Bulls need to make a run at Dwight Howard and do it fast

The Brooklyn Nets are making traction on a Dwight Howard deal centered around MarShon Brooks, Brook Lopez, and draft picks with Kris Humphries being picked up by Cleveland to save Orlando the salary. Chicago needs to step in and block this trade for a couple of reasons.

Right now, the Bulls have a chance to win the title every season. Miami is the better team and will remain so for the conceivable future. However, any given year they could have injuries, bad luck, or any number of things could happen for the Bulls to leapfrog the Heat.

If the Nets form a second super team with Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, and Dwight Howard this thing is over for Chicago for the next five seasons. The Bulls won’t even have a punchers chance of coming out of the East anymore, not with two teams that are significantly better than them. Not hoping for two teams to have horrible luck, injuries or some type of problme.

However, the move goes beyond attempting to block Brooklyn. It’s never a good idea to sign a player just to stop some other team from getting them. They need to make sense for you too.

Dwight Howard makes sense for pretty much any team. He’s said he won’t commit to an extension for the Bulls. He’s said he doesn’t want to come to Chicago. He’s been a whiny bitch in his efforts to leave Orlando. First, I believe Howard. There will be no extension of the Bulls trade for him. He’ll also be pissed off initially to come here.

He almost certainly has an understanding with Adidas that will pay him significantly more in a major market outside of Chicago since they’ve already got Chicago covered with Rose. However, as pissed off as Dwight may be initially in coming to Chicago, the PR hit on him if he attempts to leave will be tremendous.

Adidas can’t dare pressure him to leave once he’s here, because if they break up their superstars in this way the negative publicity for them will vastly outweigh anything positive they get out of it. Once here, Adidas’s best play is to make it work and hope they win titles by defeating the Nike superteam.

For Dwight personally, he’s going to have to recover from the PR hit of leaving Orlando and quickly jilting Derrick Rose to go play for a considerably worse team in Dallas or Houston won’t exactly help his image as a winner anyway. Whatever Dwight wants now, if Chicago trades for him then his best play in a year will be to resign with the Bulls.

If he doesn’t resign with Chicago, then what’s the worst that can happen? The Bulls presumably don’t match Omer in a Dwight Howard trade scenario and likely move Deng + Noah. They could then look to add salary relief by sending Korver + Hamilton for Turkoglu + Richardson. The Bulls could then add their 2013 draft pick and the charlotte pick to sweeten the deal.

If things don’t work out, the Bulls amnesty Boozer in 2014 and will basically have Rose, Teague, Butler, Gibson [presuming they extend him] and Richardson under contract with Mirotic possibly coming over. That should give them a ton of cap room and a great situation to offer whomever the best FA is to come to Chicago and expedite a quick reloading of the talent pool. The Bulls would likely need to reload at that point anyway as their present core probably isn’t going to do it.

In the end, the long term risk isn’t much different than where the Bulls are now. They’d replace the Charlotte pick and Joakim Noah with a bunch more cap room rather than what they could do presently. Not a bad scenario, especially since any team Dwight leaves the Bulls for will be in the West, so at least they’d be rebuilding without two superteams to go up against.

In short, dark days are going to descend around Bulls basketball if this deal goes through with the Nets while a legitimate chance as championship favorites can come about if the Bulls aggressively pursue Howard even without an extension. It’s an aggressive move, it’s a move with epic fail opportunity, but it’s also the best chance the Bulls have to win a title and not making it could lock them out of realistic contention for most of the Derrick Rose era.

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  • I’m not a Bulls fan, but I agree with Doug’s assessment of going all in for Dwight Howard, and the Bulls have the assets to pull it off. If Howard leaves Chicago at the end of the year, it’s not the end of the world. They can still rebuild around Rose and Gibson. If Howard goes to Brooklyn, the Bulls risk of never getting past the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the Rose era is real, because the Heat and Nets have owners committed to spending well into the luxury tax. In the new salary cap/luxury tax era, the root of the Bulls problem is Reinsdorf. The only way of getting around this is by pairing Rose with Howard.

  • In reply to RichG:

    Agree 100%.

    I use to be one of those fans who said you can't trade everything for Dwight because he'll leave after 1 year.

    But after the Nets traded and signed all those players, next year Dwight won't be able to 'walk' there and guess what, every team NOT ON HIS LIST...he will have to choose a team from NOT ON HIS LIST.

