John Lucas does his Derrick Rose impression in Bulls win over Heat

John Lucas does his Derrick Rose impression in Bulls win over Heat

The best thing about the Bulls victory over the Heat is that there was no choke by Miami. There was no gaffe. There was no holding back. By the end of the game every trick they’ve tried on Derrick Rose was used on John Lucas; double team 40 feet from the basket, trap on the pick and roll, and even LeBron taking the assignment. The Heat couldn’t stop John Lucas who played the best game of his life, and the Bulls went on to win.

I wasn’t entirely shocked to see Chicago beat Miami, but I thought in order to beat them it would require Miami to choke and play a poor game. Quite simply that didn’t happen. Dwyane Wade may have played his best game against Chicago in his career. If not, certainly the best one in my memory. Down the stretch Dwayne Wade shot 8 of 9 including two made threes and also hit both free throw attempts to give him 20 points in the final eight.

Overall, the Heat scored nearly every possession down the floor in an attempt to mount a furious comeback. James Jones even hit Miami’s first two desperation three attempts with 18 seconds to play with Chicago clinging to a six point lead to keep the pressure on.

The Bulls would not fold. John Lucas hit shot after shot for Chicago, and in the end game, the Bulls eschewed their common practice of splitting free throws and knocked down all six at the end. The only thing that didn’t go well for the Heat was Chris Bosh hitting just 3 of 15 shots, but he took a lot of tough looks, and his poor play was offset by LeBron/Wade hitting 30 of 51 shots from the field.

Next man steps up

John Lucas does not play a pretty style of basketball, but he knew he had to come in and score. The rest of the Bulls simply weren’t doing it. Down the stretch Lucas hit three shots in a row where the ball never left his hand before being aimed at the rim. All three were high level of difficulty shots and with no ball movement, it was the type of offense that would have caused you to scream at your TV in frustration if he missed.

For awhile it looked like Miami would easily beat the Bulls simply by trapping Lucas, but when they stepped up to trap him, Chicago got the ball out of his hands and was able to hit shots or get the ball up on the rim and get offensive rebounds. As noted above, Miami didn’t fade down the stretch, but rather made a furious charge. The Bulls held them off by repeatedly scoring themselves.

Luol Deng played some great D despite getting torched

If you looked at LeBron’s box score, you’d figure that Luol Deng didn’t show up to play defense. You’d have figured wrong. Deng forced LeBron to shoot almost exclusively fadeaway jump shots, but the problem is that LeBron knocked almost all of them down. For those looking for a LeBron post game and saying if he really wanted to win a championship he’d develop one, well now you’ve seen it.

LeBron simply posted up Deng all night long and spun into turn around fadeaway jumpers. There was nothing anyone could do to stop it except be content that you forced him into a difficult shot rather than allowing a dunk. However, if LeBron can keep that play going on in the playoffs, Miami will be awfully tough to beat. Especially if Bosh shows up next time.

On offense, Luol didn’t provide much of anything. He knocked down some three point shots, but struggled to help create anything with Rose out of the game and finished just four for 13 from the field. At least three of his makes were from the three point line.

Carlos Boozer looks helpless against Bosh

He was 1 for 4 in 27 minutes, and he couldn’t even get a quality shot off. In this game, Chicago saw how completely reliant Boozer’s game is on Derrick Rose. He couldn’t create on Bosh to save his life and during most of his minutes the Heat were playing straight up defense on everyone rather than trapping hard on the PG like they would with Rose in the game. The result was no open jumpers for Boozer, no easy slip screen shots at the rim. No offense from him for Chicago.

Boozer’s a quality offensive player in terms of scoring when given an opportunity, but he’s a Korver like presence in that he’s fairly easy to keep a handle on as long as the opponent keeps a body on him.

I’ll give Boozer credit for making quality reads and not forcing the issue though. He moved the ball around and while he didn’t give the Bulls what they’re hoping he’d give them on offense, at least he didn’t jack up a bunch of heavily contested shots that missed. He simply moved the ball. It wasn’t a horrific performance in that sense, but it’s just disappointing that Chicago didn’t get more out of him with Rose out.

Dominate the glass, dominate the game

The Bulls had to play at the top of their game in many areas to get this win, but one of them was certainly on the offensive glass. Down the stretch of the game, the Bulls had several possessions where they had key offensive rebounds. Noah had a put back to build the Bulls lead to eight with just over two minutes to go, and Ronnie Brewer grabbed an offensive board with 18 seconds left and a four point lead which sealed the game for Chicago after they knocked down the free throws.

