For better or worse, your 2009/10 Chicago Bulls

With Andre Miller officially signing with the trailblazers and Aaron Gray’s qualifying offer now guaranteed, it appears the Chicago Bulls are done for the summer with roster moves.
Miller’s signing ends the Blazers possible pursuit of Kirk Hinrich which ends our ability to save Utah significant money in a Boozer trade.

Aaron gray will be in limbo for a little bit searching out a better situation or more money, but he’s unlikely to find either.   So after he’s certain that he’s exhausted all possibilities, which may actually take a considerable period of time as he has nothing to lose now, Aaron Gray will return to the team.

In guard to forward order:
Derrick Rose
Kirk Hinrich
Jannero Pargo
Lindsay Hunter
John Salmons
Luol Deng
James Johnson
Tyrus Thomas
Taj Gibson
Joakim Noah
Brad Miller
Aaron Gray
Jerome James

Could there be another move left?   Anything is possible, but I’d place the odds as 80%+ that the Bulls enter the regular season with this roster.


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  • Great....another case of the Bulls sitting on their hands and losing out.

    Don't get me wrong....I DO NOT like Gasol as a player and I know that if we had gotten a deal done we probably wouldn't have Derrick Rose now, but he would have been an upgrade to what we had. It also seems that there was a week or two that Phoenix would have ditched Stoudemire for the right price. I'm sure 2010 free agents are looking our roster salivating at the chance to play along side Jannero Pargo or to pass to a wide open Luol Deng and watch him throw up a brick from a step inside the three point line. Who knows... maybe the lack of trying will benefit our front office again...I've got my fingers crossed!!!

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    You're right hoban. Why would anyone want to play up and coming Star PG Rose. Or the consummate teammate in Kirk Hinrich. Or the Fire, rebounding, hustle, and tenacity of Noah. Again, you're right, salmons and Deng are bums, that have never had good seasons in their career. (oh yeah did you forget deng is 24, who has a career shooting% of .475?) nawww, no player in the right mind would want to play with this up and coming group with a good mix of talent, passion, and selflessness.

    You're actually right about one thing tho, nobody would want to play with our 3rd string PG. But I thats why he's a 3rd string pg... or maybe thats why he was signed for 1 year, and has nothing to do with what a 2010 free agent might want with our team.

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    My silly russian you. I can see players climbing over themselves to play with Kirk because he's a "consumate teammate".

    Face facts punk, we don't know what we have in Deng and Kirk. You can bring up career shooting %s and what not (ala Pfiefer), but what in the LAST TWO SEASONS have either of them done to make free agents want to play with them? Kirk has been crap since he got married and Deng is acting like he's trying out for the role of Mr. Glass in the Unbreakable sequel. How many all-star games have any of our players made thus far? Stars want to win and play with stars...but wait!!! Noah does play with "hustle" and "fire" !!! You would have to be either a complete homer or a colossal tard to think that free agents (Bosh for example) would rather play with us than a team with a proven star(lets say Miami). Role players are nice, but stars are better....

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    I have to disagree with you in many respects. Kirk played quite well last season, and Lu did as well when not injured. I agree we don't know what we have with Lu with respect to whether he can stay healthy, but I think we know exactly what we have with Kirk, and he's well suited to play his current role on the team. People are really down on Lu after last year as a whole, but he looked incredible during that healthy stretch in January.

    I agree that neither of them is the quality of player that stars are drawn to playing with. However, they are the type of role players that we need on the team to convince those stars that we're in a position to win. Also, a lot of the top guys played with Kirk on Team USA not too long ago, and I'd suspect they recognize he's the type of role player you want on your team - someone willing to subjugate his game without complaining, and to focus on defense and some of the other dirty work while allowing the "star" to rack up big stats.

    I'm not saying neither is off limits in a good trade for the Bulls, but I think they're being extremely undervalued by everyone mad at the FO for not doing "something."

  • I'm quite happy with the offseason. Yes we lost Gordon but we made the move with Salmons to ease the pain. We didn't mess up the flexibility for next year and IMO this season is all about Rose-Deng-Noah and also seeing what we got in Tyrus.

    I'm looking forward to the season and feel we're going to surprise a lot of people because I think Rose is that good and we have nice pieces around him

  • point was that we need a #1-#2 player to play with Rose and if we could get a deal done for Boozer it would be more attractive than ....say...Tyrus, Noah, Kirk, Deng, etc to attract one. Especially after losing Gordon...

    Clancy...Kirk played well last season only if you compare it to the season before. Kirk has never been able to knock down OPEN jumpers with any kind of consistency. My friends and I have a drinking game where we drink every time he clanks a wide open jumper. His defense is overrated. He plays bigger players well but gets torched by smaller, quicker guards quite often. He's a decent, solid player but I would pee myself if a 2010 FA came over to play with Kirk.

