Are the Bulls on Howard's list now?

Are the Bulls on Howard's list now?

Dwight Howard recently spoke about potentially joining the Chicago Bulls and didn’t dump cold water on the deal.

Per ESPN Chicago:

If I could play with Derrick right now and God wanted that to happen, it will happen,” Howard told the Chicago Tribune. “It has nothing to do with me not wanting to play with Derrick Rose. I love him. That’s my brother.

It has nothing to do with adidas,” Howard said, according to the Tribune. “In fact, adidas would love that because me and Derrick have the same guy.

I’m curious as to when and where these quotes were made as well as the context, but the implication is certainly that Howard is open to joining the Chicago Bulls.

What would it take?

If it’s not Derrick Rose, does it matter?

The Magic’s owner has professed a desire to stay competitive rather than to tear things down and is looking for talent that can be a positive impact right away with Howard. They’ll also likely look to move Turkoglu at the same time.

While we could discuss specifics of a trade of Howard to Chicago, I’ll basically say this. If you get Dwight Howard and you keep Derrick Rose, pretty much anything else is in play.

Howard + Turkoglu + Duhon + Anderson for Deng + Noah + Taj + Omer + picks? You really saying no to that? Really?

If you can pair up Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose then it’d be awfully tough to figure out some permutation of the deal where the Bulls aren’t infinitely better off within by the start of next season after getting a chance to fill up on veteran role players.

The Bulls might win a title as constructed, but a healthy Rose/Howard combination is about as close to a guarantee for a title as you’re going to get in this NBA. You make that happen regardless of the cost.

Will it happen?

I’d be very surprised. Who knows if the Bulls are even officially on his list or whether he just decided he didn’t want to look like a dumbass for saying he wouldn’t go to Chicago to play with Derrick Rose.

When his agent or the Orlando GM announce that permission has been sought to talk with Chicago then we can get excited. Until that point, I’m not sure this means a whole heck of a lot.

That said, it raises my Dwight to Chicago hopes from “no way in hell” to “awfully unlikely” which makes for a fun news day as far as these things go.


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  • anyway we can keep deng in this deal???

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    I get what you're saying. Deng is the second best player on this team without question, but by no means is he untouchable when you're trading for a player of Dwight Howard's caliber. The GM's poll had some interesting questions. Dwight Howard was named the best all around defender and the best interior defender. When asked what player teams have to make the most adjustments for, Howard was ranked number ONE and Derrick Rose was number FIVE. Thibs would be in heaven with the chance to coach both Rose and Howard. Could you imagine having the first and fifth players on that list? What's even better is our two biggest strengths (point guard and center) would would work against Miami's two biggest weaknesses. Chalmers and Joel Anthony/Eddy Curry against DRose and DHoward?

  • In reply to Jmax:

    did not say deng is untouchable. just would really love to keep deng.. deng would be our bosh in terms of having two superstars and a very good 3rd player we can count as a on like the heat.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    For sure, but if Otis Smith is looking for established players rather than young talent and draft picks Deng is required.

  • fb_avatar

    No offense but this is an extremely naive statement to say that Derrick Rose + Dwight Howard guarantees an NBA title.

    First off, that duo is inferior to D Wade + Lebron and they couldn't get it done last year.

    This is truly a terrible article because depth is essential to a championship team, and if you don't have capable starters at every position you're in trouble.

  • In reply to drose1:

    Considering Wade and James have yet to play in complete unison I strongly disagree. They're both great players--James being the best in the league, but I have to believe that the best point guard and the best center would share more synergies than the best power forward and a top three shooting guard. The high/low game vs. two perimeter players...

    "This is truly a terrible article because depth is essential to a championship team". This is why Doug kind of hinted at wait until next year. IMO the wait would be well worth it.

  • In reply to drose1:

    Of course Rose + Howard is better than wade+bosh. Howard = James, Rose= Wade but Wade and James aren't made to play together. they arent compatible unlike Rose and Howard. Let alone the fact Rose and Howard are the best at their position.

  • In reply to drose1:

    I agree, Rose + Howard does not guarantee an NBA title.

    I disagree that Lebron + Wade duo are better than Rose + Howard. I would take Rose + Howard. However, with Bosh in the mix, the Heat's top three would probably trump the top three of the Bulls.

    But there are other factors. Howard is young, a once-in-a-generation player, and likely won't miss nearly so many games due to injury as Noah and Taj and Deng. And the Bulls would still have Boozer, Hamilton, CJ, Brewer, Korver, Lucas -- plus Turkoglu has some pretty nice games.