Overall, Chicago’s 14 offensive boards to Miami’s 11 doesn’t seem that gaudy, but the Bulls had 14 offensive boards on 31 missed shots to Miami’s 11 on 37. Chicago needed those second chance points without having as crisp an offense as the Heat.

Taj Gibson re-enacts the Bulls BIG commerical

He had one of those on Dwyane Wade in the first half, and it was awesome. Gibson overall didn’t play enough in my opinion, especially given how well they played while he was in the game and how flat Boozer was on the night. He gave the Bulls a lift on the offensive glass and knocked down a couple shots for the Bulls while in the game.

Overall, the bench mob did a fantastic job on the night, Omer Asik played well on defense as did Jimmy Butler who looked better than his one for five stat line suggests.

Best part about the win was Miami played great

I don’t know that this was the Heat’s best game, in fact, I’m fairly certain it wasn’t. However, they swarmed on defense. They scored incredibly efficiently in the fourth, and overall, played a very good game. The Bulls were just better. They were missing Rose, but that’s sort of irrelevant. They scored 35 points on 12 of 19 shooting from the PG position. Would Rose have really given them more? On this night, the odds are that he’d have given them less.

However, both teams knocked down threes. Both teams hit their free throws. Both teams scored efficiently and hit tough shots all night long. It wasn’t a slop fest. It wasn’t a game where the Bulls grimied their way into a win against a cocky Heat team. They traded punches with Miami and put them on the floor. It was a win to be proud of.


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  • Yeah Bulls and especially JL3 played a great game despite Rose not playing in this one. It was a total team victory on both end of the floor. Wade and James got their points and the Bulls basically controlled everyone else. I sure thought they would lose this one but as long as the Bulls play consistently on both ends of the floor, its hard to beat them even without Rose. I still feel they need more help on the offensive end but I will take a total team effort like how they played last night

  • Totally agree. The difference between this win and the regular season wins last year is no one choked at the end of the game. I couldn't believe that we had the lead watching Wade torch us on the other end. Lucas just hit shots. His DRose-esque shot over Lebron at the end was awesome, but him yelling "You can't hold me" back to the Bulls bench was priceless. It was nice to see Lucas getting a lot of love from a national broadcasting team as well, hope he DVR'd the game!

    Do you think Lebron felt like he HAD to take the last shot given his recent criticisms for passing late in games? James Jones gave me a heart attack. I had no idea I'd prefer Lebron taking last second 3 pointers over James Jones.

    Great win, but enough cannot be said about the individual defense of Brewer, Deng, and Jimmy Butler. With Rip back (someday), we'll have four very long wing defenders. The perfect medicine against Miami. There is no way those guys go 30 of 51 against that type of defense again, in my opinion.

  • In reply to johnbegone:

    James Jones gave you a heart attack and you are here posting comments ? lol

  • Doug, just because Wade and Lebron scored a lot doesn't mean the Heat played great. Quite the contrary actually. Their bench + Chalmers, which have been productive this year, did not show up against Chicago. Heat were dominated on the glass and were out-hussled all night.

  • In reply to RichG:

    The Heat played great in the fourth quarter. Wade had his best game of the season perhaps and LeBron hit an assload of really tough looks. They dropped 102 on an elite defense and shot 50% from the three point line as a team.

    Was it their absolute best game? No. However, it probably was the best Wade/LeBron have ever done against Chicago in one night, so it's silly to say they played awful. The only reason to say Miami played poorly in the game is that they lost and not accepting of the fact that they could play well and still lose.

  • In reply to RichG:

    I'm not good at analyzing X's and O's, but someone on another blog said that the Bulls were purposefully forcing LeBron and Wade to keep the ball in their hands by taking away passing lanes. They went on to say that this neutralized the Heat's halfcourt game (and Bosh). As the cliche goes, it's a make or miss league and the Big 2 hit their jumpers, but if that analysis is correct, it's a sound defensive concept. Thibs is reminding me of Belichick in his prime.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Wade had one of his great efficiency games which probably will not happen many times. His game is driving to the basket, getting fouls. He was making long jump-shots. And others didn't participate because the Bulls were stopping LeBron from penetrating and dishing out to y, Battier and Bosh is now schemed by Thibs

  • In reply to RichG:

    Even if the whole team didn't play great, they played hard. They didn't overlooked chicago because Rose was absent. They played their game but Chicago was simply better.

