Bulls Beat #125 - Gordon's gone

A discussion of Ben Gordon leaving the Bulls, the money involved, and the future direction of the franchise without him.

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Bulls Beat #125 


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  • Not sure how the Knicks ones work out. But I know he had two against the Knicks his rookie year. The runner on the baseline was the second one. Then his second year, he had that jumpshot just within the three point line.

    I think most of us got our hopes up because we didn't think management/ownership would be dumb enough to let him walk. It's just hard to believe that management would just let a guy who has hit pretty much all the big shots over the the last few years to a division rival. Those aren't the guys you want to get rid of.

    As we all know, it's because Bulls ownership is cheap. I am near certain that the Bulls could dump Hinrich for an expiring contract if they wanted to. Not one like Stackhouse who could keep them under the luxury tax this year, but one that would have allowed us to keep cap space last year, while retaining Gordon. As Fred says, "Reinsdorf and Forman chose Hinrich over Gordon."

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