Bulls schedule leaking and Carlos Boozer's strange contract

Bulls schedule leaking and Carlos Boozer's strange contract

A few scheduling notes have leaked out.

Per KC Johnson’s twitter, the Bulls appear to be opening against the Thunder.   Tough game, especially on the road, to open the season.   If they win, you’ll have to feel real good, but tough game to win.

The Bulls also get a Christmas team squaring off against the Knicks per a FSN New York twitter.  I’d be amped for that game except that I’m unlikely to sit and watch basketball on Christmas as I’m too busy running around with my kids.

Still, i love the idea of a high honor game going to a Bulls/Knicks matchup.  

Finally, Shamsports has all of the Bulls salaries up on their database now.  I tweeted about it last night only to get a bunch of responses asking what the heck the Bulls were doing with Boozer’s contract.

Answer?  I have no idea.    The Bulls aren’t in any threat of paying the luxury tax next season, nor are they threatening to fall under the salary cap by enough to use any cap space.  Thus the decision to minimize the value in that year is simply strange.  

I would wager a guess that if the Bulls knew how the off-season would go after signing Boozer that they would have heavily front loaded his whole deal in order to take money out of years 3-5 where the luxury tax is likely to become an issue.   However, if they had landed JJ Redick then they would have wanted the deal more backloaded in order to save room to finish off the roster this season.

You could say the front-loaded money is put in as a hedge, but a hedge against what?   They didn’t save themselves any long term tax consequences by structuring the deal to lower in year two, and there’s no practical value to the Bulls in saving the extra million and a half next year while there is for having it this year.   I suppose it could have been done as a favor to Boozer, but it’s hard to imagine how the little extra money up front was a big sticking point in negotiations.

I just chalk it up to interesting, maybe Mark has come up with a better explanation than myself.


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  • Maybe it's a favor to Boozer. If there is a full season lockout next year, he only loses the smallest year of this contract.

    Either that, or they hope to have some cap room next offseason. If the CBA lowers the MLE exception, have $5mil in cap space would be advantageous.

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    I'd say its this, except instead of calling it a favor, I'd call it Boozer's agent doing well for his client.

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    1) Boozer's contract takes a significant hike and reaches its highest point AFTER Luol Deng's contract expires.
    2) Boozer's contract takes a significant drop and reaches its lowest point next offseason, when (in theory) Joakim Noah will need paying 8 figures.
    3) The three unguaranteed contracts all decline.
    4) The three unguaranteed contracts can all be wiped from the books in the summer that Derrick Rose will start earning 8 figures.

    Those things won't be accidental.

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    Not the way I would have liked to open the season.
    Both teams have high expectations for the year, but they are far more established as a team. I'd like to think that by the end of the season, we could take on the Thunder and expect to win. But we have a lot of work to get to that point. Maybe Durant's shot will be way off that night ...

    The Christmas day game makes me wonder if the league has a lot higher hopes for the Knicks than most people do. I don't see the Knicks even coming close to the Playoffs this year, so in my opinion this is a disappointing Christmas day game. With the Heat and Lakers obviously locked in for that day, I'd much prefer to see us take on a team like the Celtics, Magic, or Jazz.

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    As for Christmas I agree unless somebody knows something we don't that sounds like a lame contest against the Knicks, but unless they are dreadful teams can get on hot streaks/have not given up hope by the end of Decemeber so you never know it could turn out to be an entertaining game.

    Opening night with OKC it's Durant's Thunder against Derrick's Chicago Bulls. I think it's a good idea to have maybe the two top/next generation studs squaring off to start the season. I can think of a lot worse opponents such as if we had to start off against the Magic or the Heat. Though I'm betting we play Miami within the first six or seven games if not sooner.

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    What?!?! Didn't we split the season series w/them LAST YEAR? With an improved team we can certainly sweep the season series. We have bigger fish to fry than OKC...

