Will the Bulls pick up James Johnson's option?


James Johnson has acquitted himself quite well in the past two preseason games.   He’s scoring more efficiently, taking better shots, and making quick, quality decisions with the basketball.   He spent all summer working out hard at the berto center getting into outstanding physical condition and appears to take his basketball career quite seriously.   He’s always had the physical tools, timing, and instincts to play great defense, but his improved athleticism gives him even greater upside on that side of the court.

So with all that said, has he done enough for the Bulls to pick up his option or is he the next Joe Alexander, a somewhat raw, young player who’s third year option was declined after a similar mixed bag rookie season?

The case for Johnson
The case for Johnson is fairly straight forward.   He’s only played one NBA season and was coached by a doofus in an offense that was terrible, and ultimately his head coach didn’t trust him enough to give him enough chances to show what he could do.   Johnson’s minutes came in small bursts, he was constantly looking over his shoulder, and his role changed frequently.    The Bulls also tried to play him primarily at SF when his body was more suited to playing PF which didn’t give him the matchup advantages he could have enjoyed.  

As a result, Johnson struggled in many ways.   However, the biggest of which were fouls and turnovers.   Remove those two things, and Johnson’s stat line per 36 minutes isn’t so bad.  12.2 points, 3.3 FTAs, 6.1 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 1 steal, and 2 blocks on 45% shooting, 32% from the three point line, and 53% TS%.   It’s not an elite stat line, but it’s absolutely a stat line of a keeper.   The block + steal metric is extremely high, and he showed at least some ability in passing, rebounding, scoring, and drawing fouls.  

Now obviously we can’t simply throw away fouls and turnovers, however, gauging past players, the number one and number two thing they’re likely to improve upon with experience is fouls and turnovers.   I find it highly likely that even under the same constraints as last season, JJ would improve in both areas.   However, under Thibodeau’s tutelage that seems like a lock.

Thus far, Johnson’s preseason stats haven’t looked too much different than last year’s stats in terms of totals, but the difference is all in the efficiency numbers.   52% from the field, 66% (only 3 attempts) from the three point line, less than 1 TO per 36 minutes vs 3.5 assists per 36 minutes.   Johnson’s making better decisions with the basketball.   He’s letting the game come to him, and he’s playing smart basketball.

His on court performance has improved considerably since the first couple of pre-season game as well, so he’s trending upwards.

Off the court, he’s obviously put in the work to get his body in great shape, but he’s also worked hard with the coaching staff all off-season to prove he belongs.  They’ve seen first hand how dedicated Johnson is to improving at the game of basketball.   I’d imagine that he’s impressed them with his conditioning, effort, and improvement.  

If there was no business end to this thing, I’d think Johnson’s play and work ethic merit his option being picked up to have another shot at this thing for certain.   However, there’s always a business side which brings me to ….

The case against Johnson
I think to many fans, the case against Johnson seems closed given his play thus far, but let’s not forget this is a small sample of games in pre-season against dicey competition, and Johnson still hasn’t really blown anyone away over that stretch.

The problem with Johnson’s option is the business side.  His option for next season is for 2.8 million dollars.  The Bulls aren’t likely to have many available minutes for Johnson even after playing well.   Luol Deng’s not about to get benched for him and neither is Kyle Korver.   In the best case scenario, he’s third in the depth chart at SF and third in the depth chart at PF.  He could find himself at 4th in both positions as well.

Where do Johnson’s opportunities come from to play?   If he really outplays Brewer/Bogans then he may push their playing time with Korver getting more time at the two and Johnson playing at the three, but it’s simply difficult to see Johnson make such a leap.   As such, is Johnson really a 3 million dollar player next year?    Are you really going to have to pay more than 2.8 million to keep him if you simply refuse the option and look to bring him back as a FA if he proves himself?

Sure there’s some risk there, but given the roster’s construction the only way that seems likely is with an injury.   Furthermore, the key players that are holding Johnson back this year are under contract for next year as well.   Even if Johnson shows improvement, where does he get his minutes in a year with his option picked up?   The Bulls simply don’t have a position open for him even if he’s playing at an NBA rotation player level because they have lots of rotation caliber players fighting with him that have more distinct strengths.

The on court ability is only part of the game though, if the Bulls continue on with trade talks with Carmelo Anthony or another top flight player than Johnson may be more appealing as an expiring than as a player with 2.8 million left on his contract next season.   How other teams view Johnson impacts his value as a trade asset considerably, and without playing, it’s unlikely that other teams want the option picked up either.

