Bulls vs Pistons 7pm on CSN and some final Atlanta thoughts

Bulls vs Pistons 7pm on CSN and some final Atlanta thoughts

Will Rip Hamilton fight through a sore groin to get revenge on his former team again? Let’s hope not. At least not unless he’s fully healthy, because aggravating a groin injury in an attempt to punish the Pistons for not starting him last season isn’t all that helpful for the Bulls long term.

Overall, the Pistons are a fairly awful squad which should present little problem for the Bulls, especially at home. As such, allow me to hit on a few points from the Atlanta loss, since I didn’t do a true recap outside of the podcast.

Did Thibs cut his losses against the Hawks?

When you look at the minutes for the starters, Thibodeau appeared to let this one go rather than trying to chase it when it was clearly gone. The starters played limited minutes and were out the entire fourth quarter.

That said, the starters were singularly horrific, so perhaps resting them the fourth wasn’t due to him thinking the Bulls couldn’t come back, but was him thinking the bench kicked the starters ass anyway.

I’m going to hope that he realized it wasn’t happening in this game and decided to give his guys a rest and prepare long term rather than short term. The Bulls skipped practice Sunday and given how few opportunities to practice they have it shows Thibodeau is cognizant of the wear the season is having on the team.

Boozer and Noah still can’t play together

How long do you let this go on before you split the pair of them up and go to Boozer/Asik or Taj/Joakim to start the game? I don’t think it’s time to make a switch yet, but Boozer/Noah do not play well together at all, and this trend goes back to last year when both players were at their best with the other out.

The Bulls really need to try to make this work, but do you pull the plug on it mid season if it’s still a struggle or just force the team to fight through it?

I think the Bulls moving Boozer out of the low post and into the high post for pick and rolls is the first step towards trying to make the tandem better, but even so, the rebounding strength of both players is diminished playing next to each other, and they’re both looking for the ball down low.

Mixing up the rotation might help both players considerably [though they’d still play together a decent amount most likely], but it will be a blow to the ego of one of the guys to come off the bench.

My guess is that Thibodeau will Keith Bogans this one, refusing to change regardless of how bad it gets.

Have to like what we saw out of Jimmy Butler

It was 12 minutes of action largely against the Hawks scrubs, but don’t count out Jimmy Butler’s 48 PER on the season so far. That’s way beyond anything Jordan ever did.

Seriously though, Butler looked solid, his three hoops were all at the rim, but he played like he knew what he was about, and I like the fact that he didn’t get all jacked up and crazy after scoring while the Bulls were down by 20 points. Maybe someone should show a tape of that to Blake Griffin.

Next year, the Bulls will almost certainly let some combination of Korver, Brewer, and Watson go [non guaranteed deals] and increase Butler’s role to fill in. Brewer makes the most sense of the group, but against Miami I might lean towards having more defenders, and everything the Bulls do has to be geared towards beating Miami.

John Lucas has played very well

Lucas is either playing way over his head so far this season, or he’s improved dramatically since he played with the Rockets in 2005-2007. He’s shot the ball well from downtown [50%], scored in high volume per minute [24pts per 36], and has posted solid passing numbers [5.6a vs 2.8tos per 36].

Overall, for an emergency third guard, he’s truly answered the bell. He’s been the PG equivalent to Kurt Thomas, coming in completely cold and doing his job at a high level. We’ll see if he can keep it up, but at his present rate of play, he could steal the back up PG job from CJ Watson or potentially make Watson expendable next season.

Okay, back to the Pistons game…

Keys to the game

Defend the perimeter

The Bulls didn’t cover up the three point line well enough in Atlanta, and it cost them the game. The Pistons are more likely to shoot their way to victory on a hot night than they are to slash their way to victory, so make sure to cover up the three point line this time.

When they do drive, the Bulls interior defense should be able to rotate over to help on the Pistons undersized guards.

