Joakim Noah, 7th best center

Kelly Dwyer has finished his top 30 positional rankings, and Joakim Noah comes in as the 7th best center.

7. Joakim Noah(notes), Chicago Bulls (last year: 15th)

Though his fiery personality and, um, unconventional offseason habits are the Houston forward’s polar opposite, Noah almost reminds of a 7-foot version of Shane Battier. The ultimate teammate, Noah is constantly barking out the opposing team’s play, his position on the help defense side and he’s the first to meet a teammate when things go perfectly, terribly awry, or somewhere in the middle.

He also put together a double-double last season while playing just 30 minutes per game, a fantastic accomplishment. And he’s made huge strides in his rebounding since entering the league as a rookie in 2007, topping out with a rebound rate that flew past the 20 percent mark last season.

The players ranked ahead of him?   Chris Kaman, Andrew Bynum, Al Horford, Andrew Bogut, and Dwight Howard.  

Interestingly enough, I think you could argue Noah with any of those guys except for Howard who’s obviously in a tier by himself.   I’m going to give Bogut the benefit of the doubt as well. 

The other guys?   Well they all provide more offense, and I can understand the rankings of each ahead of Noah.  However with Boozer in the fold, I have to say, I’d rather have Noah than the other three next to Boozer.

Either way, just a nice excuse to appreciate Noah a bit.

According to Dwyer’s ranknig, the Bulls have the #5 PG, don’t have a top 30 SG, #8 SF, #6 and #28 PFs, and #7 center.   Sounds pretty good.  


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  • I mentioned this before when the top SF list was posted... but its obvious this guy has a hard on for the Heat. Look at Ilgauskas in almost every picture for centers, just as Lebron was in just about every SF photo.

  • I think the writer, Kelly Dwyer, is just making a subtle joke. In all of his lists pictures show the subjects going against one particular defender. For centers it was Ilgauskas, and for power forwards it was Troy Murphy. I wouldn't read anything into it.

  • Unless Noah bulks up a little bit(which he is doing) and has a decent jumper from 10-15 ft, he will not crack the top 3. We will see this year how he performs with a healthy Boozer. But that said, probably any team in the league would take him ...

  • Aren't these ratings based on regular season stats? Not Noah's 20/20 playoff bomb. What did Joakim average in the layoffs like 15 ppg and 13 rebounds? With two steals and a block and a half a game.

    And in that regular season west coast winning stretch how many end of game/clutch free throws did he hit?

    Derrick's game has a lot of unanswered questions that will be answered in a pivotal third season. But if I had to bet I'd say it's more certain that Joakim with his noticably increased bulk, and winning effects on the team reg and post season will improve this year to force level. I'm going with 13ppg and 13-14 rebounds with two blocks pg and all defensive second team. To me, that makes him tied with Bogut as second best center in the east. But we'll see. The bulk not to get bumped off his feet by the stud/big centers will be the key. Similar to Taj his defensive aggressiveness/forcefulness is where all his winning energy/confidence and effect come from. Joakim to has a great chance at blowing up.

  • This is about where he should be. Personally I have him at #7 in my list, but I have Al Jefferson and Yao Ming in front of Noah. (Kaman and Bynum behind)
    But that assumes Yao comes back at 100% and that we put Jefferson at Center as opposed to Power Forward.

    I think Howard, Yao, and Bogut are at the top level, but Noah is right there with all those other guys ... I think there's a group of 9 or 10 that all fall in that second tier.

    Noah, Horford, Jefferson, Bynum, Kaman, Nene, M. Gasol, B. Lopez, and Maybe Oden.


    #1.) Al Horford is being moved to PF this year, so scratch him from that list.

    #2.) I'm not sold on Andrew Bynum. He is an injury risk waiting to happen...again.

    #3.) Brook Lopez is talented, but plain and simple, he isn't a winner...edge Joakim.

    #7 is a good spot for Joakim Noah to be. There is room to improve and prove people wrong. At the end of the day, it's all about WINNING. If the Chicago Bulls win titles, Joakim Noah will have a hand in it and thus move up the rankings.

  • One thing we need to think about Centers is they mature late in the NBA game ...I would say 2/3 years after the guards, SFs.
    You look at Bogut...I would say he came into his own last year and Bynum is getting good now. If Noah and Rose remain healthy, it will be fun to watch them next year or better ...a year after next..

  • First off, Al Horford is definitely not a center, regardless of who he plays with.

    I agree that 7 is a good spot for Noah. I think these "Best of" lists should be defined by which player teams have to game-plan against the most right now. In that regard, I think it should be Howard, Bogut, Yao, Kaman, Lopez, Bynum, then Noah. The one thing Joakim does better than any of the guys in front of him (except Lopez) is shoot free throws, which is a huge plus for centers.

  • Last I checked Noah wasn't from nor play for Houston, maybe I'm missing something?