  • In reply to RichG:

    One thing that really scares me as a Bulls fan is that with the way the Lakers, Heat, Nets and Knicks are spending money they could easily end up paying 30+ million EACH in tax, once the repeater tax etc comes in. That's a lot of money to be sitting in the pool to be paid out to non-tax payers.

    When spending even $1 over the tax brings an immediate loss of millions due to no longer getting that revenue distribution you have to wonder if in the future the Bulls are going to want to pay the tax at all.

  • In reply to RichG:

    Rebuild around Rose and GIBSON? I'm going to need a lot of Tums and Rolaids for the next few seasons, if we're talking about Taj Gibson being a piece to build around. We don't even know if we have a chance at signing Mirotic any time soon; he could be in spain until 2018 if Reinsdorf doesn't open up his wallet wide for once. Only a few months ago I had dynasty dreams, now we're rebuilding around a backup power forward who can't score.

  • In reply to FellowTraveler:

    Chill out. Don't you know Gibson is like Serge Ibaka, but with less height, build, defensive ability, blocking ability, offensive ability, and upside? He was one of only one or two players on the Bulls that weren't go buy a dog scared in the playoffs without DRose. That means something... the something being that the Bulls need talent to win, not an excess of overpaid role players and washed up veterans.

  • You're still reaching on this topic Doug, the guy does not want to come to Chicago and from what the Bulls have done this off season thus far the Bulls don't plan on making any big moves. I think Bulls management have conceeded to being the third or maybe even the fourth best team in the east for some years to come. It is what it is, there's just not enough talent in the league anymore and the Bulls are the team that will be left out in this era of players getting together to form super teams. It's not in Rose character to go out and recruit other all star players so...he will basically be ASS OUT and S O L!!!!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    It doesn't matter if he doesn't want to come here, he doesn't control anything.

    Doug is simply stating Bulls need to trade for him and with the PR pressure on him (and no Nets team to sign him outright), he will be forced to resign...unless he wants to give up a guaranteed $25mil.

    Now if you want to argue Bulls MGMT aren't smart, visionary, or daring enough, that's a different topic.

    I think it's time for GarPax to stop sitting on their hands and tell Rose to pick up the phone and call Dwight.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I understand what Doug is stating, but the REAL fact of the matter is, when was the last time GARPAX pulled off a trade that big???????? Think about it........ dont hold your breathe thinking that will make a big trade at all sir. And I whole hardidly agree with you Doug and everyone else that think they should make a blockbuster trade, but the White Sox are in contention so I for one will not be looking for anything big to happen.

  • Until Derrick Rose releases some of that old school pride, the pressure is going to have come from somewhere. I wish it came from somewhere within. Whats happening now is a certain pecking order : 1. Reinsdorf is the controlling partner. 2. There is no #2. Bitch!!

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    All of this is twisted philosophy underneath that receding hairline and behind those Clark Kent bifocals. It is saddening maddening and downright discusting when competitors are sent out lacking. there is a chasm existing saying ," We want you to put your best forward"... We'll just see what happens. I am frustrated because it seems after game 1 of the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals, the Bulls charmed run turned into a injury marred nightmare. Now its a damn dangling carrot thats speeding into the distance.

    What it would take for the Bulls to move with more urgency is some pressure from our lone superstar, that -or - drugs. Either way the very thought is going to raise peoples pressure at the alternative , which Doug so eloquently presented.

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    Quick offer Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Ronnie Brewer, Brian Scalabrine, and our draft picks for the next half-century to Orlando so they'll send us Dwight Howard!!!1!!! Then some fantasy about Adidas marketing meetings will happen and stuff.

  • In reply to Frank Lee:

    No I have even better sarcasm. Lets do nothing like the Bulls have done the last 14 out of 15 years. Maybe the Bulls could bring in a third clown like Hinrich to go with Scal and Benny the Bull and have a bizarro super trio that could pull down their shorts and stick their thumbs in their mouths while the Heat make highlight videos every night...oh wait.