Pay attention to details

Against underwhelming opponents, the Bulls need to focus on their execution on both ends of the court. The Pistons don’t have the talent to hang with Chicago unless they shoot lights out or the Bulls simply get sloppy on both ends of the court.

Chicago needs to control turnovers, get back in transition, and box out on the defensive glass. Making sure to cover the fundamentals will turn this into a game of execution, and the Pistons lack the talent to execute their game plan more efficiently than the Bulls.

Final thoughts

Go out, play hard, get the win. It should be an easy game, but good teams lose to bad ones all the time if they treat it as such.


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  • In the Atlanta game, and nearly every game, Joakim Noah has become more then a concern. There's no need to rehash the numbers which are beyond awful, and in steady decline going back to admittedly an injury filled last season.

    The Boozer theory has been pointed to, but when you're This bad, it goes beyond the wrong "fit" or scheme.

    When players struggle, for whatever reason I usually side with the player, and think coaches as "bosses" not employees, especially in today's corporate media, do not get held accountable or discussed even anywhere near as often as they should.

    Again, that said, there's a difference between a player performing below what they have shown they are capable of or potentially, and a guy just completely sucking. Which would Be Joakim Noah.

    Two things you never want to associate with one another: 1) Huge contract extension and 2) said player's game going down the toilet.

    As much as I would have liked to have seen a continued emphasis on Joakim's successful upper lane drives for his unique away hand layups or "hooks" and also clear outs with Noah running curls without the ball, and hitting him in stride right as he circles towards the basket, not to mention numerous lobs etc. Beyond all these things, there's still something fundamenttally wrong with Jo's game including rebounding.

    So whoever ran those plays for Jo, be it Del Harris, Bernie Bickerstaff, whoever, Jo right now sucks offensively beyond anything you can point to system wise. Even with the limited skill set he exhibited, he still showed some skill with high percentage hooks, spin moves etc. When you score in double digits 12ppg on a .500% or better Feild Goal percentage, as a quality big should do, aside from tip ins, lobs, and put backs, you still have to have some consistent skill attempts involved..

    Jo, I don't know, I've pointed time and again to his ESPN "welcome to my house/crib" short last year where even after some mishaps due to the partying or apparent typical NBA player lifestyle, he still had to go out of his way to point out that the energy shots in his fridge where "great for hangovers" with a mocking Groucho Marx face(I know, who the hell is Groucho marx right?). But I mean, come on? How old do you have to be before you quit acting like this? Like a child.

    If Jo doesn't right the ship within the next month or so from these awful numbers, you have to seriously be concerned about his future. It almost has gotten to the point where even if you wanted to trade him, as some have suggested for a slashing/scoring wing, an Ellis, Iggy whoever else has been mentioned, does his eroded value which once garnered offers for Carmelo Anthony still exist?

    Speaking of needing a quality scoring guard for offensive punch, Richard Hamilton, who has played terrific and effected the team way more then I thought he would, the last three years has played 67, 46, and 55 games. He will turn 34 yrs. old soon.

    Finally, recently there are certain posters who have habitually nagged anyone who sees problems with this Bulls team. It's been annoying. The Grandma chortling, "you're nothing but a bunch of troublemaking hooligans" needs to stop.

    The Bulls while a good team no doubt, and Thibs has been way more matuire and positive this year in my view, but this is an incomplete team in reagrds to winning a championship, in most years anyhow. I suppose anything can happen in a no training camp, play every night compressed season.

    Still, if the Bulls stand pat, or "there is absolutely no trade i.e nothing they can do" as the whining Mom crowd will chortle, then I highly doubt the Bulls offense and pointed to No. 7 in the league rating will remain. Something more befitting of an also ran will emerge as is written on the wall in Jo's, Lu's, and even Derrick's numbers. Lu and D shooting 29% from three? And the spacing has been abysmal as teams read the news, and pack it in. Guess it's time to start Korver..(cricketts chirping).