  • Hoban. I guess 37% 3pters is not consistent enough for you. Or maybe his defense against paul pierce was over rated... as he repeatedly was our best defender on him. I like how you only look at the last two seasons. Thats statistically illogical. Before last season would you have called D-wade a huge bust? i mean, he only played 50 games a season the 2 seasons prior. I mean he's a hack in your book right? Past performance has nothing to do with it, or consistency. Hinrichs stats are a thing of consistency, as is his defense. We know EXACTLY what we get with him. he will shoot in the high 30's% for 3pt, and low 40s for fg%. 3-5 rebounds/gm, and a steal or 2/gm. He just needs consistent playing time, and a good rotation.

    And Deng is obviously the wild card, but thats why salmons is our back up. He and his 19ppg, are very valuable at the 2 or the 3, wherever we need him. He proved through the 2nd half of the season, and hte playoffs that he is a player with some skills. And he seemed to rise to the occasion when called upon.

    And this is the worst part for you. You say you dont know what youre gonna get from deng or Hinrich (presumably due to injury issues. Yet lets look at boozer (who you are actively interested in). 51, 33, 74, 81, 37. Wow, so out of 5 seasons, he's played about 60% of the total games. Yeah, he sure is a known commodity. I'd put my money on Deng coming back and having a good year at the age of 24, then boozer coming back and actually trying at the age of 28, just to have a decent season, sign a huge contract, then play another 60% of his games after another 5 year deal. Seems like a sure deal, known commodity to me... right Hoban?

  • Doug- You misunderstood....Boozer wouldn't be a #1-#2. He would be a more "attractive" piece than anyone else on our team minus Rose. Wade was even quoted as saying he'd like to play with Boozer. We lost our most attractive piece minus Rose when we let Gordon go. It would be nice to get one back.

    Kirk's a solid player, but I don't know if he's the greatest compliment to Rose. %s be damned, he does miss a lot of wide open shots at key times in games. Even lay-ups....(okay, it was goal tending, but it still should have went in)

    Sillyrussian- You're comparing Deng and Hinrich to Wade and Boozer. Comparing role players to ARE silly! I'm just saying we need to start taking some chances for 2010 to work. Letting Gordon (who is a much better player than Hinrich) go and not replacing him is one of those chances, but I think we need to add a piece. Gordon is a great #3 on a team. If your #3 is Hinrich or Deng, I don't see anything past the second round. Who on our team can we give the ball to at the end of games now? Even Rose hasn't done well on crunch time buckets.

  • Oh...and Sillyrussian, maybe you missed it when I said this: "He plays bigger players well but gets torched by smaller, quicker guards quite often. " He played Pierce well, but got annihilated by D.J. Augustine and T.J. Ford. Smaller, quicker guards kicked his ass all season long.

  • "With Rose on the team we need someone to play bigger guards more than we need someone to defend quicker guards."

    Fair enough, Doug. But wouldn't that be where Salmons comes in play? Wouldn't he be adequate enough to guard the bigger players? You may think I'm giving Kirk too little credit, but IMO he's a bit over rated as a defender. He's definitely not a "lock down".

    "What are Kirk's strengths?
    Jump shooting
    PG play"

    Jump shooting? I'm sorry, man. Throw out all the stats you want. Kirk's strength isn't jump shooting. Maybe compared to everything else he does...but not good enough to compensate for losing Gordon. Would you want him to take the last shot? Would you be comfortable with him being a #1 option out at the 3 when rose penetrates and kicks? (not that he will be all the time, but in certain line-ups he will be).

    "I am not going to pretend to know what other NBA players really think of Boozer, but I'd imagine that many of them feel he has a poor reputation as a teammate and is frequently hurt. I'm not sure how much other players would want to play with him."

    But I'm sure you read this:

    "Wade has been seeking a roster upgrade, with close friend Carlos Boozer, a scheduled participant in Sunday's Summer Groove charity all-star game at AmericanAirlines Arena, reportedly being shopped by the Utah Jazz.

    "Any time you can play with another great player, a fellow Olympian, I mean it's always something that's got to spark your interest," Wade said. "But, at the same time, I'm done trying to push Pat to do anything. He's going to do a good job for us. And we just have to have patience."

    I put the whole quote so it didn't seem like cherry picking. My original point was I was frustrated because IMO, if we're going to take a chance and go all-out to get one of these top tier players...we're going to have to go all out and we missed an opportunity to give one of them (Wade) more incentive.

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