  • In reply to RichG:

    RichG, you're one of those Bulls pretenders or actors who show you're really a fake when the Bulls with a depleted team (no Derek Rose) manage before the world to beat the team a disgrace like you feel is the best in the world.
    You're now claiming that the Bulls having done what you would have regarded as the unthinkable, was not great? You should be arrested and put away for life!

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    RichG is a Heat fan who frequents the blog, he's not a Bulls fan nor is he pretending to be one.

    Personally, I think it's pretty cool a Heat fan stops by occasionally to give his thoughts in a polite way without name calling or bashing.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Sorry Doug, I didn't know I was dealing with a Heat fan! I guess he can't deal with things like this

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Doug, I appreciate your kind words, and for sticking up for me. While I am a Heat fan, I always try to call them like I see them. The final score last night was deceptive. The Bulls were the much better team. All I'm saying is that other than Wade and Lebron, no one else showed up for the Heat. I'm sure the Bulls had a lot to do with it, but I'll stand by my original point, which is that I disagree with Doug's premise that the Heat played great. Wade and Lebron played great. Bosh, Chalmers, Haslem, Battier and Cole are good players who were awful last night.

  • In reply to RichG:

    That's fair, it might be more fair to say LeBron and Wade were great.


  • In reply to CoolWind:

    Fore sure. They absolutely must do something. I don't know... even trading him for McGee, lol.
    No, I can't stand boozer anymore

  • WOW Lucas played out of his mind!

    Many of us thought that we have zero chance to beat the Heat at full strength (minus Mike Miller) without Rose and RIP to a much less degree but we played as a team and showed how deep of a team we are! Great work by all but Boozer! Great work especially by Gibson and the rookie on Lebron! Also to Deng who made Lebron work for his fade away jumpers which is really all you can do to Lebron like Kobe is make them work for their points...I guess Wade too...they are truely a level above everyone else and play of their minds and have the Matrix our very own Derrick Rose does!

    Awesome win to show the entire league how we play as a team and can beat the best team even without the MVP playing!

  • Great win by the team. I too thought they were going to get destroyed without Rose, but couldn't turn it off after a great showing by the bench mob in the 2nd. I thought Butler defended Lebron well, and it seemed like the Heat left players wide open by trying to trap/double team/go for the steal. The Bulls were able to play great team offense and knock down open shots. This might be the confidence booster the team needs going into the playoffs against them. I felt like before they would get a little psyched out, but now they have to feel great about their chances against the heat.

  • Great, great win by the team last night. I think we have two more games vs. Miami left in the season. Hopefully we'll be fully healthy one of those two times.

    Looks like the Sixers have traded for Sam Young. Not that I think it matters much.

  • 1. I think the Heat got away with a lot of fouls and calls. I know the out of bounds ball went of Korver but Battier was literally mugging him. I hope Thibs/GarPax send a video of all the missed calls/iffy calls to the referees highlighting Battier's wrestling rather than defense and flopping from others to watch out for in the playoffs.
    I think Battier is as useless as they come in terms of actual basketball skills.
    2. I think the Bulls will be better when Rose/Rip come back because the attention they will get to free up Boozer, Noah and Deng.
    3. Honestly, I don't think Wade will get lucky many time with his shots. It was mostly rim-touching shots rather than swishes like Korver's. LeBron on the other hand will make those shots but the key is will he do it in the 4th quarter?

  • "Yup... this went from a must watch to a maybe DVR. A win would be a fluke and a loss is expected... Im not sure you could take away much from either unless someone has a great standout game. Maybe Butler's D on Wade?"

    I am glad that I didn't follow through with that and was able to catch the second half in its entirety live. I was blown away when I tuned in and they were up by double digits... and shocked when I saw that JL3 was the leading scorer. What an amazing second half and quite a performance by the little guy... STANDOUT GAME... just never thought he would be the guy to bust out.

    btw - free throw shooting was outstanding!

  • Give Boozer a little credit, he didn't force his shot when it wasn't falling. He also kept Joel Anthony off the boards with only 4 rebs in 26 minutes. The bulls scored 106 points with Boozer taking only 4 shots. His defense and rebounding and passing ability are every bit as important as his scoring to the bulls success.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Yeah he didn't force shots. because he can't score when there a real D in front of him. A talented player scores in front of the best defenders.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Honestly, if Boozer would have short air-balls, that would have led to fast break points from the Heat. He had the max assists of any Bull. Look, there is no point for the Bulls to send him somewhere unless they are getting an upgrade. The biggest advantage with him is they can amnesty him next year or whenever they want too. If they trade him for Amare or another big contract, they are stuck with that new big contract(as they cannot amnesty that contract) and the production will suck too.