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    I agree. Didn't we beat OKC at OKC! KD is definitely a top 3/4 player in the league but the team has got a lot of hype this off-season. They extended a somewhat take-it-easy Lakers team in the first series. Lakers took them too lightly and got trounced in the 3rd and 4th game. OKC is probably a top 10 team in the league but they are not a top 5 team. I think Portland, Dallas, San Antonio, Lakers are probably better than them in the West. Just because KD is a great guy, he is getting too much hype for a 4th year player on taking his team to great heights. He might put up big numbers but I doubt his team will go further than second round.

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    Speaking of Kevin Durant I was just watching a clip of he and Rajon Rondo shooting threes to decide the winner in the All-Star weekend HORSE contest. Man, out of all the shots Kevin only missed one three attempt. The dude is an amazing shhoter. And Rondo despite being a punk at times is a hell of a competitor he was canning almost all his threes from behind HOR to KD's HO.

    I think Derrick can be almost as good as Durant(but perhaps with less longevity due to his size) to be honest, but from distance I don't know. Derrick though if he can just shoot 36% or up on volume threes will get it done.

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    Also as for Boozer it's interesting to note that Steve Aschenburner has Boozer slated at No.7 for next year's MVP noting that his possible siphon for glory is, "an irrepresible point guard who's ready to come into his own as a Wade-like performer."

    That's saying something for a nationally known/syndicated columnist who gets around the nitty gritty of the NBA to make those statements.

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    It's on Bulls.com daily news clips. As I have said it's regrettable, but I sadly do not know how to share/post links.

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    LIVE announcement...right now.


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    * Look for President Obama to be at the Memphis game on MLK day.

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    I'm in shock! Mr. Happy had a theory that makes sense. No way you came up with that yourself!

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    Bulls usaully beat the thunder....hopefully it continues especailly now that our team is better then what we were.

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    I wouldn't mind seeing him smack the Lebronettes around once or twice.

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    Minnesota released/waived Delonte West per Hoopsworld. Last chance to sign the guy who banged Lebron's mom(and son right out of the playoffs).

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    He's a lifetime 44% FG's, 37% threes, and 10 ppg. Somebody pass the Lithium, and sign this boy. I'm kidding, and shouldn't on his personal problems. Sorry. But if not for that issue he would be a great pick-up.

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    A split means we no longer have to worry about them?
    Yes, we beat them in OKC ... and they beat us here.
    They are one of the top young teams in the league and we have to go there to face them for opening night.

    You don't think they'll go further than the second round? Fine, but that still makes them a top 4 team in the west ... if I had to guess, I'd say Lakers, Mavs, Jazz, and Thunder. And considering that's exactly what the Bulls are ... a top 4 seed ... I'd say they are just as dangerous as we are.
    On top of that, they have an established team with few changes to worry about for the coming season. We are very much the opposite.
    We are definitely NOT the Bulls of last season, and it's going to take a little time getting used to 2 new starters, a whole new bench, and a new coach with all new offensive and defensive schemes to get down.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see us struggle a little in the beginning as we get it all straightened out.

  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    I fully concur. We have absolutely no idea how good the Bulls are or can be. And there will be some growing pains. Expect a double digit loss in game one (if this is in fact the schedule).

  • Boozer, Brewer & Watson's salaries all go down next season - and Korver's stays the same.

    If Noah is offered an extension & accepts, the extension kicks in next year.

    Korver, Brewer & Watson also have mostly unguaranteed contracts for 2012-13, the season that Derrick Rose's max extension would start.

    Gar Forman knows what he is doing. "Flexibility"

  • yes, Shamsports is the source. Go to the Bulls salary list & place your cursor over the player name. Contract details will pop up - and that is where I got my info.

  • Thanks for the directions Mitchell W. I will give it a shot.

  • I appreciated Kenny Smith and Steve Kerr throwing the bulls some bones at the NBA TV special last night for the revealing of the schedules, they said the bulls could be ones to challenge the heat magic and Celtics for the east. Of course we've been saying this for a while but when do the commentators give us much credit. I mean C Web and Gary Payton both told Chicago fans he wish the bulls would lose more.

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