  • In reply to 4zen:


  • forget it, he has been brainwashed by that russian oligarch owner pat riley style. We see another super team with a billionaire owner willing to spend deep into the luxury tax taking form. I was one of the few hoping the NBA would impose a hard cap so teams like LA, Miami, and NY wouldn't have an advantage on small markets teams like jerry's piggybank(chicago cash cow bulls) but it didn't happen and with Miami showing the blueprint, other teams like the Knicks, Nets and others will try to form super teams. There's nothing we can do, I don't blame the Bulls or even the crazy Rockets darryl morey for not trading for dwight howard. The guy is on a one way train ride to new jersey and nothing is going to stop him. Why gift rap all our assets to Orlando that took us years to develop? No way, I don't blame the Bulls at all. The Bulls suck at free agency or alluring big time players, they should stick with the draft and trades. Maybe a more sensible target in my view is Kevin Love but he's a few years away. I think he would fit in nicely next to Rose, spacing the floor, great rebounder and would love to play next to Rose.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Why gift rap all our assets to Orlando that took us years to develop ?
    The answer is simple : Because even with our entire roster at full strength and health. There is absolutely no chance against this super teams. Unless Torn ACL happen to all this super teams. So rather than sitting around getting kill by them for the next 5 seasons, why not try and gamble ? If it worked, then great for us. If Howard left us next year, fine too. We'll rebuild again at 2014 with our albatross free salary cap.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Chicago is the 3rd biggest market in the US. If you needed a Hard Cap so the other teams like MIA, LAL, and DAL won't spend, then you are only expressing your true feelings about Reinsdorf and how cheap he is.

    The Bulls have been the most profitable team in the past 5 years (according to Forbes), and during the sellout crowds post-MJ, and during MJ...you don't think Reinsdorf can finally step up and throw us fans a bone and instead of making $75mil in profit, making $50mil in profit?

    Next year, the Nets have NO CAP SPACE to sign Dwight outright. I don't know how he's suppose to get to Brooklyn if the team who has him doesn't S&T him there.

    You don't blame Morey for not trading for him? Morey STILL wants to give up his farm to get Dwight because he knows Dwight can't go to BKLN next year.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Even if Chicago is the 1st biggest market, I will never ever think of Jerry going into tax because he is a f**king cheap ass owner. and the reason why morey dares to get dwight by going all out despite howard refusing to sign extension, it's simple. because morey wants championship, while Jerry wants money. Morey dares to take risks. It's not like it's the end of the world if howard leave. and least fan will appreciate what morey had done in order to win championship. while jerry could care less about anything else, except money.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    Reinsdorf wants a championship too but not in basketball, his White Sox are leading their division and are talking about more trades to contend for a championship for them

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    I've been mulling this scenario over the last few days. Honestly, trading for Dwight, losing him to some other team (as long as it's not a super team), and then rebuilding is probably not as bad as the Nets pulling off this deal. And that's only if Dwight leaves. As Doug said, where would he go next year that would be a better situation than Chicago?

  • In reply to Jay Patt:

    if howard leave us next year, he'll look like a cheap bitch that sell his ass around the corner for the highest bidder.

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    In reply to CoolWind:

    But wouldn't the Bulls be the highest bidder because of the CBA rules?

  • In reply to Jay Patt:

    except for Bulls. Because Superman works alone, unlike Batman that has Robin. In other words, Howard is chicken out that Rose's popularity will outgrow Howards. So if he choose to leave and sign as free agent with other teams, that is the only reason I can think of.

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    In reply to CoolWind:

    Pretty sure at this point, Rose is already more popular than Howard. Dwight needs a serious PR repair, and leaving the Bulls for some other team would hurt it even more. He would truly be an idiot if he didn't re-sign with the Bulls.

  • In reply to Jay Patt:

    He is already an idiot, and shown his true colors by already saying he didn't want to play in Chitown.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    That's fine if you think Dwight will leave via FA, but where to?

    He can't go to LAL, LAC, NYK, or BKLN anymore because they don't have cap space.

    So the teams not on his 'list'...he will be FORCED to choose one of those teams, like DAL (only had them on the list because of Dwill going there), ATL, and HOU.

    He could do that or stay with Rose and the Bulls and make that extras $25mil guaranteed.

    I think he'll choose to stay.

  • I agree 100% adding Dwight would be worth both the headache of media asking if he will resign all season and the risk of him leaving. Having a post scorer like Howard would even benefit Boozers stats leaving him free to hit his jumpers. Bulls would get more athletic. Simply it would be awesome.

    If he goes to NJ you are right Bulls have no chance of being considered a contender for the forseable future. That said GarPax couldn't swing this deal even if they wanted too. I have no faith in the FO when it comes to doing a big/bold move. I really really hope they prove me wrong.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Unfortunately, I'm going to have to agree with you on GarPax, but this really extends to Reinsdorf.

    Reinsdorf has a monopoly on Pro-Basketball in a City where people LOVE it.

