Bulls playoffs a recruiting tool?


Mission accomplished!

Really, though, they’ve already accomplished the most important goal, just by making the playoffs and producing some nice highlights.

Derrick Rose has been knifing through two, three, sometimes four defenders and still finding ways to score. Joakim Noah put the wrath of Cleveland on his shoulders, then stepped up under pressure to deliver 25 points and 13 rebounds in Game 2.

I agree that making the playoffs gave us a heck of a lot more credibility than missing them.  I’ve been arguing that point with those who’ve been hoping for a 2% chance at a top three pick for awhile.

I don’t think our play against Cleveland ha raised the bar any though.  We’ve done a nice job of not embarrassing ourselves, but it’s going to take more to leave a lasting positive impression on free agents this summer.

Two wins, and I think free agents will say “wow they played Cleveland as tough as anyone” after Cleveland wins the title later this year.   One win, and I think we’ll be respectable.   Zero wins, regardless of how hard we fight, won’t earn us anything more than we’ve already earned in terms of respect.

McGraw also adds this scary tidbit:

One thing that appears certain this summer is it will take a maximum contract to get Bosh or Johnson. The Knicks didn’t create all that cap room to park it in a mutual fund. They’ve geared up for a spending spree and likely will offer massive deals to both players.

I can’t disagree with that speculation.  It’s going to take a max contract to get Joe Johnson.  If we’re willing to throw down that money on Joe Johnson then we’d better be willing to go into the tax, or this team’s in real trouble going forward, and history doesn’t support us going into the tax.   Maybe the prime of Derrick Rose’s career will be different.  We can only hope.


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  • The way the Bulls played during the last week of the season, just to get into the playoffs, should have raised a few eyebrows (mainly Chris Bosh's.)

    It was important for them to beat the Raptors in Toronto, the Celtics at full-strength in Chicago, and the Bobcats at full-strength in Charlotte.

    Getting the CORE group of Rose, Noah, Deng, Hinrich, Gibson and I guess Johnson more playoff experience can't hurt in the short-term or the long-term. As far as recruiting goes, it's important that those 6 guys play well.

    Hinrich isn't showing up, which is disappointing on two fronts. The Bulls need him to produce, if they expect to win any games and his poor play is not helping his trade value any.

    Overall, I'm happy the Bulls are in the playoffs. Let's hope they make this a series.

  • Seeing Miami lose badly to Boston without Garnett opens the door wide for Wade. If Cleveland beats up Boston, that shows the weakness of Miami's supporting cast.
    Bosh is good as gone but can they pull of a sign and trade vs Knicks, NJ, Dallas. Knicks can use Lee, Dallas can use many skilled guys and the Nets can use Devin Harris. Bulls don't have a former all-star to do a Sign and Trade.

    Can a local Bulls company step up and give Bosh a sweetener like a endorsement contract to lure him?

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    IMO the most likely scenario with Bosh is a S&T. And you put your finger on it. NY has Lee to trade and the Lakers have Bynum. Why would Toronto settle for the oft-injured Deng or the grossly overrated Hinrich? Of course Bosh as a FA does not have to go to either NY or LA but they are bigger markets than Chicago and can perhaps offer greater marketing incentives. Sorry Bulls fans, I see Chicago as a long-shot for Bosh. Get ready to overpay for Boozer, if we are lucky enough to attract him over Miami, etc.

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    This entry is featured on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

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    I know it's very unlikely anyway that LeBron would leave and come to us, but do you think this series is making that less likely? It seems like we're building up a lot of animosity with Cleveland and LeBron...I kind of doubt that he'll want to come to the Bulls now given the chippiness between the two teams.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:



    Did anybody hear anything? I hope it's not too serious for him or his family.

  • I agree the more the Heat embarrass themselves, the greater likelihood that Wade leaves. However, I think the most plausible scenario is this:

    1) Wade and Bron stay home.
    2) NY throws big money at Bosh/Johnson.

    This leaves Boozer and Stoudamire as the most avaialable targets for the Bulls, right?

    So my question, Doug, is this: If the tea leaves are pointing towards Bosh/Johnson to NY - would the Bulls still offer a deal to one of those two in hopes of persuading them otherwise? If they're inclined to NY, we could be just wasting time (a la Duncan/TMac in 2000) and taking ourselves out of the picture for Stoudamire or Boozer.

    What would you say to the idea of working out a S&T with the Suns involving Deng (whom they've always liked), our 1st round pick (not too high that it would cost them much), Hinrich (combo who can also back up Nash), and James Johnson in exchange for Stoudamire? The Suns may not prefer this package over Stoudamire, but its a nice consolation rather than losing him for nothing, and provides relative youth and talent for a team with an aging star.

    This would leave the Bulls with ample cap space still, enough so to throw a deal at RFA Rudy Gay the Grizzlies would not be able to match.

    In fact, the Bulls would still have a little money to go grab a shooter like Eddie House or some other shooters of that ilk to surround these guys.

    Now you're core is Rose/Gay/Stoudamire/Noah. All under 30. It might be a year or two before you could surround them with the right complimentary guys, but how much more quality do you really need with those top 4?

    I just think the Bulls need to think further outside the box than just "We have money, let's throw it at this one guy and hope it works."

    What do you think?