    The other positive thing is Taj is playing lights out and Thibs will slowly put him out more and Boozer doesn't mind that which is a big plus too. Hopefully, he can give Rose/Deng and others a break whenever we play lousy teams so that they are more rested for the more important games.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Actually, the Matapussy was so busy shitting in his pants that all 4 of his meager attempts were nearly airballs, not one had even a small shot of going in.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Praising Boozer, especially his D in what was one of the most gutless performances in the history of the world, now that is Linsanity.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    What was gutless about the way Boozer played? It was certainly better than he usually plays other than scoring. He led the team in rebounds and assists and only turned it over once.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    He played physically and mentally scared, which should have been obvious to anyone who has either played the game or understands the way the game should be played.

    When JL3 is chewing you out because you ran away from the ball under pressure, it should be obvious to anyone watching what gutless is.

    using mediocre stats to make your point is as meaningless as are those stats.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    He was going against Joel Anthony, as close to playing against a ghost or himself as there is in the NBA, what kind of credit does that deserve for going 1-4 and 2 points against that.

    The bar is getting really low for the boozer apologists, even if he wasn't being paid $75 f-ing million.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Joel Anthony averages 4.85 rebounds per 26 minutes. So congratulations to Boozer doing such a fine job that he kept Anthony .85 rebounds below his season average. All defensive team for Boozer here we come.

    I think you're grasping at straws when you're giving someone credit for shutting Joel freaking Anthony down.

  • 1) You have to feel proud for guys who are 2nd and 3rd stringers when they play like that. For today, I hope that none of them get traded! Even watching this game, I could hardly believe it. And both LeBron and Wade played like allstars, as Doug analyzed, which makes the win all the more impressive.

    2) Mgmt has obviously picked up some players with potential, tho I guess one could say that about all NBA players. We saw why the Bulls have held onto John Lucas - they saw something that many who post here did not see.

    3) Well, it's only 1 win in the big picture. Hope everyone is healthy for the post season run.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Outside of Rose, there are no real stars on the Bulls. Everyone else is a cog in the machine that can step up and play great on any given night. Every other guy has their strengths and flaws and is counted on to maximize their strengths and have their flaws minimized by the collective play of the group.

    I still think the Heat beat the Bulls in the playoffs, but it's wonderful watching this group of guys play together. It makes me not want to trade anyone because I believe the chemistry is so great [though I still would, but it makes me feel good for these guys].

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    even the Matapussy.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I would hesitate even to trade Boozer if Chicago didn't get something decent back. I don't think he's worth 15 million, but I do think he adds a dimension the Bulls need that they don't really have elsewhere.

  • I was one of those screaming at my TV in frustration (Que ese enano no pasa nunca, ¡puñeta!).

    If Jannero Pargo and Larry Hughes had a baby (that didn't grow), that baby would be John Lucas III. All are streaky shooters with the occasional monster game to raise their season FG% into the upper 30s. None can pass the freaking ball.

    Yes he had a huge game, yes it was awesome to beat the Heat, but that's not going to happen for four playoff games. LeBron's more likely to jump straight over Enano III than let him light the Heat up like that again.

    I thought it was going to unravel in the end. The other players - especially Deng - were clearly frustrated that he wouldn't pass (and the rare occasions where he did was after dribbling 16 seconds off the clock). They were almost freezing him out at the end; if they actually pried the ball out of his hands they were looking for someone - *anyone* - else to pass it to.
    Good job, JL. Great game, congrats. Now never do that again, you little prick.
    The Heat will eat us alive when it counts if he lets this go to his tiny little head and thinks we have a chance with ball hogging like that every time.

  • In reply to Gringo Rican:

    Do you really think Thibs is going to play JL3 one second in the playoffs if Rose and Watson are healthy? I am pretty sure you are missing the point...

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Anyway Lucas should be Rose back-up. Watson is more a SG.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Are you joking? Watson is a much more of a PG than Lucas.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I'm serious. Waston used to play SG in San Francisco, not PG. Bulls forced him to play PG. But When you watch him play, you can notice that he doesn't handle the ball as well as JL3.
    Though, I have aknowledge that Watson is a better defender.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    In 09-10 you could classify him as more a SG next to which ever of Curry/Ellis was out there, but there's not a huge distinction in GS the way they played two combo guards all year anyway.