As such, the Bulls may decline the option just to have the expiring salary to use as trade filler just in case someone becomes available.

Final Thoughts:
If James Johnson’s option isn’t picked up, it won’t be for lack of effort on his part.  He’s put in the work and the time.  He’s shown enough spark that in most circumstances teams would want probably want to keep him around and see the project through.   In fact, if it were any season but this one, I think the decision would be a no-brainer.

However, this year, the Bulls are done with projects.   Sadly for JJ, things came a season too late, a tough standard since he’s only had one.   However, he didn’t show enough that they could count on him going into this year, so the team stocked the roster with replacements on two to three year deals.

Without a defined role on the team now or one that looks like it will open up in a season, the Bulls may simply let Johnson explore his options elsewhere, which, for Johnson may end up being the best thing anyway.


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  • If the bulls pick up his option, does it guarantee one or two more years? If he shows he can play, I don't think any team is going to balk at paying him $3 mil, especially for a young guy motivated to get that next contract. That's what any rebuilding team is looking for anyway.

    On the other hand, it may be best for JJ in the long run to get cut because barring injury, he's not going to get more than 10 minutes a night this year.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Or more than 10 minutes a night next year, either...

  • In reply to bullshooter:


    Let's not get ahead of ourselves people or Doug.

    James Johnson is playing alright. I don't see anything special there. He got lucky with one of his baskets last night when he failed to run back on a defense, which left him wide open for a dunk of a steal.

    Go look up the stats of SAM YOUNG or NICK YOUNG. I'd take either of those two over James Johnson right now. Their stats are way better than James Johnson's this pre-season.

    Clearly, the Bulls' brass made a MISTAKE picking James Johnson over Sam Young.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    It's been noted countless times of your love for the Young Boys Mr. Happy Pants. LOL

  • In reply to smiley:


    Thanks for the mention.

    Unlike Doug and a few others on here, I don't fall in love with NBA players. I just happen to know NCAA/NBA talent.

    FACT is, Nick Young and Sam Young are better players than James Johnson.

    The stats don't lie.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Dude, are you a poor troll act or just some newbie that thinks he has to act hard on a message board?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Doug, I think you're over-obsessing about a player who'll never be more than a 10th or 11th man on a contending team.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Frankly, I'd like to see JJ get some time with the starters in place of Deng. If all you're expecting Deng to do is slash, defend and shoot 3s, then JJ can do at least 2 of those things, plus his handle and passing is better than Deng's anyway. Granted, JJ won't fit as well initially, but he's shown enough to give it a shot in the preseason. Isn't that what the preseason is for anyway?

    And while we're at it, how about giving Kyle Weaver a shot with the starters too in place of Bogans, or at least with the second unit in place of Watson? I like his BB IQ way better than CJ's right now, even given a limited sample size. Korver benefitted from KW's court sense, giving him the ball in just the right spot at the right time when they played together vs. Washington. Except for one ridiculous pass on an outlet (which I'll concede might be all it takes to get cut from this team), KW's been solid.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Your preference for Young Boys has been well document now let's move on shall we?

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    I understand this a blog and there is a lot to discuss, but championship teams are discussing players like James Johnson. I get it, but the bottom line is if this guy is seeing the court for more than 5 minutes a game, we are not in the conversation for a championship.

  • In reply to Dmband:



  • In reply to MrHappy:

    JJ, Omer, and Taj

    I think we should keep JJ because it gives Thibodeau a chance to establish a reputation for player development.

    If Thibodeau (and Pippen) can resurrect JJ's career, that's a terrific good sign for the future of the Bulls. I don't even need JJ to be great, I need him to be a good role player for the Bulls and Thibodeaux.

    And while were at it, Thibodeau can develop Omer and Taj.

    Wouldn't it be novel to have a basketball team that actually develops young draft picks into good basketball players. I think this year I won't be turning down the Bulls tickets I get offered every now and then.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    ur man-crush/obsession with anyone name "Young" for the last couple of years continues...

  • In reply to bullshooter:


    Sam Young, Chase Budinger and Omri Casspi, three guys that were drafted after James Johnson, are all having better pre-seasons.

    It's hard for me to get excited about a guy only putting up 6ppg and not much else.