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    As a Bulls fan, I am very concerned with how Noah is playing. If he had shown it in a few games and looked bad in a couple like Boozer, Deng, Korver etc....I would understand. But, he has been terrible. Either he partied too much during the break or whatever work he did was not "intensive" enough to make a difference in his game or as you said the "big contract" has altered his state of mind.
    That said, even if it is rust...with him looking like a D-league player right now, there is a tiny chance that he will go from 0 to 100 even if everything works out. We are probably stuck with the average Joakim and Thibs has to plan the season having an average "Joe-kim"

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I couldn't believe how awful he looked in the first quarter against Atlanta. He was missing easy look after easy look. He's also killing me in my fantasy league. Just an all around bummer.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Well, unlike Doug, I have always contented that you cannot be both a pot head and a world class athlete, even if your use is not in season.

    I have no idea what kind of partying Noah does, but it does not seem to be out of the realm of possibilities that Noah smokes quite a bit of pot, especially in the offseason.

    It could be why he is not an exceptionally conditioned athlete, but I also suspect he is not necessarily genetically gifted in this are either, despite his dad being a world class athlete himself.

    However, this almost seems counterintuitive but Noah is another of those guys who seem to play better when he gets extended minutes. He needs to work himself into a froth, like he did in his coming out party against the Celtics in the playoffs 3 years ago.

    The TOAH/Noah chemstry issues aside, just like I said in his first 2 seasons, Thibs just needs to play Noah so that he can work himself into being his normal self. This is a subtle way in which being surgically attached at the hip to Bozo is hurting Noah and the Bulls. As Stacey would say KYP.

    A strategically placed duffle bag is still the best thing that could happen to the Bulls this year.

  • More then likely you're right. But if the Bulls do have to spend the season with "Jo Lite", a diminishing player in essence losing what was once a core, franchise piece, undoubtedly that has to have a negative effect on the ball club..

    And not to get lost in all of this is the fact that I loved what Jo brought to the Bulls. At times he was the most impactful and entertaining player on the team. I still appreciate the things he did for the team and the fans.

    It just doesn't look like the same guy since last November's injury. It's like he was snatched up, and some evil anti-Jo has replaced him. "Evil anti-Jo(clone), what have you done with the Real Joakim?"

  • Unless Noah can consistently knock down that 12 foot jumper he will continue to hinder this team for a couple reasons. Jo's man can always sag off him and help on defense, and Jo's lack of any real offense also severely clogs up the lane. He's a perfect fit on a team that has 2 or 3 guys that can create shots, but on this team, which seemingly has the exact same issues we had last season on offense, I just dont feel we can afford to have him on the court for extended mintues without a consistent jump shot.

  • RoadWarrior wrote:
    Finally, recently there are certain posters who have habitually nagged anyone who sees problems with this Bulls team. It's been annoying. The Grandma chortling, "you're nothing but a bunch of troublemaking hooligans" needs to stop.

    "Troublemaking hooligans"? No, I'd say "people who are completely unqualified to do an in-depth analysis of NBA basketball".

    Guys are more than welcome to their opinions, but when their analysis completey differs from the analyses of pretty much every NBA expert at pretty much every media outlet... well, you can analyze that statement however you choose.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    First of all, seriously, I feel sorry for guys like you. And I mean that.

    If you want to think of yourself as a so called "expert" who should right the wrongs of Bulls fans/posters who are just here to shoot the shit basically then OK...? Whatever purpose you think your serving. it really is simply nerdville, and just a nuisance to free flowing ideas.

    People completely unqualified to do an "in-depth" analysis of NBA basketball?? Do you really think this is a media center, and you are "the Chief!" ?? It's a fucking sports blog. Get over yourself.

    The fact that you had the time to read my entry within relatively one hour, and immediately identified youirself as a "nuisance in question," and then responded says it all.

    Seriously, anyone who self-procalims themself as a " CBA expert" was it(?) is just the type who has something wrong with them. I feel sorry for you. I really do. Try and lighten up a bit would you?

