Bulls vs Raptors 7pm on WGN

There’s no rest for the weary in this shortened season, except in this case the Raptors as just as wary as the Bulls. Both teams are playing their 7th game in nine days. The Chicago Bulls return from Boston while the Toronto Raptors are coming off a loss in which they gave up a 22 point lead.

Unlike the Bulls, the Raptors are struggling to beat anyone, and they’re likely missing Andrea Bargnani for the evening as well.

In a short, slaughter

There are always let down games, there are always hot shooting nights, but this is a game the Bulls should crush the competition. Without Bargnani, the Raptors have precious few threats on offense, and the Bulls should counter the ones they have.

The Raptors defense isn’t likely to make up for their offensive woes any either. Much like the Wizards, the Raptors are a team the Bulls could probably beat without Rose, but presuming his toe didn’t worsen overnight, they’ll have no such worries tonight.

Keys to the game

I could write a bunch of words about How the Raptors have no interior defense to stop Derrick Rose, how they can’t score on the Bulls, how Luol Deng needs to play steady defense against Demarr (their only offensive threat in this game), but it’s empty words.

The Bulls need to do one thing:

Show up and don’t take the game lightly. Teams lose games like this occasionally because it’s so hard to get up for a lousy opponent. The Hawks lost to the Heatles without LeBron and Wade after beating them with LeBron and Wade for that reason.

The Bulls need only remember that the Raptors are a legitimate NBA team with the legitimate NBA talent, and if they walk into the game expecting to just annihilate them without putting forth any effort then they can become one of those casualties.

That said, Thibodeau won’t let that happen, and the Bulls aren’t likely to come out that flat at home.


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  • James Johnson Vs Jimmy Butler...That's the match-up I am looking for.

    I have always wondered why Toronto is never treated as a big-market team when the market size can be the same as Chicago. It's a big town with probably most of Canada supporting them.

    Another thing to watch is how much free Kyle Korver will get in this game. Boston for all its problems didn't let him free at all while a real crappy team will not have the discipline to keep him accounted for.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    You won't have much to see unless the Bulls are up 40 with less than a minute to go in the game.

  • Haven't paid to much attention to the Raptors so far this season but I couldn't agree more that the Bulls need to handle their business and beat this team down just like their last home game. And don't be like the senseless Hawks and lose to a team who's two best players weren't in the game

  • Might wanna keep an eye on Leandro Barbosa though. He's been lighting it up from off the bench lately.

  • Oh yea, speaking of turnovers, I forgot to mention this last night but the most surprising stat of last nights game(Celtics) JOAH played 39 minutes and committed 0 turnovers and shockingly was called for 0 fouls.

    Gimme that and a double double every night and twice on Sunday.

  • Wooo, 2 plus minutes, Deng, I feel refreshed now. Lazy ass bozo just cost us a bucket by not bothering to hustle, game tied.

  • there he goes again, stealing(attempting) a rebound from JOAH, turnover, Toronto ball, what a self centered jackass.

  • In reply to BigWay:


    I knew someone would make that comment as soon as I saw the play. Late in the 3rd quarter, defensive rebound.

    That ball was right in Boozer's hands, it bounced off the rim right to him, and he had two hands on it. It was Noah who knocked it out of bounds. I replayed it 3 times to make sure.

    I have recorded it and will post it in my blog tomorrow.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    and I knew that someone would respond just as you have, thats why I posted it, just for you, your right, he didn't tackle Noah to get his 2 hands on it. It was clearly Noah's rebound to have, but Boozer had to pad his stats, so you stat guru's could say what a great game he played.

    And you really need to look up the meaning of the word hatred, especially in its purest form.

  • Wait, my television must be on the fritz, it is still the 3rd quarter and I can't find Deng anywhere on the court.

  • Any chance that we can add Barbossa for the Miami series.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    He would be a great addition if GarPax can do some magic. I feel he is the ideal under the radar addition of what exactly the Bulls need .

