What to do about Rip Hamilton?

What to do about Rip Hamilton?

“Chicago Bulls guard Richard Hamilton has a right shoulder contusion and mild sprain of his right shoulder. Hamilton suffered the injury in the first quarter of last evening’s game versus the Indiana Pacers. His status is day-to-day.”. There’s your official injury report from the Chicago Bulls. Doesn’t sound that bad.

However, with the trade deadline fast approaching (March 15th), Chicago has to make a decision fast on whether or not they want to gamble on Rip Hamilton going forward or whether they want to make a move to switch things up at SG.

They likely move forward with Rip. Not because he’s earned it with spectacular play and not because they have faith in his ability to get healthy. They trust him going forward because a healthy Rip Hamilton playing at a high level would provide the best possible team in the playoffs even if the odds of Rip Hamilton being that guy aren’t so great.

To truly understand this, you first have to understand the dynamics of a trade and how trades are made. There are only a few trade scenarios in the NBA, so let’s walk through those.

The superstar trade

The only player eligible for the superstar trade right now is Dwight Howard. This is when a superstar demands out and has enough leverage to pull of his demand [typically requiring unrestricted free agency the following summer]. In this scenario, the team moving the superstar frequently has to live with a small list of trade partners [few teams will bid without an extension], and they’ll take the best they can get because the guy is leaving anyway.

If you are on the receiving end of the superstar trade, you always win unless the superstar isn’t really a superstar. Dwight Howard hasn’t put us on his list of teams, it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll land him or bid for him. The Bulls ownership doesn’t seem like the type of group that will throw Noah and Deng into a rental deal for Howard. If Howard tells them he won’t stay, then they’ll look like morons for dooming the franchise in a year when he walks away, knowing it was going to happen ahead of time.

Granted, they could hope to bring him in and then convince him to stay [a strategy I endorse], but it’s a high stakes gamble in which the team could destroy it’s chemistry if the trade doesn’t get done [and the rumors leak], or destroy the team if it does get done and Dwight quits. Of course, if it gets done and Dwight stays, then they just built a dynasty that can crush Miami.

At any rate, this is a side bar, there is no superstar trade option here, and if you have the chance to be on the receiving end of this deal when the superstar wants to go to your city then you take it regardless of what position your team is in.

The short term salary relief trade

One team gives up a valuable player, one team takes on more salary this season to get the other team under the tax.

Pretty simply really, but with Chicago staring down the luxury tax, this isn’t going to happen. There are penalties for paying the tax too many years in a row, so the Bulls will not pay the tax under any circumstances this season, and I endorse that view unless a crazy good deal fell in their laps [like Dwight Howard] in which case they might change their minds.

Bulls can’t make this trade.

The long term salary relief trade

Same as above, but one team is looking to shed a bad contract with more years remaining on it. With Chicago’s cap situation, they’re definitely not going to do this either. Being over the tax does have more negative impact now as the ability to do sign and trades and use the MLE are restricted once over the tax.

As such, this type of deal only happens for a player who’s going to put the Bulls over the top, and the guys who could potentially replace Rip aren’t this type of player.

That leaves two trades the Bulls can attempt to pull off…

The talent for talent trade or the young for old

The Bulls can try to pull off one of two final trade types trading from depth of one position to fill up a weakness at another [talent for talent] or the short term [better] talent for long term [developing] talent. They can also try to package these types up into one trade.

This is what the Bulls are left to decide with, if they pull off a trade it will look something like:
Asik + Brewer for O.J. Mayo
Asik (possibly + pick) for Courtney Lee
Korver + Brewer + picks for Ray Allen

These are the types of trades Chicago can attempt to pull off. Would any of them be on the table? Perhaps, perhaps not. Who knows how the negotiation goes. Would the Celtics take Brewer + Korver + Bobcats pick for Ray Allen? I probably would if I were them. They can no longer delude themselves into thinking they have a chance to win, you might as well cash out now, and they’re unlikely to get a better offer for Allen.

However, even in the Allen trade scenario, the team is relying on Rip to get healthy, because they have no depth after trading two SGs for one.

