Bulls shine for what they did, disappoint for what they didn't

In life, it’s terrible being judged for things you didn’t do. Everyday there are infinite possibilities of things you could have done and didn’t. What stocks went through the roof that I didn’t buy? What winning lotto numbers could I have played? In the NBA, things are rarely different.

Not trading a guy who’s value peaked will look silly in two years, but trading him if he’s still on the rise or if the assets you acquire look poor will then look stupid. When using the power of hindsight, the Bulls front office typically looks very good for the majority of their moves. They rarely make the moves fans want, and thus, as the old saying goes, they aren’t sitting with them.

In that sense, I am not going to judge them for not trading Luol Deng for a pick that would have landed them Jeremy Lamb, Harrison Barnes, Austin Rivers, or some similar prospect. Maybe in a few years that will look silly or maybe the reverse. Maybe such a move wasn’t really even on the table at all. For all the talk of lotto picks being available, this draft featured fewer trades than any in memory.

I know when we judge that lack of a trade in two years, we’ll take whomever the best prospect available is then assume the Bulls should have traded Deng for that guy and ignore the five other guys they might have taken who ended up worse.

The one thing that will disappoint me, at least for now, is that Chicago didn’t use its non guaranteed deals to buy a first round or two by taking on a little salary. It would have meant paying some luxury tax, but it would have meant upgrading the team. As I argued I really would like the Bulls to step up and show that they’re willing to spend some money in order to maximize their chances of winning.

However, this isn’t a management decision. This is an ownership decision. Gar Forman and John Paxson would likely love to have had the leeway to spend whatever they want every year, and while they may have permission to go into the tax some, they likely know exactly how far they can go into it and have to plot very carefully their course. I trust them to maximize the dollars they have available while knowing exactly what they are.

So yes, I would have liked to see Chicago go out and purchase some second rounders or late first rounders and grab Doron Lamb, Jeff Taylor, Orlando Johnson, or someone else. However, I understand why management may not have had that option. There’s also, of course, the fact that every year on draft night we vastly overrate all the talent available. The majority of time when these guys fall it because they stink and aren’t likely ever to be rotation players for the team that takes them.

To me, this seemed like a talent rich class that was worth taking a shot on, but I’m not a professional scout nor do I know what was truly available in terms of picks for sale and what they’d cost. Once we get past the grading Chicago on what they didn’t do and for not living up to an impossible standard, we can grade them on what they did.

The Bulls kicked ass with their single selection

Chicago has been known for taking guys who were ready to contribute immediately, have high character, and can carve out a niche for themselves. They’ve found several successful players in that niche in the late first round/second round of the draft. Chris Duhon, Aaron Gray, Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, and JamesOn Curry make up the selections they’ve kept from those situations, three of which were hits relative to their draft position with the book still out [but promising] on Butler while Curry was drafted at a spot where almost no one sticks.

Chicago blew that model out of the water by taking Marquis Teague [Jeff Teague’s brother] at 29. Teague just turned 19 in February, had only one year of college, and was one of the highest rated recruits from his high school class. He won a national title at Kentucky while leading the team in minutes played, and has the physical attributes to match the elite PGs in the NBA.

The Bulls didn’t settle for someone who could come in make the most impact right away, but they drafted someone who had the highest ceiling available with their pick. Of all the players available at 29, Teague is one of the few who has a legitimate chance to become a star in the NBA rather than just a role player. He has elite athleticism for his position and will step onto the court as one of the quickest players in the NBA.

He also fills immediate needs for Chicago who will need a backup PG for Derrick Rose, someone who can handle the ball, and someone who can create their own shot. With Rose likely out for the first half of the year and the Bulls having little money to spend on PG replacements, Teague should have ample opportunity to learn on the fly early in the season. I hope Tom Thibodeau is willing to play the rookie PG extensively prior to Rose coming back, because afterwards it will become much tougher to get him on the court.

If we ignore the unfair standard of grading the Bulls on what they didn’t do, but only look at what they could have done with just pick #29 then I think the front office hit a home run. Granted, we’ll have to wait and see how Teague develops as what looks like a good pick on draft day can end up terrible and what looks terrible can end up great [the draft class of James Johnson and Taj Gibson proves both of these points at one time].

However, given that I don’t have a crystal ball and can only guess how the players in the draft will perform, I couldn’t be happier with what the Bulls pulled off right now. Now I’ll just have to hope Marquis Teague backs up my belief on the court.