    Nobody, and I mean nobody, truly believes that within the realm of media that's out there that there aren't those who are not in communist unified lockstep that the Bulls are not legit contenders, and that Joakim has not just taken a severe step backwards.

    Tip ins aside, you don't speak for the Bulls nor a diverse constantly spinning media. Again, lighten up. You're not a crusader righting the wrongs. just an annoyance. Disagree fine, but quit with the nanny harping and lecturing. Please.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Lighten up? LMAO, now that's funny.

    We're all here to give our opinions. The difference is, I've noticed you and BigWay like to call people names- I've been compared directly to Mappy and told to get out of my Mom's basement (which, as I pointed out, she doesn't even have a basement) by BigWay.

    And you just complained about- and I quote you- the "Grandma chortling" and "the whining Mom crowd".

    I prefer to stick with people's thoughts on the Bulls.

    If you don't like me, ignore me, I think I'll somehow get over it eventually.

    People were complaining about you and your negative posts long before I started posting here.

    The difference is that I respect your right to give your opinions, no matter how ridiculous and based in non-reality they may be (in my opinion).

    But I get it- you're still mad because you made a big stink about the Luxury Tax, and then when I pointed out that you were wrong you got all huffy and said "Oh no, Doug said blah blah blah".

    Then Doug tell you he really DIDN'T say "blah blah blah" and that I was 100% correct about the Bulls not being able to get into Luxury Tax territory this season, and apparently you're still not over it.

    I'm sure most people are happy to get accurate information.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Seriously, aren't you wanted back at "the station?"

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I thought that it was illegal to pump gas in Illinois.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Look in the mirror buddy, you were abrasive and abusive from your first words on this site.

    Your number one response to every poster who disagrees with your FACTs is to lauch into a series of ad hominem attacks. Which makes you a raging hypocrite for calling out those who have called you out on your crap.

    You want to pick a fight we me fine(I can be a bit over the top with my verbiage from time to time just to get a rise out of people), but you personally attacked Edward hard, who along with Doug is consistently one of the most cogent posters on this site and he seldom resorts to name calling.

    I don't know the guy(Edward) other than from his posts on this site, but if you have a problem with him, then you really don't belong here, just like Mappy & Alex didn't

    Get a grip, be polite and you will be treated with respect in return, otherwise slink back to the crawlspace, since she doesn't have a basement.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Got to agree RW, he's been a egotistical Mappyoff since his first words on the site, I assume we will run him off eventually just like we did Mappy, Alex and all their other clones.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Since Don Ellis has his own blog (Bullsville) why does he spend so much time commenting here on Bulls Confidential? Wouldn’t you think he’d spend his time responding to all the posters on his own blog?

    Does Doug Thonus post on Don Ellis’s blog in a lame attempt to drive traffic to Bulls Confidential? No, Doug doesn’t. But then, Doug doesn’t need to because every single poster on Bullsville is already on Bulls Confidential, namely Don Ellis himself.

    That’s right. There is never a single comment responding to any of Don Ellis’s articles on Bullsville. Not One. Not Ever. Check it out if you don’t believe it. It’s a FACT.

    Did I just hear someone say, “End Of Story” ?
    There’s really nothing more to say, is there.

    Goodnight, and drive home safely.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Well duh, you just answered your own question- if my blog were as big as Doug's, I'd have to spend most of my time commenting there.

    Since my blog is brand new and only gets about 30-40 page views a day, I read and comment here. And Yahoo!, and sometimes Bulls Connect.

    But I do have to say that no matter how big my blog gets, I'll always be reading Doug's work- I've "known" him for ~10 years now, and I respect the hell out of his work.

    Besides, I love the interaction here- you and BigWay and Road Warrior are more than welcome to rip on me all you want, and I'll keep pointing out how 99% of the opinions you guys express here are just flat-out wrong.

    It should work out great!!

  • Lakers win their sixth home game in a row... the Bulls have only had two! Our schedule has been brutal. All the early season adversity I could imagine short of playing Miami.