Would the Rockets take Asik for Lee? Perhaps, but is that trade better for Chicago? Lee’s a great hedge for Hamilton, but he’s not tons better than Brewer or Korver, he’s somewhat of a rich man’s Bogans with greater ability to drive and less hesitancy to shoot. Do you weaken you front court to get him when it’s not a huge improvement with Hamilton out and it’s no improvement with Hamilton in?

The Bulls would then have not made the SG position better unless Hamilton misses the playoffs, and even then it’s only marginally better while they’ll have considerably weakened the front court. Doesn’t sound like a nice trade off.

The same can be said of O.J. Mayo who’s still leaving on his “potential” despite never achieving a PER over 15 and coming off the bench behind career role players.

To beat Miami, you need the best team possible

If everyone is healthy, which one of these teams is strongest:
Team 1
PG: Rose, Watson
SG: Hamilton, Brewer
SF: Deng, Korver
PF: Boozer, Gibson
C: Noah, Asik

Team 2
PG: Rose, Watson
SG: Allen, Hamilton
SF: Deng, Butler
PF: Boozer, Gibson
C: Noah, Asik

Team 3
PG: Rose, Watson
SG: Hamilton, Mayo
SF: Deng, Korver
PF: Boozer, Gibson
C: Noah

Team 4
PG: Rose, Watson
SG: Hamilton, Lee, Brewer
SF: Deng, Korver
PF: Boozer, Gibson
C: Noah

Perhaps there’s another trade scenario that makes sense that I haven’t considered, but of the names I can immediately come up with the potential Bulls teams look something like that. Teams three and four aren’t in any better position to win than team one if Hamilton is out. Team one is the best positioned of the three to win if he plays.

Team two [the Ray Allen team] is the only team which is in a better position to win with a healthy roster, but it’s doubling down on Hamilton, because an unhealthy Hamilton leaves them with Jimmy Butler playing big minutes every night.

I’d love to enter the playoffs with team two, but the question remains: Is it worth the Bobcats first and your first to go all in for Ray Allen for just one year?

Those are the pieces you need to use to rebuild your team in the future. Those are the pieces that will replace your role players when you can no longer afford them. They are the pieces you need to swing a big trade later. They are chips the Bulls should cash in, and they need to be cautious about when they do it, because they have a limited number of them.

Ultimately, I make the Allen trade if it’s on the table. I think team #2 is the only one in the group that has a 50/50 or better shot to beat Miami. That’s worth some sacrifice. Is it enough to lure Boston to give up the Bobcats pick? Maybe, maybe not. Boston may not have a chance to win, but they do have playoff money to get.

This trade dooms their chances and probably costs them 10 million or so in revenue over the remainder of the season, it’s a hefty price to pay to get a draft pick which might improve the team, so my guess is they’d rather have Allen go down with the ship in the playoffs than to miss them all together.

In the end, we’ll likely hope for health

Chicago likely stands pat at the deadline and hopes for health and continuity. Not because they don’t want to improve the team, but because they probably can’t improve the team by shaking things up.


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  • I don't see how losing Ray Allen costs the Celtics revenue. They're going to be the 7th or 8th seed. Which means they'll play the Heat or Bulls, and be bounced in 4 or 5. If they lose Ray Allen the same applies, given they're that far ahead of the Bucks that even if Ray Allen being gone kills their team they'll still make the playoffs.

    As for making the trade, I guess you have to, since the Bobcats pick if it gets good will be a while, and maybe the Bobcats can turn it around anyway given they're likely to get a bunch of high picks before then to build a team. But you throw up in your mouth a bit thinking that if the pick pans out you've made a trade that people will laugh at for decades to come. Haha, 20 games of Ray Allen for the #1 pick, what idiots.

    So If I make the trade I pray for the Bobcats to win the Anthony Davis tankathon so the Bulls don't look bad.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Decreased ticket sales / attendence from a team which is now actively tanking and missed home playoff games.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    They'll get 2 home playoff games Ray Allen or not. And the Celtics still filled their arena to 90% even when they were truly awful in 06/07, with only 10 regular season home games left this year I'd be surprised if not having Ray Allen cost them more than the 290k difference in Ray Allen vs Korver/Brewer's salaries.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I'd disagree, people stop going to games once the team gives up even if hte tickets sell, you lose tons in merchandise and concessions, but my point was based on them not making the playoffs without him, though perhaps you're right that there's no one close enough to take advantage even if he's out.