    I'm just hoping Chicago can get a 2nd team to come here (they WILL make the money)...especially if it's MJ's team and the Bobcats...I can see some Bulls fans (who only followed the Bulls because of MJ, let's be honest), would jump over to his team.

  • well, like i said before and before..... i don't care what the bulls are going to do... they can turned up side down the core except Rose. In terms of package to offer to Orlando, I don't think that our package of Noah, Deng, Charlotte draft picks are that bad... But the problems is does Gar/Pax has the DICK to do it ?? I can only imagine that Gar/Pax are too worried about their career rather than Bulls future.... after all Gar/Pax is NATO = No Action Talk Only.....

  • Look, like most of you guys, in the past, I've been saying if Dwight doesn't want to sign an extension with us, then the Bulls cannot give up Noah+Deng+Taj+Picks+Extras for Dwight and to take on Hedo's contract...but after all the moves that all the teams have taken none of that matters anymore.

    (I'm reposting this from a few articles back...) I've been listening to Max Kellerman on ESPNLA the past few days, and he's been making a GREAT case as to why the Lakers should trade for Dwight without his assurances for an extension...

    1) Dwight keeps telling everybody he only wants to go to the Nets. But with the moves the Nets have made, they will NOT be able to take on the bad contracts of Hedo and/or JRich. And they won't be able to sign him next year as a FA for a 'max' deal.

    2) With HOU signing Asik to that huge deal, it looks like they're hedging their bets in case ORL doesn't trade them Dwight (although if you're a team looking to rebuild, all those players HOU is willing to give up is a start).

    3) With LAL adding on Nash and reports are they will keep Bynum+Pau for a final run, it looks like they're out of the running. Even if they do offer up Bynum for Dwight, not being able to take on 'bad contracts' does not help them.

    4) DAL will still be a player next year, especially with CP3 being a FA next year too, but will CP3 leave to take a lesser 'max deal'? Only way I see CP3 leaving now is if Sterling screws it all up, which he can do.

    5) Same with ATL.

    6) Since that is the case, every other team Dwight 'will not sign an extension' with (LAL, HOU, DAL, GSW and CHI)...he WILL have to choose from one of those teams to 'sign and extension with'.

    7) Do you think he's going to give up a 5th year and a guaranteed $25mil? Because I don't. At worst, he'll want to work out a S&T to get his money, and the Bulls can still get a big loot for him.
    My conclusion is, the Bulls needs to stop being the same old slow, safe, conservative brain-trust and have some vision to take some risks.

    I think the best deal the Bulls can give ORL is...

    Noah+Deng+Rip+CHA Pick+2 CHI 1stRounders+Draft Rights to Mirotic ...for... Dwight+Hedo+JRich

    This deal takes on 2 of ORL's 'bad contracts' (although not really being bad since Hedo is an expiring, and JRich is better than Rip).

    I believe this deal is also better than Bynum straight up (let alone +Metta as LAL wants to do), it's better than Lopez+Draft Picks from Nets+Potential Pick from CLE. It's better than is better than whatever HOU put together because we have proven players, so ORL would take our deal...especially when it clears out 2 'bad contracts' for them.

    At worst, Dwight does intend to leave...and changes his mind and wants to go to LAL, GSW, HOU, or ATL...he'll want a S&T for that 5th year and guaranteed $25mil.

    So if need be, Bulls can get...Bynum, Bogut+Barnes+Klay, All those young prospects from HOU, or Horford+Teague.

    We need to STOP fearing he will not resign because we're 'not on his list'. Guess what, next year, Nets can't sign him and then he will HAVE to choose somebody 'not on the list'... why not the Bulls with DRose, a 5th year, and $25mil?

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    no no no.... If i were the GM, I'll give everyone and all the picks that Magic want, except ROSE and take whatever bad contract that Magic want to dump. Also, I want to say that I don't fear or worry even a little bit if Howard choose to leave next year. I would rather see Bulls fall after trying rather than sitting around and say "we have enough to win", "we will be a tax payer", and bla bla bla....

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    So we agree, trading for Dwight is the best move for CHI, on 3 folds.

    1) Rose gets a 2nd Superstar to play alongside.

    2) This move blocks Nets from building a 2nd superteam and usurping the ECF for the next 5-6 years.