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  • I'm trying to like this pick, but meh. I understand the whole BPA vs. need debate, but Teague plays the same position as your franchise player, and they probably can't play together. The Bulls had one bullet in this draft and they spent it on a guy who will play 10 min/gm when Rose returns. I don't see how this really helps to put the best team around Derrick.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Most guys at 29 are never going to play more than 10 minutes a game anyway, many won't play that much. Teague has star potential and will most likely have good trade value to go forward.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    You are right Doug - I don't know if star potential, but really good potential. I am glad we didn't settle for someone such as Doron Lamb.

    I do think we make good moves in the past, but we don't make moves to get us to that next possibility to be over the hump. This is what frustrates me - even if we go back short-term, to gain long-term. We are not going to be that good as is this year until Deng/Rose are healthy. Why delay the inevitable?

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    I know that you were not a fan, but had he been available @29 would Tony Wroten who went @25 to the Griz been the so called best player available, over Teague.

    Same question to you, Doug.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Here's the thing with Wroten - he was paired with the # 8 pick in the draft in Ross and he hardly got the ball to Ross at the right time. Wroten has a ton of talent, but had a higher turnover rate than assists as the PG. I can see talent, but I hardly take players that show selfishness.

    Teague is just raw, but is not selfish. He has elite speed which usually translates and elite dribbles with very close-to-elite athleticism. He must improve his decision-making, but he shows that he does make adjustments even if he is not a natural point guard. His shot is also much better than Wroten's - which is scary.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I know it's a crapshoot at 29, but I would've liked for them to roll the dice on a possible Wes Matthews or Marcus Thornton rather than, say, Darren Collison.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    You really think that he has star potential, at 29 even legitimate starter would be a huge homerun. You talked me into liking the James Johnson pick after we drafted him, don't get my hopes up on this guy only to have him turn into Chris Duhon. Lets hope for Jay Williams before the motorcycle met the pavement.

  • While it would have been nice to see the Bulls do something last night, they drafted a low risk, high reward guy in Teague.
    I believe the non-guaranteeds are so until around 7/7, so we have another week to use them. Maybe they get used in a S&T, maybe they get used to pick a player from another roster. Maybe they just go away.
    I'm pausing frustration with ownership until I see whether they make a move with the non-guaranteed assets.

  • In reply to nafsllub:

    We can withhold judgment, but I think it's highly, highly likely that we're not going to do anything worthwhile with them.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Along the same lines, I noticed that several second round picks were swapped for "cash consideration" during the draft last night. It would have been and would still be nice to see the Bulls try to get in on some of that action.

  • Doug- maybe you could borrow Del Negro's crystal ball? Oh wait... that's right... he doesnt have a crystal ball.

  • I don't know I kept hearing the Toronto deal was there if they wanted it and personally I would have pulled the trigger. Maybe thats bs but it's what I read.

    For so much hype what a lame ass draft. I'm done investing time in rumors from twitter and other blogs(realgm) I must have heard so much bs that its just become completely silly now. Nothing happened. Nothing. After months of bs. Anyways....

    I'm wondering how much Thibs is a factor in this? I got the sense after listening to ESPN1000 interview w/ Thibs that... he's just not thrilled with rookies or Sam Smith lol We all know Thibs is a huge Deng supporter so I'm sure that factored in.

    But if they could have gotten a young SG at #8 and still held on to #29 I mean thats two young players plus Jose Calderon would expire? I have no idea what that deal would have looked like if it was even really there. I'll assume not.

    I just think Thibs is playing a big role and I'm sure Derrick maybe had some say I know Teague is a John Calipari guy. I was just really hoping for a young SG.

    I believe the Bulls will now use the MLE on Hinrich and James Anderson and They'd have to come cheap. I have no idea if they could even get both but thats my guess.

    Rose/ Hinrich/ Teague
    Rip/ Anderson
    Noah/ Asik

    I'm thinking thats a 5th or 4th seed in the East until Rose gets back.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    As I pointed out yesterday, the Bulls cannot use the full non tax payer MLE and sign Asik, if Asik gets an offer starting at $5 million per. As they will hit the " apron" cap and not have enough money to sign either teague or the other 5 players required to fill out the roster.

    The Bulls are talking like they will be active in free agency, but other than the mini MLE, veteran minimums and any other exceptions available, they appear to be completely hamstrung by the new CBA.