  • Very interesting analysis, Doug. One other trade bandied about is with the Lakers - Boozer and Watson and a pick for Gasol. This likely improves the Bulls, but marginally. It also moves Boozer, of course. What do you think of it?

    Since Howard and Deron Williams want to play together, any senario that could bring both to Chicago?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    There's no way in hell LA does this trade though.

    There's also no way to bring Deron and Howard into Chicago. Simply completely infeasible.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Well, the other day, somebody threw out a scenario that involved trading Rose for Williams and Lopez, then trading for Howard.

    While not advocating that deal, it was feasible, maybe even viable.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to BigWay:

    You're wrong!!! Idiot....the deal is not feasible Derrick Rose will not be traded.....that's a fact which means that it's not feasible....if anything it could be viable because we'd still have an alright team but only the biggest dumbass in the world would make that trade....before you make comments using big words and acting like you know what you're talking about make sure you know what the words mean

  • The Bulls definetly need to add another scorer who demands a double team to eleviate some of the pressure off of D. Rose, if not teams will just double him to get the ball out of his hand & make other players beat them, other than Deng, who on the Bulls roster can do that, surely not Boozer, so if we can move Carlos "crack under pressure" Boozer for Gasol, by all means pull the trigger

  • In reply to WindyCityMel:

    even Deng can't create his shot.

  • I really don't think there's a move out there for them to make. I'd love to see that Gasol-Boozer trade, but I don't think that's happening.
    I had brought up Boris Diaw yesterday as a minor move if he actually does end up getting waived. I think he'd be a nice piece in the front court. He could play the 3, 4, or 5 and could knock down the long ball at times. Maybe he'd take less to come here and win. Plus him and Noah are good buddies.

  • In reply to ManOnNeptune:

    Diaw wouldn't play he is lazy on defense and his offense is not a great plus. I think Thibs would have him riding the pine. If you are not good enough for a horrible team not sure what you bring to a top team...

  • In reply to ManOnNeptune:

    we don't need fat people in chicago. Boozer is enough slow !

  • Doug: You are overlooking a very important point. Ray Allen has a 15% Trade Kicker. Your proposed trade would throw Bulls in Lux Tax.

    Avoiding Lux Tax is more important to Chairman Jerry than any title. We fans want a championship but the Bulls ownership wants to avoid that Luxury tax. It is a no-brainer to figure out which direction the team will go.

  • In reply to bulls6:

    Just about any trade puts them in the tax, they're just under the wire.

  • In reply to bulls6:

    They'd presumably need to get Allen to waive it to complete a trade.

  • The Gasol deal is what I'm secretly hoping for. I think that is one of those unique trades that actually helps both teams now and long-term. I do that if I'm the Lakers because it fills the glaring need at PG, gives them a decent former All-Star replacement PF for their former All-Star PF (their numbers are almost identical offensively...defensively...well...),gives them much needed salary relief (which counts double since they're so deep into the tax) and a good pick for rebuilding later. The bulls upgrade at PF just enough to push past Miami (size and defense) for the price of a starting-level PG that doesn't get minutes anyway and is a luxury behind Rose.
    Apparently this isn't going to happen because L.A. has zero interest in Boozer and refuses to take him back in any trade scenario. But maybe they get antsy and see the light on 14 Mar.
    We also need to take back a Guard to make the deal work (Lakers have five on the roster with massive minutes to Koby), which means one of their scrubs (Fisher would be outside the 125% rule and put the Bulls too deep in the tax for Reinsdorf to give the thumbs-up).

