Bulls Beat #199 - SG Talk

I discuss Jason Richardson vs J.R. Smith as well as the overall Bulls roster construction at the guard position going into next season.

Bulls Beat #199 – SG talk

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  • Marcus thornton might be an interesting option as well. As a bench scorer, he's certainly more efficient than smith. His defensive inabilities are legendary, so he might be a worse fit. Also, he's the prototypical bench scorer. He's not really a catch and shoot guy. He tends to create his shot off the dribble. With the addition of freddette and salmons, the kings really don't have a place for thornton.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    You know my thoughts Doug...
    #1 JR Smith
    #2 Jason Richardson
    #3 (Really #2b) Reggie Williams
    #4 Shane Battier

    I'm really liking the idea of Anthony Parker and JR Smith

  • Richardson: I'm not so high on him after his stint in Orlando, without Nash his numbers dropped significantly, and the Magic fans don't seem to like him much, say he was content to just stand around and hope someone threw him the ball rather than work to get open for shots. Funny because Richardson for the MLE was my pie in the sky idea at the start of last season that I never thought would happen, now I'd only be mildly enthused with the idea.

    JR Smith: Not the locker room so much that concerns me, but the shot selection. If you knew he would stick to shooting a lot of threes he'd be great, even if some of the threes are questionable he still hits them at a good rate. But his rep for doing what his coaches want isn't exactly good, so I'm dubious whether that will happen. You maybe have to just cross your fingers and sign him anyway, because there might not be any better options.

    Watson: Completely disagree on the idea that he needs to be freed to get the most out of him, he's shooting in greater volume than on Golden State. He's a guy who needed less offensive responsibility, not more: the bench mob really didn't have a lot of options and it resulted in Watson taking a lot of bad shots. I'm fine with him as the backup point guard, really most backup point guards are only average play makers like Watson, and he did play good defense. I just want him to shoot less, because he couldn't throw it in the ocean most of last year.

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