    3) Dwight staying or leaving will force the Bulls into building a title contender or rebuilding, which they would need to if Dwight went to BKLN anyway.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    yes. and one more, i also want to see bulls make a BIG bold move for the FIRST time ever since MJ era.... Tons of FA or UFA star players have never come to Bulls because our Management is too pussy to make a move and too worried about going into tax.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I really hoping the Bulls are thinking this way...Im really surprised I am not hearing any rumors from their end. Dwight options are limited at end of free agency. The risk is much better than it was in March when the Nets trade for JJ. I really hope this is their plan

  • I don't want that cancer getting anywhere close to the Bulls. Let him destroy the Nets. He makes Bynum look like an adult.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Okay buddy.

    Jacking up 3s, sitting on the bench far away from the huddle, saying stupid stuff like 'close out games are easy', and getting into bad PR situations off court totally screams 'mature'...LOL.

    You probably were one of the fans who screamed 'I don't want Lebron because he's selfish, immature, and a baby' ... ... that is, AFTER he didn't picked the Bulls.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    I respect things that you say sir ... But in all honesty these Bulls might not have cancer, but something stinks right now that smells to hottest hell.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Doug: We should trade Deng and Noah for Dwight Howard to have a chance to beat Miami, even if he may leave in a year.
    Gringo: You're right!
    PaBullFan: We should not trade for Howard, he is an immature cancer that would tear apart the Bulls' chemistry, work ethic, and locker room.
    Gringo: You're right!
    YouBlewwIt: Gringo, they're saying opposite things, you can't agree with both of them.
    Gringo: ...You're right!

  • I think the Bulls should be the 4th team in the proposed trade of Howard going to the Nets. The Nets want a high draft pick for Marshon Brooks, that could be that Bobcats pick, but the Bulls are satisfied with Hinrich I guess. Ive never seen a team that needed shooting guard help not try and do anything til now thanks to the conservative Bulls.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Why be a 4th team when you could get the one and only team ORL needs to deal with?

    Right now, the proposed trade allows ORL to move JRich's contract, and then get back a S&T Lopez ($10+mil ?), 2 draft picks from Nets (which will then be the 28th, 29th, or 30th), and potential lottery 1 from whoever gets Brooks.

    These are the Bulls assets:
    Rip (Expiring)
    Brewer/Korver/Watson (unguaranteed)
    CHI draft picks (which are more desirable with Rose/Deng out)
    CHA Pick (potential top-10)
    Draft Rights to Mirotic

    OH, and if they move Noah+Deng+Rip, they could take on JRich AND Hedo's contracts.

  • I agree with what was said by Dajody1, none of this talk matters without laying it out on the table AND being aggressive. Problem is, these oldschool,old money farts lack what it takes to sway todays athlete. I understand the FO feels burnt by the way they were treated 2010 and the decision, but Wade,James, and Bosh did it to everybody- and now they have hardware.

    WE need swagger,starting with D Rose getting on the phone, Noah and Taj getting in the act, making some kind of noise. Nobody wants to come here because of the silent treatment. I mean early 20's up and coming( we got Rip and Kirk broke down asses) who could possibly grow with Derrick, Noah, and Taj while they are still young enough to matter.I'm saying this with OKC, Brooklyn, and maybe even New Orleans in mind. We got potential but 2014 might suck as well if we dont learn from Chuck Swirskey, marching bands at the airports,and G%#D@&% Benny the Bull being our major recruiters!!

  • 1) 'If he doesn't resign with Chicago, then what's the worst that can happen? If things don't work out, the Bulls amnesty Boozer in 2014 and will basically have Rose, Teague, Butler, Gibson [presuming they extend him] and Richardson under contract with Mirotic possibly coming over.'

    I disagree, if worse comes to worst...Dwight will still want a S&T to get his 5th year and $25mil guaranteed.

    Unless Dwight chooses to go to DAL, the Bulls won't get a S&T for anybody...except for a huge trade exception. But if Dwight chooses HOU, the Bulls can get a bevy of young cheap prospects like Jeremy Lamb, Royce White, Terrence Jones, and draft picks. If he chooses to go to ATL, the Bulls can get Horford and Jeff Teague (who then would be flipped).

    Even LAC has a shot of getting him as a FA if they trade Butler's expiring and find somebody to take on DeAndre Jordan. You don't think the Bulls would be interested in DJ, Butler, Bledsoe, and Draft picks...especially if they can dump Boozer on LAC too? (I don't know how the salary work, I just know Nets just added upwards of $70mil in payroll in 1 year).

    The point is, the Bulls can get a lot even if he chooses to leave us next year, in which case, the Bulls would have to rebuild anyway (assuming they don't get a star player back for Dwight).