    In 08-09 there's no way you can say he didn't play PG: Ellis missed most of the season, Curry hadn't been drafted yet, Jamal Crawford was a mid-season trade. For a lot of the time he was the only player remotely resembling a PG out there on the court.

  • In reply to Gringo Rican:

    +1 mil bro & effing hilarious!

  • Doug - you left out the great play of the rookie, especially on defense. I think his shutdown of LeBron on three straight attempts at the end of the first (made better by the fact that LeBron was demanding the ball to "take advantage of the mismatch") really got into their heads.

  • I am a big bulls fan, and I always thought Rose is way overrated because he can't handle the ball, and is a poor passer, and bad finisher near the rim. I guarantee you that if Rose was in this game, we lose, no doubt about it. Rose should be traded for D. Howard TODAY while he still has some value.

  • In reply to liztan:

    I can see where you might think Rose is overrated, but your sub points make little sense. Rose is one of the best acrobatic finishers in the NBA in terms of hitting tough shots from difficult angles, and he's a tremendous ball handler.

    He's not a Chris Paul/Steve Nash caliber passer, but he's not a poor passer by any stretch either. To suggest that Lin can finish better than Rose is laughable as is the idea that we should start JL3.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Rose is definitely a very poor ball handler, just look at all his unforced errors/turnovers numbers per 48 minutes vs. CJ or JL. I have to hold my breath everytime Rose handles the ball. He throws the ball away left and right. Most of the time, he is not using his speed to his advantage, but to his disadvantage. Just look at all his misses near the rim. Look at the stats, and compare him to Lin, the guy that makes 700K vs 19M for Rose.

  • In reply to liztan:

    Okay troll, lets compare his ball handling abilities to CJ, JL3 and Lin


    Rose: 2.9
    CJ: 2.8
    JL3: 2.7
    Lin: 5.0


    Rose: 8.1
    CJ: 6.5
    JL3: 5.2
    Lin: 8.6


    Rose: 30.2
    CJ: 23.3
    JL3: 25.8
    Lin: 28.6

    So with a higher usage rate, being matched up against 1st string players and often double teamed, Rose turns the ball over significantly less than Lin (while assisting nearly the same) and about the same as the backups on the Bulls, who rarely, if ever get double teamed (who have much lower assist numbers). Also consider that Lin's numbers have fallen off a cliff since Anthony returned and you realize how foolish such a comparison is.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    However, it is that very degree of difficulty that may make him less than a great finisher at the rim. The point is to score as easily as possible, you don't get extra points for degree of difficulty. I bet that Rose's percentage at the rim is not elite

  • In reply to BigWay:

    True, but it's also the degree of difficulty of shot which allows him to carry a team. Tyson Chandler's a great finisher at the rim if he only has to attempt lobs and open dunks, but that doesn't do much to help a team.

    Derrick Rose being able to hit absurdly difficult shots at a good percentage around the rim gives the Bulls considerably more offensive potency.

    Obviosly, Chicago needs to be careful not to let Rose take too many poor shots in this regard, but he has a TS% of 57% on two point shots + free throws which is an absolutely elite number for a volume shooting guard.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I saw a stat recently that the Bulls lead the league in points per possession when making 5 or more passes in a play, they're at something ridiculous like 120. I can't for the life of me find the source now though.

    Which makes you wonder how much the Bulls really do benefit from/need Rose to attempt the difficult shots he does and whether they'd be better off just keeping on moving the ball and letting a good shot open up for them.

    One thing I find ironic is that at lot of people are bemoaning that Rose needs help since the Bulls struggle to score late in games: but that's precisely when the Bulls go away from their normal offense and start playing Derrick Rose hero ball, which hurts both the team and Rose's efficiency. The answer to that surely can't be that it'd work out if we just had another guy to play isolation basketball. The problem isn't the Bulls needing help for Rose, it's that Rose needs to trust the help he already has like he does for the rest of the game!

  • In reply to liztan:

    I'm one of the few guys on here that regularly say Rose is over rated, but I think you're under rating him.

    Is Rose a worthy MVP? No, he won due to anti-LeBron sentiment. Is he the best PG? Sorry, that's Chris Paul (the 13-30 Hornetts were a team that won 2 playoff games last year with him!). Is he even a top 5 player? I find it pretty hard to put him ahead of LeBron, Howard, Paul, Durant or Wade, so I think no.