    The only other move, maybe the best would be to bring everybody back and be a serious tax payer, but who thinks that they are going to do that.

  • If nothing else, Teague should have trade value down the road. I have a hard time seeing him getting much burn from Thibs initially, which is too bad, but he definitely has elite ability and fits the bulls style as a PG who should be able to get to the rim and create some.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    I agree with one thing you said in particular. A good part of the value here is that Teague should maintain good value down the road.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    He'll get plenty of minutes. Until we sign Hinrich, re-sign JLIII, or pick up CJ's option, he's the only PG we have. The Bulls will probably do only one (or none) of those things. Thibs doesn't have a choice.

    He'll get plenty of development and exposure, and both should increase his trade value for when Rose comes back and we need to address other needs (SG). But his stats for the year are going to be skewed by the fact that the first couple months, when he's an inexperienced rookie fresh out the gates potentially carrying the majority load of PG minutes, he's going to be a turnover nightmare.

  • In reply to Gringo Rican:

    Thibs will start JL3 and limit the rookie. Look @ what happened to Butler last year; even when Deng was hurt, Butler rarely saw the court. Thibs is NOT going to develop a rookie. He HATES rookies.

  • I'll bow to your wisdom...

    ...on picking Teague.

    I'm just leery of short shooting guards in the NBA. (A simplistic belief, but still my belief.)

    But Bull's management has made an art form out of their late 1st round picks. Here's hoping they picked a winner.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    He's a PG?

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    Teague will be used as a PG not a SG.

  • Teague was a good value pick at 29 and fits a need. He's athletic, fast, attacks the rim, has good handles and his shooting should improve.......no way this is a bad pick. He has a high potential and like some say could be a trade chip in a few years before his rookie deal expires. I'm just disappointed they didn't buy a second round pick and bring Will Barton too. The Bulls need athletic scorers on the wings. But with young talent like teague you have to give them some minutes and develop them, hardass Thibodeau won't, he probably would give Keith Bogans the backup pg minutes before a rookie. This guy is insane with his man love for veteran scrubs.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I don't think it's fair to have much opinion on what Thibs will do with rookies. He's had Omer and Butler, both of whom had tons of good players in front of them.

    Teague has no one in front of him right now to start the season.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I have nothing against veteran journeymen but I hate when they take up a valuable roster spots because the coach has a connection to him or whatever. For example, somebody like undrafted free agent John Shurna who is a sharp shooting 4 should have a roster spot before our red haired mascot.....ok, he's like a coach so they should make him a coach. John Shurna can be our Matt Bonner, coming off the bench and spacing the floor. I just don't understand the dislike of rookies when other teams stockpile on young potential prospects at the end of the bench.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Agree, would have loved to see them make a move for a 2nd for Barton, surprised that he dropped to 40, his name was being touted as a riser in the past week.

  • I'm happy not trading deng for a 5-10 pick. His status as a borderline all star and his contributions to the team make his value a top 5 pick to me. To gamble that a player will turn out to be as effective as deng isn't worth it after the first 5. It provides some salary relief but isn't that what we are killing the bulls for now? They could have saved money and made the team worse by moving deng for an unproven rookie. But they didn't. As for the non-guaranteed contracts, releasing them and using their roster spots on minimum salary free agents seems logical to me if the goal is to not try and go all out this year, or a deal could not be reached. Accept deng and rose's injuries as season killers and reload for next year with a decent draft pick.

  • I'm thrilled with the Teague pick, especially considering it could have been Tyshawn Taylor. Chad Ford of ESPN said Teague should have stayed at Kentucky just one more year to be a certain top 10 pick. We are fortunate that Rose will miss some time so Teague can get in the rotation and play valuable minutes. I do hope they find a way to get him and Rose in games together down the road.

    That second round was loaded with potential. I can't believe the Bulls chose to sit it out. Look at the freakin LA Lakers. They had nothing but the last pick in the draft. Then they stepped up and paid Dallas 500k cash and got Darius Johnson-Odom at 55. Makes me want to throw up. And that move down by Dallas to get Crowder and Cunningham and James. That was brilliant.

  • In reply to sfpaper:

    "We are fortunate that Rose will miss some time "

    Ummm, no.

    I don't like this particular pick. The Bulls came into the night needing better perimeter scoring ability and better ballhandling. Teague has pretty poor shooting percentages across the board, and his assist-to-TO ratio is pretty pedestrian when you consider the team around him in comparison to the opposition.
    Further, in the games I caught for the Wildcats, it seems as though every time the opponent was making a push, it was by forcing the Kentucky PG (Teague) into poor shots or poor court decisions.

