Gar Forman interview on Summer League broadcast

Here’s most of what I was able to write down while Forman was being interviewed in the second quarter of the Bulls Summer League game against Oklahoma City.  It’s probably about 90% of the interview though there were a few parts I missed. – Playing different guys, giving different guys an opportunity tonight with Gibson out.  Taj has a little problem with his foot, just being a little cautious.  Taj will be a solid role player for a long time, very long, has some skill and can pass from the high post and make a 15 footer, plays with energy is into the game, surprised he was there

– Likes Johnson’s versatility, can play inside / outside, handle the ball like his ability to make plays off the dribble has very good vision for a big man, they tried to move up to get him in the draft

– When you’re building a team, the thing Rose gave us is someone to build around.   When we make decisions we want to put pieces that can fit around Rose, guys who can run and shoot.  Our two rookies have versatility to fit around Derrick’s game

– Johnson’s a very humble kid who’s motivated to get better.  

– We like all our young pieces.  

– Noah gave us great great energy, Noah’s living in the weight room this summer.

– With Rose, Salmons and Hinrich we feel we have a great guard rotation

– It will be a void because we relied on Ben in that role quite a bit [closer] but as Rose’s game grows we see him as that kind of guy who can step up and be a big playmaker down the stretch

– Agrees with announcer who argues that Rose generating shots for himself and for others whereas Gordon just gets his

– Says it was a good draft

– When asked if Bulls have trades left: Says he thinks we have valuable assets to trade, always exploring and talking to people about trades, but really like their run core.  Thinks core can grow together.  Look at short term needs vs long term flexibility.  We have a lot of flexibility next year.

– Noah’s another young guy who’s got great great potential and really made strides last year and has really been dedicated.  His shot improved last year and has continued to improve

– We value Kirk Hinrich greatly.  He’s so versatile where you can play him offensively and defensively.   He can play the one and two, and we even played him at the three sometimes.  He can pick up his scoring next year.  The season turned when he came back as well as the trade for Salmons and Miller.

– Luol Deng is healthy, had a cat scan a couple weeks ago that came up clean.  He’s living in the gym, he’s working real hard and motivated to come back and have a strong season.

– Really excited to get Jannero Pargo.  Had a couple great seasons at New Orleans a couple years ago, we had had five or six years ago, and he can fill up the box score quickly.


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  • Great to hear that Noah is living in the weight room! I want to see some pics of him soon to see if how much he bulked up.

    Also nice to hear Deng is healthy, I'm really looking forward to see what a healthy Deng is capable of this year. Hopefully this was a real freak injury and he stays healthy for the next few seasons.

    About Hinrich, I don't know if he is talking him up to up his trade value or if he really wants to have him on the roster. It sounds as though FO likes him too much to trade him away and I can see why they would want a prospect like Bayless if they trade Hinrich.

    Thanks for the transcript!

  • "Noah's another young guy who's got great great potential and really made strides last year and has really been dedicated. His shot improved last year and has continued to improve."

    Actually, that's what he said about Tyrus. He sounded very high on him and really likes his upside.

    He really stressed how much they value Kirk. I think the adjective he used was "exremely valuable".

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