  • You really want to know why Noah's offensive numbers look so bad this year? He's missing a lot of tip-ins.

    19% of Jo's shot attempts have been tip-ins, and he's only hitting 18.2% of them. No wonder he's only shooting 38% from the field.

    2010-11: 14% of Jo's shots were tips, he made 55.4% of them
    2009-10: 18% of Jo's shots were tips, he made 49.5% of them
    2008-09: 17% of Jo's shots were tips, he made 46.0% of them

    Noah's minutes are down this season, but Asik's are up 43% over last season. It's easier to sit Joakim when the Bulls have an outstanding backup center who deserves minutes.

    Noah's per36 numbers are down from his career numbers, but not a lot- in fact his assists are at a career-high per minute.

    He hasn't played real well this season, but there are 20+ NBA teams who would gladly take him off the Bulls hands.

    Thankfully, the Bulls have a good front office, they aren't stupid enough to mess with a team that is playing the best ball in the NBA.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Thanks for the stats Don... they are illuminating..

    7.7 pts & 7.4 rbds at only 26.2 minutes per game for Noah is NOT "sucking" (and other colorful adjectives) as some have been saying!

    It's completely ridiculous. Plain and simple.

    Noah will get better as the year goes on. I'm not worried at all.

    With only 9 games played, the "chicken littles" make it sound like the sky is falling. The fact of the matter is the Bulls are playing well.

    We are better than last year.

    Coach Thibodeau is a good coach. The Honeymoon is over. He has proven that he is one of the top basketball minds in the NBA. However, he is still learning and continually getting better at the job of Head Coach and everything that it entails.

    The Team is better. We are a year older. For many teams that's a negative (lakers, celtics, etc (I would even argue NY and Miami)) But after the great leap in games won last year, and a trip to the Easter Conference Finals, where we lost to "I'm taking my talents to south beach" and his backup dancers, the Bulls now have their first real taste of doing something in the playoffs. They have overcome adversity, or as Thib's likes to say, "They've walked through the fire together".

    All teams must do this. You must go to the playoffs and lose. The team is still young and getting better, each and every game.

    The Bulls have....

    The reigning MVP ,Derrick Rose, a 23 year old tornado of whoop ass

    TWO of the league's best defensive players:
    Loul Deng & Joakim Noah

    If the All Star Game wasn't a popularity contest for high scorers and big dunkers then Loul Deng would have made it last year and would definitely make it this year. He is the third best Small Forward in the NBA after Lebron James and Kevin Durant. I would not trade Deng for Carmelo Anthony straight up. Carmelo will get you 7 more points per game on 5 more attempts, BUT Deng destroys Melo on Defense. To me it's not even close.

    Noah can guard 4 positions for brief periods. If Derrick Rose is the Heart of the Bulls, than Noah is the Soul. Noah will improve his stats. Although, most will agree that stats do not come close to telling the story of what Noah does for a team. (See Florida's 2 Championships for reference)

    The complimentary cast of characters. The Bench Mob.
    Just like the Bulls championships of the 90's, Gar/Pax are assembling a group of players that want to win and will accept "a role" on a team, such as "Spark off the bench" or "defensive/3pt specialist" etc etc. Guys that know their roles are absolutely critical to a team going all the way, those same guys executing those roles is what WINS you that Championship.

    Anyway, this post is about 10 times longer than was my intention.

    Go Bulls!!!

  • In reply to Ghost Dawg:

    While I am as dissappointed as anyone in Jo's season so far, 7.7 &7.4 in 26 mpg prorates to 10.7 & 10.25, which while not earth shattering would be about he career production level.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I am always willing to give credit where it is due, 20+ teams would indeed gladly take him.

    Also, those numbers validate the eyeball test. Noahs offensive game relies on tips and offensive rebounds, with the occasional spot up jumper. He has clearly not returned to last seasons early season form. The only debate is why.

    I am not an advanced stats guy as being determinative, I prefer to use my 40+ years of watching the NBA and the Bulls specifically.