  • In reply to Gringo Rican:

    Lakers doesn't win anything with that trade. Gasol is way better than Boozer. Waston isn't such a great PG. He is most of all a SG. Besides it, they already have a better PG than Watson named Steve Blake. Of course that trade would be huge for bulls but there's no way Lakers do it.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to deewaves:

    I can't even understand what you're saying because you're so retarded.....oh and Steve Blake is not better then Cj Watson

  • Team 2 looks awfully nice. Especially if they bite with Butler instead of Korver (which they might actually prefer...Boston is over 8 mil into the luxury tax this season and going nowhere).

    If they don't like Charlotte pick/Brewer/Butler, Asik is probably enough of a sweetener to get it done (either instead of or in addition to the other pieces), but how do we go one deep at center? Extra time for Taj in small-ball? I don't know how I feel about that. Noah needs breathers to maintain his high-energy style...and what if he's injured?

  • In reply to Gringo Rican:

    Butler doesn't make enough salary.

  • In reply to Gringo Rican:

    You are aware that Allen is a blink of an eye away from never playing basketball again.

  • I just don't understand how even a scenario of Asik gone now is feasible? Look at Miami...they have probably gone through 15 7-footers trying to find a decent center. It is not easy to find even an decent scrub center. It is not that Asik is some great Center but it is foolish to get rid of him for Lee or even Mayo. Anyhow, whatever we fans think...I think GarPax know Asik's value and are not trading him for strengthening one position and weakening another position. If we are getting a star SG or Howard, you trade Asik.
    The only trade the Bulls will do is a wing player they have now + a pick to get an upgrade on the wing

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Asik is very valuable...too valuable. He gets very expensive soon or walks for nothing, which is what makes him great trade bait.

  • In reply to Gringo Rican:

    I doubt he gets that expensive. He has no offensive game whatsoever and plays 10 minutes a night. The MLE is down for him is going to be 4/20 or something in that neighborhood, no one's going over that.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I pray that you are right on that. Without Asik the Bulls become a very small team very fast.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    You can't say you will trade Asik. It depends on what you will recieve. If it was up to me, I'd trade Asik for Mayo at anytime since we already have Noah, taj and boozer. Asik can be replaced by anybody like Kurt Thomas, Joel Przbylia or whoever.

  • I know it's a long shot, but there's a good chance that the Bulls have asked not to be publicly part of the list. Since this will cause distraction if the deal doesn't go down, just look at the Lakers and the '08 Bulls. Maybe they're are part of the list, because you cannot discount the fact that Dwight is good friends with Boozer and Rose, the chance to win now and on the future, and the marketing opportunities in a big city like Chicago.

  • The only deal I see the Bulls considering is the Ray Allen deal. Maybe Thibs can get on the horn with Danny and work something out with his old boss?

    Think about it, if Boston is going to trade Ray Allen he's not going to a lottery team he'd probably just retire. So he'll wanna be with a contender and the teams that makes the most sense are the Clippers and Bulls.

    The trade makes so much sense because he knows the Bulls system and could probably give them one last season on a cheaper contract next year.

    It pushes Butler into a better role which I think he could handle.

    This is the only trade i think the Bulls would make because I think you could start him right away and not really miss a beat.

    The down side would be you lose some defense and toughness with Brewer. But you gain two guys that Dwade hates to run after.

    The Bulls could then focas the draft on finding a young shooting guard in the draft while maybe getting Allen on the cheap for one last season?

    For Boston I think getting Brewer and Korver would be a great fit. They know the Boston system and they get a bit younger. They get another great defender to team with that PG they got from Texas.

  • So basically the Bulls are screwed this season.

    They were already a longshot in the playoffs WITH a healthy Hamilton. This is another variable.

    Mayo is my first option as I could care less about PER. Kendrick Perkins has a 7.23 PER this season. Mayo's willing to shoot--willing to create some offense. He plays some defense and is shooting 37.4% from three this season. The guy's just in a bad situation. He'd play better elsewhere.

    I was in favor of the Bulls grabbing Allen back over the offseason. It doesn't really make much sense anymore given his age and similar skill set to Hamilton.

    Asik has regressed. He didn't have that second year bump a lot of people projected. He's going to be worth exactly what a backup center is plus a small raise for being a legit 7-footer.

