$56,472,740 is the magic number

According to my calculations, this is the salary cap number the Bulls need released to offer Chris Bosh a full max contract if a S&T with Toronto is agreed upon that sends James Johnson and Taj Gibson out for Chris Bosh and basically allows us to get two FAs.

I think I have cleared up the cap situation in terms of a sign and trade with Toronto.   Now, previously I had argued the roster charge incorrectly.   Charges are calculated prior to your offer, so you can’t count the new player as a roster spot when calculating salary cap space.  This means your cap room when making an offer is basically 473k less than after the player accepts it.

At least according to my reading of the CBA.  However for a S&T, it’s a little different.  Let’s assume a cap of $56,472,740:

roster charge $473,604
roster charge $473,604
roster charge $473,604
roster charge $473,604
roster charge $473,604
roster charge $473,604
Luol Deng $11,345,000
Derrick Rose $5,546,160
Joakim Noah $3,128,536
James Johnson $1,713,600
Taj Gibson $1,117,680
LeBron James:  $16,568,908
Total: $42,261,508
Cap Room $14,211,232

Now for the purposes of matching salary with Toronto in a S&T, they could move Johnson + Gibson to Toronto.   This gets around the potential loop hole (and I’m not sure if it exists really), of having the temporary cap hold, because you have a set roster before the trade.

Johnson + Gibson + $14,211,232 = $16,568,908 +  $473,604 (or Chris Bosh + roster charge)

The S&T allows you to get around the temporary extra roster charge (which may or may not really exist, since if it really exists it’s moronic and makes no sense).

The last estimate was 56.1 million, but the league likes to estimate
low so that owners don’t get killed if they are wrong.  Earlier
estimates were 50-54 million, and now we’re sitting at 56.1 million.

the NBA finals kicked butt in ratings this year, so the extra push
throughout the end of the season was probably better than expected
rather than worse than expected.  We’ll need to wait for the final
numbers, but I think there’s a pretty good shot the Bulls get that
extra 370k they need.

If they don’t get it, they’d need to hope
Bosh would be willing to leave about 3 million on the table over six
years (probably reasonable if he decides he wants to come here) or look
for a trading partner that would save them some money on Loul Deng
(probably not hard to ship Deng off to save a couple million bucks
rather than finding someone to take him and save all the money).


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  • Omer Asik would go too. I would guess.

    Given his relationship to Hedo Turkoglu, that makes sense.

  • New Orleans, in my eyes, is still the best 3-way trade partner for Chris Bosh.

    They could use Luol Deng.

  • If Johnson Gibson and picks, gets you Bosh, then this certainly could all work out.

  • Cant the Bulls try to trade James Johnson to free up the extra cap? Or buy his contract out like the heat did with James Jones. His 1.7 mil would put us at the MAX wouldnt it?

  • That's your opinion.

    Last I checked, the Bulls dumped Kirk Hinrich.

    If New Orleans wants to keep Chris Paul, they better add better pieces.

    Deng would be a nice piece, especially with Peja and Posey coming off the books soon.

  • Just give me one of these three duo's.

    BOSH and WADE
    BOSH and MELO
    BOSH and LBJ

    Bosh is a MUST and landing him should lead to the Bulls getting one of those other 3 guys.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    As usual you are bass ackward wrong. There are at least 4 power forward free agents all of whom have similar production to Bosh.

    On the other hand there is only one Lebron, and Wade, and Melo, and for that matter Dirk and Joe Johnson also.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    i usually just read this blog but mr happy u actually made me angry while reading ur horse crap posts. u have no inside information so stop alluding to obscure tweets that have no substance or bearing on fa. bigway is right in that u can get away w boozer, amare, or even david lee if u get lebron and it doesnt work the other way around.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    If we get LeBron...i dont care if we land Boozer,Bosh, AMare or Lee. Just give me LeBron. lol

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Can someone explaine to me what the conseqences are of going over the salary cap by $1-2 million dollars? I thought they are fined the amount they are over the cap. If that's true why is being over the cap such a big deal, if the Bulls can sign Bosh and Wade (and go over the cap)surely the revenue they'd make would easily make up the fine amount.

  • Bulls Tackling Bosh First

    At this point, the likely suitors for LeBron James seems whittled down to three organizations

  • I believe no matter what happens the Bulls will be much better next year with or without Lebron and Bosh. A lineup of Rose-Johnson-Deng-Boozer-Noah is a solid lineup that i would be fine with. It's better to get something than nothing at all. But no matter who we pick up i just hope we have a deep quality bench...Defense, Rebounds, and bench points win games IMO.

  • IMO this whole thing now is starting to remind me of a bunch of desperate, starving people trying to figure out how to escape from some elaborate trap they've stumbled into. We're all figuring out which nebulous, light bulb idea, rig-job idea will get us out(get Lebron and or Bosh).

    So when does the NBA release the cap number for 2101-11? I googled it before, and I thought they released it on July 8(the same day free agent signings can begin). Now I hear some people saying Lebron may take several days to decide after these Thurs./Friday "meetings" conclude.

    The thing that bothers me is that Riley by taking the headlines with all these continued self-cannibalization player amputations where his payroll is down to Wade and the Heat equipment manager, and the other thing is because of this Wade cluhouse "agreement"/proposition with LeBron and Bosh to form a "dream team" is getting all the headlines.

    My question: does this headlines domination, I mean I see Miami newspaper reporters on Collin Cowherd and NBATV last night the minute I turn either of them on, doesn't this help Miami? If the whole chattering media is buying this thing, and that Riley and Wade are "making it happen" shouldn't some competitor get a way into the media to divert some of the growing momentum/power away from Maimi/this story??

    Doug, what's your take on this? And do you think LeBron may take several days after Friday's meetings end to decide where he's going?

    As for giving up Taj for Bosh in a sign and trade of course I'd do it, but unlike Doug, unless that was just hyperbole, I don't think you can get guys like Taj anywhere. He and Joakim led the NBA in shot blocking for most of the season. He's an excellent per minutes rebounder. And when his defensive confidence/game isn't being squelched by the frickin' agenda driven/team rep/license to play D(Kendrick Perkins the lumbering slob) refs, his offensive game is significant. But yes I would make him available for Bosh.

  • Bosh Sign and Trade to Miami is already a done deal.

    According to Dan Lebetard.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    A.K.A. Dan LeRetard.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I say that Bosh goes to Miami, or in as S&T to the Mavs, Lakers or Rockets. Hopefully this happens soon, so Mr Happy slits his throat and is no longer able to speak or type.

  • It's possible, but why would Bosh committ before LeBron does otherwise he and Wade are going to be running the break with Amare and the Heat equipment manager. I saw Danny LeTard or his in proper French "LeTurd" on ESPN this morning hammering away on how this LeBron, Wade, Bosh pairing is a done deal and "thrilling."

    Please find me a vomit bag.

  • Who are they trading? Beasley and Chalmers? They have nobody on their roster?

  • Is Dan Lebetard from Maimi?

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