    Get back to me when he scores over 10ppg and learns how to rebound.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    It is about the promise of a player too and not just producing meaningless stats against bench players. Nick Young looked worse than JJ except for shooting a few buckets.

    I would say we keep JJ because even if the Bulls think they are an elite team or a top 3/4 team in the EAST, they need somebody like him as a project. Inevitably, somebody will go down and instead of scrambling to get a used-up veteran at that time...it will be better to plug in a up and coming young kid. Everyone doesn't develop at the same rate and we would look stupid if we lose a young player who will do well on another team.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:


    To say that Nick Young looked worse than James Johnson is just an IDIOTIC statement.

    Check the stats.

    Nick Young has put up back-to-back games of 24 points and 18 points. James Johnson has had 3 games where he scored 6 points and another game where he scored 7.

    You and Doug really need to get over your INFACTUATION.

    Both of you are GROSSLY OVER-RATING James Johnson.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Dude, your act is getting tired. And do you think
    INFACTUATION is some great pun?

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Those guys are chuckers. PPG is not the only stat to consider. Especially considering both of those guys would be the 6th scoring option or below on this Bulls team. We need guys that can contribute in other ways (defense, passing, toughness) that show up in the box score (bpg, rpg, spg, etc).

    We don't need Sam Young and Nick Young jacking up cringe-inducing shots 3 seconds into the shot clock. The Bulls were tired of Jamal Crawford - I doubt they want the poor man's version now.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    Definitely agree on this. I hope if JJ's BB IQ improves and he gets comfortable, he can be the "jack of all trades" guy. He can play multiple positions and do multiple things eventually.
    But for now, he needs a simple game plan to succeed. We don't need to discuss guys we don't have. The dilemma now is the option worth it for the Bulls? It is not like we are a championship team right now...so we need to have some young players to develop especially our own guys on a rookie contract..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    At this point the most important thing is how JJ practices. That's where his biggest contribution will be barring injury. Over the course of the season if he doesn't lend himself to a focused practice, he's useless.

  • In reply to bullshooter:


    Put him on the practice squad or scrimmage team...good idea.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:


    Before you make another NAIVE statment, you might want to go look up the FG%'s of Sam Young and Nick Young first.

    Get over your James Johnson bias too. His game is not the attention.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Minutes always open up, especially during an 82 game schedule, especially with multiple injury prone players in your lineup, especially for a versatile player like JJ

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Oh no, 78 comments, I wonder who highjacked the post this time. Must be Mappy time.

  • "I'd prefer to win the lottery over going to work tomorrow, but that's also not a choice."

    is it not a choice? or are you making it not a choice?

    just sayen.

  • Think about this way...What do you mean by a contributing veteran? Is it somebody like Bogans? If we are going to get a Rudy F, OJ Mayo kind of guy...yeah, it makes sense.
    Otherwise, JJ can be a practice player and something bad happens to Deng, Korver, Brewer he can get some valuable experience. Plus, it is stockpiling talent for the future and a talent(how much...we don't know?) who knows the system.

  • Doug, do you thing precedent factors in at all here? Do the Bulls really want to send a message to all the young players & future draft picks that if you show commitment, bust your ass, and improve your play, that it still doesn't matter?
    Also, GMs love when their own picks hit, and remain with the team. If all things were equal, and for only 3 mil, you'd figure it would be a lock. Now the 4th year option...

    I think guys like Joe Johnson are clearly an exception to the rule, and Joe I don't think at any time showed on the court he was a player. I heard he was great at practice in 1on1, but thats it.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    sorry I meant Joe Alexander in that last paragraph

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    OJ is expendable, and people around the Griz say Henry looks ready to step in. Doug, care to ammend your projection on X. Henry before its too late? I think that kid will be big time.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    BTW, Sam Smith never said he was on the block, he said he sees him as the odd man out after the small market Griz paid Gay, and still have to pay Randolph & Gasol

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I understand its the rule, but Oct 31/Nov 1 is way too early to demand a team decide on the 3rd year option. This deadline doesn't allow a team to see any of the 2nd year before deciding on the 3rd year!?! Where is the logic in that?

    Teams should have at least until the February trading deadline, or perhaps until the end of the regular season to decide. I think its a rule that could be improved upon.