  • I don't hav a lot of RIP being healthy and surviving a playoff series let along the whole playoffs and a grueling showdown with the Heat!
    He is the Glassman!
    I like the idea of getting Ray Allen, but giving up Brewer and Korver for him for a 1 year rental is too much (maybe even just the rest of this season only). Brewer is very high energy and a great defender and while not great offensively he brings the hustle like Noah does which is very much needed. KK is a deadly assassin shooter who is/was 1 of the best shooters in the league.
    Trading both Brewer and Korver is too much for Allen!
    I don't want to think of us trading Asik away for a SG or SF either!
    Asik doesn't have much offensive game (yet) but he gives us great defense and much needed size to match up against the bigger centers which Noah has trouble with or when Noah is in foul trouble.

    As people have mentioned and I agree I can see CJ as a SG at times or a PG and let Rose go off on the other team and be the SG.
    CJ started coming around and being a backup PG last year/this year but he is very much a small SG like Ben Gordon and was part of the GS kill them with scoring backcourt style.

    Obviously if you do dare to start CJ with Rose you are giving up size at SG but Rose can defend the other SG in spots. Not a long term solution but right now we don't have alot of options and we have awesome chemistry and everyone has bought in to TT so I don't want to make a marginal trade and kill that chemisty for the sake of making a trade (this year at least) we will have to decide about Gibson and Asik as they are up for big time pay or at least considerably more then they are on now...their rookie payscale.

  • In reply to smiley:

    It is very likely that both Brewer and Korver will be salary cap casualties and not be with the Bulls next season anyway, so trading them for Allen is a wash going forward, and only matters in terms of beating Miami this year. Who gives us the better chance this year.

  • You have to love the Soviet press release Pravda treatment that Chicago Bulls injury updates have become. No matter how seriously a player is injured: Deng's torn ligament, C.J. Watson brutally bends back his elbow crashing to the floor, the Bulls always list them as "day to day," making it sound as if they could play within a game or two. Now Hamilton's latest injury is..?

    Can you imagine if injuries throughout history were handled by the current Bulls media regime?

    "President Kennedy recieved a nasty bump on the head while riding in a motorcade in downtown Dallas this afternoon, but should be back in action relatively soon."

    "Julius Caesar reported some mild stabbing pains on the steps of the Roman Senate in the Ides of March. He's questionable for tonight's human scarifice expo at the Forum."

    "Adolf Hitler, while escaping a hailstorm(of artillery) took one right off the temple that could have him sidelined for the next few days."

    So who really knows the extent of this latest injury to RIP's shoulder, or how long he will be out. Min probably a week and a half to two.

    As for trades, I agree you have to go get Ray Allen if you can get him. Boston is only two games above .500, and that's after winning five in a row. Their average margin of victory is less than two points a game. Plus they are getting outrebounded by two a game.

    There is now way in hell the Celtics are going to win another title with his group. Still, why lose out on fan support and possibly some playoff revenue when they can likely resign a productive Allen this summer to a short term deal? He's still a capable player. And he loves the Boston area, and likes having his family settled there.

    They have several expiring contracts, and a lot of money coming off the books. The guy they are looking to trade is Rondo, and they may very well be able to get some good pieces and picks for him to begin to rebuild with.

    Even if Allen were willing to come here, and play for the Bulls to chase another ring, Danny Ainge is an old school mo-fo. He'd never take Korver and Brewer for Ray Allen when he know's how much it could mean to the Bulls. He'd want Mirotic most likely or this year's pick plus the Charlotte.

    I'd have to be resuscitated if the Bulls acquired Ray Allen. It's not happening. As for the often bandied about Asik, I think as people see how extremely limited Omer is offensively his value is going to go down. Plus, even defensively he hasn't looked as impactful as he did. Do you trade him now while the luster and hype of a winning team still gives him some allure, or do you keep him for a possible Championship run? They're not trading Omer either.

    Get well soon RIP. Shock the world, and average 16ppg on 44% against Miami while stimying Wade. You can spend timeouts in our deluxe wheelchair while you conveniently hook up to an oxygen tank as you're already wearing a mask.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    RoadWarrior, your comedic talents are on strong display today! Nicely done.