    Intangible things are by definition hard to quantify, and Noah's value is at least 50% intangibles.

  • Greg Monroe had some impressive numbers from last game against us, let's see how our frontcourt can handle him. Energy bigs like Monroe and Jerebko could give our bigs some problems but the key is still containing Gordon. Basic keys to the Bulls has to be get to a good start offensively and limit the turnovers, you don't want to give the opposing team any freebies and make them work for every shot. Because the Bulls lack athleticism(outside of Rose), we can't allow other teams to outwork us. Defense, rebounding and low turnovers is the base of what this team should strive for.

  • This is the kinda game you wanna get your bench in. Just blow them out and take the end of the third quarter off. Like Boston used to do to us. The Bulls need to come out and just destroy this garbage team. Of course having said that they'll probably win by like 5 points with Rose still playing in the 4th quarter. = ( bUT SERIOUSLY the Bulls play almost every night this week except like Thursday. I've never seen a schedule like this before.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    I actually think we will see a lot of the starters tonight. Thibs is not running any coaching sessions with all these back to back games so he has to try and work out the kinks in the games. This should be an easy win and an opportunity for Thibs to try a few things with line-ups, player combinations and new offensive sets. This is one of those games where we should be able to try Jo more in an Asik offensive role (close to basket) and see how Booz does setting more high screens. [I don't know whether others have noticed that DRose is not very good at making a quick pass off the high PnPop, Booz/Taj seem to be open for ages before DRose gets them the ball]. Taj is showing he is very useful on the low block so using Jo at the high post when paired with Taj would seem more sensible.

  • In reply to Jersey66:


    Pistons are a perfect scrimmage game.

  • In reply to Jersey66:

    Nice observation about Rose not making the initial quick pass to the big; though I think all fault can't just be placed on Rose's shoulders.

    Boozer loves to slip screens in order to get himself open for that 15-17 foot jump shot. Basically Boozer not setting an actual pick for Rose's man, means that Rose's man and a 6'8-6'10" big can immediately double team him (ATL did this). Rose then has to extend himself further from the basket and the rest of his teammates, making it difficult for any pass to be made.

    I do think Rose's ability to pass in traffic, his on court vision and court recognition can definitely improve. He has made strides since his rookie season and is still trying to grasp how to be an effective NBA facilitator when not in the open floor.

  • Singularly horrific, we need to add that one to the lexicon. I love it

  • By the way, so far this season every team that has played BTBTB games has won the 3rd, and OKC just became the first to sweep all 3.

    Something to shoot for as a short term goal.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    vs. Pistons, @ T-Wolves, vs. Wizards

    It is a realistic and achievable goal to sweep the BTBTB.

  • The Bulls are lucky about this BTBTB. I believe this is their only one of the season and it is in the beginning rather than in the middle of the season(hopefully they are fresher than what they will be in Feb end).
    Plus, they are probably facing the two worst teams in the NBA(Det and Was).
    I am sure Rose will be all "revenge" based on Rubio's coming crowning by ESPN/media that he is a better passer than Rose

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Every team this season only has to play 1 BTBTB, if I recall right. I think scheduling it in the beginning of the season for the Bulls was a thank you from the League for making the Bulls play their first 7 of 10 games on the road to begin this season.

    To be honest, I think Rubio is flat out a better passer than Rose. Nash, Paul and Rubio would probably be my top 3 passing PGs in the League.

  • Good game on at present Philly/Pacers. Philly's bench is better than the starting unit!

  • Joakim has had 2 feeds in the paint and didn't hesitate to pass, he didn't even look for a shot. Disappointing.

    Boozer and Brewer's jumpers look good tonight though.

  • Beating a dead horse(thibs) but on what planet is it necessary for Deng to play the first 21 consecutive minutes of the first half against a crap team like Detroit when it is the first game of the BTBTB.

    Planet Thibs, I guess, oh well nothing we can do about it but sigh.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Agreed. Jimmy Butler could have easily played 3-5 of those minutes.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Agreed, Thibs definitely overplays guys. Deep in the fourth with a huge lead and he's still got the starters running.