    That isn't to dismiss his upside. He can easily improve shooting over time (Jason Kidd ended up a better shooter in the pros than in college) and his passing can be worked on. However, if the plan is to put Rose back at PG, I am not sure how much Teague improves playing spot backup minutes.

    Not saying it is a bad pick (as others have noted, it is relatively safe), but I don't like it. It seems to say "hey, you'll fill up the seats as long as we aren't absolutely terrible...enjoy the 8th seed and another 1st round exit".

  • In reply to Salvamini:

    I think the pick was the opposite of safe. Teague needs significant development, but he has an extremely high ceiling. A safe pick would have been someone like Orlando Johnson who played four years in college, has a nice shot, can probably defend, but has little upside or creation ability.

  • In reply to sfpaper:

    Agree with your take on the second round. If I was an NBA owner, I'd use that 3 million every year to buy as many extra draft picks as I could, especially those non guaranteed second rounders.

    Given that the Bulls will be wearing a luxury tax straight jacket this year, filling up the back end of the roster with a bunch of second round picks would seem to make a lot of sense.

  • Indiana also bought Sacramento's second round pick and took Orlando Johnson of UC-Santa Barbara. I can imagine that opportunity will haunt the Bulls for years to come. The front office must have some sort of shooting guard plan to let these slip on by. Please tell me that plan does not involve a resurgence from Rip Hamilton at age 44.

  • Remember in the 2009 draft, the Hornets took Darren Collison out of UCLA even though they had Chris Paul. Paul missed a ton of games that year and Collison averaged 19 and 9 in his 37 games as a starter. They were then able to flip Collison in the offseason for Trevor Ariza, who was just one year removed from playing nearly 40 minutes a night on a championship Lakers team. I think Teague could provide similar value if he has a strong rookie year and the Bulls decide to move him. If not, he could be a very good backup point guard who can play alongside Rose at times.

  • I was hoped they'd pick Festus. Just for his name.

  • OK, the day after. The shouting, yelling, OK screaming has subsided. You begin picking up the broken vase off the floor; the one that mirrors the shattered emotions form said repetitive serial abuse. This is where the victim, that would be Bulls fans i.e us, rationalize why you're staying with some b*tch or a-hole husband in said dark relationship. "It's OK Jerry. I know you hurt me again. It's OK. Here's my money."

    Two words, "fuck this." Here's one Bulls fan who is not going to rationalize this horseshit Bulls realtionship with their fans away. Let me make this clear, restrictive MegaTax coming soon to a franchise near you. Deep draft with loads of cheap talent available. The stars have aligned...

    Gar/Pax, 'Uhhh(yawn), time for a nap.' Wait, WHAT?!

    Please pay no attention to that lighted dooorway behind you, and remain sitting in that dark corner shivering. Forget, absolve, rationalize from your memory what Doug has stated repeatedly, that an amnesty of Boozer would cost between $5-7 Million a year at most paid out over seven years.

    Over a DECADE of post Jordan MEAGAMILLIONS in profits for Jerry Reinsdorf for let's say an extra $7 Million a year. That's all it takes after all your shitty teams and small market spending for the thrid largest market in the country after L.A and N.Y. to have a real offense and a shot at another run. "Wah, But they had the best record in the league?!?!" Their offense has left Derrick high and dry as in sucks. Playoff wise, they suck.

    With that smidge of one itoa of your obscene haul of our money while we endured lousy to mediocre teams, you make it possible to load up on talent for a real revamped team in two to three years, and in the short term you've drafted a player who will be shortly an excellent scorer in Damian Lillard. You take on a bad contract which losing Deng only adds $5 to 8 MIl to your payroll. Which can be dumped if creative by next summer. A year with NO punitive MegaTax.

    Post amnesty you trade in a player whose long run and time must come to an end for the good of future Bulls teams. For a TRUE offense of potent scorers not cast aways and has beens "Oh, but Lillard even if he's an offensive star in waiting, he doesn't fill a 'Need'.

    Drafting a star ALWAYS fulfills a need. We could trade Lillard for a very good SG within one or two years tops. As I noted yesterday, even when you hit on draft picks who are successful players in the NBA most beyond the Top 5 take two to three years to become that player who produces on that level. If we're in "win now mode" or soon we needed a scorer period. That means a top 5-6 player. A player such as Damian Lillard(or Bradley Beal).