    Remember, too, that the Bulls won some games handily with both Deng and Noah out with injuries. They really have good depth. With a full current roster healthy, the Bulls probably win the title this year. But that is a big if because so many of their players are injury prone! Howard and Turk on the court would trump Noah and Deng, IMO - and they are less likely to be in street clothes.

  • It is good GarPax have built depth. The Bulls can consolidate some talent definitely. That said, Howard seems to be talking out of his a..
    He has screwed his teammates and they have lost focus now and losing. He is not sure what he wants. Give credit to Melo, LeBron. Melo wanted one team and LeBron didn't sell out the Cavs.
    I am not sure if Howard is mentally strong enough to compete for a c'ship every year. What if Rose misses his FTs like yesterday...Will he whine about the ball? Somehow, he seems like a super-talented Javale McGee or Andrew Blatche. Something is missing in him compared to Rose, Durant, Kobe and even LeBron.

  • He didn't say he would sign an extension with the Bulls, he's just playing with words so as not to offend anyone. So if its not about sharing the spotlight with Rose or Adidas............the only thing remaining is the cheap owner that scares him away....this would kind of make sense since he left out the Clippers owner, who also is notoriously anti-luxury tax. I don't blame Dwight Howard for wanting an owner he can trust and that would spend the money to put talent around him.....why else does he want to play for Mark Cuban and Jerry Buss but not Reinsdorf.

  • In reply to Defense&Rebound13:

    Jerry is quite the turn off, however I wouldn't be able to take the talent question seriously as a GM. You have Derrick Rose Dwight! Interesting thought, Stan Van Gundy reminds me a lot of Thibs. Could that be a comforting factor for Howard? I'd take Thibs over Brown, Johnson and especially Del Negro. Rick Carlisle is the only coach I'd take over Thibs, but that opportunity won't come until free agency.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    I think if the Bulls get Howard, Reinsdorf would spend on the tax. But that said, Howard(I am not sure) should know that just blindly spending money doesn't guarantee anything but bad contracts like what happened to Orlando paying for Arenas, Lewis, Hedo etc..

    Thibs is no way as crazy as the Van Gundys even though he was under Jeff. The Van Gundys just don't know when to shut-up.

  • "Howard + Turkoglu + Duhon + Anderson for Deng + Noah + Taj + Omer + picks? You really saying no to that? Really?"

    Absolutely ... do it, cut Watson/Brewer/Korver, amnesty Boozer, then offer Eric Gordon a max deal and he'll beg NO not to match. Then hope KG wants another ring and will come for whatever money the Bulls have left.

    Rose/Gordon/Hamilton/Garnett/Howard = too easy.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Of course it'll never actually happen ...

  • In reply to Shakes:

    You need guys like Watson/Brewer/Korver. Boozer has had a number of solid games this year, some good steals, decent rebounds. I would not even think of amnesty for Boozer or Turk until we see how they mesh for a couple of months if the trade happens. And right now Noah and Boozer are building better trade value every game. This trade could happen.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Hmm, I wasn't thinking about taking Turk back so there would be no salary space to make a run at anyone, so you wouldn't be able to go with the chase Gordon plan anyway.

    So yeah, no amnesty,don't cut players, chase someone like KG with the MLE, and the Bulls have 2 stars plus some good depth.

    As far as a trade actually happening, I'll believe it when I see it.

  • Howard is the perfect fit with rose and is what the bulls are missing(a dominant front court player). Gar/Pax need to do whatever it takes to get him. And that means the whole roster(minus rose) should be available for trade. Its not hard to fill in the roster like the heat have done.

  • ...and this was my first (immediately suppressed) thought when I read that they had waived Mike James.

  • Howard is the solution for chicago if they want to beat the heat in playoffs one day !!

  • I think that it was a copout on his part, using the whatever God has in store for me thing to deflect a question that he either doesn't want to answer or doesn't want to go on record as saying no to.

    I find no comfort or reason for optimism in his words what-so-ever.

  • i think there are 2 things going on here.
    1) "the list" is for teams howard wants to land in largely on the basis of their attractive cities.
    2) the list is an ideal. howard is also open to good winning situations. the bulls would be one of those.

    the bulls have the pieces. they have many good players who contribute to winning basketball. they have vets who dont need development time. they also have a nice pick from the bobcats and a fine prospect in mirotic. if i am garpax i make it my mission in life to get this trade done.

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