show us that it's an ownership problem or prove that they are the complete idiots that people think they are.

  • In reply to Curious E:

    It's 2-fold...

    Having an Owner who's 'All-In', and having balls

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Yeah we have no folds. We're foldless.

    Ownership who won't spend and a Front Office full of scared little incompetent pussies.

    Also just heard Courtney Lee to Celtics for only JaJuan Johnson via S&T. That is basically just flipping them a prospect for letting them sign Courtney Lee. I am not even a big fan of Lee but this still irks me. I think being a die hard Bulls fan must be what hell is like.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Daryl Morey has folds, BIG folds, and when I say folds, I mean BALLS.

    Listen specifically at 8:17 ... ' Our owner gives me the mandate to be aggressive...starts with the Owner'


    Regarding Lee and Mayo...the numbers aren't definite, but Lee basically signed for 3yrs at $4.25 per and Mayo signed for 2yrs $4mil (1st year) with the with an opt out in the 2nd year.

    What this really says is, the Bulls didn't want to offer $4.25 or $4mil to Lee and Mayo.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    He's got balls, but what has he really done? Do you really look at the Rockets and go "WOW I WISH I HAD THAT!"

  • In reply to Chad:

    From what I'm reading, it looks like they're getting Lee for JaJuan Johnson, E'twaun Moore, & Sean Williams.

  • In reply to Curious E:

    Just finished rockets game. Hightlight of game was Butler's flop at the end. Totally ready for the NBA with that move.
    All the talk of finding a shooting guard, I'm starting to wonder if we are looking at him. It seems that Butler is playing a lot like a SG in these games. He also guarded Lamb a lot in this game. I'm not sure if he is right for the spot but it looks to me that they may be playing him there. maybe Brewer comes back as the backup for deng.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    I wouldn't mind him playing SG, but then they would need a backup SF.

    I want them to pick up Jon Leuer, formerly of HOU and MIL.


  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I'd like to see them pick up Leuer also. He should make first team all NBA just in practice playing against Bozo.

  • what about something radical like this? http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=ct25gmb note i included brewer because espn isnt fully updated yet. Bulls get gasol and bynum and take on turk, magic get noah, gibson an expiring deal and would get 2 bulls firsts, the charlotte pick and mirotic, lakers get howard, deng and boozer. One can say that boozer has no value, and i am inclined to agree, but for the ability to get howard, a defensive stopper in deng i think it works to make the salaries work. in addition, this would be the spot that gives boozer the most value. his defensive ineptness is covered up somewhat by howard and his patented fade away helps spread the floor. I believe the lakers would be happy with a starting 5 of nash, kobe, deng, booz and howard.

    for the bulls this leads to a dominant front court to expand the one area we are strong over miami. we also gain flexibility. in 2014, gasol is off the books if wanted and it leaves just an extended bynum, rose, teague and butler to go along with some cap space if gasol isnt extended. any feeback?

  • In reply to AlanJ:

    Very radical. And fun to look at. But some obvious problems: Brewer is now a free agent, so the Bulls can't trade him. Bynum would have to agree to a long term deal with the Bulls, which is problematic with his knees and attitude. And the Lakers would be 30 million over the cap and rising. And I think the Bulls get the worst in this deal, and by a wide margin.

  • In reply to AlanJ:

    Because LAL has no reason to trade Pau. They especially don't want to trade him for Boozer back...even if they get Deng.

    Metta may not be the same player in his prime, but he is still a starting quality SF who can do what Deng does to a lesser degree...and that's because he makes less money than Deng.

  • test

  • Do we know the exact time for Asik's option? Is it exactly 72 hours or midnight of the 3rd day?
    Reinsdorf"s stated philosophy is to not make a final decision till you have to, but in this case the answer shouldn't have to wait.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    I was incorrect about the offersheet, one more guy needs to clear waivers, the official, official final offer sheet will come today or Saturday.

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