    Have you noticed that lots of GMs get bitten by the insanity bug? For example, Toronto got nothing for Bosh, Cleveland got nothing for LeBron, Portland took Oden #1, etc. Maybe Orlando does not trade Howard, but mgmt will certainly look foolish if that happens. Expect this one to go down to the wire, March 15th. How much for a short term rental to the Bulls?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    "Maybe Orlando does not trade Howard, but mgmt will certainly look foolish if that happens."

    Unless you are getting cheap, legitimate talent back in addition to a large expiring contract to cover the salary match there is no way I would trade Howard if I were Orlando. Would you rather be saddled with mediocre, overpriced talent for the next 3-4 years and flounder in the East... or dare him to walk, passing up $30mm and if he does you suddenly have tons of cap room and the ability to rebuild the way you see fit.

    I personally think that Toronto and Cleveland look foolish for taking part in sign and trades to give their exiting star players beefier contracts rather than not trading them.

  • In reply to untitledreality:

    The problem with the $30 mil is Howard can get that money in his next contract. Actually, it might be better for him not to get that extra year now. Look at Boozer for ex(he is not skilled as Howard obviously). But, if Boozer had become a free agent in 2012 with the same skill set, he wouldn't have got a long term deal. He got it because he was younger.
    And cap room is useless if there is no impact player. Basically, the Magic are screwed when they lose a top player via trade or via FA. The best hope is to stink and get lucky in the draft which might take 10 years like it did for the Bulls

  • how about this trade

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    I don't see why Houston would throw away 20 ppg for a grandfather and 3 crappy players.

  • what about this trade?
    will this be enough for houston to get kevin martin to bulls?

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Martin would be interesting. Probably means multiple picks as they aren't getting much talent in return... He has been in the doghouse several times this year so maybe they would move him.

  • I love the Allen trade but just can't put the Charlotte pick in for a half a season rental. Too much if they would go for some of our picks that would be acceptable. Our core is too young to risk it on a player that at best gives us even odds to win this year only. I would take the Dwight Howard risk because it gives us many chances if we can convince him to stay which I feel would be a strong possibility especially since we could offer a better team and more money and years than anyone else.

  • Bulls will not make a significant move at SG. They will roll with Rip Hamilton as he is guaranteed for next season as well.

    Ray Allen is intriguing, but realistically he is too far past his prime to give up any assets. Ask yourself, Can Ray Allen beat Dwayne Wade in a head-to-head matchup - for the next three or four seasons? Therein lies the answer.

  • In reply to Edward:

    3 or 4 seasons? This would just be for this season. He expires.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    Which is why I don't give up anything for him that would be part of the Bulls team next year or beyond(i.e. Asik or the Charlotte pick)

    Korver, Brewer, Hamilton, Watson(maybe) and this years #1 pick are on the table, but that is it for a one year rental who is 36years old.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Very True. I am not a big Ray Allen guy at this time. He usually never creates his own shot and I am not sure he is even a good passer as Rip is. And, he is older than Rip. We know he is a good 3 pt shooter but we know that is something which comes and goes sometimes. If he can be had as insurance for cheap, yeah!! I also think he was hugely successful(in his prime) because of the presence of Garnett/Pierce and Rondo. Even though Rose would do the same...Allen is old too.
    Probably most people think he is terrible and chucker....I would see if they can get Nick Young from the Wizards for the 1st round pick we have + Butler. Maybe Thibs can drill some sense into him or the presence of Rose/Noah might impact him as he is now getting his lessons from Javale McGee.

  • Of the list I keep seeing of Bulls potential targets is Anthony Morrow, the same guy the Bulls could of had in the summer 2010 but went instead with Kyle " I have to be 10 feet wide open to shoot" Korver. The Bulls fans were clamoring for Morrow. He's not a stud but he can score and stretch the floor for Rose. Now if they can get him for relatively cheap(a draft pick) go for it but I do agree, Ray Allen would be downright awesome to have next to Rose...but it seems Boston has picked it up and they probably sneak in as 8th seed so I dont see them doing that unless they can a young stud in return.

