Joakim Noah on his contract

Per KC Johnson:

“It’s unbelievable, right?” Noah said. “I definitely worked very hard
in the last three years. I feel in my time in Chicago I’ve experienced a
lot of ups and downs. It’s on me to keep improving every year.”

Noah, 25, talked with his typically refreshing candor about how the
current collective bargaining agreement expiring after this season
affected his decision, which he didn’t want lingering near the Nov. 1
deadline for extensions.

The extension takes effect after this season and keeps Noah, the ninth overall pick in 2007, with the Bulls through 2016.

“When people put numbers like that in front of you, it’s very hard to
say no,” Noah said. “You have to keep things in perspective. Some people
are telling you, ‘No, don’t take it.’ But I feel I did the right

“I wanted to get it out of the way and focus on the
season. People tell you, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ But that’s easier said
than done. And I feel like the Bulls definitely did me right.

promise I’m going to give 150 percent every time I’m out there. I
understand this is a lot of money and responsibility. I’m excited for
the challenge.”

“It’s always very weird when negotiations are going on,” Noah said. “I
understand there’s a CBA going on next year
so not a lot of players from
my (draft) class got extensions. They definitely did it because they
like me.

That’s it, I’m going Mike North on you guys and taking full credit for the Joakim Noah extension.   For those who forget, the only question I got to ask Noah at media day was how the new CBA would effect his negotiations.  

He replied that the new CBA could go either way, and I noted to him that it is widely expected to take away a lot of money from the players making deals in the future much smaller and asked if it would effect his decision.  He then paused and thought about it for a good 4-5 seconds and said “yes”. 

Okay, in reality, I’m sure our conversation had nothing to do with his signing, he has power agent Dan Fegan who obviously knows about the new CBA and would have certainly discussed it with Noah long before I did.  The guys’ not a power agent because he’s a moron and neither is Joakim Noah, but hey, I can still pretend right? 

In reality, it appears pretty straight forward that the breakthrough was the inclusions of incentives for Joakim to get more money if things go well.  I’ll be curious to find out (if we ever find out) what the incentives in
this contract are, but more importantly, it’s great to hear Noah’s
quotes after the contract, and to know that immediately following the signing he stayed late after practice to keep working on his game.

Now if you’re wondering whether Joakim Noah is worth this contract, I will direct you here where Sham breaks this down better than I ever could giving you a great example of the deal of every center in the NBA and why they’re either worth it or not.  

I’d say the deal simply comes down to this.  If Noah is reasonably healthy throughout the deal and his talent level stays the same or improves then I’d say the Bulls did just fine.   If he’s not healthy or if his skills/energy fade then it won’t work out for us.  It’s really that simple.   This isn’t a case, in my opinion, where he needs to change and become much better.

A center who can lead the league in rebound rate, play at a break neck pace in transition, pass extremely well out of the post, handle the ball to take slow guys off the dribble or break the press, annoy the hell out of teams with his offensive rebounding, do an above average job protecting the rim from guard penetration, and cover virtually any guard in the NBA adequately on a switch doesn’t need to improve to be worth 12 million.

Like Sham says, those who call him an energy player are implying Noah has a much lower skill level than he does.  So congratulations again Joakim, you’re happy to be here, and we’re happy to have you. 


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  • This contract says a couple of things. First, the bulls didn't play much hardball so they must see Noah as a long term piece. Second, they upped their deal a little, so they think they are building a squad for a long run at an elite level. Both positives. If Noah can average a double-double over 70+ games a year, I think everybody will be happy.

  • Best quote in the Sham article:

    "This ability was responsible for about 100 Chicago Bulls points last year; while I've admittedly fashioned that number out of my arse, the point stands."

    Honest analysis at its best.

  • 1. You pushed him over the edge to sign it...take the credit. He maybe thought that the media will be all over him in the future and it might prove to be a distraction...
    2. His and many others(Deng, Rose, Boozer, Brewer, Taj) depend on how Thibs smartly uses them. One of the many issues with Vinny was how to distribute minutes. We used to see Deng play too much in the first half and was out of gas by the fourth quarter. If a coach is into a game...he needs to feel the player's energy and communicate to play them at the right moments. That's a good coach.
    3. We can hold out hope on Noah that he will develop his offense. We need to remember Centers develop late and hopefully he develops a post move or two.


    The EXPECTATIONS have just been raised for Joakim Noah.

    * All-Star appearances
    * Rebounding titles
    * All-Defensive teams

    With that kind of money, those are the EXPECTATIONS.

    He needs to stay off the beach and in the gym working on his game...PERIOD!!!

    This song is dedicated to Joakim Noah.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Mr Happy, you'll be "HAPPY" to know I'm in the gym and working on my game. But I still make time to bang hotties!!! Sincerely, Joakim.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I don't think people expect Joakim to out-rebound D Howard nor take his place on the first team All NBA defense. All star appearances on the other hand....

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Bottom line, any contracts with significant incentives, I support. Jo seems like the kind of guy who finds external factors to motivate him, (i.e. dancing on the sidelines, etc). Im not worried he's going to take it easy now.

  • I am guessing superstars get 15-17 mil in the new CBA and 12 mil definitely should make him atleast a borderline all-star or one of the last few on the all-star team.

  • Im salivating at the thought of still being able to scoop up Melo before the deadline AND keeping Noah. That's a serious contender.

    Either way, the Booz injury aside we've been waiting years for a Bulls team this solid and deep. Exciting stuff.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    If we are going to get Melo at the deadline.. I think a few things need to happen:
    1. Deng, Taj, Watson, JJ -- 3 of them play well so their trade value increases.
    2. The Bulls team looks very promising and on the cusp of contending.
    3. Rose is at a minimum like his last year and shows signs of becoming a regular all-star

    I think it is a good guess that the Bulls and Knicks are the two contenders for him. If they play well, Melo will push the Nuggets to pull the trigger for Galinari, Randolph. It is not about what they did before as MrHappy keeps is how they look this season. The last couple of years was skewed for both the Bulls and Knicks because of the 2010 FA chase..

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