    But he's still a great player, the best player on this Bulls team, probably worth 10+ wins a year in an 82 game season, and we have him under contract through his prime. Just enjoy him, he's good to have on the team and fun to watch, and grit your teeth and ignore it when people talk about him like he's the second coming of Jordan.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I generally agree with you on Rose, he is not an elite ballhandler or passer, thus he cannot be the best pure point. He is probably the 5th best pure point, Paul, Nash, Williams, Rhondo.

    However, he and Westbrook are probably the 2 best basketball players playing the point, along with Williams, and I would not trade him for any of them.

    Jordan was a much better ballhandler than Rose, especially under pressure, you simply could not take the ball away from him or force him into a turnover, or anything else that he didn't want to do.

    However, again, if Rose was 6'6" instead of 6'2" we would be able to compare him to Jordan in much the same we that you can compare Kobe to Jordan.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I'm not saying I would trade Rose for Paul, age matters, not to mention while Rose has had his injuries this year at least they're not a chronic knee problem like Paul has.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    If you want to define pure PG in terms of passing/ball handling, there might be a few guys better than Rose, but as you note, he's the best basketball player.

    The first thing is an irrelevancy, because it's merely fitting him into a label that the common media has created about what a PG should be.

    The second thing is what actually impacts wins and losses. Derrick Rose as your core piece is up there in a four to five player tie as the second best guy in the NBA to pursue a championship with as your center piece.

  • Even Lin can finish better near the rim, and is much better passer than Rose. Rose has to be the worst PG in the NBA. Enough said.

  • In reply to liztan:

    Ah sarcasm

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    From Bill Simmons: "This is a weird comment that can't be backed up but I'm making it anyway: I don't think any NBA fan base loves a player more than Bulls fans love Derrick Rose. If you went into a Chicago sports bar and started trashing Rose during a Bulls game, you'd get beaten up and left for dead in an alley."

    100% backed here, as obviously this guy was joking the whole time.

  • In reply to liztan:

    Liztan, you just serve to remind me that there are roaches everywhere !!!

  • JL is now my starter, and Rose can sit on the bench where he belongs. Rose's basketball IQ is too low, and needs to sit and watch until he learns how to handle the ball.

  • In reply to liztan:

    please just go away !!

  • Lakers: Rondo and massive luxury tax relief

    Bulls: Pau Gasol

    Orlando rebuilds: Asik (using Brandon Bass trade exception), Garnett, Boozer, Dallas pick, Charlotte pick, and are well under the salary cap next year

    Boston: Howard, Turkoglu, CJ Watson

  • I slept well yesterday night. what a good game from the bulls.
    This win doesn't say Chicago is better than Miami. However it shows that Bulls are more a team since they depend less on Rose.

    I also think we found the solution to Rose double-teams : Make Rose play alonside Lucas when he is trapped and let Lucas bring up the bulls late in the 4th quater against Miami.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    You could do that with Lucas or CJ because both can handle and shoot, the problem is you get killed on defense. Of course, Brewer and Deng played great defense on Wade/LeBron and it mattered little.

    Sometimes I wonder if you're almost better putting in offensive specialists and just figuring that those guys are going to make shots or that whether htey make shots or not is based more on them than on what you do to them.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    That is the one worry from yesterday's game. That trapping part was not really handled well. JL3 just threw it out lying on the ground and somehow it landed luckily with a Bulls player. Rose may be more athletic and stronger than JL3 but I think the problem is choreographing by the PG who needs to move where when trapped is giving the Miami defense to react. I think Noah is better at handling the trap but not as a just a guy who receives the ball and touches it like a hot potato. He needs to take the ball and drive to the basket when Rose is trapped. I don't see CJ/JL3 able to do that with their size.
    That's why using CJ and Rose or JL3 and Rose together doesn't look like a great idea when trapped

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I don't agree. Even if CJ and JL3 are short, they still handle the ball better than Noah. And most of all they can shoot unlike Noah who is only an intermediate when Noah recieves the ball.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    CJ/JL3 will get crowded and definitely throw up a wild shot or turn it over because they cannot create against an elite defense with 8/10 sec on the clock when Rose trapping happens. Noah is big enough to view and pass it to the open guy or drive to the basket or throw up a hook shot and not take a jump shot. He has shown he can do that. I don't think CJ/JL3 can handle this well.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    You idea of giving the ball to Noah didn't work in playoffs against the heat. it barely worked against philly 2 weeks ago. That's why I don't trust it anymore.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Don't look at last year and assume it will repeat. People/players grow and learn from it. After his injury last year, Noah pretty much didn't have any chemistry with Boozer and both of them sucked in the playoffs against Miami. That's why Thibs was putting in Taj/Asik in the 4th quarter against Miami. But, this is a new year and he understands what he has to do and he does have the skillset of ball-handling.
    It is the same with Rose. Rose kind of was over-whelmed in the playoffs. I can guarantee he will be better this year if he is healthy against Miami in the playoffs. Will that translate into a series win? That, we don't know

  • In reply to deewaves:

    deewaves, you're a Roach!