    Then with the other first round pick or two early second rounders you snag an Arnett Moultrie(who people will regret passing on IMO) or a Darius Johnson Odom and a choice of Marcus Denomn, Will Barton, or maybe an Orlando Johnson.

    Skip next year, we are entering the 2013-14 season. Damian Lillard 16 ppg last year with quality field goal percentage.aka obvious star on the rise. Pick 29 ultra athletic, ultra quick back up PG in Marquis Teague who can penetrate, dish, and is hitting mid range for a solid percentage as he did as the No. 7 ranked player in the country and a McDonald's All American. Followed by a hit with Darius Johnson Odom whom you traded last summer for a mid first round pick and subsequently drafted another qulaity player.

    Now you have room to resign Taj and Omer and you've kept the quality part of the band together. That's after you've chucked off all the cast aways and has beens you staffed us with in CJ(or Ice - as in Ice cold shooter), Korver(or I-Pass), Brewer(or No shot), and Rip(Arthritis Formula) Hamilton.

    And you know, even if Lillard didn't pan out, or DJO and Denmon were busts, at least you TRIED to bring a real offense and contender to the third largest market in the country. And if you quit screwing fans and spent some money and got fan friendly as in not conservative as hell, eventually you'd get a perennial winner, and an entertaining offensive team to watch. Not the bunglers we've suffered through. If not for the luck of falling into Derrick Rose, you guys have drafted no star talent in all your combined years and have signed Boozer and Wallace as your hit the ball ouf of the park "marquee" free agent signings. Congrat-u-fucking-lations. I am not watching this shit anymore. Next year if Jimmy Butler emerges as an offensive talent on the rise or Joakim rediscovers his post game and studliness or Marquis Taegue plays good to terrific then yes I'll watch. Otherwise I'll be watching other games, and putting the cheap ass, team wrecking Reinsdorf otu of my thoughts.

    Note: IF the Bulls do somehow finally bring in some legit offensive talent i.e a second scorer and slasher for Derrick Rose this summer and a couple of other young not washed up offensive support players then I'll take it all back. In the mean time, Later.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:


  • Well, that was a disappointing evening! A few thoughts:
    1) Maybe there was no decent trade avaiable to get a lottery pick. I have to think if the Bulls FO could have gotten value for Deng they would have moved him. Or if they could have gotten anything for Korver, Watson, Lucas, Hamilton.

    On Deng, BTW, Bleacher Report had an article earlier on why it would be a horrible idea to move him. They would never get what he is worth now, but maybe they will when he is healed and back to healthy.

    2) Teague is a great value pick. I think the Bulls were surprised when he fell to them. He has huge potential, especially in view of his cheap 5-year contract. Great cost/benefit choice, as some posters have already analyzed.

    3) However, and this is the biggest disappointment, the Bulls could have had a lot more low cost/high reward potential picks! So, why didn't they get Cunningham, Barton, and/or some of the other #2s that could have been bought cheap? Big mistake, IMO.

    Equally good, maybe even better, would have been to grab some more late #1s, since they are signed cheap for 5 years!

    Maybe they have a bunch of undrafted guys on their radar. We'll see. The off-season in not over. But last night was a downer overall. Even if Teague becomes an allstar, they should have done more.

  • I think that Gar/Pax both are really of out of their f**king mind. I agree with doug that they should send out watson or brewer of korver or JL 3 for a couple of picks.... after all what the f**k do Gar/Pax expect with this expired contracts ??? just let them go for free ??? Gar/Pax better come out with something real in this free agent market.

  • Why do people assume the Bulls could have done more? Did you people pay attention, first-round picks are now underpaid and cheap for four years, teams aren't looking to trade them for garbage with the new Luxurt Tax coming in.

    Teague is an awesome pick, as a UK fan I saw a lot of him this year. He gives us the option of playing Rose at SG ala Wade. In fact if Rose continues to improve his 3-pt shot, I can see him playing a lot of SG. Teague/Rose will be easily the quickest, most explosive guard tandem in the league.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    "Why do people assume the Bulls could have done more?"

    Simple. Because other teams picked up #2s. The Lakers bought one, for example. Get 3 or 4 guys like Cunningham on #2 picks, and one of them is likely to hit, that is, become a starter. So, why not?!