    2) 'However, as pissed off as Dwight may be initially in coming to Chicago, the PR hit on him if he attempts to leave will be tremendous.'

    I agree 100%. The reason why Dwight 'opted in' last year right before ORL was going to trade him to LAL was because he knew he would walk and didn't want to take that bad PR hit. I mean last year, at least he would be 'walking' to the Nets, the only team on his list.

    That just shows Dwight cares way too much about his publi perception, which is fine, but THIS year, even if he decides to 'walk' there will be no Nets for him to walk to.
    *This is the latest from Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports*

    The Nets continue to move toward an acquisition of Dwight Howard.

    The current iteration of the deal could cover 14 players and at least three, possibly four teams. The fourth team would take MarShon Brooks in order to acquire an additional pick to send to the Magic.

    Orlando would receive a re-signed Brook Lopez, along with at least three first round picks.

    A third team, possibly the Cavaliers, would acquire a re-sign Kris Humphries. Marc J. Spears reports that a possible complication is Kris Humphries seeking a four-year deal with Cleveland and wouldn't sign a one-year contract.

    Jason Richardson would likely be included as well, going to the Nets.
    Bulls can take on JRich AND Hedo's contracts, if ORL wants Noah, Deng, Rip, and the myriad of other assets we have.

    I CANNOT believe ORL would take Lopez, 2 late picks from Nets, and one lottery pick (from Brooks).

    Even if for some reason ORL is hellbent on make the deal with the Nets, the Bulls need to get Brooks for that CHA pick and throw in a CHI pick as well.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Why would Bulls grant a S&T? Force his hand and stand firm on no S&Ts make him choose the Bulls or a crappy team with cap space. That would narrow his options a lot and make him look like a bigger idiot than LeBron and Dwight couldn't take that kind of hate that LeBron got. He wants everyone to like him too much. I say he would stay.

  • Look, I'm not against getting a second star next to Rose but if your going to burn valuable assets, you better hit a homerun and that would be landing a guy like Kevin Love from Minny. The guy is one of derrick's good friends, trains with him in LA and would love to be a Chicago Bull most likely, plus I think he would be a better fit, spacing the floor while derrick penetrates for a pick and pop game. You force the issue with Howard and he will be a locker room cancer and playing like crap until he forces his way out of here. He had a rich owner in Orlando that was willing to spend anything for him, what makes you guys think he would like the financial constraints that Reinsdorf puts on this team? He wouldnt and wants no part of it thats why he picked super rich owners that spend into the luxury tax(Dal, LA, NY and I'm sure he would go to Miami). I understand the frustration of seeing Deng and Boozer as being your best players after Rose and they don't get it done but you have to get the right guy next to Rose who is willing and wants to be here.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    K Love doesn't fit the style we should be playing. Howard would be able to play the athletic fast breaking offense that fits Roses strengths. Love is more halfcourt old school type. Plus will his stats translate to a good team?

  • Doug, I agree the Bulls are in a better situation. For everyone talking "winning to sign extension" mess, you guys really think about that

    -Dwight will not sign an extension, maybe not even with the Nets. The CBA makes it profitable for him to wait until free agency. That is was CP3 is doing

    -If the Bulls trade for Dwight and he plays out the season. What are his other options? The Nets and Lakers are capped out; He has shown no interest in playing for his hometown and Atlanta; And Dallas has Dirk that is getting ready to be on the tail end of his career. It is still a possibility, but very low.

    -If you trade for him, you own Bird rights, that will always play a huge factor in resigning.

    -Chicago is a top three marketing with huge endorsement opportunities. Dwight will be happy about that and he would be a big personality in the city.

    -Bulls, you really believe he is going to leave a great team with a superstar point guard in a huge market. Cmon Bulls think....

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    Obsess much Doug? You waste so much bandwidth writing about something that has no chance of happening......

  • Life is a big dice throw, and so is this situation.
    1) I would not give up Mirotic in a Howard deal. He is big, shoots threes, and plays around the rim. Plus he's a kid who is improving every year! Too much potential. He could turn out to be worth more than Howard. We don't really know about Howard's back.

    He well could be an Allstar, and he'll come over at $5 million per year for 4 or 5 years! Even if he just turns into a starter, a very solid big, he'll be better than any of the Bulls' bigs they have now, and he'll be cheaper. A great piece for the future.