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    stop being rude when you dont agree with somebody. dumb ass !!!

  • In reply to deewaves:

    I don't think the choice is between Noah and a second pg, if you are saying that it is, then which one is playing center on defense, Watson or Lucas. Nevermind that Noah is as good of a decision maker and passer under pressure as we have.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I understand you point. But if we put Rose with Lucas on the floor, it would be for only the last 2 minutes. Besides, Thibs can change lineup several times depending on whether we are on offonse or defense like he does with Boozer/Gibson and Korver/Brewer.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    I'm still waiting to hear a positive note, from these clowns, about Noah's outstanding play last night. But they are just a bag of haters waiting to pour it on whenever he has a bad game, then they'll start screaming for SUPERMAN, although the Orlando muscleman doesn't want to come here. And most important, Reinsdorf and Paxson will have to get the OK from President Barack Obama to make such an absurd move. But thank God, Paxson and Reinsdorf are big in the Noah camp. That dream of the haters will never happen!

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I'd still rather make LeBron make fall away 15 footers on Deng than let him blow past Korver for easy dunks. LeBron is good enough that playing good defense might only make him miss one or two more shots ... but hey, lots of basketball games are decided by one or two shots.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    It's a fair point, but in watching the Orlando game, LeBron struggled to score far more against Turkoglu than Deng despite Turkoglu not defending nearly as well. The biggest impact though was really that Turk had Dwight behind him.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Which makes you wonder if the Bulls would be better off having Deng let LeBron drive past him, but make sure that drive is channelled into Noah/Asik/Gibson.

    I guess we have a couple more regular season games to go to see whether the Bulls make any adjustment to how they try to guard LeBron. Although maybe even if they do have a better idea they wouldn't use it in the regular season?

  • Rose is definitely a very poor ball handler, just look at all his unforced errors/turnovers numbers per 48 minutes vs. CJ or JL. I have to hold my breath everytime Rose handles the ball. He throws the ball away left and right. Most of the time, he is not using his speed to his advantage, but to his disadvantage. Just look at all his misses near the rim. Look at the stats, and compare him to Lin, the guy that makes 700K vs 19M for Rose.

  • In reply to liztan:

    stop trolling !

  • Doug, you mentioned yesterday, imagine how difficult the heat would be to beat if they had a real coach. Do you think the triangle offense would be good for them, and could we see it? Obviously there are only a few head coaches that like to run it.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    It's hard for me to say. In theory it would be now that LeBron has a post game. Also, they haev an array of good passers/shooters and frequently play small, so having interchangeable parts wouldn't hurt them much.

    On the other hand, the offense hasn't worked well anywhere except when it's been run with absolute elite talent. Obviously Miami has elite talent, but there are plenty of reasons to think the triangle is sort of a gimmick that worked because of who ran it more so than because the offense was anything special.

    There are certainly many offenses which predicate themselves on similar beliefs to the triangle, so it's not like it's conceptually unique at all.

  • I'm ticked off the Pacers got stronger with signing Barabosa for a 2nd round pick and 76ers got Sam Young from the Grizzlies for a pick.
    We could have used both of those guys!
    Come on Bulls make a move! I'd even be happy with crazy Agent Zero Arenas at this point joining the Bulls! :-)
    Well he was the essence of stupidity bringing a gun or 2 into the DC arena...LOL he wasn't bringing into his house Mr. Arenas but the basketball arena..big no no of epic proportions and with a $120M contract that you signed...Dang you are a crazy MOFO! :-)

  • In reply to smiley:

    I have long argued for the Bulls adding Barbosa as instant offense off the bench, but he has always been too pricey.

    The Bulls are not going over the tax this year for anyone other than Howard. Since they are only a few hundred thousand under the tax, they have no ability to take on a contract like Barbosa.