    "Teams aren't looking to trade them [#1s] for garbage." Very true. But Deng was an Allstar, and he won a lot of games for the Bulls last year, especially before his injury. He's not a superstar, but most draftees won't be either. Deng is not garbage, he is a solid, above-average SF. He ws usually the second guy on the Bulls, who did have the best NBA regular season record two years in a row.

    "First-round picks are now underpaid and cheap for four years." You are absolutely right on this! Which is a reason why most of us wanted the Bulls to get a couple more #1s, even in the 20s. But, as you pointed out, this is also why other teams were reluctant to trade those picks. The Bulls might yet get a couple of these draftees for Asik, but they can't do it until they resign him.

    BTW, for this very reason, both the Mirotic pick and the Charlotte pick should shoot up in value.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Great post rustyw.

    I don't really have a problem with the Bulls not adding any 2nd-rounders, they have enough players under contract and are actual contenders, so I'd rather see them use minimum salary slots on veteran ring-chasers instead of 2nd round rookies who need to be developed. Just my opinion, I can understand why people would rather have the youth, though.

    To me, the Bulls are already young enough that they don't need to try and hit on a 2nd-rounder. Half of them were Euro's who will be stashed anyway, they probably have just as good a chance of finding an undrafted rookie if they are looking for a diamond in the rough.

    I wouldn't have had a problem with moving Deng for a high pick, but you better hit on it- Deng's an All-Star and you know what you get. Plus it seems everyone in the lottery was looking for a good player for 4 years on the cheap, for example the Lakers couldn't move Gasol for a lottery pick either.

    I know people love to sit back and say "the Bulls could have done XXXX", but the almost total lack of movement of picks in the 20's tells me the opportunities just weren't there.

  • no surgery for deng according to thibs on espn 1000

  • How much would Thibs had played Rose when he was a rookie if Thibs were head coach then? You know he would have loved Hinrich.

    Jimmy Butler is basically a rookie this year given the very, very limited amount of minutes he played. The Bulls drafted a rookie in Teague who need some serious development, if Thibs even allows it.

    Both Teague and DRose need the ball in their hands, which would put DRose playing off the ball if/when they play together and that never looks very good despite the fact that haters pretend he's an SG.

  • This is what bothers me most about thibodeau, there were many opportunities last year when the bulls were blowing out opponents and he didn't bother playing Butler....I know he's playing for a monster contract but he's got to do a better job of developing young athletic talent so we don't look like stooges against athletic teams like the sixers. They have the fast legs and firepower and we need to bring on the same. I mean you have an awesome athletic super fast point guard in rose, how can you not supply him with some athletic wings he can run with? that just frustrates me. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt but I'm sure he won't play Teague very much at all, instead opting to go for chucking johnny lucas, the 24 second clock all star.

  • It sure would be nice if the Bulls could go after Mayo seeing that Memphis isnt extending a qualifying offer to the shooting guard. Bulls need this guy in my opinion but Bulls have no cap space. Someone else in th east will get him . Alot of the teams in the east are getting young good athletic players while the bulls are BSing around. I see Mayo possibly going to Boston with the possibility of Allen going to the Heat. Must be nice to have owners that want to win and know how to judge talent and who arent cheap.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    It's an arms race. OKC got lucky with a legit lottery talent in PJ3 (if everything goes right) and Miami may add Ray Allen to the team which won the title. The Bulls aren't really adding any weapons. They weren't good enough to beat either of those teams and now those teams are getting better while the Bulls are in limbo. Part of that is DRose's injury, but not all.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    It's worth noting that Mayo has basically sucked in the NBA.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Well, he was second in ROY voting next to Derrick Rose and averaged 18 ppg his first two seasons before being relegated to the bench.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    He was a volume player on a horrific team his rookie year, when Memphis got better players, his role decreased, and his efficiency never increased.

    He's been a back up to guys like Tony Allen in Memphis because they didn't find him to be all that valuable.

    I think Mayo would fit better with us than Memphis, because we need more scoring and shot creation, but we'll see how much he costs.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I agree with you, he is a player that has been trending down since his rookie year, he even looks like he has put on a bit too much weight for a young guy. I used to be a fan, but it is starting to look like he is going to be more Larry Hughes than anything else.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    18 ppg for two seasons on near 45% shooting and 38% from beyond the arc. He's a guy who needs a scenery change.

  • I'm SURE you guys have discussed this matter to death but, I can't help but put my 2-cents in because when you look at this team's dynamics, you don't know what to think...
    1st and Foremost The team went- "All-in", last year and CRAPPED OUT.