    2) The Bulls could match on Asik and then trade Noah, Asik, the Charlotte pick, maybe the Bulls' 2014 pick, and pieces. If Orlando insists on a salary dump besides, they could trade the expirings if it happens quick enough.

    In this trade, I'd like to see the Bulls hang onto Deng. If he recovers, and Teague develops, and Rose returns strong, with Howard and Boozer and Deng up front, the Bulls could challenge this upcoming season for the championship. I know, that is a lot of "ifs."

    3) If not, they will get something from Houston for Asik, they'll probably have Mirotic in 2 years, and the Charlotte pick, so with a great FA signing, they could be back up there.

    4) BTW, don't forget, the Knicks have some really good players. If the coaches can get them to mesh, they could challenge for the ring, too.

  • Seems like a good plan share it with the owners

  • If you sit down with a friend who doesn't follow the Bulls much, but is in general a sports fan, and start talking about the Bulls trading for Dwight Howard what do you think they are likely to say? Or a fan of some other NBA team?

    "There's no f-ing way the Chicago Bulls are trading for Dwight Howard." That would be there answer. And you would shake your head, and say, "Yeah, I know. They just resigned Kirk Hinrich for god's sake and look totally caught off guard by the Asik bid by Houston. Their cheap ass owner and his puppets Paxson and Forman did NOTHINg with this draft even though it was deeply talented and valuable cheap labor prized by MegaTax weary small market teams. There's no way in hell we're getting Howard." And that's where it ends.

    More realistically, since we are holding on to the albatross stone in Boozer's contract along with Noah and Deng we're basically stuck in quicksand. Wait until 2014 and keep watching the U.C. getting filled with a-hole enabling yuppie Bulls fans. Sort of like how White Sox fans despise Cubs fans who fill drunken, decaying "cathedral" Wrigley Field even though the Cubs suck butt crack more times then not and have never, ever won. While the White Sox have won a championship and had some decent teams and talent like Konerko etc. And not a luck out in Rose.

    As conservative as the Bulls are in Gar/Pax, the White Sox are to the other extreme bold and pro-active.

    Reinsdorf with the team he really cares about has had Kenny Williams and Ozzie who while egomaniacs and Ozzie finally went over the edge, have a backbone and will tell Jerry what is what if they are going to be involved as in they are not puppets. J.R. probably secretly scoffs at acquiescing Bulls drones who pay year in and year out just the way his DB cross town rival Cub fans do. Just like part of him must be disgusted with his brown nose execs who let him humiliate them with coach signings insulting prospective hires, meddling in crucial resignings like Deng and Gordon.

    In the end Jerry knows one thing about today's Bulls fans and the execs who run the team: They're all for the most(meaning the majority) part pushovers as in pussies. And that scene just doesn't motivate a man's man who respects balls and likes baseball better to begin with. Until Gar/Pax get replaced by someone with balls and independence then the Bulls will continue to languish in passivity bordering on impotence while J.R. keeps the money off limits to said saps.

  • So the package ORL is shaping up to receive for Dwight is...

    1) Lopez (S&T for a max deal)
    2) Three 1stRounders from Nets (most likely 28-30 picks)
    3) Lottery Protected 1stRounder from LAC (via Brooks)
    4) Misc. salary filler

    This deal makes it seem like ORL and Dwight are on great terms and they're doing him a solid like PHO did for Nash. WTF?!?! I thought they got rid of the 'dumb' when Otis Smith left...apparently it wasn't only Otis Smith.
    Fine, the Bulls don't have the balls to pull of a Dwight trade. They don't even want Brooks for a Lottery Protected 1stROunder?

    At the very least, screw up the potential 4-team trade by signing Armon Johnson or Sundiata Gaines to a 2year $1.5mil per deal.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Freaking GarPax.

    A second shot creator is available, for CHEAP...and they are sitting on their hands.

    A lottery protected 1stRounder? That's it? WOW.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Why would you pay a lottery protected first for a guy who a year ago was the 25th pick in a weak draft and has shown nothing other than an ability to chuck shots on a bad team in the NBA since then?

    There's a reason they've needed to get other teams involved in this, they had to find a team sucker enough to pay a lottery protected first for Brooks.

  • Whoever thought they'd long for the days of Jerry Krause running the team??

