Bulls vs Raptors 7pm on WGN with some injury updates

Bulls vs Raptors 7pm on WGN with some injury updates

Richard Hamilton and Derrick Rose are slowly on the mend. Derrick Rose ran in water which was the first type of running he’s done, and Richard Hamilton was able to go through a non contact practice. Both players will likely miss another week, but they’re making progress towards recovery.

Of the two injuries, Rose’s injury strikes me as the more concerning of the two in terms of recovery time, likelihood of relapse, and obviously importance of his absence. Let’s face it. Richard Hamilton has played so rarely and with up and down success that his loss isn’t really felt much. We just expect him out.

The Bulls have fought courageously without Rose. They’re 11-4 in the 15 games he’s sat out including marquee wins against Boston, Miami, Orlando, and Philadelphia. That 11-4 pace would be 60 wins in an 82 game season while the Bulls are on a 67 win pace while Rose has played.

The Bulls might skate to the ECF with Rose at 90%, but they’ll likely need him at his best to get past Miami (despite Lucas’s one game heroics in his absence in their last matchup). If you’ve ever suffered through a groin injury, then you know how difficult an injury it can be to recovery from. Relapses are common and the recovery time is long.

If Rose is simply running in water now then my original hope for an April 1st recovery against Oklahoma City seems awfully optimistic. Given the latest news, I’d have to surmise Rose is still two weeks away or more. Hopefully Chicago can continue to play at a high level without him.

Which Bulls team comes out?

The second game of a home and home is always interesting to me, because in the first game we saw the Raptors outplay the Bulls for three quarters and then completely collapse. Do the Bulls come out and play defense and just crush the Raptors this game or can Toronto get their crap together and not completely collapse on the way to a win?

Even without Rose, I think the Bulls are simply the better team. I expect Chicago to beat the Raptors on the glass, to get more points inside the paint, to generate more fast break points, and play better defense. However, the challenge for Chicago, as always, will be creating shots from the perimeter.

Luol Deng hasn’t been able to generate any offense outside of catch and shoot scenarios for weeks while Brewer and Korver are both largely reliant on other players to create shots for them. Lucas and Watson can both create looks, but both are extremely streaky players that run hot and cold.

Despite their flaws the Bulls will roll

Sure, Chicago has plenty of weaknesses with Rose out [and some flaws even when he’s not], but the Raptors simply aren’t that good. They don’t have any truly reliable offensive players to create good looks and their defense isn’t likely to hold back Chicago too much. The Bulls are simply the better and stronger team and playing at home, plus Toronto is coming off a back to back whereas the Bulls are on a couple of days rest.


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  • You know that SOMEBODY on this team... Lucas, Korver, Boozer, whomever, is going to step up and not let this Bulls team lose to the lowly Raptors at the UC.

  • The Bulls say day to day, Thibs says something else, ESPN says it is a few days and Doug says it will be more than 2 weeks. Whatever the truth is, I hope Rose is 100% when he plays against Miami as Doug says. It is worrying though(I understand the back issues because of the overcompensating on the toe which was caused by somebody stepping on it) that his groin is in trouble because of a non-contact injury when Rose tried to stop Lin and is not healing fast either because of the type of injury or Rose's speed of recovery???
    These games are important as games against elite teams can go either way and the seeding will suffer. If the Bulls are focused and not take the Raptors lightly like they did in the last game for 3 quarters, they should win.

  • We know from experience Bulls are secretive about players’ injuries.
    Bulls listed CJ as day-to-day with his elbow, and a week later it was only through CJ that the media learned he actually dislocated his elbow, which is a serious injury – certainly not “day-to-day.”

    It’s been nearly 3 weeks since Hamilton’s day-to-day “shoulder bruise” and only now is he lifting his arm overhead and navigating the basketball court without contact.

