The draft in review

I’m tired for settling.   This has nothing to do with the selection of Marquis Teague.  I actually did not mind the pick for Marquis Teague at all.  Teague provides a lot of what we need, even if it is at point guard.  What I am tired of is just settling to be stable in life when there are possibilities to live prosperous.  The Bulls so far have shown to be prosperous in one thing and that is making money and doing so well.  I hope I am surprised next year by a deep run or some trade, but I feel like I am setting myself up for disappointment if I place those expectations for myself.

If the Bulls want to be serious about winning the whole, eventually they are going to have to make a real move and not just settle and hope things fall into their laps.  The Bulls FO is good at drafting and good at coming out ahead when the make moves.  They are a good front office, but I hope they can become elite.  If we plan on building around Rose, Noah, and including Deng, Deng better re-sign for cheap at like 8-9 million on his next contract if we are serious about winning.  Otherwise, I feel we gave away an opportunity to strike while his value is still crazy high – maybe there is something out there later.

I do have one major concern with this team being set-up.  Where are we going to get shooters for the way the current team is constructed?

The pick

As for the pick, the Bulls got really good value with Marquis Teague.  One thing that translates well in the NBA for point guards now-a-days is speed and Teague is one of the fastest, if not the fastest point guard in this draft.  I feel he is a steal at pick 29 and probably a top 15-20, type talent, but not quite ready with overall readiness in game.  I definitely like the pick of Teague over lesser talents such as Doron Lamb and he is elite at certain skills that should translate over Will Barton.  Even though he is raw, he is more prepared and less selfish in my opinion than say someone such as Tony Wroten Jr.

While Teague is raw, he is great with the ball in his hands, and has an array of moves with this ball in his hands including jab-step (cue the John Salmons), the hesitation dribble, the crossovers, or just the straight blow bys.  Teague also started to get better at slowing down as the season went along.  Not only is Teague fast and can get into the lane, but he is a good finisher and very athletic.  In the open court, Teague is a beast and should help us.  Teague got much better executing on turnovers as he averaged 4.8 assists to 2.7 turnovers a game and several of those high turnover games started early into the season.  While still raw, he is developing in the half-court and should eventually be a threat in the pick-and-roll if he can develop a mid-range jumper.

Defensively, Teague’s game should transfer pretty quickly.  He has great hands and is very quick laterally.  With a great wing-span, he should cause fits for opposing point guards and especially in Coach Thibs system.

Teague’s flaws are pretty obvious.  He is not basketball IQ dumb, but he struggles in the half-court and will need to slow down.  Also, as obvious, his outside shot is pretty weak, but for a question mark, he did shoot 33% from college three.  While he has improved setting up teammates, he is still better being his own facilitator.  He will need to learn to make playoff type plays.

Overall, I think we got one of the better values in the draft and it is a lot better than “What the heck are you thinking” drafting by the Pacers drafting Miles Plumlee.  I like drafting Teague because his game is very similar to ironically (sarcasm) his brother Jeff Teague.  In this instance, we have another creator and this allows for us to play Derrick Rose at the 2Guard some, but also provide us with two creators at peak times.  If Nikola Mirotic comes over in 2 years, we should have some great offense at times by having Marquis Teague at the 1, Rose at the 2, Deng at the 3, Mirotic at the 4, and Noah at the 5.  Teague and Rose can be facilitators at all times, Deng/Mirotic the floor spacers, and Noah/Taj/Asik the offensive rebounders.  This will cause nightmares for opposing teams.  Defensively, we still should be sound.

Best Draft

 Portland – Portland had the best draft by far in my opinion and it is not close.  They drafted potential impact to put around Aldridge and create much flexibility.  Damian Lillard is going to be a good and unselfish point guard with good athletic ability.  He is a good shooter, solid creator, and should be solid defensively.  Lillard should be great on the pick-and-pop with either Alridge or Meyers Leonard can both shoot.  It will take some time for Lillard to not only adjust to NBA speed, but learn to play with other teammates with talent.

Meyers Leonard is still going to have to prove a lot, but he has a lot of potential and skills that should already translate.  He will need to get some boards, but with his ability to provide size, athletic ability, and some nice skills, he will present some nice size next to Aldridge.   Offensively, Leonard is a good passer and shooter which should open up some space for Aldridge.  He also sets hard picks which should help with Lillard.

Will Barton is a nice pick at pick 40 and could prove to be a nice off-the-bench type player in time.  If he can carve out a niche, he could be a nice cheap option to have.

