Thibodeau negotiating with Hornets but waiting for Bulls / Nets

Per yahoo sports:

Hornets general manager Jeff Bower has exchanged proposals with
Creative Artists Agency, which represents Thibodeau, on parameters of a
possible deal. Sources say Thibodeau still plans to meet with New Jersey Nets GM Rod Thorn about his coaching vacancy sometime before the start of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

It’s unclear how close the Hornets and Thibodeau are on a possible
agreement, but one thing seemed certain: Thibodeau still wants to stay
in play for openings with the Nets and Chicago Bulls, and that could become a slippery slope for his candidacy in New Orleans.

It’s possible Thibodeau could discuss the Bulls’ coaching vacancy
before the Finals, too. He’s high on Chicago’s list, but league sources
believe team officials are moving slowly on filling the job and may
keep the position open all the way into the July free-agent market.
Thibodeau has told confidants the Bulls job is his No. 1 choice.

Again, we hear that the Bulls are Thibodeau’s number one choice.   Compared to the Nets, this doesn’t surprise me.   Compared to the Hornets it’s at least a little interesting, as the Hornets have a lot of great pieces in place already.

Still, we find that the Bulls are stalling the process and waiting.  I’m not sure what the rationale is on waiting so long here unless they’re willing to tell a 2010 FA “you can pick the coach”, but they’ve been fairly adamant about that not happening through back channel type sources.

If that’s not the rationale, then if we lose our man because we’re dragging our feet then that’s another black mark against the way the organization does business.   Maybe we’re just not that into Thibodeau, but if we are, then why we’re sitting around waiting to interview him when two other franchise are interested is beyond me.

The Bulls really seem to go out of their way to disrespect coaches making their searches difficult as for the longest time they wouldn’t negotiate with a coach’s agent.   He’s a coach, not a lawyer, of course he has an agent in a negotiation worth millions.


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  • Doug, I don't envy GarPax right now. This is indeed a win something or lose everything situation. It seems that they are going for the homerun but can strikeout leaving the bases loaded. It is a tough situation, but I understand what they are doing. The question is, If they strikeout (including the Head Coach), do you think Paxson will resign?

  • What do you consider being strikeout? A David Lee/Joe Johnson summer for exemple would leave me quite disappointed but it's far from a strikeout (or a Mercer/Miller offseason). That would still be a much improved team (hinrich/picks traded for JJ) :


    There are tons of options out there, I really doubt we won't improved this team in the offseason.

  • In reply to OnePointSeven:

    Strikeout will be nothing:

    Lebron stays,
    Wade and Bosh to Miami
    Boozer and Johnson to New York
    David Lee to New Yersey

    Coach: Lawrence Frank

    For me, that is a strikeout...If that happens, GarPax must be gone...

  • In reply to OnePointSeven:

    My guess if they have to be thinking they have a better than 50/50 chance of getting Phil.

  • In reply to OnePointSeven:


    Does he want the Bulls to hire Brian Shaw?

    Who cares about WWW? I certainly don't. Maurice Cheeks is the man for the job.

    He'll look really good coaching Rose, Noah, Wade and Bosh.

  • In reply to OnePointSeven:

    They've(the Bulls) shown they have an interest in Thibedau. If they don't at least get a chance to interview him it's going to make them look bad. And it could definitely have a negative impact on free agency.

  • In reply to OnePointSeven:

    There's two ways of seeing our coaching search. Since we do not appear to be making any progress at this time, we must have narrowed our list to the guys we have already talked to and A) Someone who is still coaching (Thibideau most likely, Phil or DRivers less so) or B) We are waiting for free agency and will either be letting the big time FA's have input (been told this won't happen) or seeing if our FA can land us a big fish coach (and not the other way around)or finding a coach suitable with our new team? Doug Collins is already locked up and Thibs seems close to - I hope we don't hold out too long and miss out again!

  • In reply to OnePointSeven:

    I can't really get why they are dragging this interview stuff as much as they are. It really doesn't seem to make any sense if they're interested in Thibodeau, get an interview at least. Maybe they are after Doc or Jackson, but those chances are minimal IMO. And you lose out on your next option b/c of that? Hmmm something is fishy there. I'm not so sure Doc is that much better an option than Thibodeau. Jackson isn't coming to Chicago, that's a pipe dream or does anybody think JR is going to pay PJ at least $8-10 million a year? Then why wait if you have the possility to interview Thibodeau now?