  • Honestly,

    I think we have played well but we cant get swept. Definitely not both home games. We must protect this house.lol

    But as far as getting both Bosh and Johnson, I dont think its logical or even possible to do that and keep Deng and/or kirk. I think one or both is gone if we bring in Johnson and Bosh. If we just got Bosh I would be happy. Bosh would make us so much better in the long run that it would be worth it. A sign and trade to get him in for 6 years would be ideal.

    But If we ge Bosh in free agency, its mission accomplished im my book.

    Joe Johnson would be a great player for us, but I dont want him as the first option.

  • Bull Recruiting Tools:

    Rose an elite player.
    Noah a long rebounding flyweight who maybe as fragile as Deng.
    Deng is fragile and hardly ever shows up when needed.
    Gibson is a surprise and if healthy may be a solid player!
    No one else is worth special mention considering age, skills and health.

    Management led by the clueless Paxson is pathetic!
    Is Vinnie gone and who is his replacement?????????

    Are the Bulls attractive to elite free agents--absolutely NOT!

  • In reply to Alex:

    Deng looked pretty good in game 2, not that it was a big game.

    Also, if "only" having an elite player plus some pieces isn't good enough to attract free agents, than why do you think New York or Miami is going to do that much better? You didn't say them specifically, but those are the only other two real options for free agents.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    Rose is not an elite player.

  • Speaking of recruiting, don't count out DWADE just yet.

    Did anybody hear his recent comments?

    Addressing his pending free agency before Game 2 of the Heat's first-round playoff series against Boston on Tuesday, Wade reiterated his preference would be to remain with the Heat for the rest of his career.

    But with just two months remaining before the official start of free agency July 1, Wade also said "there are a couple of teams that could make him reconsider his options."

    * I bet one of those teams is the Chicago Bulls!!!

    Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/04/21/1589112/dwyane-wade-says-leaving-miami.html#ixzz0lkMWFZtE

  • D.Wade is single now and is doused in Miami Beach pune. He'll be the last one out of James, Wade, or Bosh to leave. If Miami was as bad as New Jersey, maybe Wade would consider leaving the beach.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    Is it about the WEATHER or WINNING for DWADE?

    Chicago has more positives for him, than Miami.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    LeBron loves the Chi...


  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    I never expected Lebron to leave Cleveland anyways but my hope of Wade leaving has increased, with his pathetic YMCA team getting their butts kicked again. Its possible he'll leave but the bulls still need a PF maybe Lee would join us for a budget price if we got Wade. We can only dream right?

  • In reply to Snypershawn:

    I'd buy into the Wade and Lee plan.

  • In reply to Snypershawn:

    D-wade is not leaving Miami, period. I cannot see him leaving although that would be the best thing for him to do. Miami has his nose wide open and he is feeling too much of himself. He thinks that he is Miami's savior and that he is the man down there. Remember that his heart is in Miami even with his team getting blown out by 30 to the Celtics. I gave up on him leaving there and coming to the Bulls a while ago cause like I said, Miami has him blinded and all he can see is the women and the warm weather. That's why a lot of these players in the NBA will not win championships cause their minds are not on winning but superficial things. So I say let him stay there and concentrate on bringing in players that you don't have to break up the core of the team (meaning Bosh) to get.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Who can blame him? How many of us have similar opportunities in our lives?

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I am just thinking what if we could move Kirk or Deng in a sign and trade for Bosh. Then use the extra money we have to sign Rudy Gay. If its Kirk who goes then look to trade Deng for a worth while starting shooting guard. I would love a line up of Derrick Rose, Guard to be mentioned, Rudy Gay, Chris Bosh, & Joakim Noah. With Taj as our sixth man.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    to be honest, i'd prefer Ray Allen over Joe Johnson. He should be available for far lesser price and probably wouldn't demand very long contract.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Go for the gusto, get David Lee, Ray Allen Rudy gay, and Anthony Morrow, bam instant contender. I'm not sure if Bosh is going to leave for chicago, the whole sign and trade thing is making me second guess, how much do we have to give up and would Toronto even want anything they had to offer.

  • In reply to crowntheirass:

    What's going on with Derrick Rose and his family emergency?

    Any news on that?

  • I heard Barkley make that comment too. It's funny as much as he's gone out of his way to mock/ridicule the Bulls up until very recently. I have to think My Cousin(personal friend) Vinny has something to do with his praise. That and his rising admiration for Joakim.

    Bulls have to win these next two games becuase they have the talent, and have worked too hard not to get these. I see them at least winning on Thursday/one of the two home games. But Jameson or Williams may go off unless those guys covering them stick to them hard.

    Two wins as Doug stated, and Bulls will have upped their free agent score. But Derrick just absolutely has to go off, and that includes at least seven trips to the line in the next two games. And it wouldn't hurt if Kirk didn't go 0 for 5. He's got to be a leader as he's talked about starting and 30 minutes plus playing time. Now deliver.

  • History doesn't support us going into the tax, but if you look over the longterm, JR has proven he will step up to the plate and pay for teams he feels can win it all. The Sox have had a pretty high payroll since 2005, and back in the day Jerry paid Michael the biggest single seasons figures of anybody in sports.

    The fact that we haven't gone into the tax since the dynasty doesn't mean we won't or aren't prepared to for a championship level squad. I think for the past decade Jerry has been waiting for a "signal" to flip the switch and go for it

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    Careful now...bringing up the Sox's current payroll might open up some old wounds.

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