    Similar with Rose, having Derrick dress for games and calling him a “game time decision” is pure media spin. His groin pull is obviously more serious than Bulls have let on. Media reports from beat writers who are constantly around the team indicate Rose has difficulty even walking normally.

    It’s been 12 days since Rose’s groin injury and it may take until May for a recovery near full strength. Sure Rose could come back earlier than that, but he will NOT be at full strength if he does. As Doug says, “if you’ve ever had a groin pull they take a long time to heal” – and Rose’s sounds more serious than an average groin pull.

    Bulls don’t need another regular season championship. Even without Rose Bulls will get a 2nd seed at worst, and a winnable 1st round matchup. What Bulls need is a healthy Rose (and Hamilton) for the playoffs - and that’s worth waiting for. I’m not concerned about the remainder of the regular season. The Bench Mob has shown they can handle it.

    Thibs, please rest Deng a bit and give some minutes to Jimmy Butler.

  • I've been thinking a little bit about how the Bulls have trouble creating good looks when Rose isn't on the floor. Obviously, CJ and JL3 are definitely "streaky," as Doug puts it, and it'd be nice to have a second shot creator. The solution I like is Ronnie Brewer.

    Brewer is obviously great at cutting and receiving quick passes (often from Noah) and finishing at the rim. But in the last few games we've seen him create off the dribble and score (or nearly score) at the basket. He's got the speed and handles to do that when he's not being guarded by a truly elite defender. Thibs should run a few sets for him each game and even an occasional iso. It won't work every time, but I think it's worth trying and building his confidence. When we initially signed Brewer he had one of the league's highest % of shots from 5 ft or less (compared to overall shot attempts). That number has gone down but not because Brewer has lost a step. It's just not part of the Bulls regular offense. Maybe it should be. In any case, trying can't hurt.

  • Deng played all 24 minutes of the 1st half. Unbelievable.

    Lucas provided a spark off the bench with his penetration, but gave back everything on defense as he could not guard Jose Calderon.

    Bulls low energy and getting beat on the boards 26-16.

  • I guess bulls decided losing to the craptors at home was more dramatic than on the road.

  • That was the type of ending you wish they had when playing against Miami. Not quite so satisfying when you beat a bottom feeder, but given they were playing the second half without Noah while already down Rose/Hamilton, it was a nice win.

  • How ever did the Bulls win that?

  • In reply to Shakes:

    James Johnson giveth, and James Johnson taketh away.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yes, that ill-advised drive attempt with 17 seconds remaining on the shot clock. Then James Johnson and Forbes going 1-4 on FTs.

    This win was a total gift. Bulls nearly lost the game in the 1st quarter coming out sluggish.

  • In reply to DougThonus:


  • Stuck in Florida... What happened to Noah? Only 12 mins... He must have been hurt.

  • In reply to Swish14U:

    Noah was ejected for arguing with the refs (Tech 1) and tossing the ball at a ref (Tech 2) on the same play. Stupid behavior.

  • Just heard on AM-1000 from Bill Wennington that Rose's groin is quite bad. There was blood collecting (internal bleeding) in the injured area. And Rose still cannot run outside of the pool.

    I have never heard of internal bleeding in a groin pull - this is no garden variety groin pull. Sounds like Rose will be out for a while still.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Bill Wennington said he spoke with Derrick Rose personally about his groin injury.

  • Rose spoke to Nick Freidel about it on ESPN Chicago.

    It sounds like it was a lot worse than initially reported, but that he is noticalbly better in the last few days.

    My guess is that they will be fairly conservative before letting him come back, since there is not that much time left to recover if they miscalculate.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Hey BigWay,
    AM-1000 radio is the ESPN affiliate in Chicago. Yeah, I heard Nick Friedell today too, and he also added that when walking to his car today after shoot around, Derrick isn't even walking right.

    I agree with you, there is no time remaining in the regular season for a relapse so Bulls must treat Rose conservatively. Rose is actually week-to-week and not "game-time-decision."

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