Bulls should continue dialogue with Gordon

No.   He’s gone.  Don’t get me wrong.    However, the Bulls should be in the ear of his agent saying they want to do a sign and trade with the Pistons to get Gordon a sixth year on his deal.   This would obviously appeal to Gordon to get an extra guaranteed year, and after the Pistons have shown him so much respect it might prove difficult for them to avoid offering it without soiling their relationship before it starts.

What’s in it for the Bulls?    A gigantic trade exception.   For those who aren’t salary cap experts, what this means is that for one year from the date of the Gordon trade the Bulls would be able to take back a single player with up to the amount of Gordon’s new salary without matching salaries.

This would allow us to be one of the biggest players at the trade deadline because we could save another team so much salary by taking on salary without sending any back.

This would be similar in nature to the deal between the Sonics and Magic when Rashard Lewis left.   It has no downside for us, as we increase our flexibility tremendously while clogging up the Pistons cap slightly more.

It’s worth noting the trade exception would be unlikely to be used because we’d still be so close to the tax.   Still, there’s no reason not to attempt to get this flexibility just in case, and if Reinsdorf was willing to spend at the deadline, we could even come out ahead on the whole Gordon fiasco if the exception allows us to address a front court need.


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  • If the TE is good for one year after the date we could use it in the summer of 10 right?

  • Carlos Boozer this year? can u add a player with it or no? Boozer makes 12.3 mil so will they be a way to do Tyrus and TE for Boozer or no?

  • There's no incentive for the Pistons. They have no bad contract to dump.

  • Doubt it. Detroit has no reason to give him a sixth year - they already won the bidding war, and comfortably. A sign and trade for them would be done with the purpose of opening up enough cap room for one more halfway decent free agency splash, but since the best we could do would be to give Ben 10.% raises and take back Afflalo, that opens up only $1.5 mil more for Detroit. And all that they could sign with money like that is a player the calibre of Arron Afflalo.

  • Arron Afflalo will probably be the only player that make sense and I would consider and Maxiell too.

    But assume this is true and they are serious talk for a sign and trade you can count that either Rip will be included the deal or a sign and trade AI to match the salary.

  • Good thinking on your part. But I think that there is probably too much ill will between all the parties to motivate anyone to help each other out.

    Gordon would obviously like more money, since he is signing for less than he thought he was worth over the past 2 offseasons(otherwise he would have reached a deal with the Bulls). He is 'only" getting $52 million from the Pistons. I'm sure he could have gotten $55 from the Bulls 2 seasons ago, but he wanted $15 million per.

    The Pistons would probably give us Kwame Brown($4million)in a heartbeat since they would then have another $7-8 million to use for free agents this summer. The Bulls however would not take back Kwames contract since it would put them well into the tax, thus costing them $7-8 million this season. Also, the Bulls have no incentive to help the Pistons get more salary cap space this season.

    The Pistons don't have to pay Gordon a penny more, they were the only game in town, and could have had him for less. However, they might be willing to pay him more over the life(2% per year) and add the sixth year if they can acquire more cap space. Given the Bulls tax situation, they have about $1 million left to spend and one roster spot to fill to make it to the minimum(13 players) a future draft pick would make sense for the Bulls. Doubt Detroit gives us a first, we'd have to take a second, much like Denver did in the Camby to the Clippers deal. A pick maximizes the trade exception, keeps the Bulls out of the tax, but gives Detroit no extra cap space. So the only one who really benefits is Gordon, unless the Bulls actually use the trade exception, which as you pointed out puts them directly into the tax and thus costs them 2 for 1 for whomever they acquire.

    Personally, I would not mind getting our hands on Will Bynum, who makes less than $1 million, but I don't see Detroit being willing to part with him when they don't have to, same with Afflalo who is the only other player that would meet the Bulls parameters for a deal.

    I don't see a situation which helps the Bulls and the Pistons, so doing so only to pay gordon more doesn't seem at all feasable. Does Gordon really have any leverage to "force' the Pistons to do a deal which only benefits him and the Bulls. I don't see it.

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