  • Jamal Crawford might want out of Atlanta ...

    Somebody figure out how we can make that work.

    Could come off the bench for point production ... 35% 3pt shooter.
    Brewer/Crawford would give us a good mix at the position ...
    If you look at his numbers per minute, he could be a top 10 SG.
    SG's the position we need upgraded the most ... not gonna get tons of chances to get one that high.

    Yeah, I know ... we really have little means to make that kind of trade happen. Oh well.

  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    He would be a nice addition. I would take him over Rudy Fernandez....or Sam Young. Too bad he's out of our price range....

  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    That is very solid Doug, but the Bulls are not winning anything substantial until they get a LEGIT, spread the floor, knock down shooting guard. Once they shore up the 2-guard spot they will be a complete team in every aspect.

  • In reply to Dajody10:

    How do you know that Mr. Dajody? Niether you, nor I, nor anyone else has seen this new Bulls team play one single game! So how can you say they need "LEGIT,spread the floor,knock down shooting guard"?

    Give this team a chance. This is not the finished proiduct, but it is the best the organization has had in the last 12 years, and it is a borderline elite team, right now! So let the kids play, see what you need, and then do some tweeking.

    IMO, Ronnie Brewer will surprise a lot of people with his able & unselfish offense.

    I like Your Chicago Bulls just the way they are my friend!

  • In reply to Dajody10:

    Players like Noah don't get full credit for being great, not because of a lack of offense, but for a lack of appreciation to detail. Noah does so much to help you win, and it goes unoticed and people brush that off so easily, as if players like noah are so easy to find. Husting, energy, & leadership are skills! You can't put it in someone, & you can't take it out of them! And they "affect winning" far more than an extra 5ppg (stats are mostly lies in basketball).

    I've said it before in defending Rodman's Hall credentials, and I'll say it again here: You can hide a player on offense. You cannot on defense. The opposition will attack you where you are weak, just like the weakest link in a chain. On offense, its TOTALLY different! Give your ball to the best player, EVERY TIME!!! When he gets doubled, thats where the teamates come in, but a player like Jo or Dennis, let them hang around the rim, let them hit open shots, catch the ball going to the hoop, set screeens, get easy put backs... doesn't matter, thats good offense, so long as you have a creator, & the BUlls do with Rose. They did with Mike. Heck, most teams do. I guarantee if Jo played in NJ with Devinn Harris & Terrance Williams, that they would have more than the 12 wins or whatever they got. Cause Brook Lopez doesn't play D, rebound, or do all the little things that affect winning.

    God so many people brush that off! Just watch a game & see! And look how Jo always steps up in crunchtime & lives, absolutely LIVES for the playoffs! My God, just like that other poster mentioned, Road Warrior I think it was, look at his playoff averages! That is a guy who "plays when he wants to play" as the vintage Randy Moss would like to articulate.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    sorry, meant it to read Lopez doesn't play D, rebound. or do the little things AS WELL as Noah

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    and nither do the other players ranked 3-6

  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    Anybody else think Kelly got the 12-22 list and 23-32 list mixed up for the centers?

    12-22: 32-23:
    Nenad Kristic Erick Dampier
    Nick Collison Kendrick Perkins
    Brendan Haywood Mehmet Okur
    Andrea Bargnani Jermaine O'neal
    Shaq Brad Miller
    Roy Hibbert DeMarcus Cousins
    Marcus Camby Tyson Chandler
    Anderson Varejao (tool) Samuel Dalembert
    Emeka Okafor Robin Lopez
    David Lee JaVale McGee
    Yao Ming

    With the exception of Yao and McGee (maybe) I think I'd take pretty much anyone on the lower list above anyone on the higher one.

  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    Anybody else think Kelly got the 12-22 list and 23-32 list mixed up for the centers?

    12-22/ 32-23:
    Nenad Kristic/Erick Dampier
    Nick Collison/ Kendrick Perkins
    Brendan Haywood/ Mehmet Okur
    Andrea Bargnani/ Jermaine O'neal
    Shaq /Brad Miller
    Roy Hibbert/ DeMarcus Cousins
    Marcus Camby/ Tyson Chandler
    Anderson Varejao (tool)/ Samuel Dalembert
    Emeka Okafor /Robin Lopez
    David Lee /JaVale McGee
    Yao Ming

    With the exception of Yao and McGee (maybe) I think I'd take pretty much anyone on the lower list above anyone on the higher one.

    Sorry about the formatting error. Not sorry Varejao is a total, butt-munching tool.

  • He makes about 10 mil..So we have to find equal trading value and we don't have that much cap room. Plus, he wants a 3 year 30 mil extension. But he is a nice guy and will not complain much about playing time(he didn't before). But his defense is not that good but he is the offensive version of Ronnie Brewer.

  • Your right, thanks for answering that.

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