Give it two years and the Blazers could be set to be a really good team.

Underrated Draft

Dallas Mavericks – Sure Cleveland made a nice trade to secure Tyler Zeller, but the Mavs did real well to get multiple assets.  It might be going all in, but if they get Deron Williams, they just pulled wonders saving money while getting cheap assets into the draft.  None of these players might be stars, but they all provide something the Mavs terribly needed.

Jared Cunningham is one of my favorites in this draft because he reminds me some of Avery Bradley with 2 inches.  He should be a disruptive player the next level.  Bernard James is a nice backup big guy that can block shots, is athletic, and can board.  He is a nice fit next to Dirk as he is of a thicker build than someone such as Brandon Wright.  Jae Crowder provides toughness at the SF and if he can get a consistent perimeter shot, is a steal.  In the late second round, Darius Johnson-Odom, provides a nice backup guard that is tough, fast, and can get you points.  If the Mavs somehow get Deron Williams and in time, Dwight Howard to go along with a couple of years of Dirk, they just stock-piled on cheap, winning assets.

Best Pick

Boston Celtics – Jared Sullinger – pick 21 – If he can stay healthy for a few years, people are going to regret passing Sullinger in favor of options such as Terrence Jones, etc….   Sullinger will be a nice fit for the Celts as he can board, provide size, and score.  He will provide impact for Rondo and he is developing his mid-range to go along with his skilled low-post game.  They got a steal which is good considering I really did not care for their next pick in Fab Melo.

Worst Draft

Houston Rockets – Houston is loaded with solid players, but no one that really stands out.  While I really like the potential of Jeremy Lamb, they drafted two players that will essentially be versatile forwards with question marks about their attitudes in Royce White and Terrence Jones.  If they do not make any trades, some of these players are going to just deteriorate their trade value as there are just too many players for not enough playing time.  Picking a player such as Sullinger might have been more useful because he could provide some low-post scoring that they need.

Worst Pick

Miles Plumlee – Pick 26 (Indiana Pacers) – I understand that Plumlee is very athletic, but he does not use it that great and is somewhat stiff at a pivotal position.  He has solid size, can shoot a little, hustles, and can take charges.  However, surely the Pacers could have traded down, and they could have drafted some other players way ahead that would have helped them more.

Team on the Rise

Washington Wizards – The big thing is this really relies on point guard in John Wall.  However, they provided Wall with the opportunity to really shine this year.  Defensively, the Wizards should be dynamic with Nene, Okafor, Ariza, Beal, and Wall all having great intangibles.  Offensively, Nene provides them low post scoring and mid-range jump-shot, Ariza can slash a little along with an average three-point shot, Beal is a tremendous shooter with some creation abilities, and Wall is a blur.  With a great starting lineup in unselfishness, athleticism, shooting, veterans and youngsters, and defense, I think the Wizards are trending way up to being close to a 5/6 type seed next year.

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  • I like the Teague pick as the Bulls coud not afford to keep Watson anyway and the FAs at point gueard are either too expensive or not very good. I also think that if he really shones he could have trmendous trade value down the road.

    We obviously still need a shooting guard who can shoot and saty healhty. Let's hope that management has a plan other than scotch taping Rip for another season.

    Be well soon DRose

  • sorry about the typing. Did it with my beer goggles on instead of my reading glasses

  • I think Houston is still in play for a trade. They have to many of the same players.
    When do they announce the Summer League team? I hope they get Buford from Ohio State to come in. I also hope for Casper Ware of Long Beach State.

  • How can you say that Portland had a better draft than NO.

    When you have the #1 pick in a one player draft you are by definition the winner. Then you add the # 10 pick in Austin Rivers, who could be a great fit for them as a point.

    Both of Portlands picks have boom or bust written all over them. If I was a Portland fan I'd be excited, but I'd be holding my breath too.

    Obviously, every single GM in the league would trade Lillard and Leonard for Davis and Rivers in something less than a nano second.

  • By the way, I agree with you on the Wizards, I still don't see why NO make that trade, Ariza and Okafor would have looked pretty good alongside Rivers, Gordon and Davis. Who the heck do they have left to help those guys.

  • First off, it was a given that NO had a good draft and is going to. Portland went big and that could pay dividends, but I understand what you are saying.

    I am guessing NO traded to clear space, since they will have a new owner and clear some salaries. Also, because they are young, they are giving this team time to develop.

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