Bulls roll the eyes at Gordon;I roll eyes at Bulls

From yahoo sports:

Ben Gordon’s insistence that the Bulls never made him an offer
before he took a $55 million deal from Detroit – that the Bulls no
longer wanted him – was met with a roll of the eyes from his old
franchise, league sources said.

Gordon turned down offers of $50 and $54 million over the past two
years, and league sources familiar with the talks say Gordon’s agent,
Raymond Brothers, told Chicago management on Wednesday that he had an
offer from the Pistons. Only, Brothers wouldn’t tell the Bulls how much
Detroit was willing to pay. Even so, the agent still wanted Chicago to

For Chicago to make a blind bid – as the agent wanted them to do – would’ve been silly and the Bulls never did.

Ben Gordon must still be a free agent, because the Pistons couldn’t possibly have just bid on Ben Gordon without waiting for someone else to bid first, asking for the offer, and then beating it by $5.

Clearly the Bulls would have absolutely no idea how much the Pistons were bidding.  It’s not as if it was reported two weeks ago that the Pistons were going to offer 11 million per year.   Somehow, the entire NBA knew the Pistons were going to offer 11 million per year, but the Bulls claim ignorance.

All sarcastic eye rolling aside, this episode says two things to me:

First, the Bulls are absolutely full of crap when it comes to them saying Gordon was their top priority and they wanted to resign him.   If they really wanted him, they would have put in a blind bid.   Detroit made a blind bid.  Why did Detroit do that?   Because they really wanted Ben Gordon.

Second, Ben Gordon didn’t really want to stay a Bull.  If he did, he would have told them what the Detroit offer was and gone to the Bulls if they were willing to match/beat it.   Clearly, Ben Gordon had had enough of the organization, and history will be on Ben Gordon’s side on this issue as he received his best offer upon reaching free agency and not with the Bulls.

I think what really happened here is the Bulls knew they couldn’t beat the Pistons offer and didn’t want to be embarrassed by offering less for him than Detroit.   The idea that the Bulls didn’t have a good idea what the Pistons were offering or that they couldn’t make a blind bid is ridiculous.   They just decided it was better to risk the PR nightmare of losing Gordon and not bidding rather than risking the PR nightmare of losing him because they didn’t bid enough.

In this case, they’re still able to push some of the blame at Ben Gordon as if he didn’t give them a fair chance.

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  • The whole picture and its discussion look so incomprehensibly distorted to me, although, if you think of it, it pretty closely mimics what is going on in the society at large. There are two things that irk me to such extent that it is hard to hold it back and that I am considering a moratorium on visiting any Bulls related fan sites or listening to local radio stations for a couple of weeks.
    First, it

  • What I think happened - and Sam Smith unequivocally says so in his mailbag answers today - that Gordon accepted Detroit's offer outright, and then his agent refused to discuss a counter offer from the Bulls because the issue had been closed.

    Yet, I agree that most of it is PR politicking and the heart of the matter is that Gordon wanted money, Detroit offered him more, and the Bulls did not consider paying him as much. That is all that there is to it. There is no shame in admitting it or a reason to take us for fools and pretend that any part of this saga was driven by some other, "higher", considerations.

  • I don't think that either party really wanted a return. The Bulls didn't really want Gordon(thus the Salmons trade), and Gordon was leaving for anything greater than the mid level, which is why he didn't give the Bulls a chance to match(not that they would have).

    I am certain that after last seasons inability to come to an agreement, that the Bulls decided to move on without Gordon, unless he was forced to come crawling back to the Bulls for an even lower offer this season by their being no market for his services. They might have been shamed into signing him for something less than last years final offer of 6 yrs $54 million. Gordon was extremely fortunate that Boozer got cold feet, if he hadn't he would have been Detroits first option, and Detroit would have made him an offer which would have precluded Gordon getting more than $7 million to start, at least 2 million less than he is getting.

    Gordon was also never coming back to the Bulls unless he was forced to by the lack of any offer. He lucked out and got one. Which by the way is being reported in Detroit today as 5 years $52 million. I am certain that he could have gotten 5 and 55 2 summers ago if he had countered the Bulls offer, instead he asked for $15 million per. Gordon definately lost his 3 year battle with the Bulls, he would have been better off signing either of the last 2 summers and remaining with the Bulls.

    The Bulls have acted prudently and fairly during this 3 year mess. They were exactly right about Gordons value. They treated him exactly as they treated Deng and Hinrich. Unlike them he chose to reject his deal. The only point on which one might quibble is whether the Bulls should have reinstated last seasons offer after it had expired and Gordon belatedly came back looking to accept it. they could have been magnanimus and but it back on the table. We shall see if this was a mistake or not.

    Ultimately, I believe that the Bulls will end up as winners because we will use next summers cap room to upgrade the team with a player or players who are better than Gordon, I have no doubt of that. By 2010 the Bulls fans will completely forget about Ben Gordon and his circus act.

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