  • In reply to Edward:

    yup, agree completely, as most NBA GMs do as well. In fact, this is the single issue that will likely lead to a lockout. Yeah, the owners & players association are dead-locked on extending or not extending the deadline to pick up a 3rd year option from a rookie deal, or so an unnamed sorce told me.

  • In reply to Edward:

    If JJ can continue to play like he has the last 2 games...id keep him. He is actually looking like a solid role player. Like i said before, coach Thibs should have him focus on a couple things, defense, decision making and rebounding, and the rest of his game should come. Pippen working him in practice is probably helping him too. He is a great athlete and if he does ever get his game on track, he could be a very good player.

    OMER ASIK is A BEAST!!!!!! Watching him play for Turkey really opened my eyes...the guy can play! Having him an Noah on the court at the same time is great. Keep up the work Asik!

  • In reply to Csharp:


    What's so impressive about 6ppg? Just asking.

  • In reply to Edward:

    It is about the promise of a player too and not just producing meaningless stats against bench players. Nick Young looked worse than JJ except for shooting a few buckets.

    I think the Bull's should keep JJ because they need somebody like him who is determined to develop himself into a good player. Remember Horace Grant and Scottie Pippen, and how they grew as players. Most people forget that it takes time to have good players on the team and its better than scrambling to get a used-up veteran...it will be better to plug in a up and coming young kid. For sure, everyone doesn't develop at the same rate and we would look stupid if we lose a young player who will do well on another team. And you cannot teach a guy height--he's six foot nine and fits into the chemistry that the Bulls have shown and he has a good attitude.

  • In reply to penwit1:


    You obviously don't watch NBA basketball.

    Know your FACTS and STATS before making NAIVE COMMENTS. Nick Young is the SUPERIOR player to James Johnson.

    You might want to go see what Nick Young's FG%'s are, especially from the 3 point-line. He can shoot and play a hell of alot better than James Johnson can do on his best day, that's for sure.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Whoever said that we bloggers should give up on the Carmelo talk should not feel that way because I still think the Bulls can get Melo without giving up too much. I still say Deng, JJ'S expiring contract, and if Asik continues to improve and put up descent numbers for a young big mobile center, and picks should be enough to get the deal done with Denver for Melo especially if this goes up til the trading deadline. Denver is too quite on this subject and we all know that is Bulls M.O. If Denver isn't stupid and trade him to one of the teams out west, the Bulls still have the best chance at getting Melo cause he has already let it be known that he doesn't want to go to N.J. and his other choice the Knicks don't have anything to give of value. So the Bulls are by no means out of the Carmelo trade conversation. I know JJ is a young player and needs time on the floor, but just like another blogger said, we are done with projects, it's time to get guys on the floor that can compete with Miami cause we all have to face the reality that the Heat will be the favorites in the east for at least the next 5 years and guys who are not ready to contribute right away needs to move on. It's been 12 years since the Bulls won a championship and if the Bulls don't make the right moves now... we all could be looking at another 12 years, so no disrespect to JJ but he needs to be used as trade bait for Melo or a legit shooting guard that can score 15 to 20 points a night and leave Korver on the bench as the 6th man.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I disagree with those saying that the Bulls don't want developmental type players on their roster at this point. In no way am I claiming the current Bulls are a non contender. Take a step back and remember the age of our players. Its easy to get lost in the team's current ability to succeed, forgetting how young our core truly is. Guys, our best player, our all-star, is only 22 years old. The rest of our standouts all mediate around 25 besides Boozer(still only 28).

    Holding on to JJ makes sense considering both the long term as well as future trade assets. Our lack of draft picks only reinforces my stance. 3-5 years from now, once this team has made its run with Boozer as a primary/secondary scorer, DRose will still only be around 25 years old just reaching his prime, Noah will still be relatively young and effective barring injury. We will need to reload from within, through trade, and the draft(also MLE). I forsee management focusing on a plan that is structured to keep us winning throughout the next 8-10 years. In fact our best shot at the title will likely come when DRose is 25-30 years old.

    Keep JJ for now, to develop into a contributor or a solid trade asset.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    Amen!! Excellent points. It makes sense to always have a couple of good young projects for a trade if there is a disgruntled fitting star available like KG was for Boston or Gasol for Lakers.

  • $2.8 mil doesn't seem like much of a gamble at all, considering the gambles the Bulls have taken in the past on other players. They've also paid bench players way more than that. I don't see the harm in picking up his option. I think he could develop into a useful piece and if he doesn't, we're only stuck with him for another year and at least he's an athletic body who can go in and eat up some minutes if things aren't going well during the game.

