Bulls at Pistons 5pm on WGN

The Chicago Bulls kick off a five game in seven day stretch on the road against the Pistons. The Pistons are winding down a season where they’ll miss the playoffs and have management focusing on the draft and lotto position more so than winning games.

The veterans have likely mentally checked out already while the young guys will be hungry to prove themselves and carve out roles for themselves for next year.

What will Derrick do?

Derrick Rose has struggled with explosiveness in both games since returning from a groin injury (sitting out one in between with a sprained ankle which may also now be affecting his burst). The Bulls have seven games left until the playoffs, and they’re running out of time to try and built any chemistry amongst their starters.

What all Bulls fans need to be hoping for is Derrick Rose to show signs of increased explosiveness this game. The Bulls play a compressed schedule over the next week, so we should get a good feel for where Derrick is at after playing a couple of back to backs.

I expect Rose to show steady improvement from last game, and regardless of whether his full burst is present, he should shoot the ball better than the 1/13 effort against the Heat. Hopefully, we’ll see steady improvements in Rose’s ability to push the ball, tighten up his ball handling,

Watch the young guns

The Bulls are a team that generally puts forth high defensive effort every night, and they shouldn’t struggle to defend the Pistons overall. However, the two guys who should require the most attention are rookie Brandon Knight and big man Greg Monroe. They’re among the Pistons best offensive players anyway and are still young enough to not be jaded by the failed season.

The Bulls should pay attention, of course, to Gordon on the three point line, but Gordon has never been able to do much damage since leaving the Bulls for the Pistons.

Take care of the fundamentals

In games against the weaker teams of the NBA, the Bulls nearly need to control turnovers, control the glass, and run the offense. If they do those three things, they’ll win the game without much difficulty. If they struggle in those areas they can let Detroit hang around.


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  • Bad enough that the Thibaboozer started the 4rth with the Del Bimbo lineup(snoozer at center), would it kill the him to play Noah and Taj together for a while. That linuep has produced energy before, at least we would have 2 live bodies on the floor at once, since Deng is clearly just sleeping through the motions tonight.

  • i guesss the nba sent the bulls a memo telling them that miami game better mean something...

  • Someone send the Pistons some GSW footage so they learn to tank properly.

    At least Rose looked a lot better even if he's still not 100%.

  • and the Matapussy misses a bunny with the game on the line, twice(regulation, and again in overtime).

    What the fuck is going on inside that concrete coffin known as the Thibaboozers head. Didn't he watch the overtime against Miami, if he just benches the MataPOS for the entire 4rth quarter, the bulls win this game without the need for overtime despite another rustoleum performance from Rose and a complete disappearing act from Deng.

    Would it have killed him to play Butler some meaningful minutes on the road, especially since Deng's most active play of the game was the 5 second violation, like I said sleepwalking through the motions all fucking day.

    Any questions on the difference between Noah and the Matapussy were on full display today. Noah is never the problem, the HPOF is always the problem, someone point this out to the Thibaboozer during film study.

    Noah played the center position on defense tonight, and was back to his usual self, instead of running all over the court guarding Jane Fonda's man at power forward all night. (those ugly black things that boozer covers his legs with are left over leg warmers from a Fonda workout video, right)

    Thibs may be a genius, but the only thing made of thicker concrete than boozers feet is the Thibaboozers head.

    Did some salary cap math this morning, if the Bulls bring everybody back next season, we will be $12-15 million over the tax line, meaning that by not amnestisizing Boozer he will essentially cost us $27-30 million next year alone.

    I say even Reiny can do that math. The odds have to be over 50/50 that we do it this summer, why bother waiting for 2013. and when it does, maybe we can force senile Sam Smith to retire.

    Another somnambulant Sunday, certain to be followed by a manic Monday.

  • Is there anything about the Bulls that you do enjoy? Thibs is an idiot, Boozer is an abomination as a basketball player - you do realize that they have the best record in the league, right? If that means nothing to you, then why don't you give it a rest until the playoffs start? If it does mean something to you, how about some acknowledgment of that achievement? Either the regular season means nothing so there's no point in bitching about it or what they've accomplished with a moron for a coach and a statute for a starting power forward is pretty amazing.

  • As usual, BigWay you're in top form. When I want a laugh I seek out your posts. Serious stuff, but you have your inimitable style in getting your point over. I'm beginning to wonder what I'd do without your daily dose!
    By the way, FriendofJoakimN should save some of his blast for the many on this and the other blog where posters make a living tearing Noah apart while you and I are the only ones with balls enough to take them on!
    But who knows, he's probably putting on an acting job and he's really a part of that dispicable posse!

  • You are at wrong place Mr BigHappy, you should be Charlotte fan...

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