  • I am starting to think it is the pussies in the FO that love mediocrity rather than JR that is the issue. I mean Jerry Kruase made big bold moves and mostly failed in the wake of Jordan but atleast the guy went big. JR wasn't their stepping in saying no don't trade Elton Brand for a highschooler. Kenny Williams makes many ballsy moves and JR isn't there blocking them. I am leaning toward GarPax being the issue. Maybe they are JRs sock puppets but I am leaning towards them being a couple incompentant pussies. If they let Howard waltz to the Nets with no attempt that is the last straw. It will be full on blast GarPax at every turn.

  • Lets not get all "Dwight can't walk away" here, the freaking Lakers are scared of it, and they have a bigger market, better climate, no clash with Rose's shoe deal, and a better chance of wining the championship this year. And if he does walk away, why does he have to go out West? East teams have space. What if he goes to the Hawks and you still have him in your conference anyway ... how are the now depleted Bulls beating the Howard/Horford/Smith combo? At least if he goes to the Nets with the Bulls intact you at least have an outside shot.

    I'll be on board when I heard what the follow up is. I want to hear a solid plan on what you think the Bulls do if Howard walks. Not a hand wavy "oh they'd have cap space so they can rebuild", last time the Bulls had cap space they got Carlos Boozer. That's what teams often get when they have cap space: overpaid crap. Who specifically are the Bulls targeting, why would they come? Why do you think we wouldn't end up with the Boozer scenario, only be down Deng/Noah this time so instead of having a 60 win team we're mired in the 40-something win mediocrity?

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Dwight only 'walks' to ATL if CP3 is following him.

    Nobody is going to be scared of a Dwight+Horford+Smith+Teague team.

    Most likely if CP3 is coming, ATL would want a S&T for Dwight, so Bulls would get back Horford+Teague+Draft Picks (Bulls then flip Teague).

    Only team I see Dwight going to where Bulls get nothing in a S&T is DAL. They have nobody, so at best they get Roddy B, that Cunningham kid, Draft Picks, and a large trade exception.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    The Bulls would be scared of them, seeing as they'd have Rose and nobody.

    Why does Atlanta do a S&T of Horford with the Bulls? If they want to get Paul & Howard dealing with the Bulls is a sucker move, why pay an all-star center for someone who you can sign? They can send Horford to a team with cap space, get picks for him, then sign Dwight outright with the space generated. Then they turn around and use the trade exception + picks to get themselves another player (probably a wing since that's where they'd be weakest). Why deal with the Bulls and get only Dwight?

  • C. Dwight
    PF. Teletubby (aka Ryan Anderson role)
    SF. Wallace
    SG. JJ
    PG. Dwill

    6th Man = JRich

    You guys should put your money down on the Nets right now while it's low, before their betting odds go way up.

  • I'm sorry but our management sucks balls. What exactly do we lose trading for Howard. With the crap NJ is offering, we can beat it easily. Why can't we bite the bullet and pay the tax. A very easy trade is
    Howard for Noah, Watson (cut), brewer (cut), korver (cut) and 2 first round picks. The magic essentially get Noah and our first + bobcats pick for Howard. I'd rather take Noah on his deal than Lopez on a max deal. Our first is the same as what they are getting and the bobcats pick is much better than any pic they are getting elsewhere. We are left with the following:

    Rose/omg i can't believe we sign kirk hinrich again i just vomited/teagu

    And hopefully luck out for Redd or Green and a big with the minumum.

  • This is the strangest blog on earth, from top to bottom! Need I say more?
    The posters complain about management, but from the insanity I read here, daily, they need to look in the mirror!
    Of course, Chad leads the pack.

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    Yep, you caught me venting , some people are so outraged this pointless diatribe might keep some of us fans - out of jail . Unfortunately, its not up to any of us to make these decisions ; we just wish there was a 2nd basketball team here to root for .

  • Wow, I can't believe you guys have put so much time and effort into thinking about all these Howard scenario's when the Bulls themselves haven't given it a single iota of thought.

    I guess that as we head into the dog days of summer, we have to talk about something, especially since in Reiny's world, fantasy is always much more exciting than reality, i.e. the return of Kapt. Klank.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Exactly, talking about an off season involving the loss of 4 rotation players, none of them being a Boozer amnesty, while replacing them with a draft pick who shot 41% in college and a guy on the wrong side of 30 who is two seasons removed from even being mediocre is too depressing.

  • Would anyone else rather have J.R. Smith for two years at the MMLE than Hinrich?

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Depends, are we asking Smith to play PG?

  • fb_avatar

    Chicago need to make an extremely risky trade to get Howard, otherwise we're not winning a chanmpionship for at least 5 Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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