  • This is the issue that I'm having with this whole coaching search, I don't know what to think. I really wish I knew the reason why we have to wait so long once again to hire someone, because if I knew that, I could properly criticize or praise the org accordingly.

    If they're doing this to really go for it, and they believe they can get a big time coach, this is much easier to swallow. But if this is just typical Bulls foot dragging and organizational confusion, not only is it ridiculous, but it could point to trouble in free agency.

    I guess you can't be too down on them just yet, because there are a few other teams also without a coach, but we haven't even interviewed anyone, and it doesn't look like we're in a hurry to (even with supposed front runners for the position).

    I guess that deep down I'm kind of hoping that they're smarter and better at their job than most fans give them credit for, and that they know something, and they're gonna shock the world with a great choice, but it is the Bulls, and it's probably best not to get your hopes up.

  • I remember when Reinsdorf reportedly dawdled over whether to make an offer to D'Antoni because of concerns about his failure to emphasize defense. Wouldn't it be ironic if the Bulls lose Thib to another team because of its concern about his failure to emphasize offense? I think of Gar/Pax/Reinsdorf as the "anti-Mounties"-- they never get their man. Unless, of course, they are broken down, disgruntled, too old etc. Then they overpay them. And you wonder why they have been so mediocre over the past several years.

  • Doug, you're the guy who said it was "irrelevant" how long the Bulls took to hire a coach. Now you're wondering why they're dragging their feet, and how it could leave another "black mark" against the organization. Give me a break. I didn't even mention how you criticized my comments when I said the exact thing before that you just exclaimed yourself.(Even though it does piss me off).

    You lump me in with "fans think". What about jorunalists who argue one point and criticize others who have differing views, and then a week later you make the same point yourself you were citicizing me over.

    It does matter on how we're perceived by free agents. Especially if it looks like we wanted a hot commodity like Thibedau with his twice NBA Finals defense, and we fiddle around, and he goes some where else. The Bulls did a lousy job the last time they hired a coach, and it ended in a big mess with the Pax/Vinny celebrity grudge match that Wade and Riley then used as the precursor to the Bulls left Vinny hanging in the wind during his firing speculation, and therefore are a disloyal organization. That thing about Michael and Scottie was just a veiled swipe over the Vinny/Pax feud and how many criticized the Bulls for leaving a guy hanging in the wind.

    And please don't lump me in with the "fans think."
    I'm a thoughful follower of the game who actually sticks to one point of view, and also discusses/reveals what the cheap shot attack by Wade and Riley who saw an opportunity actually stems from. And if Reinsdorf hadn't sent so many mixed signals with the last f-ed up coaching hire this vunerability i.e crap with Vinny probably never would have happened.

  • The whole coach thing has me perplexed as well. Either it means we are waiting on a great coach tp come along and bring us a FA or we were just slow to get the man we wanted. Right now, I think we waited too long and are out of the running for Thibodeau. We may probably end up with Cheeks which is like runner up and I dont think would be a huge appeal to FA. If we iss out on Thibodeau as well as Phil, and Scott and Rivers thenwe are SOL to the maximum.

  • maybe the return of Bill Cartwright as coach with David Lee n JJ Reddick as the "new" stars......another doomed era

  • As I said from the moment we finished the Cleveland series, the Bulls will wait until after the free agent signing process begins to name thier coach.

    This makes perfect sense, since there are way too many options in play. We don't really know which coaches are going to be available yet.

    While they may not let the free agent pick the coach, not having one in place and allowing the free agent some input is a recruiting advantage.

    the only thing I wish that they would do is talk to Thiboedeau now to keep him in the mix.

  • Yea, I don't expect the Bulls or any organization to let everyone know their game plan, but this search seems particularly mysterious.

  • That is because Mr Happy always thinks that what he wants is what will actually happen, and is always the best thing that could ever happen.

  • Which is why I've said from day one that it will indeed take them 2 months to hire a coach, maybe even 3.

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