    BTW, did anybody see Noah clapping for Taj's bucket. His left thumb looked bent and crooked...not sure if it was deliberate or the injury.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I was more or less kidding, since he still makes over $7 million per in the last season of his contract, but the Bulls sure could use his type of instant offense in the playoffs.

  • Man, if we could just inject Taj with Boozer's mid range shooting touch, he'd be an All-Star and we would be NBA champs.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    That would be sweet. I like Taj. But sadly, Taj learning to shoot like Boozer is about as likely as Boozer learning to defend like Taj. I know that sounds harsh, but I think it’s true.

    In his rookie season Taj averaged 27 minutes over 82 games.
    If Bulls played Taj like Thibs is playing Jimmy Butler, we’d never have known Taj was a capable NBA player. I think Butler has a least as much ability as Taj.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Toozer or Bibson would be a Bulls fans ultimate wet dream at power forward.

  • Boozer, and actual NBA defensive play, in the lane no less, what is that about a broken clock, in snoozers case it is likely only a 12 hour clock.

  • Bulls, five home games, 4 opponents under 70, one at 72, insane.

    The bottom half(7/15th) of the eastern conference should be split off into the little sisters of the poor conference. Pretty much the only way to explain the Sixers world record setting season so far and the Bulls otherworldly home defensive record.

    Unless Boston just quits the playoff teams are basically set already.

    Can we just avoid all the injuries and get to the playoffs already.

    Not that I have anything against the guy at all, but thank god, in a few days, we won't have to hear anything about Tebow for a while.

  • Interesting quote from Doc Rivers, who in addition to being an NBA coach was a mighty fine player himself.

    "You can have all the intensity you want," Rivers said. "But after three minutes and your lungs hurt, you're no longer thinking about intensity, you're thinking about survival. How can I get through this next five minutes? And then you're not playing the same. So, we have to be in better shape.''

    Hmmm, maybe despite the fact that they are young "world class" athletes, they are still human and actually subject to the effects of fatigue. Lets check the stat book, afterall, what would a guy who has only been playing or coaching at the aboslute highest levels for over 30 years know based on just his personal experience.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    LOL, you are really getting desperate to complain about minutes.

    "Young "world class" athletes"? LMFAO, the Celtics don't have many of them. They have old guys.

    You notice he said "WE have to be in better shape". He didn't say THE BULLS have to be in better shape.

    I guess when each and every single thing you've complained about doesn't come to fruition, you look for whatever you can. I don't know which is funnier, this one or the one about Boozer having the ball knocked right out of his hands by Noah, but you tried to say Boozer was stealing the rebound.

    Dude, you are hilarious. Now that Bullsville is on ChicagoNow, won't you please come post over there when you're not posting here? So far I've been blessed with intelligent posters, but we can always use some laughs.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Yea, all 3 of them, not including you, yourself , and god, oh wait that'd redundant since your are the god of BBall IQ.

    The site for "intelligent" Bulls fans, what a crock of Pompous Assosity.

    By intelligent, you, of course mean people who only agree with you on everything. Like all totalitarian facists, disagreeing with the Dear Leader is never tolerated.

    Then again Padacuh is the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of intellectual prowess, at least the inbred kind.

    Factually, it did come to fruition last night as even Thibs admitted that Mr Ironman(Deng) had to ask for a blow at the end of the 3rd quarter because he had no legs, so now in addition to not believing Doc rivers, because his guys are old, you will have to find some way to not believe both Deng and Thibs himself.

    But since you are a self proclaimed Paducah genius, I am sure that you will find a way to create a stat that proves that he wasn't fatigued.

    Has Mappy found the MappyLite site yet, you 2 could enjoy some quality self flagillating alone time together.

  • Why bother to respond to bitter bigway? He wishes a season ending injury on booze. The guy is a freak and needs help that he cannot find on message boards.

  • In reply to dreverts:

    Again, I did not wish it upon him, I just said that I wouldn't care if he had one, which by the way is exactly how the majority of Bulls fans would respond if it did happen, even if they won't say so out loud in public.

    So before you jump to call people names work on your reading comprehension skills

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You are a real ray of sunshine bitter bigway

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