    Is there a deadline for when they need to pick up his option?

  • In reply to Silver:

    I think the deadline is around Nov 1.

  • In reply to Silver:

    The Bulls shouldn't pick up Johnson's option. I don't think he's a legit rotation player in the league. It's probably time for JJ to start his MMA career because pro basketball just isn't for him.

    B.J Mullens.

  • In reply to Silver:

    The point is will that expiring contract will be a good chip to make a deal for a Melo, Mayo or somebody like that. The big problem now for the Bulls is we don't have a big expiring contract or big time cap-space to absorb a salary. If Denver is looking for Deng+ expiring contract+ cap space+ picks...then we shouldn't extend his option. Look at Lakers for example...Vujajic had an extra year of $5mil and couldn't deal for anything...that means the extra year hurts.

    But that said, I like JJ and think that he can be a viable 8/9the player for the team. He is young and can only get better. It is always good to have one or two potential players on the roster unless you are Miami..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I really think it's time to give up on Melo and there's no way we're getting OJ Mayo. Deng's gonna make a big difference this year as the 3rd scoring option and being able to run actual plays. He went to Duke and had an amazing coach and worked in a system. He's been playing in a gaping lack of a system the last few years and it seems like that's where people are down on him. If our 3rd scoring option is averaging 18ppg and 7rpg, we're in pretty damn good shape. Most of the other teams around the league don't have their 3rd option putting up those kinds of numbers. I'd really like to see how this dynamic plays out, especially when Boozer comes back. If Deng steps it up early and we do well right out of the gate, how much better will we be when Boozer comes back and Taj goes back to the bench?

  • James Johnson as a PF was a bad idea when brought up last year and it is a bad idea now. Anyone who thinks JJ being out of position was the root of his problems in any way is kidding themselves. He wasn't good at playing basketball...period.

  • I never knew about Johnson's team option next year. Is that extra $1.1M part of the reason other teams have been reluctant to consider him in trade?

  • I feel JJ might be better than a veteran like Bogans in terms of potential and production after some time. There is a fine line of that talent level difference between Bogans and JJ. For Mayo, Melo (youth + talent), that's not even a question. But for another Bogans type player, I would keep JJ since if he fills the need of that skillset. Suppose we need a big burly PF veteran guy and that is what separates us from being elite...I would give up JJ in a heartbeat. I feel as long as we are not Miami/Lakers, you need to have young, potential guys like JJ on the roster for emergency if something catastrophic happens to the Bulls.

  • If we pick guys like Jordan Crawford, Taj Gibson in the late 20s...they will be valuable whether they contribute now or later in 3 years. I always think of how Jermaine O'Neal was sitting for 3/4 years and then blossomed and he was not a lottery pick.

  • If it was my decision, whether or not to keep him would come down to 2 primary questions: 1) Is there already a deal in the works in which his expiring would help seal it? And: 2) Does Thibs consider him a player worth keeping?

    If the answer to 1 is yes then I don't extend even if the answer to 2 is yes. If the answer to 1 is no but 2 is no, as well, then I wouldn't extend him. Why keep tie up the $$ for a guy who the coach doesn't want?

    If the answer to 1 is no and 2 is yes, I'd go ahead and extend. I'm curious to see how JJ develops under a more experienced coach. JJ has the physical tools to develop into a valuable asset as a defensive stopper and energy guy on the wing.


    idk but oj mayos on the trading block via sam smith.....he could b the shooter the bulls are missing at the 2 guard....

  • agreed, don't understand how we would be making it not a choice. Care to make the choice to explain yourself Avtar, cause you lost me.

  • I can't see how they'd let a post scorer like that go, but even if they do, there still might not be enough $$$ left for OJ Mayo, who doesn't master 1 single NBA skill as Sam Smith notes.

  • It is not Favors kind of raw talent only...that is a franchise type talent. If JJ clicks and develops(that's a big IF), he can be the 4-6th best player on a good team. It is not our dream only which matters...it is the dream of the other team which wants to trade. Look at Nick Young,Sam Young(they are probably worse than JJ)but MrHappy lusts after them. If there is a few GMs who are like him...that's all we need. The challenge is developing him fast enough to the extent of making him attractive for a trade but being a good team not needing to use him much.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:


    Thanks for the mention.