  • fb_avatar

    If we can trade for Dwight and he'll sign the extension we have too....rips alright for now but we need to think about aquiring a young sg.....we need someone who can become a star like Eric Gordon or Demar Derozan...OJ mayo could work also but I don't know if he'll ever break out...Russell Westbrook is a 2 that plays the 1 for the thunder if we could swing a trade for him Derrick and Himself could form a tandem that would be capable of surpassing Lebron and Wade......that being said if we do nothing I'll be happy I love the chemistry our team has and I think we have a couple titles down the line and a future hall of famer and top 10 player ever in Derrick Rose......kids unbelievable

  • fb_avatar

    Well as a BOS fan, I think it's likely that Allen's likely going to play 2-3 years past this one at a reduced rate. He's a freak and his conditioning is amazing. BOS might do the deal as outlined, but I think they would reject it. He's the best player in the deal and if Boston kept him, he's going to be the best player in the deal 2 years out too (and cost less next year than Korver and Brewer combined). Not sure the CHA pick which looks like a 2016 draft to me would swing it enough. Money's not a big issue for the Cs whether they do the deal or not. Supposedly BOS and IND talked about a deal where BOS asked for a 2012 first and Hansborough. IND said no and Bird said he doesn't think BOS is any rush to trade Allen. I'd be extremely surprised if the Bulls haven't talked to Ainge. BTW Jesus was a 7 time All-star before he came to BOS, and Nick Young's not putting the Bulls over the top. If you don't win the crown, it's a lost season.

  • You are completely wrong about Lee. He is not a rich man's Bogans. He is a very solid player trapped behind a very good shooting guard. In order to pry away Lee AND get a center (or two) in the mix, the Bulls need to be creative if they want to improve their team. The following trade idea is fair not only for the teams involved but in some cases for the players as well. It meets three tests...that makes it advantageous to the Bulls

    1) it does not add to their salary;
    2) it gives the Bulls another three point threat at shooting guard; and
    3) does not leave a void at center but rather adds one.

    The would go as follows....

    Jordan Hill – Center (Houston)
    Courtney Lee – Shooting Guard (Houston)
    Kurt Thomas - Center (Portland)

    This works for Chicago because the net result would be that they add an additional center and pick up a durable and skilled shooting guard with very good three point range and excellent defense. The return of Kurt Thomas would be a better situation not only for the Bulls but for Thomas who has seen his minutes gradually decline especially with the addition Joel Prybilla to Portland. The Bulls lose size and a bit of defense at the back-up center position, the passing/facilitation of Hamilton and the promise of up and coming player Jimmy Butler (although he has not played enough to be missed).

    Richard Hamilton – Shooting Guard (Chicago)
    Jamal Crawford – Shooting Guard (Portland)

    Los Angeles perhaps makes out the best picking up a two starting caliber shooting guards. Even though Richard Hamilton may be injury prone, with Crawford in the line-up, the Clippers can easily afford to wait on his return. What makes it even better for them is that if they keep Chauncey Billups that will give them three different weapons at shooting guard which would drastically change their situation from a weak position when they lost Billups to a very strong one. Hamilton may enjoy playing for not only a contender in a large market but being reunited with his former Detroit running mate Chauncey Billups. The Clippers would also rid themselves of Mo Williams who was being paid too much to be a backup point guard.

    Randy Foye – Shooting Guard (Los Anegels)
    Omer Asik – Center (Chicago)
    Jimmy Butler – Shooting Guard (Chicago)

    Houston would FINALLY get the defensive presence in the middle with-out really giving up much. The loss of their backup shooting guard is “a wash” with the pick-up of Randy Foye AND they get a nice young talent in Jimmy Butler who did everything he was asked to do in Chicago. While it does not seem fair to Butler on the bright side is that he is from Houston, so if he could carve out a position on the roster, he could turn into popular hometown player.

    Mo Williams - Point Guard (Los Angeles)
    Patrick Patterson – Power Forward (Houston)

    Portland gets a seasoned point guard which they have been shopping for to either start or back up Raymond Felton giving them pretty good depth at the position. They also get a younger power forward to back up Lamarcus Aldridge.

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