    While I am less than thrilled that the Pacers picked him up, they were under the cap, and Barbosa is expiring.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Seems a bit funny to bring in Barbosa when they gave away their pick to bring in George Hill to perform a similar role. Not sure how this really works for them, does it mean that they've soured on George Hill?

  • Looks like Pat Riley drilled the importance of a post game into Lebron and Wade, Lebron especially looked nearly unstoppable in the post with the fadeaway jumper. The Bulls did a good job at limiting the Heat getting to the charity stripe and made them a jumpshooting team..Turnovers were a bit too high but they can clean that up. Boozer has to be a disappointment, he can not score against the Heat....80 million bucks was paid because of his scoring ability. 2 points? with bad defense.....I can see why the Bulls have been making calls but they probably will Hinrich him, package him with a draft choice after his third year and some team like the wizards with cap space will take him off our hands since I don't see the Bulls using the amnesty unless its the last year...maybe then the astute frugal genius of Jerry R will use that option. We played a great game offensively but I thought our defense could of been better, Wade was given too much air space by brewer at times but Noah did a hell of a job on Bosh. Great win.

  • Post Heatles Three points:

    1) Jimmy Butler looks legit as a defensive stopper. Time will tell, but he even looked good guarding LeBron. And he nearly completed a couple of three point plays not to mention on his shots and threes the ball has barely rimmed out. I think even Thibs likes him. He could be a signifcant contributor come playoff time. There's just something about this guy even his persona belies a confidence that effects the team and appeals to the fans.

    2) Derrick Rose: how serious is his injury? I mean he had to be driven to the locker room on a cart. I hope he is rested until he is fully healed that's all I know. Groin injuries are nothing to mess around with(that doesn't sound right, but you get the point).

    3) Miami's bigs Haslem and Anthony look like stiffs to say the least. Haslem is shooting like 40% from the field this year. Taj and Jo are emerging offensively and defensively at just the right time. They have to hurt the Heat where they are most vulnerable come playoff time if we're going to take them down.

  • By the way, is anyone else as excited as I am about the recent trend of Thibs assigning Boozer to the weaker opposing front court player rather than strict positional matchups?

    I felt having Boozer defend Anthony, freeing Noah to cover Bosh was a huge difference maker in the game.

  • It's been reported that Lakers, in order to give up Gasol, wanted Noah, Gibson and Watson.

    I'd do it if it was up to me since we wouldn't lose Deng. Our big men on the floor would be Boozer/Gasol, Asik/Gasol or Boozer/Asik.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Considering age it's pretty hard to give up Noah for Gasol straight up ... throwing in Gibson (and Watson, although he's less important to the team) is too much.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Precisely put, even though we didn't give up the most important ghost on the roster.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Once a thief...always a thief. Lakers are used to stealing players from small markets because of their big market, big LA attraction. Gasol is past his prime and if it was Gasol of was worth giving up Noah. Lakers are just in denial asking for a all-star type young player for Gasol or even in some cases rejecting it(Rondo, Lowry). CP3 for Gasol was thankfully nullified. Just because somebody was a big part of a c'ship few years doesn't mean they are worth so much. Even Scottie Pippen after his Bulls tenure didn't get so much back in a S & T. It is good that GarPax told them the Lakers to look somewhere else

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Lakers rejected Gasol for Rondo?!? Are they nuts?
    They have a very good big man, they have a gaping hole at PG...and may have saved $16 million in salary/luxury tax with that deal...huh?

  • In reply to deewaves:

    I heard that they also wanted the Charlotte pick and Mirotic, but were willing to let us keep Deng. thank god.

  • "It's been reported that Lakers, in order to give up Gasol, wanted Noah, Gibson and Watson.

    I'd do it if it was up to me since we wouldn't lose Deng. Our big men on the floor would be Boozer/Gasol, Asik/Gasol or Boozer/Asik."

    Gasol is a good player, better than Boozer of course but I wouldn't trade Noah, Gibson, and Watson for anyone BUT Mr. Superman Dwight Howard!

  • I re-watched the game and It looked like to me like the Heat were not going to let Boozer hurt them. It makes sense with DRose out and CJ and Luol coming back from injury, believe it or not, they figured if they shut down Carlos they win that game. It sounded good on paper. and on paper none seemingly contributed. but they all made key plays in key moments. Carlos dishing out assists in the 1st quarter keeping it close, Luol hitting some 3's when it counted and CJ; just gutting it out and coming back to spell JL3 when it was obvious he had re-injured his ankle.

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