  • No way this team can beat the miami heat. No Way !! Deng is such a crap !

  • Boozer is playing so well but Thibs can't stop benching him. OMG

  • Ben Gordon completely snuffed out twice on the same possession by Kyle Korver, are you kidding me.

    By the way, that in a nutshell is the reason that I will never hate on Korver in the same way that I do on Boozer.

    Korver who is an inadequate NBA defender to say the least, tries his ass off on defense which every once in a while results in a stop or 2.

    Boozer has never once in his entire NBA career even tried to play defense the way that Korver did on that one single possession.

    It is as simple as that. You can respect one guy for giving you all that he has, and the other guy doesn't have a place on my team or in my heart.

  • 4:32 remaining with a 21 point lead. EMPTY THE BENCH

    Give me some Jimmy Butler!

  • In reply to Edward:

    My thoughts exactly to the word, but the words Nazi'a told me that I was posting too fast. You really can't run a game thread and limit the ability to post, can you.

  • I really find this Scalabrine thing silly at best, and actually it kind of embarrasses me as a Chicagoan.

    We didn't discover Scal, he is not ours or home grown, he belongs to Boston, he was their rabbits foot first.

    Otherwise that was about the most uninteresting Bulls game that I can remember, at least since the last Detroit game.

  • When the F is Rip getting back?

  • I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, and I'm happy for Boozer getting on the scoreboard, but 12 of his 13 FGA were jump shots ... he's not going to make 9/12 every night. Really need to see him getting something at the rim.

    Only two starters over 30 minutes and nobody over 34 minutes tonight ... that's actually a pretty normal minute limit for blowouts despite the complaints about Thibs.

    Ben Gordon is a sad shell of a used to be basketball player ... the Skiles era Bulls team really shows the risks of paying your young players, only Deng and Chandler have even had years where they really lived up to their deals (and even they had terrible off years with injuries), Duhon, Gordon, Nocioni and Curry have been awful. Hopefully Noah isn't in the same boat here with his start to this season ...

  • I think Thibs is using real games as some sort of practice sessions. That is the only logical explanation for playing big minutes for his top players even with big leads/sure wins or he is just crazy.
    The trap at half-court in the 4th quarter was one of the indicators.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Rose came back with 7:15 left and the lead at 13 ... that's hardly a blowout, teams lose from that position, can you really blame Thibs for wanting his star in rather than third string barely in the league PG? He then sat with 4 minutes to go once the lead had been stretched to a safe 22. Deng (who has a better backup than John freaking Lucas) got to sit from the 8:53 minute mark.

    Given the evidence available it looks more to me like a coach who just wanted to make sure he won the game while being mindful of somewhat limiting minutes. It's easy to say after we know the result that the starters could have sat even more, but if Rose doesn't come back and the Pistons make a run everyone will be saying "Thibs is an idiot, why did he let the Pistons win the game while John Lucas sucked out there?"

  • Good game boozer, bad day for his haters lol.

  • In reply to rob32:

    Gee, that was predictable.

    Didn't we just hear this the last time we played Detroit(3 games ago). Too bad(for Boozer) we don't get to play the dregs of the league 82(or 66) times a year.

    Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, you don't get to play Detroit or Washington in the playoffs, especially in the ECF and NBA finals. Playoff teams actually play defense, in fact they play playoff defense.

    When Boozer puts up a game like this against Miami, then you can lol, until then maybe you should devote less time to texting and tweeting and more time to learning the game.

    Heck when Boozer puts up 2 games in a row like tonight(even against crap competition), you can wake us up with your laughter.

    Player evaluation is not a roller coaster, love him one game, hate him the next, well not for serious and knowledgeable fans anyway.

    We didn't pay Boozer $80 million to put up 20 & 8 against the likes of Detroit and a teenage second year front line , we paid him to beat the Heat and whomever we face in the finals.

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