    Unlike you and Doug, I don't lust over/after players.

    I just happen to know NCAA/NBA talent.

    Personally, you and Doug should stay away from basketball talent evaluation, because you both struggle in that department.

    FACT remains, the guys I have mentioned on here call all play the game of pro basketball. That can't be said James Johnson.

    He's yet to produce in the NBA and I don't expect him to either.

  • Yes, but sometimes it is backfiring and causing teams to release a player early, like Joe Alexander.

    A rookie has a disappointing year or an injury. To conserve the team doesn't pickup the 3rd year, and then there's no motive for the team to play the kid in his 2nd year.

    QUESTION DOUG: Say Bulls don't pick up JJ's option for the 3rd year. Are Bulls prohibited from resigning JJ as a free agent in summer 2011?

  • Doug,

    I realize you still have a MAJOR MAN-CRUSH on James Johnson, but unlike you and a few other people on here, I don't get excited about a guy who is only putting up 6 points per game during the pre-season.

    I guess your boy is a POLARIZING FIGURE or else we wouldn't be talking about him on a weekly basis on here.

    Maybe someday you'll get over your crush and we can move on.

  • Mithell,

    Since when is JJ talented? He's yet to produce in the NBA.


    What's with all the James Johnson LOVE on here?

    It's SHAMEFUL.

    He hasn't produced one bit in the NBA. PLEASE STOP OVER-RATING this kid.

    It's really getting EMBARRASSING.

    I get it. He's a niceguy. Doug has a SEVERE MAN-CRUSH on the kid. That's fine and great for Doug and James, but that won't turn him into a better NBA player.

    The FACT remains their are at least five Small Forwards, who were drafted after him, that are playing way better than him. That's the bottom-line.

    NO...the Bulls shouldn't keep James Johnson long-term. They should try and trade him for one of the players I mentioned, a draft pick or cap relief.

    Sorry to break the hearts of all of you who LOVE this kid, but at best, he's Dickey Simpkins.

    That's being kind too.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    You dont understand basketball. Nick Young or Sam Young are not "way" better than JJ. They may do a few things better but overall are not better players. You make it seem like there is a HUGE disparity...you have a MAN-CRUSH on the Youngs! So hypocritical...

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    You dont understand basketball. Nick Young or Sam Young are not "way" better than JJ. They may do a few things better but overall are not better players. You make it seem like there is a HUGE disparity...you have a MAN-CRUSH on the Youngs! So hypocritical...

  • Doug,

    You are REACHING badly.

    James Johnson is not even worth 3 million. He's not a keeper.

  • Mitchell,

    When exactly has James Johnson shown or proven he can play in the NBA?

    That just isn't the case.

    6ppg in the pre-season isn't someting to get excited about.

  • Mitchell,

    Nick Young is the better player. The stats don't lie.

  • Doug,

    That's just dumb scarcasm on your part.

    I'm into FACTS not INFACTUATION, like you.

    I know you have a SEVERE MAN-CRUSH on James Johnson. That's fine, but it won't change the FACT that the guys I wanted the Bulls'
    brass to draft are the better NBA players to your beloved James Johnson.

    NO...the Bulls' management shouldn't keep him.

  • Doug,


    Your case for Johnson:

    The case for Johnson is fairly straight forward. He's only played one NBA season and was coached by a doofus in an offense that was terrible, and ultimately his head coach didn't trust him enough to give him enough chances to show what he could do. Johnson's minutes came in small bursts, he was constantly looking over his shoulder, and his role changed frequently. The Bulls also tried to play him primarily at SF when his body was more suited to playing PF which didn't give him the matchup advantages he could have enjoyed.

    FACT IS...

    James Johnson is NOT a PF. He's a SF.

    It's his responsibility to be IN SHAPE for the NBA season, which he was not last year. Maybe that's why VDN didn't play him. Did you ever think of that?

    Obviously not. Your MAN-CRUSH must have got in the way.

  • Actually, I believe that there is a little known bylaw in the CBA that says that any player coached by "The Del Bimbo" has the option of "Red Shirting" his sophomore campaign and putting off his option for one year.

  • James Johnson RULES!!!

  • In reply to thegreatlie:

    The more Mr. Dickey says that JJ sucks, the more I am convinced that he is going to be a contributor this season, and a major contributor in the future.

    Maybe Deng can fake an injury so JJ can start next game...

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