    The team BANKED on the "11-12" team conquering The Heat and any other opponent, on their way to the title. However someone FORGOT to tell Thibbs that paying your STAR player a MEANINGLESS 79 seconds of the 1st game of the playoffs was-DUMB(and they paid DEARLY) but, you won't get much agreement from fans BECAUSE it would accuse Thibbs of "Culpability" and heaven knows we can't accuse Thibbs of anything because we-
    Won the Regular Season title 2-years in-a-row-
    And, Thibbs had to teach the kid a lesson.

    2nd The FACT that Deng is not getting surgery on his wrist/ resting-up is an INSULT to each and every Bulls fans who support this team. His story about Britain is all "warm and fuzzy" but- "WTF" does that have to do with chasing Paul Pierce in November BEFORE the team is 12 games behind Indiana and battling for the 7th-8th seed in Feb. when he slated to return.

    Total b.s., if you ask me.

    We've suffered through a host of Deng's injuries through the years when the team needs him the most, he has not been there. Now it appears that he (ONCE AGAIN) will disappoint with his (IMO) selfish desire to play in the Olympics. If Wade and Bosh can forgo the games, why can't he?
    (To be cynical) it ain't like the Brits are gonna "Medal". With HIS luck he'll tear a ligament or something.

    3. It is time we put a spotlight on the mopes who run this team. Signing Boozer was the worse signing since Wallace. You never know from season to season WHAT direction this team is taking. Boozer was a bust in a number of ways... His numbers in the West were "inflated". his "game" unsuited for Eastern conference play. And the contract was TOO LONG!
    I kind of like the the pcik of this kid. If he's anything as advertised, maybe he can take a little pressure of Rose, allow him to play a little at "2". Plus he's easy on the cap...
    I still would have like to see the team COMPLETELY TANK "12-13" by sitting Rose and Deng, Amnestying Boozer and waiting for Noah to have his "annual" ankle/leg injury. Noah won't be much-especially if this team is languishing at the 8th,-9th seed. Maybe we'll get lucky and be in the Lottery, get some 6" 10" 2-way playing stud who would make us forget Mr. Boozer. It'll never happen. we have 2 milk toast clowns running he organization. And, a coach who doesn't know how to take his foot off the necks of his players...

  • BULLS FREE UP $15 MILLION A YEAR IN CAP SPACE(just waiting for them to do it) READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!

    Anyone ever heard of Larry Coon's NBA Salary Cap Faq? This guy is THEE author i.e expert on all matters CBA as in salary cap, amnesty provisions etc.

    I just asked him about the Boozer amnesty, and if you go there you can read his answer RIGHT NOW. In summary: IT'S TRUE - the Bulls would have seven years to pay off the unbid amount of Boozer's contract. He supposed a $10 Million bid for a 15ppg PF with 8.5 rebounds and shooting .532. That would leave the Bulls paying a little over $5 Million a year(even with a low ball bid maybe $6 Mil plus annually) to OBLITERATE their yoke of luxury tax concerns FREEING UP $15 MILLION in salary otpions. $5 Mil a year to open the door to bringing in serious(young) offensive talent. And after all the years of obscene profits, Jerry refuses to do it. WHAT A FUCKING GREEDY SLOB BASTARD(continue epithets until satisfactorily villified).

  • Teague a good pick? Maybe if you believe the "limitless upside potential" hype and ignore that the evidence we have from college is he sucks. How many players who shoot 41% in college go on to be good NBA players? My guess is not many.

    The Teague pick disappoints me a lot more than not moving up.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    It's a fair point, I think Teague is a project, but he has tremendous ball handling and tremendous speed. I think his game will translate well given time.

    He definitely needs to improve his shooting considerably though.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yeah, and I'd have been fine with a project before the lockout when I could at least hold out hope the Bulls would pay the tax. The new CBA changes everything.

    If you're going to be competitive without paying the tax you need to nail the majority of your draft picks now, because it's just so valuable having a rotation player on the cheap for their rookie contract. Drafting a guy like Teague who has a small chance of being a star but a large chance of being a bust just isn't a good strategy in my opinion.

    He'd be a good pick for a rebuilding team, but for a team that hopes to contend and already has a large chunk of committed salary you can't be taking flyers on guys. I'm a bit disappointed that all the draft analysis is only looking at the upside, that the Bulls got someone who has great potential with the 29th pick, and not on the downside, that the Bulls are gambling with the one chance a year they get to add a rotation player on the cheap.

  • Did anyone see the NCAA Title game? Teague was awesome! He hit some huge shots,3's even and made the biggest plays of the game against Kansas. Also all reports have him as being better than his brother so I will take it. The Bulls need guys who can create their own shots, and they need them at any position. Teague will be able to take his man off the dribble anytime the Bulls shifty offense breaks down and the so called veterans (Deng/Boozer) shy away from the ball. Even with a good wrist Deng has no moves. I could see Teague/Rose giving Miami fits ala Barrea and Terry during 2011 Finals for Dallas. Rose needs scoring help and I think Teague was best available at 29. Also I feel like the Bulls need speed to beat Miami or OKC since Rose isn't as big as LeBron and Durant so Teague should help. Now Bulls need to get OJ Mayo cause I feel like he got a bum wrap in Memphis and still has 18/20 ppg within him. Reinsdorf sucks should have bought. 2nd rounder. Did I mention I hate Reinsdorf? Keep subsidizing the White Sox with Bulls profits, I hate baseball and Reinsdorf

  • Very sober analysis of what actually happened, unlike your analysis of the non Ben Gordon deal.

    Despite everything that you say making perfect sense, I can't help feeling that yesterday was a lousy day.

    First, justice Roberts stabbed us in the back by playing politics with the Obamacare decision rather than being a strict constitutionalist. Then the Bulls did nothing all day, and then they selected Teague, who was never even mentioned as a Bulls target.

    For what it is worth, I went back and viewed an interview with Calipari where he said that Kentucky would not have won it's last 2 games (the national semi-final and championship games) without Teague, he went so far as to say that Teague was the biggest reason that they won those 2 games.

    I had my heart set on Tony Wroten who went to the Griz @25, now I have to root for him to suck. Wish that we had moved up for him. The Griz just might have the biggest best defensive back court in the NBA when they pair Wroten and Tony Allen.

    I have read that Teague could/would have been a lottery pick if he waited to come out next year, but that is a huge speculation, just ask Jared Sullinger.

    All I know now is that is hard to get excited about another midget who cannot shoot, 6'1"(actual height Chicago predraft camp), 41% from the field, 32% from 3, and 71% at the line.

    Hopefully his ability to break down a defense off the dribble, penetrate the lane and get to the rim will transfer when playing against NBA defenses. That appears to be his greatest strenth right now, and a huge need for the Bulls even with Rose, an absolute must without him.

    We have to hope that he is indeed better than his brother, because he is going to have to play some serious minutes while Rose is out. The Bulls will have a difficult time finding a worthy starter for the mini MLE, which is what they will be constrained to spend by the "apron tax". They might as well just bring back Watson, since they will be forced to be a tax payer this season, if they match Asik.

    Can't we just fast forward to Labor Day already, and can't we just trade boozer for Robinson(Orlando Woolridge with a better motor).

  • In reply to BigWay:

    "First, justice Roberts stabbed us in the back by playing politics with the Obamacare decision rather than being a strict constitutionalist."

    The big problem with Roberts' opinion is he ruled the mandate was actually a tax! As a mandate, it is unconstitutional. So he had to change all of the rules/posturing that got the law inacted to begin with. The health care bill was sold to the congress and the public as NOT a tax! If businessmen pulled this, often they would be indicted for fraud.

    So, the USA has a huge quantity of liars in Washington. Maybe the highest per capita of any city in the world, tho Tehran and NYC (Wall Street) might be a close second.

    As for Teague, he likely was never mentioned as going to the Bulls because no one thought he would last that long. Remember, he was the highest rated HS PG in the country a year ago.

    I thought your reference to the Calipari interview was interesting, I had not heard that. The Bulls bot a good pick. But why didn't they buy some #2s?

  • Like the pick but still think the FO has no balls. They have repeatedly failed to take a big move when their team had peaked talent wise to move them to the next level over the past decade. I think they are only in for being good and not for being great. You can say it is a owner decision all you want but the front office put themselves in this position financially by significantly overpaying players (Deng and Boozer). Boozer they even chose to do a S&T to get him a extra year which was stupid just based solely on his age alone. They have a long history of being afraid to look bad by making a bold trade and of bungling signings both free agent and their own players ie handing out bad contracts so calling them a great front office is a stretch. They draft well but that could just be a great scouting dept not GarPax.

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